Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks October 12,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review

This week has been a relaxed but busy week for me as I finished putting up the Christmas lights.

The only problem is that I am short around 6 feet so now I’m stuck looking for a 6-8 ft set that match. I went to Canadian Tire to check out their Christmas lights and nearly lost my gut when the sales woman told me 33 ft of the lights I needed cost $119.00.

Are you bloody kidding me? I didn’t want to buy Christmas lights that are just getting put up on the shelves and have not even been in the flyer yet for sales. With my luck I’ll pay full price and it will go on sale the next week.

That’s not so bad though as I could always return with the receipt for a product price adjustment but it’s just the time and gas that you have to factor in.

I said to Mrs.CBB you watch if this last 6 ft of lights will cost me more than the 8 boxes or so that we got at end of season the past 2 years.

 Gotta love it! I still haven’t finished the deck completely but the house is winter ready.

All the plants are in, water is turned off and the Central Air is wrapped up. Lastly I was able to plant some rapini for next year.  

Just waiting for the snow, not!

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

Canadian Budget Binder has been hopping this week with many people who want to guest post which I think is great.

I really like to show case other blogs so if you want to share your expertise contact me.

I must admit though that some posts I get in are just not making the cut. I really do look for quality posts that readers can learn something from and sparkle with that personal touch.  

Other than that we had a smashing week with the numbers and the one’s that need to go down are going down the one’s that need to go up are going up. T

he one’s that land money in my pocket are still non-existent.

I’ve almost convinced Andrea from Nuts and Bolts Media that I’m going to become a male stripper or a Tom Cruise Cocktail bartender for the extra money to create and move my website if that’s the only way I can get it. 

OK, so I won’t strip but bartending can really bring in some extra cash if I turn on the Secret Prince charm. Anyone hiring? 

It’s not easy convincing your wife that you need a chunk of change to make money.

Does anyone else have the problem? Spending money to make money but it also takes explaining to the other half why I’m doing it and how.

So, until then Canadian Budget Binder chugs along like a good little blog.


Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Post Recap- If you missed a post click on the links below and see what we have shared with our fans.


What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

Search terms of the week are really a hoot! Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.  What are you saying about them?

Top 10 How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>>

My Top Pick- If I have a Baby Is my OSAP written off? – Ya in your dreams! That’s all we need is students who can’t find jobs after school getting pregnant to get rid of one debt and start another that will far surpass any education… bringing a child into this world.

  • Good Employer Budget- That almost scares me to see they have to look it up on-line
  • Canadian Couples $0 cost Wedding- Ya, keep dreaming
  • Binders HR Should Have- You really need to look this up?
  • If A Something Cost $93.31 and it was marked down 40% what was the original price? –  If you read this the way I did, you are laughing, if not it’s simply a math question from someone who doesn’t understand basic math.
  • men sexy- If you say so
  • Can you eat too much fresh basil? Knock yourself out mate, eat it all day long if that’s what you fancy.
  • Mr. a s picks- add this to the list of Mr. searches
  • zzzquil at Shoppers Drug Mart- lol… haha sorry this was funny
  • garlic onion student special- sounds like something I’d want for lunch
  • Save money or have fun after a divorce? – really you need a friend or mentor not a computer.

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  1. Thanks for picking me 🙂 I don’t recommend stripping, it can be a slippery slope, starts with stripping for money and before you know it you’re involved in all kinds of other shenanigans…you keep saving those pennies for self hosting, you’re blog will be on fire when you get self hosted (ps- I don’t think your alexa will drop b/c it’s on the URL which you already own via WP, I don’t know that much about it though)…also, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!? I love love love Christmas but holy cow dude, it’s middle of October! Happy weekend!

  2. New to your site. Lots of great info and deals. Thanks for the hard work you do so we can have quick access to the most current deals .

    1. Thanks so much Barbie and Welcome. Be sure to sign my guest book while you are here and check out my Facebook page. If you ever have something you want me to talk about or have a question submit it by clicking on the page Ask Mr.CBB… Cheers Barbie! Mr.CBB

  3. Well all I searched on your blog last week was brownies so I guess I better start searching weird stuff to make it on here lol I always enjoy reading what you have to say 🙂

    1. It wouldn’t have shown that. What happens is if you open say, Google.. type in Mr.CBB sexy fudgy brownies and see canadianbudgetbinder Mr.CBB’s Fudgy brownies and click on it.. what it will tell me is that when you searched you typed in Mr.CBB’s sexy fudgy brownies… I hope that makes sense… ha. Cheers Jen.

  4. We haven’t hung up Christmas lights yet and I’m not sure we will yet again this year. The truth is that I don’t want to buy a ladder…because I’m too cheap. I bought my first ladder this year but it’s only 6′ tall. We did make progress last year though as we were given a Christmas tree (I was too cheap to buy one) and will be putting one up again this year!

    Since my wife and I have only been married for a few years, and we have yet to have children, we haven’t really established any holiday traditions. We spend most of our time during Thanksgiving and Christmas running around the midwest visiting families.

    Big thanks again for the mention (as always). Are you getting your whole site redesigned or moving to a self-hosted deal?

    1. We started putting lights and a Christmas tree up the past 2 years. We got the lights end of season so dirt cheap and the tree my father in law found at the side of a road for free after Christmas one year and it’s perfect. I’d like to move to .org peacefully without disturbing my ranking and links so I can start to advertise. I have so many advertisers contacting me and I have to turn them away. Ah well…. I’m practicing my dance moves…lol.. cheers Mr.CBB

  5. Your search terms always make me laugh! My wife will hear me laughing and want to know what I am laughing at and the last few Fridays have been invariably your post along with the search terms! Thanks as well so much for the mention Mr. CBB…I always appreciate it! I just may be contacting you soon to possibly do a guest post. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks John, I can assure you I do the same and Mrs.CBB always asks why I’m laughing. Got a good one in tonight you will like next week. Bloody hilarious. Ya, contact me and post.. my fans are always looking for others expert posts. I don’t mind sharing.. it brings people together. Cheers Mr.CBB

  6. If the folks in the neighborhood are older, maybe you can hire yourself out to decorate their homes for a fee. Lots of folks are afraid of ladders and I bet you’d only need hald a dozen houses to pay for a string.

    1. Smart Idea.. never thought of that and yes our neighbourhood is made up of plenty of older folks and seniors… Mrs.CBB told me to talk to our mate down the road. He was the CEO of a big company in Canada and is now in his 80’s and I just love learning from him about business. Now he spends his days golfing with his wife and gardens but he doesn’t mow the lawn. He has a fairly large piece of property and pays some guy every week to cut it. I’m thinking I might see If I can outbid the guy for next year… that and with my new to me lawn mower I found on the road last week.. it’s an easy business with $0 start up.. tank was even filled with petrol lol… Cheers Mary.

  7. As for the lights… you could just leave them turned off until the Boxing Day sales when you dash out and get one more string and then have them on until the New Year.

    Not the answer you were searching for? I know it’s Grinchy but it would also save on the hydro. 😀

  8. Hey, tried that zzzquil stuff… didn’t help with my sleep even a bit!

    Mr CBB… I’d take that bartender job because if Mrs CBB is anything like me – what comes into my hot little hands is gone & invested, will never to be seen again, except on the financial statement at least until Larry turns 71 (or so Larry would have you believe). Funny though, when he seriously makes a case for “needing” something as opposed to “wanting” it, it happens lickety split!

    Holding my tummy ’cause I am laughing so hard!

    1. Ya I know… I’m hoping to make some side income some how to fund it or hope that I can present a good enough argument as to why it would be a good investment. Mr.CBB

  9. Hehe – those are some good search terms!
    Pro tip – throw up an “Advertise” page on the top, it might help some dollars find you.
    Any possible way you could rejig the lights so you don’t have to spend a million dollars? Then you can buy more after the holidays and be set for next year? Unless you’re going for that “house that all the kids love and neighbours hate,” look, in which case you can just keep adding.

    1. I don’t want to move them around although I’ve done the math and don’t think it will work just by the shape of our house. As for advertising as long as I am on I can’t advertise no matter what I do. I wish I knew this before I started this blog. Thanks for checking in Anne!

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