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The Grocery Game Challenge-Oct 30-Nov 4,2012 Halloween and Rain!

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Happy Halloween!

One day until Halloween and today is the start of the November month for The Grocery Game Challenge. Rain, rain go away and take Hurricane Sandy with you so the kiddies can trick or treat! I know some cities are talking about re-scheduling Halloween due to the weather conditions. If you are stuck indoors you could always make a quick batch of some Halloween treats I made on the weekend, Mr.CBB’s Scary Witch Finger Cookies. I have a hard time saying no to these buttery cookies.

With the last two months of the year approaching we are looking back and reflecting on our grocery budget of $190 since we started this game in February. We had some blips along the way and will share our goals for 2013 some time in December.

This week we didn’t have too much to purchase but we spent more than we should have, oops. Sometimes those in-store deals can get ya and we are just like everyone else having to make the split decision of yes or no. How will this decision effect our grocery budget for the month? We are not over for the month but we will have to concentrate on sticking to the budget the rest of the month.

With spending pressures of Christmas just around the corner we are thinking ahead. We like to plan our shops in advance for the holiday season as we do some baking for friends and family. I will be sharing with you our famous peanut butter ball, snowball, and coconut ball recipes in the upcoming month. Yum, you bet, chocolate, you bet. So we will keep an eye out for great deals on nuts in the next month or so. Butter and peanut butter are other baking budget busters so we will keep our eyes peeled for any great deals.

Question: Do you stock up on items for the holidays?

Grocery Game Challenge Results

Total Grocery Budget for the Month for 2 Adults:$190.00 at $63.33 for 3 weeks of shopping with 1 No-Shop Week per month.
Some Store Acronyms I might  use:
  • No Frills= NF
  • Wal-mart=WM
  • Food Basics= FB
  • Shoppers Drug Mart= SDM
Grocery Game Challenge Nov
Wal-mart $73.97
  • 16 cans of Clover Leaf Albacore Flavoured Tuna PM NF $1.99 – $1.00 and Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Coupons enough for 16 cans
  • 10 x Pedigree Marro Bones/Stix Sale $3.47- BOGO and buy 2 save $2.00
  • 1x Onions Sale $1.00 3lb bag
  • 1x Carrots Sale $1.00 3lb bag
  • 1x celery PM NF $0.97
  • 2x Mushrooms Pm FB – Sale $0.88 each
  • 2x Fennel/Anise PM FB -Sale $0.88 (these are massive)
  • 1x Cauliflower PM FB -Sale $0.88
  • Gala Apples PM NF $0.79 lb $2.58
  • Hellman’s Olive Oil Mayo PM NF Sale $2.99-.75 = $2.24 ( you can’t make it for this cheap)
  • 6x Dentyne Gum PM NF Sale $1.99
  • 4x I can’t believe it’s not butter PM Zehrs- Sale $1.00
  • 3x Colgate Advanced Toothpaste $1.97-$1.50
Food Basics $23.78
  • 6 x Rapini Sale $0.88 each
  • 3x Basmati Rice Sale $4.99 each
  • 3 x Primo Pasta Sale $0.88 each
  • 1x Coconut Sale $0.89
Shoppers Drug Mart $1.46
  • 2 bags of peanuts Sale $2.00 each
  • 5 1L Neilson Cream Sale $1.99
  • 4 x Nivea Creme Soap Bars Sale $1.99- $3.00 coupons =150 Optimum Points
  • 1x Powerade $1.39- Free Product Coupon (FPC)

Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results for Mr. and Mrs. CBB

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Week: $63.33
  • Total Coupons Used this Week: WM-$31.84+ SDM $10.00 Spending Card+$13.49=$45.33 coupons+$10.00 spending Card
  • Total Scanning Code of Practice: $0
  • Total Spent This Week:$99.21
  • Total Spent So Far for November: $99.21
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop: $35.88
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of November: $90.79
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $90.79
  • Total Coupons Used This Month : $45.33  + $10.00 Spending Card

Overall: Well we are off to a fast start to this month and we have spent a good chunk of our budget all in one shop. It will be challenging to see how the next 3 weeks play out and whether we can make it to the $190 without going over budget.

Grocery Game Challenge winner

October Monthly WINNER: The winner for the month of October is Ballot #41 which belongs to Vicky! Congratulations Vicky! Please email me for details on how to collect your prize.

True Random Number Generator Result:41

Question: What are your reasons for joining the Grocery Game Challenge?

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do I have to be Canadian to post my Grocery Shop?

No, you don’t have to be Canadian to post your shops only to win a monthly prize. We have a few posters from around the world.

  • When does the Grocery Game Close each month?

The Grocery Game Challenge Closes at Midnight of the last Sunday of the last post for the month. You can post your shops all month-long so if you miss a week you can go back and post so you still get your entry in the monthly contest.

  • Does Your Grocery Budget Include Health and Beauty and Laundry?

Yes our Grocery Budget includes such items as shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap etc. We don’t mind stockpiling items that won’t be effected by expiry dates or have long expiry dates but not so much food any more. It’s just one way to help cut your budget to save money. We are currently well stocked with those products since we used coupons heavily the past couple of years. We haven’t really stocked up on much but we have taken every opportunity to purchase more paper towel, toilet paper, fabric softener and a host of other items that are an excellent price with coupon.

There are many places you can find Canadian Coupons whether it be in store or via the mail. I would suggest following an on-line coupon community or coupon Facebook page in your area.
Canadian Coupon Match-Ups- Match your coupons with flyer sales!

Here are your Coupon Match-ups for Nov 2-Nov 8,2012 the week  from around Canada compliments of Save Big Live Better. Just one of my favourite Couponing sites for finding the hottest grocery deals in Canada!

Here are a few coupons we picked up while shopping.

Canadian Coupons 2012 October

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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  1. Hey MR.CBB yes we have a budget spreadsheet and are really good about it.
    But in looking back we paid our rent early due to our landlord fixing our garage so I am thinking that is where our mistake was and I am okay with that cause better to pay early than late 🙂
    And a big thanks for being around and having this game helps keep me in check!

    1. Glad to hear that Juanita!! Did you learn anything from this experience about paying something earlier than normal ? We’ve done that and to be honest.. Mrs.CBB has paid for something 2x because she paid something before her normal time.. lol..

  2. 29 Oct – 4 Nov


    2x 3lb Carrots = $3.00
    3x Pasta = $2.91
    1x Ragu Sauce = $0.97
    1x Bread = $1.97
    2x Royal Bath Tissue $8.88 – $2 Coupons = $6.88

    •Total Coupons Used: $2
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $16.88


    5x Catelli Pasta Sauce = $5.00
    1x Earth Balance Butter SPread = $3.49
    2x Campbells Cream of Mushroom = $1.00
    1x Nature’s Path Cereal $3.34 – $1 coupon = $2.34
    1x Organic Jam =$ 2.99
    1x Bananas = $1.20
    1x Mushrooms $2.49 – 50% off = $1.24
    2x Organic Apples = $2.03
    1x Apple Cider = $5.99

    •Total Coupons Used: $1.00 + $4.85 Gas coupons = $5.85
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $20.43


    1x Bag Organic Apples = $4.97

    •Total Coupons Used: $0
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $4.97

    Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results
    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $240 (2 adults & 1 child)
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $7.85
    •Total SCOP this Week : $0
    •Total SCOP for the Month: $0
    •Total Spent This Week: $42.28
    •Total Spent So Far for this week: $42.28
    •Total Under spend this shop: $17.72
    •Total Under spend for the month: $17.72
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $197.72
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $7.85

    I’ve been enjoying my garden carrots but they’ve all been eaten up! So bought conventional carrots, oh my goodness it’s just not the same- so bland, it just wasn’t as fresh and sweet. Sigh. I know to plant tons next year. WalMart organic apples have increased. They used to be $3.45, but after the drought all apple prices seems to have increased.

    1. Hi Adeline,
      Tell me about it, our tomatoes are done now so we have to suck it up and eat crappy store bought or buy organic which normally hurts to see the price. You bought lots of organic food good for you. You did awesome this week coming in under budget yay… Looking forward to how you spend your budget next week!! Mr.CBB You get ballot #15

  3. Had a great weekend out shopping…got some great deals…..and managed to snag 3 halloween costumes for myself, hubby and baby for next year for only 9 dollars 🙂 Even got 2 more doggie costumes for under 5 dollars 🙂 and tons of decorations. Didnt spend anything on halloween candy as we all take the kids out so we aren’t home to hand out candy….and my mom bought a ton but had noone show up because of the rain so i scored big on candy this year! I also changed my budget from 600 a month to 550 🙂 Here is my shop for this week 🙂


    Chicken Broth 1.61
    Salami 2.50
    Bagels 2×1.33=2.66
    Bacon 2×2.50=5.00

    Total=11.77 Used the remainder of my gift card so FREE 🙂


    Juice 1.00×5=5.00
    Cat Litter 4.47
    International Delight 3.97-0.50=3.47
    Sandwich meat 0.97×2=1.94
    Cream cheese 2.98
    Frozen Dinners 1.00×4=4.00 ****They have become perfect easy go to meals for the baby when we are out***
    Laundry Soap 6.96-1.00=5.96
    Natrel Milk 4.60-FPC=FREE
    Pack of 3 Baby Gerber Cheesies 5.97-1.00=4.97

    Total coupons=7.10


    Natrel Milk 5.29-FPC=FREE

    Total= 0


    Ketchup 2.17
    Mustard 0.99
    Reese Puff Cereal 3.99
    Bananas 1.30
    Cheerios 1.77-1.00=0.77
    Franks Red hot 3.69-1.00=2.69
    Eggs 2.75
    Gum 0.99

    Total coupons=2.00

    Total Grocery Budget for the Week: $150.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week: $14.39
    Total Scanning Code of Practice: $0
    Total Spent This Week:$50.32
    Total Spent So Far for November: $50.32
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: Underspent this week by 99.68
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $499.68
    Total Coupons Used This Month: 14.39

    1. Hey!! That’s the way to do it… end of season sales are the best.. or in this case Halloween. I always encourage people to get out and buy it when it is 50% off rather than waiting if they have the cash stashed away. We didn’t get many kids because of the rain as well but what ca yu do. Interesting about the baby meals.. never would have thought of that. Great idea! You were under budget this week.. good for you!!! Do you see yourself lowering your budget at all or having to bump it up in the New Year? Are you currently tracking your expenses in a budget? You get ballot #12.. Cheers Joanne! Mr.CBB

      1. I return to work in three weeks. i imagine that my grocery bill will be lowered as the kiddies will be in daycare/school from monday to thursdays. And as i work most days past dinner time there will only be 3 people to feed as i get free food from my work. I plan on starting my budget in january after christmas and my little ones first birthday. My hubby just got a raise. So my the end of december i will have a more definite idea of both of our paychecks for the month and the cost of daycare and what not 🙂 And yes the little frozen dinners for 1.00 are great when they are on sale and perfect for go items for a baby. He cant quite eat tons of meat yet as he only has two teeth….but baby food doesnt quite do it for him….i tend to not eat much for lunch so these are perfect for him 🙂

        1. Awe, bless him 2 teeth lol… well if you want to use our budget let me know and I’ll send it your way. We just finished it for us to use in 2013 but I can pass it along if you want to give it a go. It’s in excel. Mr.CBB

          1. Yes a copy of the budget would be great 🙂 Lol…being a mom of two doesnt leave me much time so i will take help when i can 🙂

  4. My grocery budget for the week is $80.77 for 2 adults and 1 child and includes all food, household items, personal hygiene items etc.

    Rice Krispies Squares – sale $1.97
    Nutrigrain bars – sale 2x$1.97
    Plastic wrap – $1.17
    Tater tots – $2.47
    Stuffed chicken breasts – $7.00
    Ricotta cheese – $3.00
    Nordica cottage cheese – $2.28 – $1c
    Lunchmate with fruit – $3.47 – FPC

    •Total Coupons Used: $4.47
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $21.10

    Walmart #2

    Princess gummie vitamins – sale $6.94
    Luv tuna cat treats – sale $.94
    Catelli smart pasta – sale 2x$1.27 – 2x$1c
    Degree deodorant – sale 2x$1.94 – 2x$.50

    •Total Coupons Used: $3.00
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $11.91


    Pineapple – sale $1.77
    KoolAid Jammers – sale 2x$1.77
    Green beans – $.70
    Handisnack crackers & cheese – $1.53
    Mozzarella cheese – $2.99
    Tortilla chips – sale $1.77
    Rice Krispies Squares – sale $1.77
    Fruit roll-ups – sale 2x$1.77
    Acorn squash – $.85
    Cauliflower – $1.77
    Pork loin chops – sale $3.97
    Hamburger buns – sale $1.77
    Schneider’s: Mini sizzlers – sale 2x$1.77
    Redhots – sale $1.77
    Lunchmates – 2x$2.79 – $10.00c

    •Total Coupons Used: $10.00
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $28.01


    Fruite drink – sale 8x$.99
    Sirloin roast – sale $16.10
    Tax-Free day

    •Total Coupons Used: $0
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $24.02

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $350
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $17.47
    •Total Spent This Week:$85.04
    •Total Spent So Far for November: $85.04
    •Total Over spend this shop: $4.27
    •Total Over spend for the month of November: $4.27
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $264.96
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $17.47

    So this was my first week’s shop with the lower grocery budget. Went over by just $4.27 which I am not worried about. Will see how the rest of the month goes.

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Those tater tots are dead easy to make at home and much cheaper.. or check out my potato ball recipe which is essentially the same thing. You can buy an entire bag of spuds for that price. Same with Rice Krispies squares, I think they cane us at the cash with these products that are already made. I’d say buy the ingredients and you can make a pan for an entire week of treats in like 10 minutes and save the cash. What do you do with Ricotta? We love it just mixed in with boiled pasta, some butter, fresh parsley and ricotta.. super easy and cheap meal with a side salad. Mr.CBB Keep at it… you can do it!! Remember that, and that savings account will grow and you will be SO happy!!! You get ballot #11

      1. Yes, I could make the Rice Krispies squares myself, but it is just so easy to buy a box. I only use them in my daughter’s lunches as a treat once or twice a week, so a box will last me several weeks without going bad. Do you or anyone know if the homemade ones can be frozen and still taste the same? If that is the case then I will consider making them myself as I know they are really easy to make. The Ricotta I used in my lasagna, I made 5 small ones this past weekend to freeze for a quick easy meal. I did see your potato ball recipe this weekend, will definitely have to give it a try. Thanks for the feedback.

        1. I don’t see why you couldn’t freeze them but you would need to let them thaw out completely before eating. Give it a try with a small tray, it won’t hurt. I test stuff out all the time, that’s how I learn. Mr.CBB

  5. Happy Halloween 🙂 Hope everyone had a great night!
    Our weekly budget is $100 for food, laundry, cleaners and haba items.
    This week was a very hard week for our budget and I only had money that was remained from last week. Not really sure what happened but we made it through okay 🙂

    $2.70 6pk cheddar bagels

    .60×4 pop
    $1.99 clearance 3cheese jalapeno smokies
    $4.49 total oop

    $2.10×2 1L coffee creamer
    $7.97-$5C iogo 16pk
    $2.77×4-$8C mccain fries
    $10.23 total oop
    $13 total coupons

    weekly totals
    $17.42 total oop
    $13 total coupons

    1. Hi Juanita!
      Happy Halloween to you as well although it rained here most of the night and I think plenty of people have lots of candy left. Glad to hear you made it through ok in your budget. I think it’s important to find out what went wrong to avoid it happening again. Any time we have a problem or a discrepancy we research and find out why? This is why a budget is so important to the success of financial planning for a family or individual. Do you currently use a budget where you document your expenses? If not, why is that? You get ballot #9! Cheers Juanita Mr.CBB

  6. I shop for 2 adults and a 23 month old toddler. Our budget is $100/week and that also includes health and beauty, laundry, cleaning, etc.

    I had $34.32 left over from last week and I hope to keep carrying over extra money for Christmas dinner and pot lucks.


    Trident gum 2 x $1.97
    AJ pancake syrup (PM Fresh Co) $1.97
    BD cheese $4.62 – $.75 coupon
    Becel margerine (PM No Frills) $3.97 – $1.00 coupon
    Campbell’s soup (PM Fresh Co) 5 x $.44
    Crispers (PM Sobey’s) 2 x $.99 – 2 x $.50 coupons
    Goldfish crackers 3 x $1.92
    Glade aerosol $4.77 – FPC
    Minigo $2.77 – FPC
    Naturegg liquid egg whites $2.99 – $1.00 coupon
    NN Freezies (154 count) 2 x $.74 🙂 Sweet!!!
    NN tuna 2 x $1.00
    Quaker rice cakes (PM No Frills) 6 x $.99
    Kaiser rolls 2 x $2.69
    Ground chicken 1 x $4.94 and 1 x $4.89
    Banana’s $1.68
    Dole bag salad (PM Giant Tiger) 2 x $.88
    Grapes $1.29
    Mushrooms (PM Food Basics) $.88
    Potatoes (10lb) $1.67
    Strawberries 2 x $2.98
    Frizz Ease $10.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Softsoap hand soap refill $1.93 – $1.00 coupon
    John Freida hair colour 5 x $13.99 – 5 x FPC

    Tax Free day savings $11.70
    Coupons $83.24 ($95.06 in savings)
    Colleague discount $15.58
    OOP $56.89

    This was probably one of my best shops ever 🙂

    Food Basics

    Ground turkey $4.54
    Frozen chopped spinach 2 x $.99
    Ricotta $2.99

    OOP $9.51

    $56.89 + $9.51=$ 66.40 Under budget again! 🙂

    I now have $67.92 to carry over! ($34.32 + $33.60)

    1. Hey Jen!
      Under budget again, wow I’m super uber impressed with you. You know if you can make it through an entire month and not use that carry over I would be stoked! Do you think you can do that and pretend like you used it? You get ballot #8! Mr.CBB

  7. Finally got the chance here, everything was at Foodland as usual
    Oct 28, had hubby with me on this trip, not the greatest idea
    Toronto Star-1.43
    1 pkg cole slaw-1.99
    1 soya sauce-2.99
    1 Palmolive dish soap-3.29 (1.00 coupon)
    1 Trisquits-3.49
    1 6pack croissants-3.99
    1 cider mix-3.99
    2 raisin bread@4.49-8.98(.50 coupon on each)
    1 pkg lean ground beef-4.66
    1 frozen s&s chicken balls-4.99
    1 pkg frozen egg rolls-4.99
    1 moz cheese,500g -5.99
    1 Iogo yogurt-5.99(.75 coupon)
    1 box Janes chicken nuggets-7.99
    Total-$63.03, 2.75 in coupons

    Oct 30
    1 can tomato paste-.99
    1 10lb bag potatoes-1.97
    1 bag frozen fries-1.99
    1 can tomatoes-1.99
    1 pkg lasagna noodles-2.28
    1lb ground pork-3.99
    1 4l bag milk-4.79
    1 jug water-5.49
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total$34.44, no coupons

    Nov 1
    1 can pears in juice-1.88
    2 raisin bread@4.49-8.98(.50 coupon on each)
    1 case cream soda-6.29
    1 case gingerale-6.29($2.00 when you buy 2 with cream soda)
    Total $22.08, $3.00 in coupons and gained the gingerale free on a scop and Kelly on cash didn’t feel like a lot of fussing so she gave me cash back on the scop and still used the coupon for the pop so the refund for the gingerale doesn’t show on the receipt. The pop was on sale last week but some one missed pulling the sale tag on the counter for this! I won’t argue!!
    Not counting the refund on the scop I spent $119.55 this week, under $30.45 for the week with $5.50 in coupons. I had to buy the pricier raisin bread as that is all they had…. there are days I wish I had more variety in stores without having to go out of town……..

    1. Hi Christine,
      What is cider mix? Is that simply an apple drink? Have you ever made your own chicken balls or egg rolls? I haven’t but have eaten homemade ones from our mates. I really want to do it and post a recipe on the blog. It would be far cheaper to make in my opinion so I think you may have inspired me. Great for you getting a SCOP just means you are watching what is getting entered into the cash register as most people don’t. You were under budget this week, congratulations!! What shops do you have in your town again, just Foodland? How far a drive to the other shops? Mr.CBB you get ballot #7

      1. The cider mix is just a powdered apple and spices drink that our oldest boy enjoys on nippy evenings. He might have 2or 3 in a day. I tried to get them at Country Bulk but the price wasn’t worth it. $3.99 for a box of ten at the grocery store and .40 a package at Country Bulk. I made chicken balls and egg rolls years ago but I’ve never been comfortable deep frying stuff. They were easy enough to do. The chicken balls you use cooked chicken cut up, and your favourite pancake mix just cut the liquid by half and let it sit for a while to thicken. Dip the chicken pieces in cornstarch and then into the batter, thenthendeep fryer until nice and golden, just a few minutes. The egg rolls were a filling of chopped cooked cabbage without up bacon, I think that was all wrapped in egg roll wraps, look in the freezer section there, and deep fried up. As for grocery stores here in town it’s just Foodland and the Independent (Loblaws chain). Foodland is across the street but the Independent is out the east end and means using the truck to get there. Plus I’m not that impressed by the prices there, selection they have, prices not so much. A couple of years ago Foodland had a small fire by the produce section and were closed for clean up three days. I had to go out to the Independent for my groceries. Knowing prices at Foodland I figured I had maybe $75.00 worth in the cart ……… I almost fell over when the total came up at a little over $90.00!!!!!!!!! All I got was what I needed, no more, no less. I was so not impressed……to go anywhere else for groceries means going out of town. I will hit Sobey’s if I’m going to be in Stratford or SDM, or Food Basics as those stores are on Stratford, but I need to see a flyer first to see the sales. Stratford is an 18K drive so I need a reason to drive there besides just groceries given the cost of gas in the truck.

        1. SO really you have some driving to do to get some great deals or you end up at Foodland which seems to be pretty good. Do they PM? That would be perfect for you. I never thought to use the pancake mix, thanks for a great idea. I don’t mind deep frying as long as I’m prepared in case of emergency in the kitchen. We were just talking about heading to Stratford to check it out this weekend. Is there anything worth going for? We were told it was similar to Stratford Upon Avon where Mrs.CBB and I went to in the UK… what do you say?

      2. At this time of the year the Festival is closed for the season but there are still some nice restaurants around. I haven’t been to any in a long time but there is the Church….it’s in an old church, I think the Old Prune is still around, The Parlour used to be english food so that might be up your alley….There are some nice shops in the downtown core. Some have been there for years. Hudson’s on Downie st has been around for 100 yrs. The area around the City Hall is quite nice….When ever I get downtown I tend to head for Fabricland but that’s me….lol…. They have saved a lot of the buildings downtown so it can be nice to walk around for a look. The whole area is classed as Heritage buildings. I’m not sure if there is anything special going on in town….haven’t heard of anything this weekend. If I happen to see anything advertized in the paper between now and the weekend I’ll send you a quick note….. Enjoy my home town… my Dad and Uncle still live there.

        1. Thanks Christine for the information. I was just wondering if it was worth it to go as we had heard about it. I might see if I can find anything on line as well. How long did you live in Stratford and why did you move? I assume the job market isn’t all that big. Mr.CBB

      3. I was born and raised in Stratford, moved away for a bit and came back after I got married. We moved out in 1986 to a lovely big house in the country but left there 6 years later to move to St Marys. We’ve been here 20 years. The lovely big house was so nice but after hubby had his hours cut it was hard to afford so we downsized. The job market is better in Stratford than here but it still has it’s problems. There were a number of places that supplied the auto industry. It’s coming back to some degree. Now they have the University of Waterloo opening there so we shall have to see what happens.

  8. Family of seven, 2 adults ( parents) 25 yr, 21yr, 16yr,4yr and 2yr, 2 dogs and 2 cats, budget of $300/month

    No Frills
    Beatrice Yogurt (12) 2.99
    Catelli Fettucci 1.47-.75 coupon .72
    Dog food 9.98
    Oatmeal crisp 3.49
    PC ranch dressing 1.97
    1kg chocolate chips 6.99
    NN pepperoni stick 3.49
    1.45kg banana’s 2.14
    cucumber .97
    .68kg grapes 1.42
    .69kg oranges 1.95
    box baby spinach 4.49
    .40kg tomato .67
    taxes 1.30
    Total $42.57

    Shoppers Drug Mart
    2x 4L of 1% milk free ( used gift card from last week)

    Telford Egg Farm
    30 eggs $5.75

    1 whole wheat bread free
    1 multi grain bread free
    6 whole wheat kaiser buns free
    3 sub buns free
    12 whole wheat buns free
    Cheese bread$ 2.24
    Total $2.24

    Taylor Beef Farm
    5lbs ground beef $4.79

    No Frills
    4x 1kg Kraft Peanut Butter PM FC (3.77each) 15.08
    3x 500g Honey PM FC (3.77 each) 11.31
    garlic .47
    Total $26.86

    Family Budget for November: $300.
    Amount spent this week:$82.21
    Coupons/ gift cards used $10.75
    Amount Left to spend: $217.79
    Under budget by $217.79

    This was a grand week as Jim gave me a lot of day old bread, so I didn’t have to buy or make any myself. It was a disappointing week as No Frills didn’t have five of the items on my list this week. I put them on for next week. Bought enough eggs for the month and peanut butter and honey till sometime in the new year.

    1. Hi!
      Wow, that was super nice of Jim to do that for you. Every penny counts. Do you make your bread from scratch or do you use a breadmaker? The eggs are a super deal as well. Yes the honey and the PB are a great price especially the Honey which normally costs a fortune. We always keep it in the house. I like how you do your shopping locally at the farms, bread shop, etc.. that’s awesome. Are your kids picky eaters or will they eat just about anything? Do you cook big batches of food so it lasts a couple days? You get ballot #3 for the month. Super impressed as always. Mr.CBB

  9. Shopped at No Frills yesterday and after doing some price matching I asked why she had to print off a second complete receipt for the office. She said they like to see how much they are loosing on price matching. It is scary she said because at one time there was no such a thing.
    the city had only a hand full of grocery stores, people shopped around. Now the stores are loosing money because of price matching and the full range of competition. I asked her why a lot of items were not restocked on the shelves ( sale items) she said they are waiting for flier which starts a day earlier then other stores to know their deals and will stock the shelves accordingly. Hence they won’t put out a lot of the price match items out, as not to loose out on money. the grocery game goes two ways.

    1. Life seems like a game doesn’t it, who’s making money and who’s losing money and trying to find a way to make up for that short fall. That’s business unfortunately and when big box stores start one thing it creates a domino effect so they all try to get in on it or they get left out. No Frills is part of the Loblaws company and RCSS (PM’s Baby only),and Zehrs do not price match as well as Food Basics but seems to be keeping their doors open. It’s the choice of No Frills to be in that mix with Walmart and Frescho. Thanks for sharing that conversation, interesting to learn about. What would you do if you were the store owner? Would you be like basics and back out or jump in like No Frills and Freshco have to compete with Walmart?

  10. Not shopping this week, Mr. CBB, and didn’t spend a dime on Halloween candy. Our daughter got so much at parties before Halloween that she said we could give it to trick or treaters. Little frugalista in the making!

  11. Good luck hitting your budget this month, Mr. CBB. You are such an inspiration. And, did someone mention NUTS? And, CHOCOLATE? I so am there. Happy Halloween, sir. How did your pumpkin carving turn out?

    1. Hey Jennifer,
      This month will be tough but we really want to make it through without going over. My pumpkin turned out pretty good according to a couple kids lol.. they marvelled over it. Yes many Christmas cookie recipes coming your way soon…. get ready for chocolate and nuts and lots of it! Cheers my dear, Mr.CBB

  12. Hey Mr. CBB!

    My timing is a bit off of yours, but I will post my final shop for the month of October. 🙂

    Frozen fries 2.77
    Grape tomatoes 1.97
    Cucumber 0.97
    Broccoli 1.47
    Chip 2.00
    Carrots 1.00
    Sirachi 2.98
    Spinach 0.97

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 14.13

    Cheese 6.98
    Panko 4.59
    Almonds 9.55
    Chick peas 3.98
    Tortilla (2) 6.00
    Bacon 2.98
    Bananas 1.66
    Parsley 1.16

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 36.90

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $200.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $1.00
    Total Spent This Week:$ 51.03
    Total Spent So Far for October: $196.22
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: $1.03
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of October: -$3.78
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $3.78

    We actually hit budget this month! 🙂 I do notice that there isn’t too much protein as we are still finishing up our supplies, but I think I will definitely lower my spending plan targets for November as it has been doable for the past 2 months. We will see how the next 2 months go, as it is generally higher spending months with the holidays just around the corner.

    Good luck hitting your budget this month! 🙂 I know you took a good chunk out of it this month already, but it seems like you stocked up on some pretty good deals.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Hi VIcky,
      That’s fine as I realize not everyone will shop when I shop. As long as you are tracking it that’s all that matters. What is Sirachi? How do you cook with it? Panko is a great breadcrumb and we love using it for fish. How heavy a bag of almonds did you get for $9.55? Yay,, you used another coupon!! So you came in under budget for October than! That must make you proud but I bet you can see how we need to plan and concentrate on sticking to that plan in order to stick to the budget. Many people think going in and just shopping without a plan that they can spend less but it doesn’t always happen that way. You get ballot #1 for November!! Cheers Vicky. Mr.CBB

      1. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SIRACHI IS???? It is the best hot sauce out there! Not too hot, but a bit of kick. We use it in everything, from adding it to ketchup for fries, or putting it on pizza, or using it as a dip for any type of protein. I had it on my potato salad last night. Anything! You have to give it a try. 🙂

        It was 1kg of almonds. I have been watching the prices but it hasn’t really dropped. 🙁

        1. That’s not too bad for a kg of Almonds I guess. I like to have almonds for snacks so I bought a few bags when they went on offer and put them in the freezer. No idea what Sirachi is but I’ll look when I go to the Asian store again or can i get it in a grocery store like No Frills or Food Basics? I want to try it now. Mr.CBB

          1. You can pick it up at any store really; I picked mine up at Walmart, but I have seen it at Superstore, and I’m assuming No Frills would have it as well. Definitely any asian grocery store as well. You can recognize it because it is in a clear bottle with white writing and a green cap. Also, it is affectionately known as cock sauce BECAUSE there is a rooster on the label as well. 😛 Let me know if you have trouble finding so I can send you a picture. Otherwise, let me know how you like it!

          2. I’m going to have a look this week when we are out to see if we can spot it. It sounds familiar but I’ve never tasted it as far as I know. We go to the Asian store to pick up our sticky rice and pastes when we need them so we can pop in there as well.

  13. Just stopped by to wish you happy Halloween!

    I see you are running ads now, I hope you make some money.

    1. They were running after I set them up, then they disappeared, then they came back. I haven’t heard a word about them. so I just pretend they aren’ t there. Have you? Happy Halloween to you as well… have to carve the pumpkin today… Cheers Mate.

    1. Go for it post your shop. It’s not that bad, heck I do it lol.. it takes me tops 15 minutes especially when you get used to it. Next year the game will be even bigger and better… gotta save money on groceries.. cheers mate Mr.CBB

  14. “I have a hard time saying no to these buttery cookies.”

    How can they be wrong when they feel so right?

  15. In answer to your question… I do try to stock up on some things for the holidays, basics for baking like flour, sugar, butter and such. I use cranberries for a few things then so I stock up on the fresh ones when they are in the stores, usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas. By December there not too many fresh packages in the store. Besides the cranberry sauce with the main meal I make cranberry squares, cranberry coffeecake, muffins and so on. Mostly I make squares for my baking with a couple of cakes.. a dark fruitcake (double batch) and a cherry almond cake. Cocoa and chocolate chips are a staple here too. Baking gets used as gifts here too. Back when the kids were still in grade school their teachers got a plate of goodies for Christmas and I took a plate into the staff room the last day of school…….very popular!! Lol!

  16. Again, it’s a no shop week for me as we are still away on vacation. 🙂 So, another $47.50 in the kitty for Christmas!

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