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Will A Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test Work?

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You’ll want to read this blog post if you doubt purchasing a Dollar Store home pregnancy test.

Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Tests Work

Buy A Home Pregnancy Test Without The Fancy Costs

Searching for the proper home pregnancy test doesn’t have to be a task that drives you to buy every home pregnancy test you see.

In fact, you don’t have to go too far to find one that works for the cost of a coffee.

A Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) is not a topic I ever thought I would be blogging about, but I am doing just that here.

I’m sure you are already saying, what has Mr. CBB gotten himself into?

As you age, babies tend to come up in conversation a lot, especially if you don’t have kids or are married.

For the first couple of years after we married, we were always asked when we’d have a baby.

We were always ready to have a baby, but things fell apart with Mrs. CBB’s health, and I had to return to school.

After that, we tried to conceive unsuccessfully at every turn, which gets depressing.

We would love to have a child, so naturally, we should learn about this anyhow, right? 

No, I’m not talking about how to make a baby I’m talking about how to find out if you hit the target, if you know what I mean.

I’m not complaining; I don’t know many men who struggle with the thought of having to make love almost every day to successfully get pregnant.

Pregnancy news should be one of the happiest moments in a couple’s lives.

Home Pregnancy Test Story

Here’s Where This Story Began…

While Mrs. CBB’s friend Jill was at our house, the “Baby” talk arose so naturally, this was the topic of the conversation in the kitchen. (I am not part of this conversation). 

Jill went on to tell Mrs. CBB that she was seven weeks pregnant with her first child.

We were thrilled that Jack and Jill would have their first child after six months of trying and testing, but the story gets even funnier.

She says, yes, Jack and I were at the Dollar Store last week, and we picked up a home pregnancy test as I missed AF (apparently that means Aunt Flow) so we wanted to do a test.

Sure enough, the test showed we were pregnant after the first try this time which was exciting for us.

They are over the moon, and we are happy they will expect their first bundle of joy.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms
Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

How can you tell if you are pregnant?

This is the burning question, especially if someone is trying to conceive.

The most obvious sign would be that a woman misses her period.

Every woman is different regarding early pregnancy symptoms, but some are pretty obvious, provided they show.

If you feel pregnant or find any signs of pregnancy as listed below, talk to your doctor or try a home pregnancy test.

  • Fatigue out of the ordinary
  • Swollen or Tender Breasts
  • Nausea
  • Bleeding or Cramping
  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Food Aversions or cravings
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Missed Period
  • Fainting/Dizzy
  • Raised Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy test dollar store
Home pregnancy test dollar store Pro-Care

At this point, I did a head spin as I was writing a blog post and was not interested in menstruation and pregnancy chit-chat.

I threw myself into the hoopla right after hearing “Dollar Store“.

Being the frugal guy I am, I said, “Wait a minute, you mean to tell me you can get a home pregnancy test at the Dollar store”?

Crikey, what did I just say, open mouth insert foot, now I’m in for it. (Thinking to self, ‘Learn your lesson and don’t get involved when women are talking.’)

Why would you get a home pregnancy test at the Dollar Store? Are they even accurate?

Would you put pregnancy results in the hands of a Dollar Store test?

Then again, guys put not having a baby into the Dollar Stores’ hands when we buy condoms for a buck.

I remember thinking I always check the dollar store first if I ever needed something.

Like when I spent $6 on mini paint rollers at Home Depot only to find out they sell them at Dollarama for a buck.

High Accuracy With Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

I never thought women would head to the Dollar Store to find out if they were pregnant.

Jill went on to say how expensive an HPT is at the pharmacy and that most women will try the Dollar Store brands first with accurate results.

She says plenty of her friends have gotten positive results with the $1.25 HPT and never even stepped foot into a pharmacy.

It was far too expensive to keep testing at the prices they wanted at the pharmacy.

Now that I felt part of this woman-to-woman conversation and said my piece, I decided to leave it and step back.

Investigating The Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test

Secretly though, the nosey bugger that I am, I decided to investigate because I found it too interesting that women test using a Dollar Store home pregnancy test.

So, off to the Dollar Store, wandering around as if I needed to buy something.

I did. I had to pick up a Birthday card for my sister, so that made me feel better that I wasn’t buying something for anything.

While sleuthing around, I saw the Pro Care One Step Pregnancy Test, which is Health Canada Licensed.

It was a whopping $1.25 for one Dollar Store Pregnancy test, which states:

  • Easy to Use
  • Use Any Time
  • Positive Result as soon as 1 minute
  • Over 99% accuracy

Shocking, I already knew I would see it, but I had to read it to believe it.

The back of the box says that the first urine in the morning is highly recommended.

Through research, I learned that morning urine has higher counts of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a reliable pregnancy marker.

This can also be found in the blood, so a blood test from your doctor can also determine if you are pregnant.

I also noticed they had a Pro Care Ovulation predictor for $1.25, which states its 99% accuracy.

This is like a one-stop shop for all your pregnancy needs.

Why would anyone want to pay top dollar for name-brand tests??

Men Should Be Invested In A Home Pregnancy Test

I know most women may read this and say, ” ah ha, we know this, Mr. CBB, ” and that’s ok.

Many men don’t but they should understand all of this.

Getting pregnant is not just up to the woman.

I would never just “set it and forget it” with Mrs.CBB.

A man should understand the process involved as it’s an emotional time for a woman.

I also learned that test sensitivity may vary from test to test, potentially affecting the cost.

This Dollar Store test has a sensitivity of 25mIu/ml, which means that the product will detect the HCG in a certain level concentration of urine.

A lower sensitivity allows women to test for pregnancy sooner than later.

Costs Of Name Brand Home Pregnancy Test

So if you are sitting around tearing your hair out, you might have to spend the big bucks on a Clear Blue Easy or First Response, which are not cheap.

You can purchase a two-pack of First Response at for $21.99 with a sensitivity of 6.5 mIU/ml.

All this means is that a woman might be able to detect pregnancy sooner.

Mrs.CBB and I were shocked when we saw the prices at the pharmacy and understand now why women would flock to the dollar store.

If you are one of those women who want to know but don’t want to fork out the big $$$ the dollar store seems to be the way to go.

Nothing wrong with loading up as long as you keep an eye on the expiry dates.

In the pharmacy prices would range from $18.99 for one test to around $74 for 20 tests (see you can even buy these in bulk ladies).

Leftover Home Pregnancy Test

What do you do with the other 19 home pregnancy tests if the first test is accurate?

Are you wasting money? Perhaps you could always donate any leftover pregnancy tests.

I didn’t find much other than cost, sensitivity, and accuracy claims during my investigation.

I picked up a home pregnancy test and an ovulation test at the Dollar Store to bring home and show Mrs.CBB.

She found it funny that I ventured out alone, but she was not surprised.

I guess it’s time to get it on!

Dollar Store vs. Name Brand Home Pregnancy Test

Would you spend $1.25 to find out you’re pregnant or pay for the more expensive name-brand home pregnancy test?

I believe the answer is personal, and for someone who feels that the name brand will offer the best results, there’s no changing their minds.

For anyone else who can’t be bothered with names, go for the Dollar Store pregnancy test, which will tell you either yes or no.

Save the money you would have spent and put it towards making purchases for your new bundle of joy.

Discussion: Did you use a Dollarama Home Pregnancy Test, and was it accurate?

Share your comments, and best of luck if you want to conceive. Don’t forget to prepare your baby’s budget once you get the big YES!


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