Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Tests-Do They Work?

Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test

Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test




Searching for the right home pregnancy test doesn’t have to be a task that drives you to buy every home pregnancy test you see. In fact you don’t have to go too far to find one that works for the cost of a coffee.

A Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) is not a topic I ever thought I would be Blogging about but here I am doing it and I’m sure you are already saying what in the world has Mr. CBB gotten himself into.

It seems as you age babies tend to come up in conversation a lot, especially if you don’t have kids and are married. We would love to have a child so naturally this is something we should learn about anyhow right? No I’m not talking about how to make a baby I’m talking about how to find out if you hit the target, if you know what I mean.

I’m not complaining, heck I don’t know many men who struggle with the thought of having to get it on almost every day with their wives or significant other to successfully get pregnant. News of being pregnant is and should be one of the happiest moments in a couples lives.


Home pregnancy test story


Here’s Where This Story Began….


While Mrs. CBB’s friend Jill was over at our house the other day the “Baby” topic came up so naturally this was the topic of the conversation in the kitchen. ( I am not part of this conversation) Jill went on to say that she was 7 weeks pregnant with her first child.

We were thrilled that Jack and Jill were going to have their first child after 6 months of trying and testing but the story gets even funnier. She says, yes Jack and I were at the Dollar Store last week and we picked up a home pregnancy test as I missed AF (apparently that means Aunt Flow) so we wanted to do a test.

Sure enough the test showed we were pregnant after the first try this time. They are simply over the moon and we are happy they will be expecting their first bundle of joy.


Dollar store home pregnancy test


At this point I kind of did a head spin as I was writing a Blog post and not really interested in menstruation and pregnancy chit-chat. I kind of threw myself into the hoopla right after I heard the words “Dollar Store“.

Being the frugal guy that I am I said, “wait a minute you mean to tell me you can get a home pregnancy test at the Dollar store”? Crikey, what did I just say, open mouth insert foot, now I’m in for it. (Thinking to self… learn your lesson mate don’t get involved when women are talking girl talk.) Why would you get a home pregnancy test at the Dollar store, are they even accurate?

Why would you put the results of being pregnant or not in the hands of a Dollar store test? Then again us guys put not having a baby into the Dollar Stores hands when we head in to buy condoms for a buck. I remember thinking if I ever needed something to always check the dollar store first.

Like the time I spent $6 on mini paint rollers at Home Depot only to find out they sell them at Dollarama for a buck. I never thought women would head to the Dollar Store to find out if they were pregnant.

Anyhow, Jill went on to say how expensive a HPT is at the pharmacy and that most women will try the Dollar Store brands first with accurate results. She says that plenty of her friends have gotten positive results with the $1.25 HPT and never even stepped foot into a pharmacy. That and she said it was far too expensive to keep testing at the prices they wanted at the pharmacy.

Now that I felt part of this woman to woman conversation and said my piece I decided to leave it be and step back. Secretly though, the nosey bugger that I am I decided to investigate because I just found it too interesting that women would leave the fate of a positive or negative test to a dollar store HPT.

So, off to the Dollar Store I went, wandering around as if I really needed to buy something. I did, I had to pick up a Birthday card for my sister so that made me feel better that I just wasn’t buying something for nothing. While sleuthing around I saw it… the Pro Care One Step Pregnancy Test which is Health Canada Licensed! It was a whopping $1.25 for 1 test and it states:

  • Easy to Use
  • Use Any Time
  • Positive Result as soon as 1 minute
  • Over 99% accuracy

Shocking, not really, I already knew I would see it but I had to read it to believe it. The back of the box says that the first urine in the morning is highly recommended. Through research I learned that is because morning urine has the higher counts of HCG which is human chorionic gonadotropin present which is a reliable marker of pregnancy.

This can also be found in the blood so a blood test from your doctor can also determine if you are pregnant. I also noticed they had a Pro Care Ovulation predictor also for a $1.25 which also states it’s 99% accuracy. This is like a one stop shop for all your pregnancy needs. Why would anyone want to pay top dollar for name brand tests??

I know most women may read this and go, ah ha we know this Mr. CBB and that’s ok, I don’t, many men don’t but should understand all of this. Getting pregnant is not just up to the woman.

I would never just “set it and forget it” with Mrs.CBB. I want to know what’s going on and the process involved as it’s an emotional time for both partners. I also learned that the sensitivity of the test may vary from test to test and potentially affecting the cost.

This Dollar Store test has a sensitivity of 25mIu/ml which apparently means that the product will detect the HCG in a certain level concentration of urine. A lower sensitivity allows women to test for pregnancy sooner than later.

So if you are sitting around tearing your hair out you might have to spend the big bucks on a Clear Blue Easy or First Response and let me tell you, they are NOT cheap. You can pick up First Reponse on-line at for $21.99 for 2 tests which has a sensitivity of 6.5 mIU/ml meaning you might be able to detect pregnancy sooner.

Mrs.CBB and I were shocked when we saw the prices at the pharmacy and understand now why women would flock to the dollar store. If you are one of those women who really want to know but don’t want to fork out the big $$$ the dollar store seems to be the way to go.

Nothing wrong with loading up as long as you keep an eye on the expiry dates. In the pharmacy prices would range from $18.99 for 1 test up to around $74 for 20 tests (see you can even buy these in bulk ladies). Problem would be what do you do with the other 19 tests if the first test is accurate? Money wasted?

In all honesty I really didn’t find much in my investigation other than cost, sensitivity and accuracy claims. I picked up a home pregnancy test and an ovulation test at the Dollar Store to bring home and show Mrs.CBB. I won’t lie she had a chuckle and found it funny I ventured out on my own but she was not surprised. I guess it’s time to get it on!

So my question is, would you spend $1.25 to find out you’re pregnant or pay for the more expensive well-known brands? Are the Dollar store home pregnancy tests as accurate as they claim? Did you use a Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Test and were the results accurate?

Share your comments  and best of luck if you are looking to conceive and don’t forget preparing your baby budget once you get the big YES!



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  1. I bought 3 early tests for 17$ and they didn’t show me that I’m pregnant, it when I have one week of a delay of periods.Today(2 days later after I used last one) I bought one in Dollarama for 3$ and it shows me that I’m pregnant.

  2. Brittany says:

    I used the dollar store pregnancy tests to find out I was pregnant with my youngest. I also have 4 sitting in my bathroom at the moment waiting for me to use them haha. $5 for 4 tests. I call that a win!

  3. I have no immediate plans to get pregnant, but when/if I do, I will be using the fertility awareness method. If 19 days pass in my luteal phase with increased temperatures and no menses, I will check in with my doctor. I love the idea of being in tune with my body.

  4. Yes, it worked for my pregnancies. In Canada, pregnancy test kit is classified as a medical device, hence, it needs to be registered and approved by Health Canada for its efficacy. I went to Healh Canada website to find out if the kit is approved before I purchased.

  5. They do work. I used these for my pregnancy last year. The pregnancy itself didn’t work but the tests did. I only tested on the day of the expected period or the day after, though. With my daughter, I got a positive with First Response 5 days before expected period.

  6. says:

    I have used them… and they’re great! has been accurate everytime, pregnant and not pregnant. Just bought some of the ovulation testers tonight.

  7. Nela Uzum says:

    I just had one FET (frozen embryo transfer) 31 May, and my blood test in the doctor office was yesterday 7June, but before going there, we tried the Dollar Store Test and one of the expensive ones, and with only 7 days post transfer it came out positive in both test.
    I bought the $1 and my husband the other one (he didn’t believe they were accurate)

  8. Speaking as a man, if i suspected my girlfriend was pregnant, id be buying the most expensive pregnancy test available. 1) for my sanity 2)for health reasons.

    I’ll explain the second. Realistically, your behaviors when your not pregnant are probably far different than those when you are. For example, if you are a smoker, I’d suspect you would want to stop smoking immediately if you were pregnant, not wait a few days until you could see a doctor to confirm. A false negative might convince you that you can just keep on keepin’ on and not worry about potentially harming your babe.

    • So far most woman that have used them say they worked perfectly fine. I think it’s personal especially like you say if it’s for your sanity. Do what helps you sleep better at night.

  9. michelle says:

    i took a hpt and got a positive, went to the doctor took a test and negative, had to finally get a blood test to determine yes i was pregnant, i think it really all depends how far you are. my daughter is now 14 years old. With my son every time i went to see the OBGYN the urine strip would show that i wasn’t pregnant and i was 3 months to 6 months before it actually showed a positive. He is now 6 years old. It’s all about the hormone levels.

  10. Janie Lynn says:

    in response to the man getting a false positive said man should go see a dr. as the only way for a man to get a positive on a preg test is if he’s afflicted with testicular cancer.

  11. slablanche says:

    I took 4 Dollarama pregnancy tests over two days: the first test (morning urine) gave me a positive, as did an Equate test. Following day, two negatives (morning, evening) and the 3rd morning, a negative. As my period was late, I ended up buying a Clear Blue Digital test (positive). I’m pregnant, and Dollarama tests, for me, were not useful and stressful for nothing. Next time, I’ll buy the better brands, and not test as often.

  12. Melissa F says:

    I did not remember/find out about the dollar store ones until after I had bought one of the more expensive ones.

  13. honestly says:

    I think it’s more of a “ill try the dollar store test and if it’s + pay for a more expensive brand.

  14. Trocarlady says:

    Surrogate momma, and I swear by dollar store ones! Have been bang on with my own pregnancies

  15. with working in a dollar store and seeing how much these sell. alot of time we have been out of them stock wise and people ask all the time. many people say they work.

  16. I used dollar store tests for my fourth and fifth pregnancies. They worked fine and were easy. I would recommend them. I always had difficulty forking over $12 for the pharmacy ones.

  17. Yes, I used to be a pregnancy test snob, until I found out they were also sold at the dollar store! Since then, I’ve used them for finding out I was pregnant both times. I was so excited about getting pregnant, I wanted to do a test every morning – there’s no way I was going to pay $20 a time for that!!

  18. David Miller says:

    I do not even know the way I stopped up right here, however I thought this put up used to be good. I do not understand who you might be but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  19. You can get them even cheaper online, in bulk, with higher sensitivities. They are exactly the same as the ones used in the doctor’s office. I’ve heard people complaining about, ” if you can’t even afford a test, can you afford a child…” thing before and the only thing I can think is that they either don’t have children, or didn’t have to really try. Women who are actively TTC will test quite frequently. SO, no, $20-30 a month isn’t SOOOO much, but many women go through more than one package. Many women go through a lot….

    But dollar store tests do work. trust me 😉

  20. This is a good question and one that I have considered before. To be honest, I would pay more because (in my head) I think that a more expensive test gives a more accurate result!!

  21. I had heard that you could buy pregnancy tests in the dollar store in the US, but I had no idea they were available in Canada as well! Considering how much they are at the pharmacy, I would definitely try out the dollar store tests first. If one came back positive, I’d go to the doctor’s office and have them confirm it, since I believe that’s free!

    • That makes sense to me. Unless one really wants to know a few days in advance they can pay for the more expensive tests. If they get an inconclusive test they could pay at the pharmacy. Otherwise yes we can go to the doc from what my lady fans here tell me. Thanks for dropping in Cassie! Mr.CBB

  22. Canadian Performer's Money says:

    Um… if you can’t afford a pregnancy test, should you really be bringing a child into this world?

    What’s next? Dollar store baby food? Dollar store vaccinations? Dollar store education?

    Maybe wait a couple more years folks. Just saying…

    • pissedoffatyourcomment says:

      Did you really post that??? Money is not a problem in our household nor is it in our friends who told us about the dollarstore tests. I wouldn’t by one anywhere else. For people who are having trouble getting pregnant and need to buy many tests why would they buy 25 dollar tests when 1.25 gives them the same thing? Also, people who are less fortunate and maybe can’t afford to spend a weeks worth of gas on a stick you pee on, still deserve to have children….

    • courtney says:

      you shouldnt be telling people who can and cannot have children, its a gift in life, the government helps out a lot with having children,

      ALSO, some people dont have choices (other than abortion) but stuff happens to people, and honestly id rather pay a dollar then 20 dollars to find out the same information, not all people that cant afford 20 dollars tests dont have money, they are smart for saving money that they can later spend on their children.

      you should be looking at the world so negatively.

    • Ambrosia says:

      If your dumb enough to pay twenty times more than you need to for the same product, maybe you are the one who shouldn’t be passing on your genes. Kids are much more affordable if you are not an idiot when it comes to money. I have plenty of money because I am smart with it. I own two houses. I easily support my husband and kid with my income alone with extra to put away for our future. You won’t catch me paying more than a buck for a pregnancy test.

    • Melsworld says:

      Quite frankly the mother who’s looking to save money at the dollar store is quite probably going to be financially fine, as she knows how to save money Canadian Performer’s Money. Not sure why you would be worried whether she would be a financially stable parent based on where she spends her money is beyond me!

  23. I didn’t even know you buy pregnancy tests at the dollar store. I also didn’t realize how expensive they are at the pharmacy! Crazy!

  24. I didn’t know you could buy them at the dollar store. Next time Mrs. Frugal Path and I need them we’ll try them out. We bought a few a while back because they were on sale…for $4.00. This seems like a better option.

  25. I bought two cheap ones and didn’t belive it that they were positive, so I bought an expensive one and sure enough, positive as well. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get pregnant, so I think I was in shock. My husband would lop off a toe before he would buy a pregnancy test, so hat’s off for not being too macho.

  26. OMG! Antibiotics can be the devil if you’re on the pill, so I went in search of a “just in case” PT earlier this year. I got my dollar store PT – which was exactly $1 – but it also came with a healthy dose of embarrassment.

    The counter that usually has them was out, so i asked a stock clerk nearby if they could check in the back. Instead of running to the back of the store to check, they screamed across the store, “Hey Joe! We have any more PREGNANCY TESTS back there!!?!?”

    Swear to god, the entire store turned and watched me turn bright pink. At that point, I think I would have paid 10x the cost to have less shame =)

    FWIW – it was accurate. It read negative, and more than 9 months later I have no kiddos!

  27. Antibiotics can be the devil if you’re on the pill, so I went in search of a “just in case” PT earlier this year. I got my dollar store PT – which was exactly $1 – but it also came with a healthy dose of embarrassment.

    The counter that usually has them was out, so i asked a stock clerk nearby if they could check in the back. Instead of running to the back of the store to check, they screamed across the store, “Hey Joe! We have any more PREGNANCY TESTS back there!!?!?”

    Swear to god, the entire store turned and watched me turn bright pink. At that point, I think I would have paid 10x the cost to have less shame =)

    FWIW – it was accurate. It read negative, and more than 9 months later I have no kiddos!

  28. MoneyMasterMom says:

    Man I thought I was getting a deal buying two no-name tests at the pharmacy for 6.99. If only I knew about this dollar store wonder. If I was a few days late I’d trust the results, but if you’re checking before your period is due then you gotta go with the expensive tests.

  29. Christine Weadick says:

    I’m a little past that stage Thank you very much… but I know my daughter’s friends have been known to pick these up and check on things around Christmas/ New Years just to see if it’s safe to drink anything stronger than pop!! That said I still remember the time Hubby and I had stopped off to look around at Zeller’s after an appointment and he decided to use a pay phone to call home to let the boys know wee were on the way home. Somebody must have picked a HPT there, got a positive result and couldn’t wait to get home to spread the news as there was a HPT stick sitting on the payphone right in plain view. Mr Clueless missed it completely!!!! He couldn’t figure out why I was laughing!!!!

  30. We found out we were pregnant with our first child using a dollar store pregnancy test! Good stuff, Mr. CBB.

  31. They really do work. Funny how people are saying to have a man pee and get a positive. The only way you can get a positive is if the hormone is present, if the hormone is not present, you won’t get a positive. You don’t get false positives, but you can get false negatives. I used them and got negative when i tested way to early, but as soon as it got closer to the start of my next cycle, i got a positive result. I got positive results 4 days early. I would never spend the money on a brand name test, when the cheap work just fine.

  32. mycanuckbuck says:

    Mr. CBB – welcome to the world of women and our secrete lingo (like AF!). I have never tried them, but I do know people who have with success. I can certainly understand 1.25 vs 10 bucks!

    • I’m betting I could find some secret bloke lingo if I looked lol.. AF hahah..yes the cost is a but well, unbalanced but with anything that the masses will want it comes with a price tag. Cheers Mr.CBB

  33. I absolutely would give it a shot, but really only if I were trying. If I were hoping it wasn’t the case I was pregnant then I’d probably spring for the fancy test. Does that make any sense? Maybe not but thanks for reminding me these are sold at the dollar store.

  34. Hahaha. I knew the dollar store sold pregnancy tests but I was also POS (pee-on-the-stick) addict when we we’re TTC (trying-to-conceive)…I did get a much sooner response with the First Response, Early Response HPT than the dollar store one (4days sooner) and any woman who is TTC will tell you they NEED to know ASAP. It becomes and addiction. I did not however know they sold OPK’s (ovulation prediction kits). OPK’s are actually quite difficult to buy in Canada-to my knowledge there is only one kit available to buy which has an initial cost of like 50 bucks or something then you need refills…however it does the readings for you presenting you with a smiley face when you’ve ovulated vs the $$ store ones and online versions which you use everyday and have an increasing dark line you need to ”read” and hope you’ve interpreted correctly. I’ve never used and OPK but people I know who do buy them (and HPT’s) in MASS quantities online (we’re talking 200 OPK’s at once for like 10 bucks and 20 HPS for the same). I’m glad the womanly conversation has enlightened you 😉

  35. This just kept getting funnier and funnier — wow. Good on you, sir!

  36. I’ve heard about chicks using these, but I’m always wary about really, really cheap items.

    What would be really interesting, would be to have a guy pee on 10 to 20 of them and see if he ends up getting a positive result. That would certainly be illuminating if he did. 🙂

  37. I loved this post! It gave me a bit of a giggle this morning 🙂

    I remember reading an article a while back (sorry, can’t seem to find it) that says pregnancy tests are strictly regulated for accuracy, so something that doesn’t work won’t make it on the shelves here in the US. I believe it even mentioned comparing dollar brands to the more expensive. Like you said, you can find out sooner with the more expensive, but the cheap ones are accurate as well.

  38. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    Wow…you’re a better man than I am Mr. CBB to write a post on HPT. 🙂 Oh, the joys of being married and the joys of trying to conceive. Now that I’ve gotten my immaturity out of the way 😉 , I did not know they were sold at the Dollar Store though it does make sense. There’s really not much to it. If we were trying to get pregnant again then I would totally buy the cheaper one. But, I think we’re happy with 3. 🙂

  39. Also when you have 50 tests and infertikity, you can drive yourself crazy after you get pregnant with retesting and worrying about the line darkness. (My hcg levels are highest with the second pee of the day, which is true for a subset of women) Lock them up or give them away.

  40. When I was ttc for the first time, I ended up buying 50 hpts and probably 100 opks online from one of the companies mentioned on They ended up costing pennies per test and are the same kind that are generally used at the hospital. They tend to be little strips of paper so you have to pee in a cup and then dip, but it can save hundreds of dollars if you have infertility. Of course, if you’re really disciplined you can just take your bbt (basal base temp) every day and that’ll tell you for the price of a thermometer, but you have to take it the same time every morning beforeyou wake up. baby #2 is making it difficult for me to type here. 🙂

  41. My question would of been did mr cbb try it out on his own urine n get a positive result? sorry but something like a pregnancy test i really dont wanna leave to a dollar store test

    • No I did not test it out Jeff lol. There is an article in the post at the end though that you may want to read. Many women seem to have great results with the dollar store test as it seems. Mr.CBB

      • Kirstan Cattell says:

        I’ve tried 2 tests now from the dollar store and both didn’t work. It’s annoying. Guess I’ll be going to the pharmacy.

  42. You should test it out, to make sure you don’t have testicular cancer, like that dude in the news! haha.
    Those cheap pregnancy tests get used as gag gifts all the time, too.
    I have never used one, but have been tempted to buy them in the past. My sanity likes to have one on hand in case I’m ever freaking out. I have an at-cost one from my university fulfilling this purpose right now.

  43. nickydon40 says:

    Great informative read! Those things are expensive even in the UK. I think its funny u going on your own to investigate but to be dxpected! Get it!

  44. They worked for me repeatedly. I didn’t quite believe the first one so I tried about six more over the next week – my daughter is now almost three.

    • I have a positive but its hard to believe. Do u no how I can see what a true positive looks like on a dollar store test. I have had miscarriages before n a false positive even on expensive tests. So I’m skeptical.

      • If both the lines are there it’s positive. If you are not convinced do it again and or go to your doctor who will order a urine test or blood test to confirm. Hope that helps 🙂

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