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  1. Oh my! You are so detailed…I love it! You do a very good job of pinpointing expenses, I know it’s hard to get everything but it looks like you come pretty close. It’s always inspiring to me when I see someone who makes such a great budget and actually sticks to it.

    1. Hi Alexa,
      This budget was our saviour the past couple years although I’ve modified it now so it’s pretty much givng us the numbers we need and want. The one thing that people tend to forget are those projected expenses and I strongly encourage people to look at their budget and all those expenses they haven’t factored in because when they come due you can’t pull money out of thin air and most of those expenses are not considered an emergency expense. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. You’re so proactive! I wouldn’t worry about these new categories…they’re a great idea. I think I will have to increase my clothing budget this year. I think it’s $50/month right now but I wonder if that’s enough for 3 people? I will try decreasing my grocery budget and I will have to look at all other categories when I’m infront of my spreadsheet. Great work Mr CBB!

    1. I’m betting you can lower that grocery budget… I’m actually going to challenge you to that Jen for 2013~ Yes look at your numbers closely and make your decisions from there. It’s a new year and if you start it off on the right foot you can make miracles happen my dear. You have the tools and gained new knowledge put it to work for you. 🙂 Mr.CBB

  3. Nice, you’re saving quite a bit of money. Right now I’m happy to put away $300 every paycheck which is terrible … but circumstances call for it. How do you survive on such a small grocery budget?

    1. Hey Veronica,
      We are pro shoppers lol. We tend to stay away from convenience foods and cook from scratch when we can. We use coupons in which I don’t care what anyone says has saved us tonnes of money and yes there are LOADS of coupons for all sorts even vegetbles, eggs, bread, yogurt,cheese, cottage cheese, cereal, oats etc which most people have in their homes. There is actually a family of 7 who post their shops in our grocery game challenge that have a $300 budget.. kicks our arse! Cheers MR.CBB

  4. My husband and I sat down last night and went over projected expenses and budget for this month. Amazing. We’ve never really done that. I have, but he’s never gotten involved. I think this next year is going to be great and we are going to kill some debt. I like the stockpile category. I might have to add that. I still have quite a bit of laundry detergent, but if I ever have to buy that, dog food, and toilet paper in the same month, I’m screwed. Can’t wait to see your site redesign. Did you know Andrea and I are both from small towns in Kentucky. KY girls rock.

    1. Hey Kim,
      It’s the projected expenses that are what kill a budget. I can send you our budget if you want to check it out. We have the projected expenses built in, coupons etc… if you know excel you might like it. If you don’t know excel well it might not be a great choice. Did you save for projected expenses before? We are so happy we did. Now we don’t have to worry because we know the money is waiting. Mr.CBB

  5. Have you considered doing a Christmas game challenge? It might be pretty interesting. If it’s too late this year, perhaps next year?
    Mr. CBB I wish you the best of luck with your budget. December can be a make it or break it month with so many random expenses, gifts and such.

    1. Interesting idea, thanks! Our Christmas budget is budgeted every month of the year and kept in our Projected Expenses account so it won’t be too bad this year. We likely won’t buy anything for ourselves, maybe next year when we factor in that money for us. We also just found out we have to get gag gifts now that we didn’t budget so at any time something can pop up. So we will add a bit more in for extras at Christmas. Knowing the money is waiting is better than putting it on credit. Cheers Mr.CBB

  6. I really need to work more on a budget for here, I think I’ll try to get the one off your site printed off if hubby goes for a walk. He’s done budgets before but it never lasted long.I’m getting a better idea of what will be coming in so I can work from there… I hope……wish me luck…..

  7. I look forward to what Andrea does with the site, Mr. CBB, that is exciting! Also I was going to talk about progress on my own budget but I’ve been distracted by a snowball cookie recipe that popped on the screen…err…be right back. 🙂

  8. I think you did wonderfully this month. We blew our budget on gasoline for the cars this month. Having ageing parents who depend on us, accounts for much of the unnecessary driving. Also my eldest daughter getting married. I have under budgeted for this. I like your approach to this being a learning experience. It is. Over my 30 years of marriage situations keep changing, and so does the budget.Having one is the key and trying your very best to make it work. You can’t do any better then that…………..or starve!

    1. I agree, having a budget is better than having nothing at all. Our budget can change at any given time as we need to be prepared. It’s not a set it and forget it type application… it’s our life. If we just forget it.. then we can’t complain when nothing goes our ways. We have to take charge. Cheers Mr.CBB

  9. We have a planned spending account for harvest season grocery purchases Mr CBB and it works very well for m. I put aside $50/month, or more if I can afford it. This year I had just over $800 in the canning budget and used every penny of it but the pantry is now full to bursting. If you are planning on doing home preserving, you’ll want to budget some money toward jars and lids, freezer containers, and adequate storage too.

    1. That’s just it Beth and why we have the projected expenses so we can budget each month for what we KNOW we will have to pay or spend at some point in the year. Some people fail to see that a budget just won’t cover all these expenses and why they fall short. Good for you. Mr.CBB

  10. Looking forward to what changes you have in store Mr. CBB. I assume you’re going to going down the self-hosting route? In regards to what changes need to be made to our budget, we really don’t have a whole lot that needs to be changed. Really a just few minor tweaks here and there. We’ve been budgeting for over ten years now, so it gets pretty cut and dry after a while.

    1. Hey John,
      Yes we look forward to what Andrea has in store! As for the budget yes cut and dry what does change is the projected expenses for us. That is what demands our attention as things keep popping up that we KNOW we will have to pay for each year so instead of trying to make the budget work around an expense that pops up one month that we already know is coming we budget it in.. that way the money is ALWAYS there. Cheers Mr>CBB

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