Mr.CBB’s Blog Post Picks December 7, 2012-Almost Christmas

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Feels like December is half way gone and Christmas is sitting in our lap. It must be that the days are getting shorter and it’s dark by 4:30 pm which really doesn’t leave much to a fun-filled day. Moving along…. What’s happened this week.. wow..Kate Middleton and Prince William have announced a baby on the way so that should shake things up for the next little while in the UK and around the world. On the home front the snow we did have on the ground is now gone so we await the big blast of Winter that we know we WILL get. Now that I’m gearing up for the holidays I’m apparently in charge of making Christmas Day Breakfast. So far I know I’ll be making an egg bake which is loaded and layered with ham, veg and Saputo Mozzarella (at least it has flavour unlike many others I’ve tried here). I’m also on the hunt for the best pancake recipes out there so I can surprise the family with my Canadian flare in the kitchen. Who knows maybe I’ll try and wing it like all my other recipes as it doesn’t seem like a hard task.

This week has been busy but I did manage to squeeze in oh, about 100 or so blog posts that I read. I’m actually finding that reaching out to new Bloggers has aided me in seeing the value in assisting others like some have helped me. I hope you enjoy the new personal finance blogs I bring to you each week as that will be a goal of mine for next year.  It’s important for me to spread my wings and see what the world of personal finance has to offer around the web. Don’t worry I’m not ditching all my personal finance mates I’m just looking to add to my friends list because I’m that type of guy, a friendly guy who loves to mingle.

If you haven’t heard, which I hope you have from reading my blog posts.. Canadian Budget Binder is undergoing a face lift for the New Year…. it’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait! I’ll keep you all in the loop!

On that note.. time to get me a $7.00 Starbucks Coffee…. no, simply crazy but not surprising! Cuppa Coffee at home… pennies.

Mr.CBB's Holiday Snowballs On A Tray
Mr.CBB’s Holiday Snowballs On A Tray


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