The Saturday Weekend Review #8 December

Saturday Week In Review Mr.CBB


Mr.CBB’s  Saturday Weekend Review

It’s Saturday and that means working late and sleeping in for me. The best part of waking up this morning was that last night I made Walnut and White Cheddar Biscuits a recipe from my mate Aunt B and they turned out amazing.

The goal was to use them with my homemade Pulled Pork that I put in the crockpot this morning. Yep, the house smells.. well. porky!

 I couldn’t take it any longer so I had to test a biscuit when I woke up this afternoon so I fried a couple eggs with a huge slice of ham and this is what it looked like…..

Ham and Egg On a Walnut White Cheddar Biscuit
Ham and Egg On a Walnut White Cheddar Biscuit

So keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for my homemade pulled pork recipe on the blog tucked in between the cushions of this lovely biscuit! Ok now that we have the food out-of-the-way this week I did alot of Christmas baking as you know….

Mr.CBB's Peanut Butter Balls
Mr.CBB’s Peanut Butter Balls

I also went down to the Ministry of Transportation to pick up a $15 temporary sticker for our winter vehicle. On the way there some donut decides to run a red light and do a right hand turn as I’m going 80 up a highway (brilliant) hand on horn and Mrs. CBB could practically touch the car if she opened her window.

Didn’t have a minute to live I guess. No accident thank goodness but if there was someone in my left lane things would not have had a happy ending I can assure you. (Anyhow…. while at the Ministry) Upon asking if there was a cheaper way to do this  to eliminate the cost of the temp sticker as we had to get an E-test first then come back and get the actual sticker.  She tells us, of course.

Did you know that your E-test lasts for one year? Nope, I had no idea.

We didn’t have all of this in the UK so it’s all new to me.  Now I know that I can get the E-test done before I park my vehicles that way I won’t have to waste $15 on a Temporary sticker (money grab ) just to drive the bloody thing to the garage to get an E-test (money grab) and back to the Ministry to get a sticker.  Everyone wants money…. and it’s only bound to get worse.


Financial News Mr.CBB

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

I’ve noticed a nice little spike in traffic for CBB so I’m hoping it’s only up from here. It’s great to have so many fans and Personal Finance and Foodie Bloggers that support CBB because you are all the reason CBB is gaining support amongst the fans and our peers. If you’re not a fan of Canadian Budget Binder on Facebook please head over and give us a LIKE.

My goal is 3000 by the end of 2012 so I could use all the support to get me there!! *WINK* Don’t be afraid to come chat on my wall like John at Frugal Rules, Glenn at Monster Piggy Bank and others. My fans like to mingle with other Bloggers and that my friends is how we network!

Did I tell you how excited I am about……..

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I thought I should mention it again to keep everyone in the loop.  Canadian Budget Binder will be going through a facelift… Botox and all.. plump this site up, get it ready for some action.

I’m just as excited as the fans are so keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for this!

It will also be our 1 year anniversary at the end of January so I’m looking to gather some neat prizes for the fans. Nothing big as I’m just starting out but just something to say thanks! If you want to add your name to the give-away list, contact me today!!!

I’ve also been collaborating with one of the top sites that I like to check out for finance news and more…. but that’s all I’m going to say. I’m happy to be teaming up with such a friendly bunch of people.

That’s all for now folks… carry on down this post .. you haven’t even gotten to the good stuff…. those search terms! 


Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Post Recap

web search terms

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

Search terms of the week are really a hoot! Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.  

What are you saying about them?

Any typos below are simply the person who searched who made the error or me ;-)

Top Pick- Can you pee on a dollar store pregnancy test?– Well I’m sure spitting on it won’t work. Read the instructions that always helps.

  • Babies room with five senses– Better than having six I’d imagine… 
  • Mrs. Fresh Twinki–  As opposed to Mrs. Day-old Twinki haha always like my Mrs. to be fresh..
  • Costco Welfare Diet- I did say buying in bulk would save money for those on welfare as they build their pantry.
  • Sexy and Intelligent Guy– Well you’ve come to the right place…  ok, tootin my own horn, hey nothing wrong with a bit of confidence!
  • Mess with My Family Quote– oh oh lol.. someone’s up the crapper
  • I need my ex back– I need a lot of things to but my ex ain’t one of them.
  • Lawn Darts For Babies– Now there’s a genius idea.
  • Bathtub of hummus–  Ya that’s where I want to dip my nachos..
  • Looking for Mr.Santa– Well mate, hate to break it to you, you’ll be waiting a long time, how about you go grab a $7 Starbucks coffee…
  • Ideas to Decorate Pasta Salad– What, like with a bow? lol…

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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  1. I’m really glad that your near miss on the road was, in fact, a miss rather than a hit. So frightening when that sort of thing happens! Thanks for the great links and for the mention. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the biscuits.

    1. They were great beth… I will post my crockpot pulled pork featuring your biscuit in the upcoming weeks. I will link the recipe back to you of course for the biscuits. They turned out perfect although I had to add a bit more milk.

  2. Glad to hear you two managed to avoid an accident!!! It can be scarey out there. I see drivers run red lights all the time in London, and it’s gotten to the point where I wait a couple of seconds before taking my foot off the brake when the light goes green on my side. I haven’t driven in TO itself but I was in Aurora in June… that was bad enough. Plus there is Hamilton…. don’t know what’s going on there but those drivers are truly scary!!! Back when my in laws were still living, they were in St Catharines and we used to go #6 to the 403 to the QEW and over the Burlington Skyway Bridge……..OMG I had the crap scared out of me on that stretch so many times over the years!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The e-test is only one year???? I thought it was 2?? We don’t have to worry about it until June 2013 for the truck but we’ve never had a problem. Last time the plates came up we got a 2 yr tag for it.
    You’re running a contest for the 1st anniversary??? Can you put my name in there please??!!!! Love contests!! Looks like I have a few blogs to check out…fun stuff! The blogs you post are always so interesting! Have a good evening there…..

    1. The E-test lasts 2 years but we can get it done before we put the vehicles away before the second year as it lasts all year. Crap, I hope that made sense. Mrs.CBB warned me about that, to always look all over the shop before proceeding when driving at an intersection. I’m used to roundabouts which they are also putting in and still drivers are rubbish driving in a circle. The roundabouts are simple and easy to maintain and cheaper for the city in the long run IMO, less employees to maintain. Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. I love waking up and checking out your latest picture of “food porn”. Lol.

    Us actors live on egg whites and insecurities…

    1. Is that what you call it Food Porn lol… Wait until you see my pulled pork on walnut white cheddar biscuits.. or my coconut balls… ha! We eat healthy all week and splurge a day on the weekends. You gotta live life… egg whites and insecurities… I bet you know the business inside out.. it’s no shock. Cheers Troy! Glad to hear from ya!

        1. I’m so full mate! It was super easy.. put it in the crockpot this morning at 7am with loads of spices, vinegar, brown sugar, garlic and took it out around 3 took off the layer of fat and was left with awesome pork meat… I shredded it and put it back in the pot with some BBQ sauce and man it was awesome… A crock pot can be a mans best friend…

  4. Sounds like a super close call!!! Glad nothing happened 😉 I don’t know which I like better between that biscuit sandwich and the peanut butter balls…..both so delicious 😉

  5. Somebody is always in a hurry and doesn’t care who they hurt! Glad you avoided a collision! I’m still loving the pic of your balls! 😉 lmao

    1. Jen, There is a video going around on Facebook if I can find it I will post it. IT shows real footage of car accidents and it just shakes me up when I watch how stupid drivers can be. Life can be gone in an instant! Yes my balls are nice!

  6. I am glad you managed to avert a collision! That’s not a nice headache at this time of year as everything winds down for the holidays.

    1. I was fine but to tell you the truth I’ve never seen so many horrible drivers in my life since moving here. I don’t know what it is. We were very lucky.. and Mrs.CBB nearly had a panic attack.. she was freaking out.. it all happened so fast. Thanks Mary!

    1. The biscuits are great… I can’t wait to jam them full of pulled pork.. recipe will be up in a couple weeks. I only post 1 recipe per week on a Sunday. I’m excited to see what I have planned as well lol.. Cheers!

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