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Essential Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips

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Winter Vehicle Care

Learn How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For A Cold Canadian Winter

There are many winter vehicle maintenance jobs you need to do to get your vehicle ready for the cold seasonal temperatures that are just around the corner.

Ignoring your winter auto care is only asking for trouble which leads to money and time lost whether it be from work or completing other tasks that require a vehicle.

Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you costing you less over time in repairs.

Having a winter vehicle checklist will help get your car ready for winter and will ensure you are taking care of the fundamentals.

If winter vehicle maintenance isn’t in your budget I’d suggest adding this category if your vehicle is something you need and use.

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Winter vehicle maintenance saves you money

Here are some items on my winter vehicle maintenance checklist so that I keep our vehicles in tip-top condition during the cold Canadian winter months.

Don’t think that your car can sustain the winter year after year without doing even the basic winter vehicle maintenance checks because it won’t.

Oil Spraying

When I came to Canada Mrs. CBB already had a newer vehicle and she got it “Krowned” every year by a Krown winter vehicle maintenance service centre in our area.

We still have this vehicle, it’s just under 10 years old over 13 years old and it’s still in mint condition inside and out.

Sure the mileage is low but very little ever goes wrong with it either.

None of the wirings is corroded, there’s no rusted through doors or rocker panels, it starts first time every time, never failed an e-test, and has never broken down.

I’ll be the first to admit that getting your vehicle oil sprayed isn’t going to solve all your vehicle issues, good general maintenance is still key.

Like my father, I always buy the Haynes manual for the particular vehicle/s we own.

It’s a great resource if you don’t know how to repair problems as it’s pretty much step-by-step.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tip: Remember that salt on your shoes kills the interior of your car too.

We get the car cleaned out (most places do a salt removal package) at the end of winter.

Winter Tires Are Essential

I swap over our All-Season Tires to Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires myself as most places charge approximately $40 and if you can do it yourself like I can save the money.

Winter Tires provide more grip at colder temperatures as they are made of a softer compound rubber.

Check the tire pressures as the pressure will fall as the temperature falls.

Remember if you’re swapping over your own tires that the tires are on the correct side of the vehicle.

So far our winter tires have lasted us about 10 years and there is hardly and wear on the tires at all.

Definitely worth the investment not only for cost but you can’t put a price on your life.


Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tip: Check the amount of tread left on the tires, built-in wear bar indicators will usually give you a good idea.

Winter Tire Wear Bar Indicators
Winter Tire Wear Bar Indicators

Another money-saving tip before you purchase your tires is to sign up for rewards programs.

You may find that the shop you are purchasing your tires on for example is working with Rakuten and offer you a percentage back in cash.

There is also the possibility you’ll find a promotional code online which can come in handy.

Since tires are already expensive why not search the web for promo codes, discounts, or rewards cashback.

Wiper blades and windshield washer fluid

Make sure the winter wipers are in good condition or swap out your summer blades for winter blades.

Streaks across the wind-shield show the wiper blade is starting to fail.

These streaks can interfere with your vision while driving.

Swap your summer washer fluid for a winter washer fluid formula that won’t freeze.

I usually buy a box of 4 jugs when it goes on special, it tends to be cheaper than single jugs and you know you’ll use it.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tip: Always keep a jug of windshield washer fluid handy in your vehicle in the winter.

Winter Windshield Washer FluidOil Change

If you’re going to do the oil change yourself make sure the viscosity is correct for the temperature range the vehicle will be subjected to

Personally, I change my engine oil and filter as I can get a $60+ oil change for $35.

Check the manual that your vehicle comes with for further information.

Oil and Filter Vehicle
Oil and Filter Mobile 1 and Fram Filter

Fluid levels and condition

You can check the coolant level and condition but you’ll need test strips or a refractometer to test it yourself.

Most batteries these days are maintenance-free so you can’t check the electrolyte in the cells.

Personally, I leave the battery on a long low amp charge to help reduce sulfation of the battery.

Battery Charging for Car
Charging Car Battery

Some auto repair shops will test your battery for you for free like Canadian Tire but beware, some electronic testers will fail a perfectly good battery.

If in doubt get a second test on a carbon pile before running out to buy a new battery.

Check the power steering fluid level, brake fluid level, transmission level (for both standard and automatic), and the differential level if you have a rear-wheel drive and transfer case if you have a more traditional 4×4.

Mild days and car washes

It’s always worth taking the car to the self-wash in the winter on mild days to wash off the salt build-up.

For the few dollars, it will cost you at the car wash it can save you more down the road.

Be careful, don’t wash off the oil spraying you just got done on your vehicle as part of your winter vehicle maintenance.

Just be careful, wet brakes tend to have less coefficient of friction, meaning they’re not going to break as well as they would if the tires were dry.

Fuel and oil additives

There’s a multitude of fuel and oil additives on the market, some of which are designed for the driver more than the car.

Gasoline antifreeze seems to be a product bought by men that flies off the shelf, but I’d do a little research before adding anything.

Gasoline is made with up to 10% ethanol (it’s stated right on the pump) which is alcohol and already has a much lower freeze point than water.

Gasoline itself has a ridiculously low freeze point so why add it?

If you do suffer from freezing gas lines on your car you’ve got other problems and it’s called water in your tank.

If you or your other half aren’t particularly handy most auto service centres run a winterization package that is likely worth every penny.

Having a good winter vehicle is better than taking risks with your life and your pocket-book.

A bit of winter vehicle maintenance goes a long way to preventing many vehicle issues and can cost you less in the long run.

Discussion Question: What types of winter maintenance do you perform on your vehicle?

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