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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Dec 27,2012 – A Day Early

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I’m a day early for the weekly blog post picks this week and that is because I have a special blog post planned for tomorrow. Don’t try and squeeze it out of me but I’ll tell you it’s one you won’t want to miss especially if 2013 is the year you want to make magic happen.

Although many personal finance Bloggers took the week off from Blogging there were still plenty of excellent posts that ended up in my inbox. I thought I was the only one that was nutty enough not to take a day or three off but I guess I’m not.

Now that Christmas and Boxing Day are over now is the time for us to plan our New Year’s Resolutions or at least goals for 2013.

Last year we both quit smoking and we are still smoke-free today.

I’m not sure what we will give up this year but I do know that either way giving up smoking was our all-time “want”  and “need” to do.


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  1. Thanks for including us! And congrats on one year of being smoke-free! We’re setting some financial goals (I think the post is scheduled for early January some time…) but no big resolutions I think.

  2. Quitting smoking should be worth two year’s of resolutions. So many people can’t do it. I’m glad I never started. I will be taking next week off, so don’t think I forgot you. Thanks for mentioning my post.

  3. Congrats on staying smoke free and continuing to keep each other accountable :0) I’ve always liked this time of the year when we can reflect on the last 12 months and set goals for the next 12. Thanks for including me in your blog post picks.

  4. Congrats on staying smoke-free, I have seen first-hand how difficult that can be. And thanks for mentioning my post 🙂


  5. Mr. CBB now that I am on winter break I have a little more time and I am making it a point to stop by and visit every single one of these blogs! I have already read some amazing posts! By the way thanks for the kind words about my lil’ blog 🙂

        1. No just got home today from the relatives. I’ll be in my office tomorrow so I’ll be able to send it off to you. No section for teenage football but if you know excel you can rename the categories and the projected expenses.

          1. Great Message! Do you know what is hilarious is that I have a smilebox membership that I pay for personally that I use for work and in all my research on voice threads I never thought to use my smile box account…BRILLIANT!

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