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Canadian Budget Binder-Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #2

Personal Finance Reading LIst

This weeks reading list will be full of awesome blog posts from personal finance blogs and foodies blogs around the web. I’ll admit I’ve slacked with commenting as I’ve been so busy with side projects but I do read them and share.

I’m sure I’ll be wrapping all that up shortly and we can roll out the new site soon for all the fans who are anxiously awaiting for me to get rid of this cult of a page.

Yes, that’s the feedback I received and that’s OK, I enjoy learning about what needs to be improved with the page or anything in my life. Life is about learning and when you shut the door and stop listening then growth stops.

So when my fans told me my blog was dark, busy and cult like, well I listened. In order for CBB to grow, this blog environment not only has to be fun and interactive but inviting and clean.

Not many Bloggers realize how the presentation of their site can impact the fans who want to stick around but don’t. I was one of them. So, Andrea…. work your magic, no pressure though.

 Another milestone was reached on my Facebook page reaching 3000 Fans and now we are at 3200 Fans. What I love is the daily interaction on the page, there is never a dull moment especially when it’s “What’s For Dinner?” time.

My goal for 2013 is to reach 5000 Facebook Fans and 1500 Twitter Fans. A big thank-you to everyone who shares Canadian Budget Binder and is part of the team!!! High Five to all my fans who already Like and Follow me! This if not just my blog it’s a place where you can come and share your opinions and experiences.

You are why this blog keeps on getting bigger and better. (Although I always like to sneak in some food!!) So, if you aren’t following me on Twitter or Facebook hook up with me and chat with all the amazing fans who visit my page daily!

If you want to guest post send me an email as I’m filling spots for 2013.

What’s Up EI?

Earlier yesterday we learned that EI (Employment Insurance) has made some changes as of January 6, 2013 to their program as read in the Huffington Post that would affect seasonal, contract and those applying to be in the EI system.

The EI system is now presented with stricter rules in hopes to get individuals back into the workforce as fast as possible with-in local jobs. One of my fans concerns were who would hire them, “Nobody is going to hire you when they know you are going back to work in 8 weeks. It would be a waste of their time to train you.”

 The new rules also separate the long time folk that have paid into the system and not using it to those who use it regularly and occasionally. It would also require claimants to search for suitable work involving preparation although there are criteria such as commute time, suitable hours and pay.

From what I read EI has all their bases covered including health, family and transportation options according to the Huffington Post. What was intriguing in the news article was the savings of 12.5 million the first year and 33 million the next of the benefit cuts.

News of the cuts have been met with opposition from those all over but like one of my fans says it best, think of EI as non-existent and start budgeting as if you will not receive it.”  

According to information in a CBC news article about the EI changes, “Claimants will no longer qualify for EI if they refuse a job within a one-hour radius of their home, even if the job pays 30 per cent less than their previous employment.”

Of course there is much more to learn on this topic so head to Service Canada to read for any current updates or contact them for more information.

Many of my Facebook Fans expressed their opinions, here are just a few….

  • “Also wonder how this is going to affect where I work. I drive school bus most of the people who work there go on EI for the summer. If they couldn’t get ei over the summer it will be even worse trying to find enough people to do the job.”
  • “Not impressed at all, this will definitely impact my decision to go back into landscaping full-time”
  • “Well that’s a smart approach to addressing the economic crisis! Amend the stats. After all, if someone’s not receiving EI or social assistance, they’re not statistically counted as unemployed. Remove all social benefits and we’d have full employment, at least on paper! Who cares if people are suffering, losing their homes, or going hungry as long as it makes those guys in Ottawa look better?”

What are your thoughts on the changes to EI?

Hazelnut mascarpone brownies
Hazelnut Mascarpone Brownies

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