The Saturday Weekly Review

The Saturday Weekend Review #3 January – Are You Really A Mom?

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Weekend Review

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder?

I know I’ve hidden behind the scenes lately and that’s because Canadian Budget Binder has got so busy. I just finished up with an e-book which I contributed to and am anxiously awaiting the new design of Canadian Budget Binder for all of you.

Hang tight, it won’t be long. Once we have everything in place I will hold a give-away for our one year anniversary of Canadian Budget Binder with some special sponsors that have contacted me and want to participate.

Are You Really A Mom?

I know I may be digging into deep waters here but I couldn’t help but tap into what all the noise was about. Mommy Bloggers are not impressed with Elizabeth Banks. I was reading an Interview with People Magazine on Yahoo about Elizabeth Banks an actress in the recent movie the Hunger Games.

She was talking about her children now that she has two. She said, “You don’t realize how easy one is until you have two. Now I’m really a mom. Oh, I am a mom now! This is for serious — I am responsible for two people now.”

 I’m not a parent so I can’t really say but I’m guessing she was being a loving mom who meant no harm.

When she says “Really a mom” she could have meant that one child wasn’t as demanding as 2? Only Elizabeth can answer that but she may not even care about the apparent fuss because what she says is of her own opinion.

It can be very difficult when all eyes and ears are on you, so you have to choose your words wisely.

I couldn’t imagine living in a life where everyone picked apart each word that came out my mouth, then again, would I care, probably not. One thing I know is you will never make everyone happy. Likely why the comments on that post are saying, step back and relax.

Will people calm down already!!! We live in a society now were everyone is so ridiculously opinionated and touchy. Get a life.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you care about every word that comes out of your mouth and how others may perceive words that you might not mean?

It happens all the time in email at the office, blog posts, social media, with friends. How do you handle that?

cinnamon roll cake
cinnamon roll cake

I just had to add something ooey gooey sweet in for you to drool over and this works for me. Nothing like a hot cuppa tea and easy cinnamon roll cake. A home filled with the smell of sweet cinnamon. I’m thinking cinnamon apple roll cake… what do you think of that idea?

Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Post Recap

web search terms

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder:

Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched typed it in search, or me ;-) 

Search terms make up a huge amount of my visitor traffic and it keeps increasing month to month so I hope that means I’m. I was super excited this week when I had a couple days with over 1000 searches per day!

Top Pick: Is eating KFC bad for health especially the filler meal>>> For those that aren’t aware KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken NOTE: FRIED...I don’t even think I will answer this one.  

I’m guess this came from my post last Saturday about the KFC Brain A.K.A Kidney a bloke found in his meal in the UK.

  • Do you hear me?>>> Do you hear me?
  • Gail Vaz Oxlade Vs Dave Ramsey>>> Sounds like some financial boxing to me, nah!
  • Go to No Frills at Night time>> That’s when the party starts!
  • I’m not sure where all the math is coming from but here we go>>>
  • If 3 boxes of cereal are on sale for $6.90, and a daycare provider needs 17 boxes, how much will she pay?
  • You and a friend both would like a salad and a small drink. between the two of you, you have 8.00. a salad costs 2.49 and a small drink in .99. can either of you afford it?
  • She only wants me for Money>>Well then take it or leave it, you have your answer.
  • Men Want Women For Money>>>> Not the first thing on my mind, how about you? Funny how it goes both ways men vs women and money.
  • Value Village Owners Millionaires?>>> Who would have thought, >>please drop your stuff for free, we’ll take it  so I can re-sell it and get rich>>.. it’s the easy stuff we miss I guess.


It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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  1. I think the more kids you have the harder it is, but I certainly consider myself a Mom with only one. What else would I be, the womb provider? Have a good one.

  2. That’s awesome that you wrote an ebook. I’ve been thinking about it too so I might have to pick your brain a bit. 🙂

  3. I’m not a mom but that doesn’t seem like a horrible comment to make. I think she was just joking. But, I am way to sensitive about what people think of me. I always have been, so I try not to rock to boat, and feel back if my comments are taken out of context or the wrong way. I need to develop thicker skin.

    1. You can’t control what the masses think. I used to worry about every word I said but now I don’t give a rats especially over the internet. It happens ALL THE TIME, where people read what they want and hear what they want. We will never control it and trying to explain yourself over and over gets tiring. Taking life easy and with a grain of salt is what I say, no sense getting into a stress war over words but don’t be afraid to speak up if that’s what you want to do. cheers mate.

  4. I did find the transition period between my kids needed some time, as would the change to any group dynamic which involved adding a new person. What I found REALLY difficult was the shift from 2 to 3 kids as now we were talking bigger car, more bedrooms required etc.

  5. I think she may regret the way she said it now, but I totally get what she’s saying. The transition from 1 to 2 is intense. She really was a mom before, but especially in the early days when naptimes and feeding schedules rarely match up, any free time you may have taken for granted before is gone.

    1. It’s so easy to misunderstand something that someone says or the meaning unless you really know them. In this case I think she meant well but others read into it. We will always have people judging us for our words even if it’s not what we meant to say or what they perceive to think when they read.

  6. Hmmm Cinnamon roll cake or cinnamon apple roll cake…… sounds like what I do when I make cinnamon rolls. I chop up an apple, add that with a little flour, brown sugar and cinnamon for the filling when making the cinnamon rolls. Add a little more cinnamon to the icing before I frost them and then stand back as the family devours them!!! This is one of the reasons I get asked/begged to bring desserts to family functions and potlucks…..Yummy!!!!!!!!!
    As for whether you are a mommy with one kid or with more than one…… really????? You have a child and you are female you are a mommy……With more than one you are just busier, but you are still a mommy….. and I’m speaking as Mom to 3 and grandma to one little boy! I love it that he calls me Moomah!!! No idea where it came from but I still love it!!!

    1. If I have you over for a party then you are in charge of bringing the dessert, deal? I think EB was misunderstood and really it’s her life, who cares to be honest. Sometimes people read into things so much I bet they have to go get themselves a tylenol by the end of a rant lol…

      1. OK I’ll bring desserts….the usual is carrot cake, apple cinnamon rolls, lemon loaf and occasionally brownies or pineapple squares…. that meet with your approval???? As for what’s-her-name…… people need to get a life… really…..who cares what she says????? I worked with a gent years ago that considered the National Inquirer to be hang-over reading…!!

        1. I def want the apple cinnamon rolls or you can make them for my blog with piccies if it’s your original recipe and I can share it as a guest post… then I can just use smell-o-vision hah. Ya, too many people get hung up on the small things in life. Life is too short to fight a losing battle… Cheers mate.

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