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Check Out Checkout51: Technology and Coupons in Check!

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Save More Money On Your Groceries Canada With Checkout51


Checkout 51 mobile app, have you heard you can get Cash Back on every day items you buy at local retailers in your area?

Get in on the action and start saving money in your grocery budget with Checkout 51, the hottest cash back money-saving app around!

What is Checkout 51?

Based out of Toronto, Checkout 51 is a Canadian cash back program that allows shoppers the opportunity to save money on products they love.

It is a FREE Apple IOS app that you download, then shop using the weekly Checkout 51 offer list, and finally upload a picture of your receipt to the app to earn cash back in your Checkout 51 account. EASY!

Android For Checkout 51 Is Finally Here!

Yes, as of April 18, 2013 you can Download Checkout 51 Android App or -Or search “Checkout 51″ in the Play Store

Technology for couponing and saving money in Canada just got exciting for everyone and I hope you take advantage of the savings being offered to you as a consumer. Every little bit of savings you can keep in your grocery budget or which allows you to spread your dollars further for meal planning helps.

How to use Checkout 51 with paper coupons?

The best part about Checkout 51 is that you can use paper coupons to save even more on the offered products each week (offers run Thursday – Wednesday).

Checkout 51 lists approximately 10 – 15 offers a week (products and discount vary) that when combined with sales AND coupons at your favourite stores can save you tons of money each week.

Who can use Checkout 51?

If you are a Canadian resident (excluding the province of Quebec) and you have an Android, Iphone, Ipad or Ipod and are able to take clear photos of your receipts you can easily become a member of Checkout 51.

Another great feature of Checkout 51 is it is set up to allow all members an equal sharing of the offers. You can choose to purchase all offers on the list, but you are limited to cash back on 1 product per Checkout 51 account.

How does Checkout 51 get paid?

Checkout 51 has made some amazing contacts that have agreed to release a limited amount of offers each week to its members. Once they reach the limit set out from the companies, they do not give any more refunds.

Great offers go fast like Heinz Ketchup, Huggies wipes and Coca-Cola offers, so shop early and submit your receipt to not be disappointed

Will we start to see Checkout 51 permit its members to buy more than 1 product? Time will tell: The team at Checkout 51 have a very close relationship to Coupon Christine and they tell her that the more Checkout 51 is used, the more exciting the offers will be”.

Coupons and technology, are we excited? Heck yes! If you are a Canadian couponer, you can relate to the ‘pain’ of non-scannable coupons, cashiers that read coupons over three times before accepting, and long line ups behind us at the checkout.

Couponing and Checkout 51

Is Checkout 51 paving the road for Canadian couponers? 

Will other online coupon distributors (;;, see the benefits of moving away from the cost and time it takes to distribute; mail; and process returned coupons?

In an ideal “coupon world”, downloadable coupon app software would allow us to download the coupons we want, submit our receipts, and earn cash back in online accounts. No more clipping coupons and carrying around those heavy coupon binders.

It is definitely a win for the couponers, but also a huge score for companies looking to find out details on shopping habits. Who is shopping at which store, what time of day and what else they are buying.

Not to promote a “big brother world” for us to be leery of, but let us envision the personal gain from a couponers stand-point on saving time and money with ease of online applications.

Will companies lose those who are not technologically savvy?

Will companies gain a new younger generation of money-savers?

Time will tell.

Checkout 51 is the first of its kind in Canada to allow companies direct access to its customers via an app. Simply providing offers, companies and Checkout 51 can get instant access on how much of their product is being purchased across Canada. Pretty cool if you ask me!

How do I use Checkout 51?- The basics

  1. Download the Checkout 51 app to your Apple IOS device (find Checkout 51 in the app store) NEW! Download to your Android!!
  2. Checkout 51 has a list of offers issued every week (offers are live Thursday – Wednesday).
  3. You go to any retailer in Canada (excluding Quebec) and buy the offers on the list (you do not need to buy all of them, but you are limited to 1 product per Checkout 51 account). You must get the exact product listed.
  4. Upload a CLEAR and readable picture of the ENTIRE receipt in English and upload it to the iPhone app Checkout 51
  5. You get an email confirmation from Checkout 51 if the picture was clear and processed
  6. You check your account to make sure the $$ has been placed into your account
  7. Once you reach $20 you can request a cheque to get cash back (using your online account).

What do you think of this innovation in couponing savings?

I personally think I am going to sit back, put my feet up and enjoy the Checkout 51 ride with a bowl full of Orville Redenbachers popcorn that I earned $2 cash back on!

If you haven’t signed up to Checkout 51 take a moment and set yourself up, become a member today.

Download Checkout 51 from the app Store. Start saving your hard-earned money the easy way!

Sign up for Checkout51 now!

If you need more Help for Checkout 51 the website contains all the information you need for Support.

Photo Credit: Checkout 51

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  1. Just make sure you read the terms of the offer. Some offers do NOT allow the use of a coupon (and sometimes, in-store sales).

    I’ve seen way too many times where people have ignored the terms. And I’ve seen people where Checkout 51 has cancelled their account due to misuse/abuse of the terms.

  2. Not happy with Checkout 51 or Freshpoints. I am a Blackberry user because I want to support Canadian companies and neither of these apps are available on Blackberry. Very frustrated. I’m not going to buy an Iphone just to use the apps – sort of negates using the apps to save money!

  3. I have never heard of this! I will have to check out the US version, perhaps the one KIm mentioned. I have been reluctant to start couponing, but this makes it easy! Thanks..Great post!

  4. I love it! I always take a quick peek to see what they have each week and see if it can be incorporated into my shopping list. The process is easy, and I have had receipts approved within minutes!

    1. That’s great thanks for sharing that Kim. So far I’ve seen coffee, baby food, taco kits, chips, crackers… although I’ve just poked my head in. I don’t have a fancy phone or Ipad so I don’t use the app although many love it.

  5. I have signed up for this but haven’t yet used the i-pad to sent a receipt. I did get my son to load it onto the i-pad for me. I’ve had him scan to send in the info but haven’t got enough yet to get anything back…..I don’t buy some of the stuff they have but I ;look it over. I think I have one to send in this week so I better get the kid to do it for me tonight!!! The idea of it does interest me so we shall see how far I go with it….extra money is extra money….

    1. It’s not too bad as long as there are items you will use. I’m sure over time they will add items> I noticed coffee that I would likely buy and also baby food for mums and dads so it’s diverse. I’m sure we will see this app bring us more products soon.

  6. I did it this week. It’s awesome! The reciepts are easy to scan, you just click add section and take another pic of the reciept til you have it all scanned!

    1. The downside from what I can see are those being left out because they don’t own a piece of fancy technology. I won’t run out to buy an Iphone for these savings for example. I’m interested like Christine is to see where the future of couponing takes Canada.

      1. I agree, I don’t think companies would leave those who do not have ‘fancy tecnology’ out, HOWEVER, look at how far some people have come that never ever used a computer and are in their 80s on Facebook! I am sure if we were all told that coupons would move towards tech we would find a way to get that tech! (I have heard of people borrowing their kids/friends/neighbours Ipads to upload pics since they did not personally own an apple device to use this app)

  7. I used this last week for Quaker Oatmeal. The photo allows you to take multiple photos so you get the full receipt. I haven’t been able to use it enough to get a cheque back, but I am certainly keeping my eye on it every week when I go grocery shopping.

  8. Looks interesting. I have two comments: Apple only? and how do you take a clear photograph when receipts are often the length of my arm!?

  9. Oh…I don’t have to have Wi-Fi on my phone…I upload at home. Yeah! I can do this!! Gluten Free will certainly limit my participation but some is better than none, right?

    1. Mary, I would definitely head on over to Checkout51’s facebook page or send them off an email asking to see Gluten Free products on their list. Just give them a heads up that you would love for them to partner with Glutino or your other Gluten free company of choice 🙂 They just may not have thought about it yet 🙂

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