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The Saturday Weekend Review #10-Daylight Savings 2013, Door To Door Sales Begins!

Weekend Review

Hearing the birds chirp when I wake up in the morning is a sure-fire sign that Spring is on the way! It’s daylight savings this weekend and besides having to spring forward our clocks one hour we will lose one hour of sleep no matter what we try.

I don’t mind it to be honest as I’ve had just about enough of the white fluff and am ready to get outdoors and get my hands dirty. The part I don’t like is the melt and all the muck that comes along with it.

Here Comes The Sun Again

The biggest change this time of year is the amount of sun that blankets us, a warmth we crave all winter long.

In some cases though, I wish I could make it all go away especially some mornings before I get my butt out of bed. In other cases I’m just going to bed and need one of those fancy eye masks (not really, I just bury my head under the sheets).

Why, do you ask? For one, the sun is beaming through our upper bedroom window (that silly half moon stupid invention of a window) that we have no cover for.

Each time I wake up I feel like I’m tanning at the salon and the buzzer goes off when I open my eyes signalling me to flip over.

If you read my post the other day where I was tossing around the idea to stay or move to a house with a bigger plot of land the odd shape windows is what we will NOT want. Not only that, but costs go up when you have to purchase odd shaper window coverings and they can get pretty pricey.

I bet we could cook an egg the sun is so hot in the mornings but that’s OK it only means that Spring is hovering around us. In no time I’ll be out sowing the garden to save us money and eating some good organic food.

I’ve got plenty of ideas in my head for this year starting with bright colours and some easy landscaping.

I’ve already started my seedlings both for flowers and vegetables and will talk more about that next week.

There’s nothing more exciting than checking them each day to see how well they are doing. (probably the only good thing about the half-moon window is it’s helping our seedlings to grow)

There are so many small things we don’t see or think about when looking to purchase a home.

We realize shortly after or sometimes years after that we really don’t want something like a particular feature in a future home. I know, we can’t always have it all and I agree.

I might just slap a bed sheet up there or cut in the shape of a half-moon to fit lol. I don’t think the neighbours would mind to see a flower pattern sheet in the window. I know you are thinking, “those are the neighbours we try to avoid”, but we’re really not that bad.

Daylight Savings 2013Door To Door Sales In Our Area

The best part of living somewhere with a nice plot of land means we may avoid the everyday neighbourhood and the door to door sales people.

I’m not joking when I say they have been in full force in our neighbourhood the past 2 weeks.

Here’s a quick run down of who has graced our front door.

  • Student Painters
  • Weed Control for the lawn
  • Chocolate Sales
  • A local roofing company
  • Window Cleaning Services

Best of it is, we just had our roof done a few years back and it’s in perfect shape.

I’m going to write a great post about my experience with Canadian roofing companies in our area and what I’ve learned.

What a waste of time though going to houses that clearly don’t need a service.

Time wasted = money lost for a company especially if they are paying people minimum wage to go door to door when they have little or no sales skills.

I remember one guy who talked to my wife for an hour and in the midst of it all said he got paid hourly so it didn’t matter as she was concerned with how long he had been at our house.

He even went as far to spark up a smoke and continued the conversation as if it was part of his sales technique.

It didn’t bother the wife as we had not quit smoking at that point and they were outdoors.

Normally she doesn’t speak to anyone but it was about changing companies to direct energy. She wanted to learn about what they were selling and why so many people buy into it.

Shady Door to Door Canvassers

Another time we had a guy show us a pass with his name on it and wanted us to sponsor a child in a third world country. He was so upset when we said we would do more research online instead of giving him money at the door. He was using high pressure sales techniques but had no company information for us. Really?

Do people just hand over cash at the door without doing homework on these people? Not all door to door sales people are shady but times have changed and we have to become more cautious about who we do business with. Don’t be afraid to ask for a name and number and make calls and do some research.

You don’t know if they are carrying around stolen ID so it’s better to be safe then lose money you work hard for to a stranger. Don’t ever let them inside your home either. 

I know this is just the beginning and that’s the price we pay for living in the area we do. I can only guess they know that the area is made up of mostly executive homes that the people must have cash to burn. (ya, who has money to burn, we sure don’t) Amazing how that works, door to door marketing with assumptions that big houses mean the owners must have the money.

It’s common though, marketing departments for companies know who to target and when, it’s their job. Although, I guess the odds aren’t so bad when they are targeting an entire area of  homes that are relatively high-priced. Odds are good they might make a sale making up for all the people who say no or tell them to bugger off.

I have to admit MANY of the neighbours do purchase what some of these door to door sales people sell especially in the heat of the summer. No one likes to go out and slap sealer on the drive, so they have some guy come around and spray it for $120 and he’s gone in 20 minutes, if that.

So as they continue to make their way around the neighbourhood going door to door I’m sure the aerator troops,  lawn rollers, driveway sealer’s and whomever else will be around to visit us shortly. We tried to put that sticky hand in the window that we got in the mail to alert potential sales people that we are not interested.

Ya, well that didn’t quite work out as they simply would say, “oh chuckle, chuckle, ha, we didn’t see it, sorry”. How could you miss the big red hand in your face? Now we just tolerate it and send them on their way unless of course the right deal comes along.

How do you handle door to door sales people? Have you actually bought a service?

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