The Saturday Weekend Review- #16 Are You Making A Difference?

Making A Difference

Making a difference seems an appropriate title for this post since I want to share Bloggers and fans who are making a difference with my community here at CBB. When I started Canadian Budget Binder I really had no idea what I was setting myself up for but it certainly wasn’t what it has become today. It’s been one heck of a year and I’ve learned so much from people all over the world.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion it was just another grim reminder that life can pass us by in an instant. All the things we wanted to say, all the things we wanted to do may never get heard or accomplished. Some of the photos, the heroism of the people who did whatever they could to help the injured, really there is no words. Amazing.

I remember life in the 80’s when having fun and being carefree was part of a daily routine for me. There were no computers to play on so I just hung out with my friends learning, building things and taking them apart, but goofing off most days. This world has changed alot, some for the good and some not so good.

As society we need to change in order to improve but sometimes when we fix what isn’t broke we can make more of  a disaster of it all.

We flock to social media outlets such as You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumble Upon and many others to say what we have to say. We ask people to tweet, like and share just so we can reach the masses.

We are shouting messages all over the place and hoping that the right people catch them head on. The world seemed much quieter before, easier when all we had to do was pick up the phone or write a letter. Today on a larger scale we are trying to make a difference in our own way, any way just so someone listens.

I didn’t start this blog to slide up the ranks even if to jump through hoops, I started it to make a difference. No matter if you blog or volunteer your time down at the local food bank or for charities you do it because you want to make a difference, that is and should be one of  the main goals.

If there is money to be made in anything that we set out to do in life it will be made because the people believe in you, they trust you and they know that you add value to their lives, organization or project.  

Most of all, because you believe in yourself.

When I sat through the movie “Mean Girls” with my wife years ago (I know torture if not equal to the Twilight Saga, do you remember that?) it reminded me how one person can think they are on top of the world and suck in a few believers but suddenly they realize that the popularity game was meant only for her and her alone.

The only difference they were trying to make was for themselves. Maybe that’s not so bad if you have nothing to give.

How To Make A Difference In This World

Looking at the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and fellow Canadian Mike Holmes just to name a few off the top of my head who have had an impact on people all over the world. I am sure there are plenty others of significance but what about the people we never hear of? Sometimes silence is golden but other times it’s best when it’s broken thus motivating others to walk your path.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a career that makes a difference in this world?

Not all of us are that lucky but we don’t always have to be paid to say what we want to say. This brought the word “success” to new heights in my eyes.

What I’m saying is, that we don’t have to try, we just do.

I’ve learned that CBB is not only about me it’s about everyone else that reads the blog, who follow what I have to say because they want to hear my personal stories.

It’s also the compelling stories from the fans and those of guest contributors about hope, knowledge, motivation, belief and courage to step away from the norm to create their own inner success that really hits a home run for us here.

It’s important to believe that the path that you are making will be followed by others who share your vision because without that belief your path will stay empty. -Mr.CBB

While reading one comment in response to my blog post yesterday from a fan Christine she showed me how much of an impact sharing personal finance stories mean to my readers.

If only just for a laugh or knowledge about a topic the fans want to learn about, I want to share it with them.  I wish I was a big know-it-all but that’s clearly not the case.

My weekly reading list!!! I’ve already checked out a couple… actually signed up to get Prairie Eco-Thrifter and I’m enjoying it. I’d have no problem cutting out cable here as I don’t watch the tube but I’m the only one here like that.

The older boy and hubby love to watch it, the younger boy would only have a problem on Daytona weekend!!!

I curl up with a good book when I’m not running around doing other things and there is a book in my grab and go bag.

My biggest treat this year was the library book sale last weekend. $20.00 and I’ve got lots of reading material!!! We’re still trying to get both ends meeting in the middle. If the older boy can get onto CPP-D in the next while it will help big time.

The hold up there is the doctor hasn’t sent in the report yet that we know about. A couple of phone calls are on the to do list for Monday.Once we get through dealing with CPP-D then we will see what ODSP has to say about funds too.

I got a kick out of Pepe and his tails. We have Stuart here and thankfully he’s healthy…. fat but healthy.

We did have a boy cat that had urinary issues and bought the special food from the vet but after talking to the vet about the problems of having one cat on special food when there is more than one cat in the house he told us what to watch for in food for the big fur-ball and we went that way…. he spent the rest of his life going between Iam’s and Whiskas cat food and lived to be 20 years old…….he was such a big sweetie ….. we still miss him.

There will never be another Gunky…. We have found that if we bought good quality food for the fur-balls in our life they tended to be healthy and live long lives….Plus our cats were house cats…. not allowed outside, much safer that way…Stuart says Hi to Pepe by the way… (Blog Post from Budget and the Beach about Pepe the cat)

If you are a Blogger and your goal is like CBB (to make a difference) email me today! Tell me what your mission and goals are with your blog and how you plan to make a difference for your readers. If you have a story you want to share about how you did make a difference for one of your readers please include it up to 100 words. If you would like to nominate a fellow blogger also send me an email.

Include a photo of your blog logo so I can add it in the Saturday post.

If you are a fan and know someone who is making a difference in this world and want to share their story email me today!

I hope we can go on making a difference here at Canadian Budget Binder for our fans and we hope to bring you the best of the best from around the web and in our community.

Sometimes our voices need to be heard and reaching out is the best way to get that done.

What’s Happening At The CBB House?

This has been one heck of a busy week. I finally swapped the vehicles over and removed the winter tires to put on my all-seasons. I waxed the vehicles to perfection.

I only do this because taking care of your vehicle is the single best thing you can do to prolong its life including the body from rusting away on you. I also get the vehicles sprayed every winter for rust protection from salt and grit and it’s been worth every penny.

In the kitchen I managed to make olive pita bread and a couple more amazing loaves of olive bread. I’ll be posting the olive pita recipe tomorrow on the blog.

I also planted some seeds in the back garden planters mainly lettuce mixes, chives, and parsley. I’d like to get my basil going shortly as well because we are hopping for a bigger crop this year to make basil pesto.

I’m hoping to get out there REAL soon so I can get the garden going. It looks pretty mucky and depressing at the moment.

Our indoor plants for the garden that I started from seed seem to be taking off very well. I have lost a few pepper plants but I’m not too sure why but we’ll see how it goes. If I have to buy some plants down the road so be it. You never know what will happen when you start from seeds so it’s hit or miss most of the time.

I have a couple more exams to finish off this week for work since they just love training me to no end but that’s OK the more I learn the richer in knowledge I feel. I’ve always said to build your résumé the best you can by taking on any training that is offered to you from your employer that you may be able to take with you along the way.

Other than that I picked up a winter shovel on the side of the road earlier this week with a “Free” sign which works for me. My other shovel has a bit of a crack in it so I’m going to toss that now.

I love free stuff! I also found a wrought iron wall hanging for the wife which I will mess up with some sand paper and paint black to match the rest of the wrought iron around our home. This is my favourite time of year when everyone starts tossing out perfectly good stuff.

I know one guy who drives the neighbourhoods at night-time in his pick-up and grabs whatever “Free Stuff” he can find and he fixes it up and resells it all for extra money.

He makes a killing at doing that but hey, if you’re retired and looking for a hobby why not. Another guy we see picks up BBQ’s and Lawnmowers that people put out with “free” signs and fixes them up and sells them. He loves it though and keeps him busy in his retirement.

Weekend Review

What’s Happening With  Canadian Budget Binder?

I’m still working with my designer behind the scenes on the new blog so there’s not too much to report on that topic. We hit the 5000 fan mark on Facebook this past week and it was one heck of a celebration so thanks to all of you.

We are now aiming for 6000 Fans so if you aren’t following Canadian Budget Binder on Facebook.. head on over and LIKE my page!

Canadian Budget Binder Blog Posts

If you missed any posts on the blog this week here they all are in one little bundle for you!

web search terms

Google Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched Google and typed it in search incorrectly, or me ;-) Another week of thousands of search terms but only a few good ones worth mentioning.

Top Pick: What does it cost to do my taxes online baked mac and cheese- hahaha…. from taxes to food…. maybe they were trying to do their taxes stoned!(just sayin!)

  • The Price Is Right Grocery Game 2013- Nope, that’s not me, no spinning big wheels, fancy cars, big trips. 
  • Is the Wealthy Barber Divorced? 
  • Is Gail Vaz Oxlade Married? – Geesh what do I look like a personal finance tabloid.. hey now there’s a new idea, anyone else want in on that one!!
  • Dealing with Women Who Always Want More– OH, I smell a blog post coming up!! Thanks for the idea!
  • How Do I Pay Back My OSAP- GET A JOB!

Quote-Budget and Money

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  1. I think we all have to give what we can. Somehow, whether you meant to or not, you have struck some sort of nerve with all your fans. I think that’s pretty amazing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Looks like things are going well at your house. Haven’t got as far as cleaning the inside of the truck but it went through Mother Nature’s car wash the other day when it rained. We will have to call the garage soon for an e-test of the truck as the plates come up in June.
    I’m slowly cleaning and clearing out in the house, I try to do a little every day.
    Glad you enjoyed my comment yesterday…. I should try to track down a picture of our dear Gunky, big sweetie that he was….
    I went over to Canadian Tire this afternoon as they had some plants on sale. Veggies and herbs were BOGO. I think it was just our store as it wasn’t in the flyer. I got 2 beef steak tomatoes, a green pepper, basil, sage and chives. Not sure where I can put them but worst case I get some of the big white containers they sell from the deli counter at the grocery store and drill some holes in the bottom for drainage. I can’t do much in back yet as it is still water logged. What happened when your peppers died?? If the stems went black at soil level it might be damping off, it’s a fungus in the soil that causes it. I use a product called Damp Off in the watering can, I got it at Canadian Tire, it’s a little jar.
    It’s nice when you can get the job training at work. Our daughter just found out she gets to take a course in Montessori for the daycare and they will pay for it. They want to transition to a Montessori location so she needs to get those papers. She is a program supervisor now, and the daycare was french emersion when she started, I’m not sure where they are going with that but time will tell. This is supposed to be quite the course, a lot of essays, so I’ll be getting an education there too as I have edited her essays since grade school. I’m looking forward to reading about it.
    We had the fireman’s junk pick-up today and I had to laugh looking out the landing window down the street at the vehicles slowing to look over the piles left for the firemen to pick up. Things were picked over pretty good before the boys got to them!!!Lol!!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s recipe, see how I can change it up!!

    1. I like the mother nature car wash myself hahah… it’s cheaper but I had tonnes of crap to clean off. Great deal with the bOGO plants at CT.. and ya just plant them in the buckets if you have to. That sounds like an opportunity for her so she should just do the best she can do and see where it takers her. Not sure what happened to the plants they just died… ah well.. will try again!! I still have plenty left as I always overplant.

  3. Well said there CBB, but you Mean Girls is SO much better than Twilight! It’s so smart! That’s OK, I’ll forgive you. I don’t know if my blog makes a difference in the world…but it is my own little nook in the world where I an express myself and my ideas. If that helps someone, then I’m happy about it, but I would say it’s not my main motive. I would love to have a job that made some kind of difference though. I don’t think the one I have now really does…although a couple projects probably have. I would love it if someday I had something important to say where I’d be asked to be a speaker at a TED conference. That would be really cool for me. And I love documentaries, so I’d love to one day make a doc that was important to me.

    1. I really could see you becoming a public speaker especially since you like video and all that jazz. Those would be great…. you seem the type of person that wants to help others so when you say you want a job that makes a difference I can really see how you would want that. The best thing about your blog is that people are watching you and all you need is the right person to reach out and make your dreams come true. 🙂

  4. You are a funny, funny man. If you love waxing cars, please come to east Texas. I can have three waiting for you….

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