PF Weekly Reading List #20- May Two-Four Victoria Day Long Weekend 2013 ~Hands Off My Cookie Jar!

Happy Victoria Day 2013

It’s May two-four Victoria Day long weekend 2013 this weekend. It’s a way to say good-bye to winter and an official start to summer in Canada. The fun starts tonight Friday and runs until Monday May 20th evening.

Parties and a Victoria Day parades are just some of the fun attractions happening this weekend. You may also see the sky light up with many who finish off the party with scads of Victoria Day fireworks and the music cranked, especially here in the GTA!

A road trip down to Grand Bend or Wasaga Beach to cruise the strip and hang with all the party goers might be in order for many but for us we’re hanging close to home. Since I’ve lived in Canada these past few years I’ve come to realize how easy it is to tell this is the hottest weekend of the year.

When I say hot, I don’t mean as in temperature I mean it’s the weekend where Canadians are celebrating with backyard bbq’s with their friends, spring cleaning, landscaping their gardens, planting flowers. camping and the obvious pool time.

Over at Plunged In Debt, Catherine shares fun inexpensive long weekend ideas for the family. I’m sure many of you can’t wait to get started if you haven’t already. Unfortunately not everyone has the weekend off let alone the holiday Monday but make the best of it when you can. Squeeze in some “me time” and enjoy the weather with family and friends.

When I was out for my morning exercise all I could hear are the sounds of men and women hard at work. Pools were draining all over our streets as homeowners do the last-minute pool dash to get them open for the acclaimed May two-four weekend even though this year Victoria Day is Monday, May 20, 2013. I’m starting to think I need to mingle with my neighbours more so they can invite us over for a splashy pool party.

One of our mates has a hot tub that is now open but I’m nudging them towards installing a pool. That’s right, neighbourly peer pressure ha,ha. I can’t fit a pool in our yard so I’m instigating my mates to dip into their savings to dress their yard with the sparkly blue water that any friend wouldn’t mind taking a dip in.

OK, I’m not that pushy but I’ve put the idea in their ear although they’ve already thought about it and want to make use of the great backyard space that they have. I’ve always wanted a pool so who knows if this isn’t our forever house what might showing up in our backyard of a new home that we purchase.

Pools aren’t for everyone but they are great for the kids and brings people together for some fun backyard gatherings. Parents love them because it gives them time to chill out with their mates while the kiddies enjoy themselves in the pool.

Yes that means I may get a 24 case of Brave beer to celebrate with the rest of my fellow Canadians for this bank holiday in Canada which  has come to be somewhat of a celebration for me. If you want to stock up on beer and grocery items you better do it this weekend as it doesn’t look like many shops will be open Monday.

It looks like the weather will be kind to us this long weekend so lots of good times are ahead but I’ve learned in Canada weather changes as fast as the gas prices at the pump. I’ll talk more about what our plans are tomorrow in my Saturday weekend review.

Stores Open On Victoria Day

I had to do a bit of hunting to find out what was open and what was closed for Victoria Day long weekend and I found a list at 680 News for the Toronto area. For the most part though here is a list of what’s closed below but click the link to read the comprehensive list. If you are not sure if a local grocery store is open, simply give them a call before you head out.

Most grocery stores closed Victoria Day but Food Basics has some open stores as well as Home Depot but it may only be the Garden Centre that’s open.  It looks like Wal-marts are also closed but simply just make the call as the list here would be too extensive as it may vary city to city.

Closed Victoria Day:

  • LCBO and beer stores
  • Government offices
  • Libraries & schools
  • Banks will be closed
  • No garbage pick-up
  • No mail delivery
What is Victoria Day In Canada?

I thought you would never ask and don’t worry if you are not from Canada I had no idea either. If you are from Canada and you still don’tt know, time for some history lessons with Mr.CBB and Wiki. Victoria Day is a Federal Canadian Holiday celebrated the last Monday before May 25, hence the name May 2-4 weekend. It’s a stat holiday in Federally and in six of the provinces in Canada as well as the 3 territories.

You may also hear is called May Long Weekend, May Long, May two-four or May run according to wiki.  It is a celebration in honour of Queen Victoria’s Birthday. When she passed away in 1901 May 24 was made law as Victoria Day and named her day to remember our late Queen, the Mother of Confederation. It is also the Canadian’s Sovereigns official birthday.

That also means the beer is flowing all over Canada so watch out.. it’s party time! You can read more about this awesome holiday by clicking the link wiki link above.

What’s your plans for the Victoria Day Long Weekend?

A little more happiness to end my post today!

Hands Off My Cookie Jar!

Why can’t my cookie jar have a 4.85 million dollar lottery ticket in side… jealous… you bet… all I can see is crumbs in the bottom of ours since the low gi diet!! Ya, sucks but I will compromise with the wife and develop some cookie recipes she can enjoy. The Mrs. does store all her lottery tickets in her purse, that’s her giant cookie jar and hardly checks them. No big wins here I’m afraid but you can’t win if you don’t play.

One man makes truth out of that this week… Some dude named Richard Cerezo in Geneva Ill. was cleaning out his cookie jar filled with lottery tickets. Soon after he heads to his local 7-eleven and finds out he has to fill out a claim form, meaning he’s won over $600.

He heads home to check his lucky ticket to find out the crumbs in his cookie jar were worth 4.85 million and best of it is, he won this months ago and didn’t know it. Check your tickets folks!! Consequently he was going into foreclosure on his home. Sometimes it does make you wonder if things happen for a reason or if they are, what they are…. pure luck!

I always enjoy hearing happy stories like this!


Here is this weeks reading list which includes some of the best blog posts from many blogs that I interact and comment on and who also have a common interest in CBB.

Mr. CBB’s Top Read of The Week

A Sure Fire Way To Be More Productive– Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Top 7 Blog Posts Of The Week

Some great reads from blogs I follow!

Recipes/Frugal Blog Posts of the Week
Top Recipe

layered ranch dip

This weeks recipe is a Layered Ranch Dip which is perfect for the long weekend parties that will be happening. The dip come from my friends at Real House Moms! Enjoy this and happy dipping.

Inspirational: Your Credit Cards Are Now Paid Off, How Do You Stay Out Of Debt?– Eyes On The Dollar

Life Lessons: What are your secret confessions? Tonya at Beach Budget shares the secrets she holds inside with all of us. 

Entertaining and/or Educational: Important College Considerations and Conversations– The Heavy Purse

Unique/Odd/Different: When Pigs Fly: How I Fought My Parking Ticket And Beat City Hall– Len Penzo

Investing: Is Coca Cola The Perfect Dividend Paying Stock?- My Own Advisor

Enjoy your Victoria Day Long Weekend Everyone!!~ Mr.CBB


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  1. I’m really surprised that so many Canadians have pools at home. I guess it gets warmer than I thought in the summer. I’ve never heard of Victoria Day. We have Memorial Day coming up. The two are not similar in origin, but I think everyone needs a good holiday weekend to celebrate when it starts to get warm. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Happy Anniversary !!! Nice looking sandcherry… it in your garden?? I love those but we don’t have one right now. My lilacs are blooming nicely and the smell is delightful!!! I might do some work in the gardens and the two big blue planters this weekend. I’ll be checking out the reading list as time allows as usual….. have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Mr. CBB, I really appreciate it. I had no idea what Victoria Day was, so thanks for the education on it. We’ll be going out tonight for dinner as our anniversary is Sunday night. We so rarely go out to eat and it’s even rarer to do it without the little ones. We always feel a little odd only feeding ourselves, Lol! Have a great weekend sir!

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