The Saturday Weekend Review #20-The Young Cookie Selling Entrepreneur

he Saturday Weekly Review

No Cookie Monster hiding in this post.. just cookie selling and one interesting day. Since it’s the Victoria Day long weekend we decided to get up early and battle the garage sales. I spent 10 minutes last night jotting down the info in our garage sale route list so we knew exactly where we are going. Half of the battle is getting to the garage sales the other half is finding something you need for a great price.

As we made our path from sale to sale and picked up a few items that we could certainly put to good use we stumbled upon some other experiences along the way. The first garage sale we stopped at was raising money for cancer research. Each year a garage sale  is organized with a few neighbours who bring all their unwanted luxuries to to sell.

We found most of the garage sale items reasonably priced and for good reason, overpriced items end up back in the house. They also had some amazing baked goods up for offer such as monster cookies and brownies. Selling cookies for Cancer research seemed like a great way to help spread awareness in hopes one day they can find a cure. It was so nice to see all the kids pitching in for this event.

We also found another garage sale where the mother was putting her daughter to work starting up her own cookie business. It was the cutest thing we had seen in ages. This little girl had to be around 4 years old with a pink flower headband and a yellow jacket waiting to open shop.

She smiled with a large grin while anticipating the arrival of her mother bringing the homemade cookies that they had baked together for the garage sale. Today was the day she was going to become a young cookie entrepreneur, CEO of her own little homemade cookie business.

My wife reminisced with me at that moment about a time when she was young and she would sell cups of Kool-aid in her front yard. Some neighbourhood pals would set up a small table with pitchers of different varieties of  juice for $0.10 a glass. “There was something powerful about sitting behind that table with the money, especially when the other kids came over to check out what all the excitement was about”, she says.

Although the juice sales didn’t amass the amount needed to pay for her education she remembers that she gave the money to her parents. Her mother saved the money in a small change purse so she could use it for an upcoming class trip to some museum which she vaguely remembers. I guess it wasn’t all that memorable but the money came in handy to buy souvenirs, candy and a drink. At the time she says it taught her that if she wanted to go on trips she needed to save money to be able to spend money.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Selling

So this pretty little girl all dressed up sat at a tiny table with a huge dish of homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for her first customer. The cookies for sale looked delicious and very tempting but everyone knows that I have a sweet tooth. The sign in front taped to the table read “Chocolate Chip Cookies $0.25 ” as it flapped in the wind. Her mother handed her a change pot and reminded her to say thank-you to every customer.

The little girl says, “Mommy, how do I know how much money to give back?” At this point I turned my head to be nosey as an older gentleman approached the cookie stand. The mother explained and showed her what to do and spoke up with a cheerful voice, “don’t worry dear, this is a quarter worth $0.25 and every cookie will cost a quarter. If your customer hands you a different coin then you call me and I will help you”.

The little girl nods and says, “I got it, now I’m ready to sell my cookies”, although she seemed a bit shy we think it was all an act, she was a pro. Her first customer, the old man says, “I’ll take 4 of those cookies young lady with a smile” and she says, “I’ll need 4 quarters from you then sir, thank-you” and my heart just smiled for this little girl.

Something so simple as a cookie stand may just teach her the value of money, the importance of talking to her customer and saying thank-you for the sale. If only she had understood the art of up-selling maybe offering a glass of milk for $1.00 or other sales techniques then she may have been able to sell the whole lot of cookies o the first buyer.

I walked over to make our purchase of 4 chocolate chip cookies and I asked the little girl what she planned to do with her cookie sales. This was money to my ears. She told me that she was going to save it in her piggy bank but she didn’t know what for yet.  Who knows maybe we will find out one day that she is the CEO of her own famous cookie company bragging that her first memory of baking and selling cookies was at a garage sale.

Smart kid!! I think she is well on her way down the personal finance road, at least that’s what we hope for these kids. Getting the kids involved is part of building memories that will last forever, that is until they need mom or daddy for back-up advice, potty break, play or nap time!

Question: Do you remember selling cookies or juice at a stand on your front yard when you were young? or Do your own kids do this today?

Hot Posts Of The Week

Canadian Budget Binder Update

I do have some good news for all of you. The new blog is well in sight and should be around shortly. My designer is working hard behind the scene putting the final touches together for me.

Other than that the blog has been peaceful but busy with many new fans here and on Facebook where we are nearing close to 5400 fans. I’m grateful for each and every one of you who champion this blog and take it under your wings as a team and fly with it. It’s with your support and dedication that we continue to grow, so thank-you.

Canadian Budget Binder At Home

What a crazy week it’s been for me. I’ve worked like mad around the house and even managed to slice my finger quite well when I harvested our rhubarb a few days back. My fault, bloody knife sharpener works well… ya, I sharpened the knife before I went out. Apparently I’m not allowed to use knives any longer without adult supervision.

All the summer lounge chairs and tables are now outside and the ready for our next backyard BBQ with our friends. We also picked up a handy deck rug that ties in perfectly with our table and chairs.

This past week we received part of the landscaping materials so I’ll be digging up the grounds in the next couple of weeks and working some magic outside. I’ll be talking more about that in upcoming posts as I detail how the owner of this company nearly lost a $1000 sale as we nearly walked away from them because of one error.

Hopefully the neighbours will stop thinking we are the weed house (not puffin the weed, I mean lawn weeds) and can breathe a sigh of relief that the young punks are finally taking care of their property. Ah well, it was more important for us to save the cash first then do the work, rather than put it on credit or use the money we were saving to pay off the mortgage.

Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Blog Posts

If you are a regular reader you would have already received these awesome posts  in your email but just in case you missed reading one I’ve put them all together here just for you.

Making A Difference

Making A Difference My Own Advisor

I’ve talked about how important it was to “Make a Difference” not only with my life but with this blog. I put out a call for other bloggers to email me a few paragraphs about why they are making a difference with their blog and to share what that difference was.

This week I bring to you fellow Canuck Mark from My Own Advisor who is making a difference in many people’s lives. I know when I first started following Mark I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’ve come to enjoy reading his posts because he keeps them simple even for the investing newbie like me. Mark is a great guy always willing to help out and I encourage you to head over and say hello!

My name is Mark and I’m in my late-thirties and blog at My Own Advisor.

I started investing when I was in my early 20’s, after reading David Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber.

I started my investing journey, albeit blindly all those years ago by putting my hard-earned money into big-bank mutual funds and paying high management expense fees (MERs) in the process.

Little did I know how much these fees would kill my portfolio returns over the years.  I also didn’t know there was another option…I could learn to invest for myself, become a do-it-yourself (DIY) investor and forget most of the financial noise around me. I’ve heard of these people, folks who “went it alone” and became successful investors but thought it was far too fetched for me to do.  Not anymore.

Over the years, I’ve read books, I’ve studied the markets and I’ve learned to pay close attention to where, how and when to invest my hard-earned dollars.  I’ve also learned to be wary of the financial industry. Why? The way I see it, nobody cares more about my money than I do.  You should feel the same about your hard-earned dollars.

My Own Advisor is a personal finance and investing blog dedicated to chronicling my journey to financial independence.  I’ve got ways to go to reach my financial dreams but I’m on my way, investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and dividend paying stocks.

Personal finance and investing is a growing passion of mine and I will be using this site to post my thoughts, opinions and journey to financial freedom being my own financial advisor. I encourage you to follow my financial journey and interact with me along the way.  This way, we can learn together. 

I welcome your comments, questions and the opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

See you around my blog!


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Top Pick: CBB Mixer- No I haven’t started my own Kitchenware line yet like Mario Batali, Rachael Ray, or Jaime Oliver… I’m pacing myself. 

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  1. I love your story about the little girl so much! What a great entrepreneur and a smart little girl to save her money for something truly special. My girls will sell lemonade during the summer and they are so proud of the money they earn. I really think it’s important for young children to experience the pride of earning money. Great post!

  2. My grandparents had a farm an hour away from where we lived in the city but, we went there almost every weekend and had a LARGE garden plot with asparagus, rhubarb, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peas, carrots, peppers, sweet corn etc….some of the rows were ours (my bothers and mine) and we were able to keep what we planted, cared for and harvested. Once the fruit/veggies were harvested I would bring it back to the city, put it in my wagon and go to door in my neighbourhood and sell what I had. the money went into a bank account for back to school clothes, supplies and whatever was left over after that…was to go the the Western Fair with.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Sherry! One thing I love here at CBB is sharing stories from fans personal experiences. It sounds to me you had the money saving bug early on in life. Do you use a budget?

  3. When we lived in town we would always have the kids selling some kind of food at the garage sales – who can resist those cute little faces?? Sorry to hear about your rhubarb accident – ouch! We had our first outdoor BBQ and bonfire this weekend and it was wonderful, especially after the long winter here. Have a great day, Mr. CBB!

  4. I love your story about the little girl with her cookie business – you never see kool-aid stands around anymore. I also never have kids coming to the door to ask if they can mow our lawn for money. I remember as a kid, I hustled for money. I even tried selling pine cones door to door as a six year old! My most unique way of earning money was my “bird training business” when I was ten and eleven. We had a guy upstairs who bred birds for sale at pet stores – he paid me $20 a bird (cockatiels mostly) to finger train them for him. He was able to sell the birds for a lot more if they were “socialized” for people first! It was pretty good money at that age!

    1. ha, you tried to sell pine cones… I’m sure their were kids who tried to sell dandelions as a pretty bouquet of flowers as well 🙂 I think the good old days are far and few. The problem is we aren’t as relaxed as we used to be. Everything is a health and safety risk, someone gets sued, bla bla bla… glad to say I enjoyed my time as a kid. Sounds like a good post about your finger training side hustle 😉 Thanks for sharing that Lindsey!

  5. More goodies for me to check out!!! Your little cookie tale reminds me of when our daughter was younger and was a Girl Guide…. selling the cookies to the people in the neighbourhood. We live just south of the downtown area and the local police station. While we were out selling we happened to see a couple of the local OPP officers and she made the comment that it was too bad we weren’t selling donuts given the reputation of the police to eat said donuts…. I told that cookies were as good as donuts so we went into the office to ask if they wanted any cookies……They sure did!!! She was able to sell the better part of a case or two every time there for the rest of her cookie selling days!!! Her leaders were very impressed!!!
    I will be checking out Mark’s site as he is talking about something I need to learn about so hopefully I can learn something from him and along with him….

  6. Wow. Thanks very much for the highlight! Very nice gesture of you.

    Well, I’m doing my best to pay it forward. I’ve definitely grown my portfolio over the years thanks to the help of others, and I’m a huge believer in giving back what you get. Doing that is always win-win in my books, personal finance and investing is only just one life example…

    I hope you continue to follow along and I’ll do what I can to share what I know and what I’ve experienced 😉

    Enjoy the weekend!

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