PF Weekly Reading Line-Up #22~Grab A Brew-Making Someone’s Day

Grab A Brew Reading Line-Up

Every Friday will be Grab a Brew (tea or a beer if you fancy) day because as I bring you the best personal finance post from around the web I want you to take some time from your day to learn something new. We don’t often realize that a simple smile might make someone’s day because we get so caught up in every day business that for some people life seems to be stuck in a hole. It’s not until the weekend arrives that many come back to life and want to get the party started.

Have you ever thought about when the last time was that you did something that made someone’s day? I hadn’t until I met up with someone who taught me to just step back from life and enjoy it before it passes me by. I’ve done just that lately and it’s been an eye opener for me. Sometimes we let the best of life catch up with us and we don’t know that what consumes our lives may also allow us to miss out on opportunities even the smallest of them.

The Old Happy Guy

The other day while out walking our dog we stopped off to chat to our 84-year-old neighbour  who we call the old happy guy. He’s always got a smile on his face. He was so kind as to give us an elephant’s ear hosta for our garden a couple of weeks back and made our day saving us over $100 if we were to buy it from a garden centre. We wanted to stop by to drop off some jam for them to say thank-you because we know how much they liked the last jar we gave to them.

In the 20 minutes that we pulled him away from his gardening we learned about personal finance, real estate, retirement and life. We thought since the topic of money came up now was a great time to pick his brain. He’s living the life that we may well live one day so why not learn from him. At the end of the conversation he said, “thanks for stopping by” and we knew that the simple gesture of chatting made his day.

He’s not the only one that we stop to talk to but we make it a part of our day to say hello to others, ask questions so we can learn something new and smile. I don’t think our neighbour knows it but he made our day by sharing his knowledge and wisdom with us.

While reading an article online last night the writer shared a true story about a gentleman who found 2 x$100 bills on the ground. Instead of pocketing the money he gave money away to a Tim Horton’s drive-thru associate. It’s times like this when I read about the good things that people do that make all the negatives feel small. Too often we worry about how much money we have, who has the better job, you know what I’m talking about.

That doesn’t matter, life matters, happiness matters and taking time which is valuable to all of us and sharing it with someone else whether you know them or not. They could be your pal, your neighbour, f amily, friends, colleagues or if you’re the boss do something nice for your team and vice versa.

Last week when it was the May 24 holiday there was one thing I said to my wife while I was out gardening. I said, “everyone is outside”. It was true, all the  neighbours were outside gardening and chatting to each other and we heard laughter, but in a relaxed sort of way.

Even our neighbour who has only said that they didn’t want to pitch in to preserve the fence came out to talk for the second time since we’ve lived in the house. Best part, they want to work together to fix the fence that we need to sort out. Was there something in the air that day that made everyone happy? It was like a miracle was happening. We had talked to more people in that one day than we had since living in our home. The world had practically shut down for the day around us and everyone came out to play.

We need more days like that but we need to realize that we can’t wait for a holiday when there is nowhere to go in order to make someone’s day. We are all human and even if you think someone else is shy or if you are shy, pull your head off the ground and say hello to someone. Don’t go home after work and flop on the couch after dinner. Get up and go for a walk and enjoy life, after all my 84-year-old neighbour says the same thing I say, you only get one shot at it, so live a little.

What things do you do to make someone’s day? 

PF Weekly Reading Line-Up

Here is this weeks reading list from posts I read and commented on this week that I thought you would also enjoy. I’m working hard to customize this list each week so you get the most benefit from different categories in personal finance.

Mr. CBB’s Top Pick: Inflation The Silent Killer Of Your Nest Egg- The Loonie Bin

That’s all for this weeks PF Reading Line-up, please join me next Friday when I bring you the best reads that my eyes read!


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  1. I love learning from older people because they usually have SO much wisdom to share. I remember when we were kids, my older brother and I never had time for the older neighbors, but my baby brother, who was 4 or 5 at the time, would often head across the street to visit “Old Tom Moore”. The two became quite the buddies. My brother knew the value of his wisdom, and Tom loved the younger company. 🙂

  2. So funny that you should mention a brew Mr.CBB because now that I live in the North East of the UK I’m getting funny looks every time I say Brew! I’m sticking to my guns though. Hope you’re having a good weekend and thanks for the mention.

    1. I was hoping everyone would understand I meant grab a tea and chill out to read some awesome blog posts and not grab a bottle of beer and get drunk reading some awesome blog posts.. either way though, it works for me as long as the fans enjoy

  3. Thanks for making my post your top pick, Mr. CBB!

    I believe we humans are losing our connection to nature thanks to living in concrete jungles and using mindless technology. When I work in my yard and garden, I can feel the connection with the Earth and it fills a person with peace and fulfillment; something that can’t be attained no matter how much money you earn or spend.

    I think if more people turned off the Boob tubes and (I)diot phones and spent more time living in nature, the world would be a much more peaceful and caring place.

  4. Loved the article. We live in a small town and this kind of thing is pretty much normal here. Everybody says hi on the way past and most ask how are you doing whether they know you or not…. a lot don’t but that doesn’t stop anyone!!! I go to the grocery store, drug store, bank, Canadian Tire….. they know me by name…. It’s great!!! I may not know some one’s name myself but I know them to see them and say hi!!We get our mail at the post office itself as we don’t have door to door delivery and that place is gossip central!!!!!!
    My weekly reading list!!!!! I’ve already checked out a few, more for the weekend!!! Have a good weekend!!!!

    1. See I’m like you and like small towns and villages and wouldn’t mind living in them. I’m used to that but I’m also used to living in huge cities as well but prefer the small one’s where everybody knows everyone. Do you like the new layout of the weekly list with me saying what category they are from?

  5. I have visited a nursing home with my mom and brother once a month since I was 6 or 7. I love talking to older people and hearing their stories. It makes their day and does me a lot of good! Loved the story about your neighbor!

  6. My only neighbor is my parents 🙂 I love the message of giving it away in order to make it grow. Means more that way.

  7. I really like your story about the Old Happy Guy.

    It seems like we meet those kind of people and learn from them, when we go in with an open mind and not have an agenda.

    I met a guy like that when I took my dog for a walk in the early morning hours the other day. We just walked along together and had a nice chat.

    1. You know Terry, I learn so much about life just talking to seniors. They tend to take me to a place in my mind where I’m able to visualize what they are painting for me. It’s a life I won’t ever know but it’s a life I’m willing to learn and listen about. Cheers

  8. It’s so true. We are moving so fast these days, but just taking time to slow down, catch our breath and chat with neighbors can bring such joy and contentment into our lives. We forgot that simple acts are often the most powerful and memorable. Thank you for the reminder and list of great reads! Have a great weekend, Mr. CBB.

  9. I LOVE getting outside and working on the landscaping/grass/garden. Tons of projects, but hopefully even more relaxing with friend as sunshine is just around the corner. Thanks for the share. Mr. CBB, and you and your wife have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  10. This is my sentiment exactly Mr CBB!

    I was told one day by a cashier at the grocery store that she’s excited every time see sees me in line at her till. She said her day is filled with all kinds negative, crabby & complaining people and comments so it’s an absolute pleasure to serve someone that greets her with a smile and telling her it’s a wonderful day it is and some little gem to confirm the statement… sometimes I say how wonderful the weather is, it could be great sales, but it’s upbeat no matter what. Who knew so little could mean so much!

    I called my MIL this morning to book lunch with her and my SIL on the 9th. That 2 minutes not only told her I was thinking of her but also gave her something to look forward to for the next 10 days. So little gave so much. 😀

  11. Thanks so much for the mention Mr. CBB, I really appreciate it. Life really is too short, thus why it’s so important to do those little things that brighten someone’s day. I love to do that for my wife or kids and we’re teaching our kids the importance of it. I find it’s incredibly helpful to allow us to take the focus off ourselves and put it on what’s going on in the world around us.

  12. A friend of mine moved into an apartment in December and found a $100 bill stashed away on top of a cupboard. Instead of keeping it, she too donated it – to the family in need of help that her office “sponsored” at Christmas. You could have knocked me over with a feather when last month she won a raffle – first price was 52 x $100 gift cards at various establishments. That $100 act of generosity came back to her 52-fold. Hearing this made my day and has recently inspired me to find other ways of passing on the love beyond occasionally buying coffee for the person behind me at the Tim Horton’s drivethru. Reaffirmed my belief in karma.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Sarah! I hope your friend takes the opportunity to gift some of it again. Many folks haven’t the means to splurge these days and that would be like winning the Irish Sweepstakes to receive a $100 gift card! 😀

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