Financial Independence may only exist once we get there


A World Where Anything Is Possible

I won’t lie and say that I have never thought about what financial independence in my life would be like, because I have. Not everyone allows their mind to wander into the future or an imaginary place where dreams can come true, or at least if for only that moment they are. It takes us to a happy place where our world is a capsule in time that we create and where we feel safe, cared for, loved and at peace with the world.

Come dream with me

Lay down in a comfortable quiet space, draw the blinds, close your eyes and come dream with me for a moment. Follow me gently to another place where I can script the next chapters of  my life, in my mind.

There are times when I’ve spent the winnings of a Lotto Max lottery that I fictitiously won in my head because it seemed more visual than it ever would be. A dreamer I am, that is me, yes, especially with the odds of winning with my eyes open, back on planet earth.

As I silently engage your thoughts with mine and walk you through my journey of supposed financial independence, a world that is only seen through my eyes, I hope you can see what my dreams are made of. This is a song filled with notes of elegance and beauty which only some will ever experience in their life-time.

Come with me for a moment, hold my hand and listen to the words that stem from my heart as I express the visions of beauty of what financial independence will bring to our lives.

In those moments after learning about my lottery win I’m ecstatic. I see us driven down-town Toronto to pick up our winning lottery cheque as our hearts beat feverishly. We’re on stage holding this massive cheque worth millions with photographers blinding camera flashes in our eyes, but we did not care. We are still warming up to the thought that we are Ontario’s newest millionaires. Our world as we once knew it was now shifting to a spectacular place that only few ever get to experience.

After we finished conversing with the media who were all so very welcoming we were led to a room to sign some paperwork. Those tense moments ended as men in black suits whisked us away to the limousine waiting for us outside that we hired. Not everyone gets to “Imagine the freedom” more than once in a lifetime so going all out seemed like the right thing to do.

Our world changes

As we laugh out loud joyfully sipping champagne, listening to music our smiles turned to serious facial expressions. We begin to talk about how life as we know it will never be the same. How will our world change and will we be able to survive what lies ahead? Will money change our world, our love, our lives? Only time would tell how we let money challenge the path we were now given to walk.

Heading back to our house we felt like A-list movie stars and talk about where to go moving forward. We have millions of dollars but we need someone to help us manage this money. That’s the stuff most people push aside to let others deal with. It’s one of the most important steps of gaining financial independence before and after accumulating money because you are the boss of your life.

Moving forward we decided that we would finish renovating our current home and put it on the market so we could sell it. The plan was first to have our new custom-built estate built by one of the best builders in the area. Here is where the dreams get more intense because we sometimes want what we can’t have and believe that until we have wealth and power that there is no other alternative but to keep on working to the end.

For some it’s a dream that motivates them and pushes them to work harder, play harder and give life all they’ve got. That’s not always a bad thing until your world gets wrapped up in something that is far from reality especially if it’s clear your path is ending.

Come on now, hurry along, we don’t have all day.

Visions of beauty

Our new homestead will be our haven, a safe place of eloquence and beauty, a reflection of us and how we envisioned our lives to be if we were successful and rich. We define each space with the utmost of detail because it’s a place where we will build memories that will last us a lifetime.

Our 4 car garage wraps around the side of the home and my man cave is every bad boys dream. It will be a place to house the many new cars we would be buying as well as tools and other home maintenance equipment. There will be land as far as the eye can see with landscaped gardens so beautiful you would be hard pressed to find us indoors during the hot days of summer and cool winds of spring.


The gardens

The back gardens would be adorned with bright-colored flowers, shrubbery and a living wall with greenery that captures the essence of summer. Surrounding the outdoor living space the patio will be made of the best natural stone available to man.

We would host many backyard barbeques with our friends and family so only the best outdoor furniture complimented with soft pillows and an over-head umbrella will do. The space will be fitted with a European stone fireplace and salt water in-ground pool, water features and beautiful retaining walls that light up the sky at night softening the romantic feel in the air


Comforts of home

When the chill of the evening brings us indoors we can easily slip into the heated indoor pool or relax in the theatre room with our custom theatre seats and Dolby digital surround sound theatre experience. Our kitchen with built-in appliances, dark cabinets, granite countertops and plenty of work space is fitted with a full walk-in pantry to finish off the space. Over to the side a full eat-in dining area with plenty of sunshine beaming in from the large windows during the day that overlooks the back gardens of the home. It’s the heart of the home and an elegance our home brings to all that enter.

Each room has been created with an open space adorned with 10 ft high ceilings and large windows so the natural light streams in constant flow during the bright morning hours until sunset. The space is decorated with only the best mid-century furniture mixed with modern-day accents which bring a historical yet lively feel to each room you enter.


The love nest

As we retreat to our love nest oasis while walking up the white and dark hardwood spiral staircase with wrought iron banisters we admire the paintings from local artists on our walls. Enjoying drinks and dining out with our friends at the local country clubs and museums have introduced us to a myriad of artistic creativity which we purchase to enhance the beauty of our home and bring it to life.

Upon entering through the double doors to the master bedroom we gaze in delight as we overlook the large family room below. Getting ready for an enchanted evening we wrap ourselves in the beauty of our walk-in closets which hold all of our precious clothing and accessory purchases from our travels around the world. A cool breeze fills the room from the large open windows overlooking our estate’s back gardens layered with a beautiful lounge and swimming pool area.

We spare no expense when it comes to looking good and only the best will do. Our maid ensures that our home is clean and our bed always has crisp sheets to lay our relaxed, toned bodies that were massaged in our private in-house spa.

We never have to ask for clean towels that smell of the flowers that bloom all summer-long. A fragrance that would make anyone gently lose themselves. Our counters have vases filled with fresh flowers to create the ambience of the moment so we feel as if we are in a sea of paradise.



Ending our night in the en-suite bathroom jacuzzi filled with bubbles and equipped with a flat screen television and a fireplace finishes off a hard day. Living the life of a couple that has won the lottery and who are now financially independent.

Life does seem stress-free with no bills to worry about because we have no mortgage and only pay month to month debts. A weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and we have been introduced to a world of luxury, peace and beauty. Then I wake up, and you should too because financial independence like this is only a dream for us.


Waking up

Yes, it’s time I wake up from this dream because it’s just a dream of a life that is only a figment of my imagination. This likely might not be us but sometimes having all the luxuries of life is what most people believe it takes to be financially independent and happy. That simply depends on what your goals are.

If this is the life we desire than it’s up to us to make it happen with hard work and a success that fills our bank account with money. It’s also likely another reason why we like to visit open houses, especially those houses that are far out of our budget range. Looking at décor to get ideas is one thing but living the life of luxury is another.

Accepting functional over fancy sometimes is the optimal way to go for some just so they can reach the financial freedom that they crave so much. Success is not made just of money and stuff it also should be a desire to live a life that is realistic and in line with our goals and objectives. My dream is as far-fetched to most as believing that Santa Clause is for real.

Financial Independence

Financial independence to us means that we owe nothing to anyone, that is our true freedom. We would be able to comfortably say that we can manage day-to-day finances without getting up in the morning for work. Of course we will no longer have a mortgage but we still have to maintain our home and our lives. Making sure that we have enough money means we continue to budget our finances and build our retirement investments  while keeping up with inflation is important to us.

If we knew what the crystal ball was going to tell us about the future than maybe we would have a more concrete outlook but that is not the case. We do know that when the times comes to retire whether we retire early or not we want to have enough money to allow us to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

We’ve talked numbers before and provided that inflation doesn’t suck every penny from our being we’d be happy to live comfortably on an middle-upper class yearly income of $70,000-$100,000 a year (I know the numbers shocked us as well). This could all change as do most things in life depending on what path we follow when we reach the fork in the road. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything went as planned, even the budget? Even that has to be tweaked and so should our plans for the future.

We could live our lives on current and historical trends but like anything, that is always a risk. Personally we don’t like to put all of our eggs in one basket so keeping our eyes and ears open seems to be the best way to go for now. Travelling the world is on our long-term agenda and if we do have a child we hope to be able to guide him/her financially so he/she can work towards financial independence.

You never know what the future holds, but if you live in a dream world you may never reach financial independence. I honestly can’t tell you when it will be time for us to hang up the towel and say good-bye to our careers and move on to the next stage of our lives as a financially independent couple. What I do know is that time may only exist when we get there.

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day to my American friends.

What does financial independence mean to you?


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  1. Magnificent, CBB!!! Tammy and I have taken back more than half the hours we used to work in 2007. We are getting greedy now that we are paying off debts left and right too. We will reclaim even more of our time. It is our greatest commodity. We just spent 2 of the most glorious days together, no work, a lot of talking and playing. No amount of buying power could replace that.

  2. Hey Mr. CBB! That does sound amazing! But like you said, I would have to wake up and live in my life as it is, right now. I believe that my financial future is in much better shape than it ever has been before – thanks largely to working hard on our financial present. We never know what will happen but I’d like to think I’m a little more prepared than I was yesterday for it. Cheers!

  3. Thank you for participating Mr CBB! I love your pool. Can I come have a swim? Looks like everything is peaceful and beautiful in your dream. I think I’d love that for a week, but not when it comes to cleaning, maintaining, keeping the garden etc for such a big place! Of course you will have staff so discreet one barely notices them. But even then, I prefer smaller houses.

  4. Our “happiness” goal is the same price range…$70-$100k. I hear that if you get beyond that your happiness stops increasing with money anyways, so that sounds like a good goal to me!

  5. Financial Independence means I can work if I want or take off if I want. I won’t be a slave to anyone’s grind.

    Our area is a great place to live as far as expenses. $60K would take care of us well if we were free from all debt. $70-$100K would be wealthy here.

  6. Financial independence in my view is that you have the freedom to do whatever you’d like. Maybe not all at once mind you, but in time. Having consumer debt, school loans, and even a mortgage put severe limits on your freedom. With those things, you really can’t quit you job and go hang out on a beach for 6 months. Without those things, you do have the freedom to do so.

    I’m not sure where abouts in Canada you are, but 70-100k doesn’t really hit upper-middle in my urban area. It would need to be more along the lines of 125-200k I think.

    1. Costs differ everywhere, so yes “area” matters so what might mean low to you might not to another depending on where they plan to retire. It looks like that in your area clearly we would need more money to live. I agree with you that FI does give people the freedom to do whatever they like. That’s the plan! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  7. Financial independence means owing no money to anyone ever again. I have daydreamed about that euphoric feeling when I see zero on all my debts and my paychecks are all mine to save, spend, whatever. It leaves me with a huge feeling of anticipation but I can’t get impatient with debt repayment, otherwise bad habits creep back in. Independence also means owning my own home one day. When you’re trying to do that solo, its a huge mountain to climb but I know I’ll get there!
    Thanks for the daydream! I read Robb Report sometimes for kicks and giggles. LOL!

  8. Financial independence means owing no money to anyone ever again. I have daydreamed about that euphoric feeling when I see zero on all my debts and my paychecks are all mine to save, spend, whatever. It leaves me with a huge feeling of anticipation but I can’t get impatient with debt repayment, otherwise bad habits creep back in. Independence also means owning my own home one day. When you’re trying to do that solo, its a huge mountain to climb but I know I’ll get there!
    Thanks for the daydream! I read Robb Report sometimes for kicks and giggles. LOL!

    1. I can tell you that it’s a great feeling even though our mortgage still sits at 79K we have the cash to pay it off and once we do it will feel even better!!! You’ll get there just don’t stop giving it your all, we didn’t and we don’t have huge incomes.

  9. Lots of food for thought here…… I’d like to be able to help our kids out and set aside moneys for the grandson’s education. You know how hard I try to get both ends meeting in the middle these days and it would be nice to, not only get both ends meeting in the middle,but to get them tied as well. I’d aim some what lower than you have, but it does depend where you live. A small acreage paid off so that we could grow some fruit trees and have a veggie garden as well as lots of flowers…. Food for body as well as the soul….. Enough to keep all the bills paid as well as a few dollars spare, as a cushion on top of an emergency fund. Having my family close by… Maybe another grandchild or two to spoil….. Love those little kid hugs and kisses and snuggles.. Nothing can beat little kid giggles either!!!! Small dreams…. But they are mine….

    1. That’s really what it’s all about Christine because we don’t know where we will live down the line. We may be aiming high and not needing as much because we might move to a smaller community. We don’t have that crystal ball but for now we will walk the path we believe we will have and hopefully it will all work out.

  10. Money and financial independence certainly won’t make us happy, if we’re not already. But it can do a lot for our peace of mind which can lower our stress, which leaves more room for happiness.

  11. Hmm I guess financial independence to me means not worrying about my future if that makes sense? I know I definitely don’t have enough to retire on now but when I do I think I’ll feel more financially independent.

  12. If that’s your house I really want to come over! 🙂 Ah that was a nice little mental getaway! it’s interesting you called 70-100k “upper middle class.” I would think that would be middle class (I made 72k at my last full time job) and I still felt like anything but upper middle class. Is it a specific dollar amount or in the eye of the beholder? Regardless I’d like to be making that again someday since I was totally comfortable when I did.

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