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PF Weekly Grab a brew #30 : Handling a product concern responsibly

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We All Make Mistakes

Someone messed with the chicken breasts at Safeway in Phoenix, Arizona and it’s causing a big stir on the web. I don’t shop at Safeway since we don’t have that grocery store in Ontario but if I had a product concern at any store the first thing I would do would be to bring it to the attention of a store clerk or manager.

I can’t believe how so many people are taking to social media as their first line of defense when they are not happy about something but before they contact the appropriate people in a responsible manner. As consumers we expect excellent customer service but we should also do our part to help out if we see a problem, at least that’s what we do.

We all make mistakes and when I read how one Twitter user named Lindsey tweeted a photo of chicken breasts with a chicken foot clearly in view to say,“Does this look like chicken breast to you? I’m vomiting” in a tweet to Safeway,  I was a bit stunned. It really made me stop and wonder if we are going to corrupt ourselves and society with everything we’ve got because we feel we have the power to reach the world. There are people out there that seek their 10 minutes of fame or some form of attention, and they love it. If that wasn’t her intention it just goes to show how social media is a powerful tool for so many people.

chicken foot in chicken breast packagePhoto Courtesy of : Social news Daily

The good old days

When there were no computers what did we do? We told someone at the grocery store, we didn’t run outside and scream it to the world, “Omg there’s a chicken foot in my package of chicken breasts”, they’d laugh at you and maybe even call the police on you for creating a disturbance. We didn’t call in City TV to get live coverage, you did the responsible thing and let someone know.

If it was a health and safety matter that would concern the general public the store has to do the right thing. Now we do this on social media, and the internet police is the audience which at times they can be very nice or very cruel.As silly as that sounds that is how many people who commented on this Yahoo post felt, “big deal” is most of what you will read. One Yahoo user posted, “what if it was a wing instead of a foot?”, good point.

Who cares. Don’t like chicken feet then don’t buy the package that has a chicken foot in it. Seriously? Get a grip.- Yahoo User Randy B

These are the same idiots who will tweet “I think someone is trying to break into my home!” instead of calling 911.- Yahoo User Gene

Some people may not agree with the way Lindsey handled the situation and others may want to shake her hand but either way following some form of etiquette would have been appropriate in this situation. I can understand how her frustrations may have come out because to her a breast is a breast and chicken feet are feet.

There are no similarities except that it likely came from the same chicken. She managed to take a photo of the package and instead of picking up the package (it wasn’t going to bite you it was dead) and going to the meat department manager or a cashier to let them know of the error she left it there and decided to tell the world.

There may have been someone who was training for the role in the grocery store meat department or it might have just been a staff mistake, they do happen. Imagine how embarrassing it must be for the person who packaged the product as well as for the store. The chicken foot would not harm anyone as many people do eat them and it’s a delicacy around the world.

It was a clear error that was overlooked and I felt the store handled it on Twitter fairly quick, hash-tags and all even though some found humour in it. She did return to the store only to find the package still on the shelf  so she could finally let them know.

Imagine the time and gas this women spent from her day just for a chicken foot when all she had to do was tell someone at the store while she was there the first time. If only we put that much effort into our own lives. I wish I could come on here and blog how perfect my life is and how our budget never has any problems but that’s not true, no one is perfect.

I feel that if she was that worried or concerned even for the next customer, she should have said something, there and then. I wonder how she feels about the negative criticism for posting this now and does she feel that she could have handled it differently?

Her Twitter account is now private. Maybe, just maybe, she made a mistake and that’s OK, we all make them Lindsey.

What would you have done if you found a rotten/defective/incorrect product in-store?

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Top Recipe


This weekend is all about smoothies so I thought I would share this unique Apple Smoothie with Biscuits from my friends at The Hungarian Food Guide. It looks light, bubbly and perfect for a hot, sunny day. Check back on Sunday when I share my famous stuffed yogurt berry smoothie. Enjoy.

You can find the above recipe and many more from around the world on my Free Recipe Depot Facebook page. You can also find all the Canadian Budget Binder recipes in my NEW! Free Recipe Index. 

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #30, Handling a Product Concern Responsibly.  Join me again next Friday when we do it all over again.


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  1. I am Jamaican and I grew up eating chicken foot soup. It’s still a main stream dish on Saturdays in Jamaica and I have it on my yearly visit. When I tell my some of my Canadian friends about the delicious soup they say EWWWW, and when they offer me rabbit stew I say EWWWW. Just a cultural thing.

  2. At least it was from the same animal, right? I would just go to the meat manager and let them know. I wouldn’t grab my phone and try to get something for free, which is what most people do now a days. Get over it and move on.

    Thanks for mentioning my post today Mr. CBB! I really appreciate it.

  3. I think this could have been handled a lot better and I especially agree with Beth’s comment. When we go for dim sum, we occasionally eat chicken feet! To be grossed out by a part of an animal that’s edible is pretty sad and very elitist.

  4. I’m surprised there aren’t more parts that get mixed up. Mistakes happen, and tweeting to the world about it is kind of silly in my opinion. I’m sure that lady never made a mistake. Although, once I pointed out a spilled can of peanuts to a Wal Mart cashier and he just shrugged his shoulders at me and went on about his business. If you told someone and they ignored it, it’s fair game. Have a great weekend.

  5. If I had found this package in my store I would have taken it to the meat manager to deal with as he sees fit. These packages do look like they came into the store that way and all the dept had to do was weight and tag. Some people spend so much time on their smart phones and texting and tweeting back and forth, I’m not entirely surprised that the first reaction was to tweet something. Conversation between two or more people seems to be dying out with some… That said, if she brought this to the stores attention and the package was still on the counter, say an hour later, I might ramp up the compliant a level or two. I’ve worked retail and I have no problem letting some one know there is a problem somewhere. Be polite about it, and things will be dealt with quickly and well.
    That smoothie looks so yummy!!! I am going to have to try it soon!!!
    I’ll be looking over my reading list there shortly, maybe starting with the one on car maintenance by IHeartBudgets as we had the truck in the shop today….It felt like something was up with the transmission on Wed. when we went to London, so I took it in first thing this morning. Everything looks to be OK now, fluid and filter were changed and the transmission looked at by Ryan and the boys. They couldn’t find anything major so it’s good we had it looked at.

    1. I agree I would have just told someone when I found it and be done with it. It just seems like way too much effort was put into something that is so small of a deal. I hope you enjoy this weeks reads as much as I do.

  6. Lindsay is a silly woman, just looking for attention I think, and she got it. It’s kind of sad, really.

    The story brings a couple of concerns to mind:

    The first is the one you mention. We do need to cultivate better manners, to act responsibly, and to allow people to correct their mistakes before shrieking about them online.

    The second is that I’m saddened by how spoiled and distanced we’ve become from our food sources. Chicken wings may not be on the menu at Lindsay’s house but a lot of folks do eat them, and enjoy them too.

    Silliness aside, though, thanks for the reading list. I’m going to enjoy making my way through it.

    1. That’s true Beth.. we leap before thinking these days because we think the internet is the place we have to let it all out but that’s not always true or responsible of us. Have a great weekend Beth.

  7. Thank you for the spotlight Mr. CBB! I get that we all make mistakes, but my supermarket repeatedly charges me wrong, to a point that I don’t buy the items I know are priced wrong because I don’t want to lose 10 minutes explaining, waiting for the manager to approve the change, say they’ll update the system and never do it. If that happens a lot with Safeway I get that customers are annoyed.

  8. Not sure if Safeway packages it themselves, or if they come in from outside already wrapped and Safeway just has to stick a label on it. Any way, how one can miss the chicken foot is beyond me. But to go social with it and saying how horrified you were to the point of vomiting is a little extreme — it’s a chicken foot, with chicken breasts. No big deal.

    I read various retailers’ Facebook pages. Why? Because of the idiotic posts people make. Some are legit complaints (though why go social with some of these complaints? I think it’s all about “shaming” the retailer), but majority are just plain stupid to ridiculous to showing some people just don’t have any common sense. Then there are those that post socially because they hope to get something from the company for it — free product, gift card, whatever. The “entitled” people.

    1. I think we have to pick our battles wisely when it comes to retailers. I agree some are petty and some are called for because the consumer has exhausted all other routes of trying to solve a problem. I don’t know how they pack their meat either and clearly it was a big miss, but not a big deal.

  9. Occasionally there’s a product with an expired date in the dairy case, and all I do is tell the nearest clerk, and they send someone out to remove it from the shelves. Easy peasy! I think some people work themselves up too much in life and social media gives them a way to feel justified about doing so since people stop by to watch the trainwreck unfold.

  10. Somehow I missed that story while it was unfolding and I’m kind of glad I did. While I admit that I wouldn’t have been too keen to find a chicken’s foot in a package of chix breasts, my first inclination wouldn’t have been to take a picture and tweet it. Social media has a lot of power and sometimes it can be the only way to get a response from a business (which is incredibly sad) but it should not be the first course of action. The apple smoothie looks fantastic. Smoothies are so great in the summer. Cold and refreshing but better for you than ice cream! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I don’t find anything about it sickening to be honest I just see an error in the package. We all view things differently and react differently to situations and Twitter is a great place for people to shout it out loud. I think we need to pick our battles when it comes to what is right and wrong and what could be handled in a different way from the start. If we continue to skip steps in life, eventually someone falls. Cheers mate

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