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  1. I don’t update the currency rate every month in my NW because it changes too often and would not be a clear indication of progress. I track progress in each currency and add up the total, updating the rate when it changes a lot. I try to take advantage of currency moves like when the pound was strong during the olympics I exchanged a good bit and now the dollar is strong so I will transfer back to euros.

  2. I really like the yearly updates on the home prices. Sine most of us aren’t really looking to move anytime soon I don’t think really matter to check it every month. Nice movement and cant wait to get our mortgage balance down that low. Glad you decided to not cook the books!

    1. Thanks mate. Ya it makes no sense to fudge numbers just to look good or make ourselves feel better. It is what it is and there’s no race to a finish line that doesn’t exist unless we die.

  3. Yup, exchange rates can be great or horrible depending on where your home money is and what you’re trying to do with it. On a recent trip to London, everything cost about as many dollars as it does pounds, but it’s 1.55 dollars for each pound.

    In the way back days, US folks could go to Canada and basically get half off of everything. Heck, books generally still have a US and a Canadian price that is higher, even though the dollars are about par.

  4. I can’t wait to see the new blog design. I am in the process of selecting a designer myself. It’s very exciting, kind of like painting the house a new color. Always inspiring to see your net worth grow.

  5. Things are certainly looking up for paying off the mortgage and for the new site!! After all this time we have all been waiting for the new site it will be so nice to finally see it!!
    Your talk of the changing exchange rates reminds me slightly of mortgage rates back in the early to mid 80’s…. I can remember waiting every week to see what the new rate was going to be when it was announced…. We had a mortgage coming up for renewal at the time so it was very important to us!!! We had been lucky with that one as we had locked in for 5 years at 13% when we bought the house (I know that sounds terrible compared to today but…) a year after we closed rates were around the 19%-20% range!!!!! This time we are just off prime but it will be up for renewal in 3 years, and I’m not holding my breathe on rates then.
    Good luck with the exchange rates between here and back home and on getting the mortgage paid off with a minimum of penalties…..

    1. My mother in law told me about what happened to them in the 80
      as well with their interest rates. It can be scary and probably why we want to pay off the mortgage as fast as we can. It’s a sure thing.

  6. Awesome possum Mr. CBB 😀 Showing a year on year increase would be great because it reveals the rate of growth 🙂 which could be more important than the actual growth itself. I have both US and Canadian funds so I calculate the balances separately but combine everything in the end to $CAD using the current exchange rate of when I calculate my net worth. Many international companies deal with the problem of exchange rates too. When 80 Japanese Yen was worth $1 US last year, Sony’s profits were hurt pretty bad and they even lost money during a short period of time. But today 100 Yen trades for $1 US. Too bad for people who have a lot of Yen savings which just lost 20% of its value in one year, but great news for a lot of their businesses and the economy in general 🙂

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