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PF Weekly grab a brew #32: Catch me if you can

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I’m A Qualified Professional Now Open Wide

Catch me if you can, another Frank Abagnale Jr was on the loose and he was just showing Canada how easy it is to be whoever we want to be.

Ya, that was a true story that film and why not, if people can get away with something they will do it.

Geesh, I don’t think that was what the motivational aspect behind the sayings ‘be all you can be’ or ‘you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it’ was meant for.

Caught you

I was a little more than shocked when I read about an underground dentist who goes under the name of Dr. David Wu (not his real name) in B.C who has provided dentistry services to patients in an apartment for many years.

This guy has NO, and I repeat NO training as a dentist, whatsoever in Canada.

That means that no dentistry schools in Canada have ever seen this guy let alone have them in their data base as a medical professional. Seriously, if you are gripping the bottom of your seat I know what you’re going through.

It’s bad enough when I have to go to an actual dentist that has actually graduated who comes at me with needles and drills then to some bloke who thinks he knows how to fix teeth.

Health Canada and the B.C College of Dental Surgeons better nail this guys arse to the wall because it’s the second time he’s been caught.

How many times will it take? When someone dies?

When someone is seriously injured? Wake up people, stop falling prey to these morons. (you might find I repeat this lightly coated word throughout the post)

They made him promise to leave the country when he got caught the first time. Seriously? Come on people, where are your brains. Stamp, seal and deliver this bloke back to where he came from so they can deal with him.

It’s like putting a chocolate bar in front of a kid and saying, “now don’t eat it”. You bet I’m tough, there are people who work hard and many years to become medical professionals and to have someone jump in and think they can save the world needs to be exposed and fast.

We should not take this lightly at all but we must look at the reasons why this guy was able to continue operating and what we as Canadians can do to make dentistry more affordable.

Fake People

They are everywhere and it’s a game of catch me if you can because they know the risks they are taking. Sadly, it’s a reality and we need to face and find a way to stop these morons from pretending they know what they are doing.

They are going to end up killing someone some day. If you aren’t a trained professional stop pretending to play with people’s lives.

What gets me fired up is why his customers feel the need to potentially jeopardize so much just to have someone provide a service such as this in an apartment which scream shady all the way to the bank.

I’ve never met an apartment dentist in my life. Surely common sense would dictate that he has no training because if he did he wouldn’t have to hide or serve customers from an apartment.

A dentist makes a healthy income and could afford far more than that even if he/she was to provide services at a lower cost to help those in need.

Saying that, I wondered if he had training in his own country and was unable to do what he needed to become a dentist in Canada. He could have used that as a ploy to get his customers to keep coming back. I’m probably way off base but not unheard of.

I know many trained immigrants who are doctors in their own country but cannot practice in Canada without further training.

Even I had to go back to University for upgrades for my degree when I moved to Canada as a permanent resident so it’s not as easy as people think to move here as a skilled worker many times. There is lots of red tape to plough through but for most it’s well worth it, Canada is a great place to live.

Dental Costs

Even so, I can see someone saying, ya I’m a plumber or a carpenter but to mess with people’s lives to the extent that he was using unsanitary equipment and I can only imagine what the apartment looked like. Kinda, gives me the chills to think about it.

This is another reason why we need to look at what it costs to visit the Dentist. So many people can’t afford a simple cleaning let alone getting a filing or a tooth pulled because the pricing can be astronomical.

It’s estimated almost one-third of Canadians don’t have dental insurance.- Daily brew

Many people struggle just to budget everyday living expenses never mind trying to fit in dental work. The problem with this though is that teeth for many are not being taken care of regularly which could cost even more and cause more problems.

Sounds easy but If I didn’t have dental insurance I’d likely start saving a bit in my projected expenses account each month. These are expenses I’m talking about and we can’t just sweep them under the rug and say, oh I can’t afford them.

We need to find the money to cover this expense in the budget. We need keep up to date with regular check-ups and so do our children. Some people are left in a hard spot and I feel for them and hope they can find a way to make more money.

This is why I talk about finding out everything you need to pay for at some point in time during the year so you can budget the money in and save for it or earn more if you can. It’s not easy, I get it but for those that can and should why are you not?

Fraser Health Authority medical health officer Dr. Michelle Murti said an inspection of Wu’s makeshift clinic showed a “gross lack of basic hygiene,” the Province reported. There was evidence he didn’t sterilize his equipment, including syringes that reused.-Daily brew

Did you know just to get a crown put on your tooth is near $1000 in most dental offices, at least in Ontario that I know of. Restorative dentistry work will bust your budget if you are not covered. WOW! If you think you had pain after your dental crown procedure I can only imagine the pain after this guy did someone’s teeth.

If you aren’t brushing your teeth and flossing, get on it because those few minutes will save you a fortune down the road if you are not covered for dental or have any work benefits. Many work benefits don’t even cover the crown procedure either. I’m fortunate where I am employed my dental benefits are covered 100% but for some they are not so lucky.

You can clearly see what so many people would flock to the underground wanna be dentist because they are left with no other options, so they think and maybe they are, I don’t know. If they need to get work done on their teeth they will believe what they need to believe and trust who they need to. This man took advantage of people who are less fortunate and immigrants who moved to this country and are struggling just like pretty much the rest of Canada.

While essential medical treatment is covered under provincial medicare plans, patients pay for dental work in cash or via private insurance.- Daily brew

I’m not sure if we can catch every wanna be in Canada but if we all just took a moment to do our homework we will be better off in the long run. A professional doesn’t hide he shows off his skills to the world because that’s what he’s/she’s trained to do, help the people.

Do you have dental insurance and would you go to an underground dentist you knew nothing about if you were desperate to get your teeth sorted out? What should Canada do with this guy?

Top Recipe


We made it to 600 FANS at The Free Recipe Depot and today I am hosting a Chocolate party to celebrate! When Give Peas A Chance posted this Chocolate mint cheesecake cake this morning I fell in love. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did as it is my TOP RECIPE for the week.

Each week I feature one recipe from other Food Bloggers right here… just to make your mouth water. Check out my full frugal recipe index to see what you’ve missed in my kitchen.

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #32 Catch Me If You Can. Join me again next Friday when I do it all over again.


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