PF Weekly grab a brew #34: Partially stuffed double stuf Oreo cookies?

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Double Stuffed Means Double Stuffed

What do you mean you partially stuffed my double stuf Oreo? I’m always on the lookout for something fun to read on the weekend or at least that makes me smile and for some reason this did. I’ve talked about how packaging for products have shrunk over the years yet the price keeps going up but not whether product is what it says it is. Most times the consumer fails to notice that the weight or amount of items in a package has decreased unless they pay special attention to detail and know their prices.  

A consumer math class teacher Dan Anderson set out to teach his students who struggle with numbers about Oreo cookie stuffing and to find out if they are really double stuffed. The calculations run by Anderson and his students returned a measurement of only 1.86 times the crème filling of the original Oreo cookie which you see below in the photo. Considering he’s a math teacher I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he knows how to read and work a scale.

The funny part was when it says that maybe that’s why they named it “Double Stuf” instead of Double STUFF Oreo cookies lol. That may be true although Nabisco came back to say that the math teachers measurements are wrong.

Who knows but maybe now we might want to keep our eyes open to see if the stuff in Double stuf Oreo cookies actually gets stuffed the way it should be.

Maybe the manufacturers better check their math and check it well to make sure that what they is what it is because if not, someone will find out and tell the world.  

I’d be interested to see if Nabisco comes back with their own measurements to defend the double stuf Oreo cookie.

Although Dan wasn’t looking for media attention, he has it now and I sure as heck thought it were great. If you want to check out Dan’s Oreo cookie math head over to his blog A Recursive Process to check out how he’s laid it all out for us.

It’s actually funny to see but the math speaks for itself. Well done Dan and thanks for sharing the double stuffed scoop with us!


Homemade double stuffed Oreo cookies

homemade double stuff oreos
homemade double stuff Oreos

If you are salivating at the mouth now because you want to dip an Oreo cookie in milk so bad but don’t have a stockpile of cookies, don’t worry I’m here to tell you to make them homemade. I’m not a big fan of buying packaged cookies because I enjoy baking cookies in our own kitchen. I also believe that you can save money by baking and cooking homemade meals rather than buying them pre-made at the stores or from a restaurant.

I thought I would take a look on Pinterest to see if anyone had created a double stuff Oreo cookie and as you may have guessed from the photo, I did. This lovely homemade Oreo type cookie made by Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice looks like it’s spilling over with the “crème stuffing” just like a double stuf Oreo cookie should be. Now, I’ve never attempted to make a stuffed cookie before but I’m thinking since I created the Twinkie style cake when everyone was making the mad dash to scoop up the boxes when they were being pulled from the shelves I’m sure I can create my own Oreo.

What have you created in your kitchen that was a copy cat from something you normally would have bought in a bag or box at the grocery store?

 Are there any other products you know of that say one thing but the product doesn’t live up to its name?

Top Recipe


You know before I let you get on with my weekly reading line-up I must share a treat with all of you.  

Just look at that photo. I mean, how could you not want a piece of this French style apricot and almond pie from my friend at Del’s Cooking Twist.

Thanks Del for sharing this lovely recipe at The Free Recipe Depot this week.

You get my Top Recipe for the week.

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #34: Partially Stuffed Double Stuf Oreo.  Join me again next Friday when I do it all over again.

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  1. I love Oreos but try to stay away because I can’t stop at one. It seems to me they used to have more filling when I was a kid, but maybe I was just smaller then? Have a great weekend.

  2. CBB!!! The homemade Oreos look so much more real and tasty than their counterparts. I can’t imagine ever purchasing junk food out of a package again or eat it at all for that matter. But that picture may be worth tens of thousands of words! Have a dancing Nancy of a Saturday!

  3. That pie……. I’m drooling!!!! I saved the cookie recipe to try later. I don’t buy a lot of junk food or at least I try not to. I’ve noticed for years the downsizing of product in packaging. The boys love the Oktoberfest sausage… used to be 5 sausages in a pack for the same price you now get 4… and so it goes…. I don’t buy cakes mixes, why when I can make a cake just as easy as a mix but better tasting. Same with frosting, when I make butter frosting there is real butter in it thank you!!! Seriously, have you looked at some of the ingredient lists???!!! That’s not food, it’s a buttload of chemicals mixed up to look like food….. I can remember a number of years ago my younger sister-in-law was so proud of herself for making an ‘icing’ that tasted ‘just like the store stuff’……. yup, it was just as nasty as the commercial crap. I have been working to get away from the over processed stuff and make my own as much as I can for a while now. It’s not always easy but I try.
    Looks like some nice reading for later. I’ve already read a couple of them… Have a good weekend Mr CBB…

    1. Good for you Christine. We try not to buy any at all either and when we want something we just make it homemade. Less crap in the house and less reason to snack on it as well. Have a great weekend. CBB

  4. Yum! Those double stuffed oreos just look delicious!! Honestly, that’s all I could focus on but thanks for the great list of articles and new blogs to read. I always love these lists for new finance blogs. Have an awesome weekend, enjoy those oreos!

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