PF Weekly grab a brew #35: Labour Day Weekend…Back to school!

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It’s the Labour Day long weekend this weekend a statutory holiday in Canada for Monday September, 2, 2013. Many but not all of us are fortunate get the day off to spend with their family and loved ones, but for those that do there is plenty to do. Parades, loads of fireworks happen in local communities and it’s a time for the kids to get themselves organized for back to school next week. This is also a huge cottage weekend for those who want to spend the last weekend before the kids go back to school and the Fall weather sets in to enjoy the surroundings of summer.

It’s also a big weekend where all the University and College students move and settle into their accommodations for the year if they are away from home. It will be chaotic at best in most cities that have a University or College as the population increases and businesses get ready to service all these kids who are clad with credit cards, OSAP loans and money they have stashed away for the year from their summer jobs.

I’m sure the money savvy students will have already designed a student budget and will keep an open-mind when it comes to where they should and should not be spending their money. I think that debt and money owed after graduating is becoming a hot topic and more and more students are getting on board because they know that they don’t want to be stuck in debt forever.

For those parents with kids heading to elementary and high school you have been feverishly going to outlet malls, shopping online and heading your local shops to get the kids ready to go. It was 50% off at Value Village this past Monday and although we wanted to go in to see what goodies we could find it was near to impossible. It was jam-packed so we decided to go shopping at the mall.

BAD DECISION? Maybe, well, it wasn’t so bad for my wife but I’ll fill you in how we squashed the budget in August with our shopping sprees, how it felt to spend so much money and was it worth it for us to do that. Don’t miss my budget and net worth update next week to see what our August month looked like and ended.

What’s Open and Closed Labour Day Weekend?

I’m glad you asked because not everything is open so make sure you get out this weekend to get what you need before Monday where most stores will be closed on Labour Day including all government offices, banks and the LCBO will be closed.

 Labour Day in Canada is the first Monday in September so don’t get caught without what you need because you might be stuffed if you are in need.

Stores Open on Labour Day

This isn’t an exclusive list as I just looked up a few for you so make sure you do a search online or call ahead if you are not sure if a store or restaurant will be open so you don’t waste time and a spend money on gas driving around for nothing.

Food Basics has some stores open on Monday Sept 2, 2013 and on Sunday Sept 1 stores that are normally open until midnight will close at 11pm.  Food Basics Labour Day hours.

Canadian Tire Website says….. Holiday hours may vary. Please call ahead to confirm.

Zehrs– Looks like most stores are closed and some open like in Alliston from 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM (call ahead)

RCSS Superstore– Looks like stores are closed on Labour Day (call ahead)

No Frills- Looks like stores are closed on Labour Day (call ahead)

Shoppers Drug Mart- Some stores might be open. I called and that’s what I was told so call ahead and get all your medications before Monday.

Top Recipe


Thank you to MJ and Hungryman for sharing this lovely recipe, a Brie, Fig and Pear Panini at The Free Recipe Depot this week. You get my Top Recipe for the week! I fell in love when I saw this beautiful photo and recipe on my Facebook page. The perfect pairing in my opinion. Enjoy

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #35: Labour Day Weekend…Back to school.  

Join me again next Friday when I do it all over again.


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  1. We are relaxing this Labor Day Weekend. This is actually a 4 day weekend for us. My kids had today off from school. So, I’m doing nothing but relaxing this whole weekend. Let me say that the panini looks so fantastic! And, congrats on your move to a self-hosted site.

    Make It Or Fix It Yourself!

  2. The younger boy will be checking his supplies to see if he has to make a beer run today or tomorrow… I’ll make sure I have enough food around to get us through to Tuesday. Foodland will likely be open but I will check later today to see if they have posted the weekend hours on the door yet. The local papers won’t be publishing Monday so I will have time to check out a number of those blog sites you have posted, assuming Rogers co-operates with supplying Internet access.
    Hope you and the Mrs have a lovely weekend……
    Oh, the grandson starts JK this year and his birthday is in Sept as well, our daughter has informed us that he is to get school stuff for his birthday this year…. I got him a ‘Cars 2’ t shirt the other day on clearance at the drug store… $16.99 for $5.00!!! He will like that… Tuesday will be a rough day for her……where did the time go????? I can’t believe our little mr is going to be 4 years old!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now that is a panini that will kick you in the pants. Looks absolutely delicious, CBB. I,for one, am not going shopping this weekend. I intend to sit back with a fine pint of IPA. Hope you have a great one!

    Thank you for the mention. CJ is one big sicko.

  4. CBB!!! My guitar students seem to be shell-shocked! School is killing them outside of one little precious girl who claims to be having fun. Good for her! Thanks for mentioning our last post! Hope people can have have as much reading it as I had writing it!!! Happy Labour Day!!!

  5. Thank you for linking to my first birthday post. I will say that the giveaway is open to anyone with a paypal account. Only the Amazon giftcard option is for US residents. I hope you enjoy your weekend Mr. CBB!

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