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    1. NO Toshiba… and the PC cost me $1700 yesterday lol…The laptop runs like shite off a shovel though… it’s awesome. I didn’t want the mac as it was too much for me to fuss about with current files etc. I don’t have time.

  1. I’m always so impressed with how much you’re able to accomplish in a month. Being a better meal planner is definitely one of my goals. We spend far to much money on takeout food and it’s something that’s bad for my wallet and my waistline.

  2. CBB!! Congrats on your excellent progress! I look forward to seeing that post about your laptop. We are having new laptop troubles of our own. And someone is about to be physically assaulted or at the very least verbally insulted. I sincerely hope it does not come to that. I am Sir Jolly after all…

    1. Haha,,,I just went out tonight and bought a PC as well cost me $1700… so I”m hoping I won’t have any more issues with computers in this house. It was getting to the point where the signal was dropping so much that I’m struggling to keep up. Just as I type this I’ve lost the signal and it’s back and forth.

  3. This month is our “spend” month. The rest of the year, I hope to get our expenses under control to invest more. I want to put a few $K into investments before the Christmas crunch comes!

    A millionaire in 5-7 years? Nice! So, when are you going to kill that mortgage? 🙂

    1. It would be nice to be a millionaire in 5 to 7… I’ll be just over 40 and hey, I won’t complain. I’m just in the process of moving the money over to Canada now. I had to move money in the UK as I had it in an account that I had to get my mum to help me with to move it so sending paper work back and forth and signing documents etc. The exchange rate is up as well so I’m hoping it either stays or goes up even higher.

  4. Well things are looking good at your place!! Sounds like the mortgage being paid off completely is close enough to touch! That will be a wonderful feeling for you both and we can hardly wait to celebrate with you!
    The renovations I don’t envy you….. Been there and done that a time or two. We always seem to be buying the handyman helpers that need work …. Usually a lot of work. Like this place. You’ve heard of a few of them like the wiring and such. I’ve lived through a couple of kitchen renos and my best advice is to figure out how and where you will be making your meals before you start, also have somewhere to do the dishes!!! It’s so not fun to have to clean the mess of the stove before you can cook a meal then have to wash the dishes in a too small bathroom sink that’s on the low side and you are bending over to work. Which is a short version of the last kitchen job here…. Three weeks of bending over that bathroom sink to do dishes just about did my back in. Hubby was told to get things finished ASAP or else. One look at my face told him he better not ask what the or else was……it got done. Bathrooms would be the same idea in that you want to keep one open at all times for use while you work on the other(s). It never fails to amaze me the number of people that don’t think of that one….. I know you and the Mrs are smart enough to think of this but there are people that won’t think of it ….until it’s too late and then the you-know-what hits the fan.
    Hope things are looking better for you from the last few days ……

    1. Yes as soon as I can get my money over to Canada we will pay the rest of the mortgage off which will be great. I’ve done a few bathroom and kitchen renos before but that doesn’t mean it won’t take me time as I’m meticulous when I do my my work around the house. Ya, it’s going to cost us big bucks to tear it all apart but worth it in the end. Cheers

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