Packing Right To Save Money When Travelling For Christmas

Packing luggage when travelling takes a bit of practice but follow my ultimate guide below and I promise you’ll get it right.

No more opening your suitcase in front of other travellers because you’ve overpacked.

Let me show you how I pack my luggage when travelling to save any extra luggage fees.

How to pack light when travelling

Packing Your Luggage To Avoid Extra Costs

For some Canadian travellers Christmas, vacation includes travelling far distances to celebrate with family and friends requiring you to not only pack up your belongings but presents you may be giving away as well.

Many students take advantage of the Christmas break to head home for the holidays only to return to school with a lot more to pack than what they headed home with.

If your travels include an airplane flight and your bags were already filled to the brim upon departure this could end up spending more money from your vacation budget.

When you spend more than you anticipate it can end up giving you more grief than you may be prepared for.

Avoid Extra Baggage Fees At The Airport When Packing Luggage

How do you pack your luggage to avoid extra fees at the airport?

Many airlines including Westjet which is the airline I have the most experience flying with have decreased the number of checked bags that are included in your fare.

Westjet allows one checked bag per passenger (unless you fly with their Plus fare where a second bag is free) with a weight of 50 lbs or 23Kg per bag.

This seems to be about standard for most airlines domestic or international flights.

With some planning and foresight when packing your bags you may be able to avoid baggage fees associated with being overweight or needing to check an extra bag or suitcase.

Checking a second bag with Westjet costs $20-$23.00 with a third and fourth costing $50-$57.50 per bag.

Wow, the dollar signs just keep popping up and they don’t skimp on the cost either, they will bleed you dry if they can.

Overweight charges range from $50-$57.50 as well, being overweight and having extra bags to check, the airline may charge both fees for each bag.

Keep in mind as the years go on this price will most definitely increase.

Make A Luggage Packing List When Travelling

Looking back on my vacation with my kids this past summer I realized that we packed way too much when we went on vacations.

I justified the number of belongings we brought with us by wanting to be prepared while travelling solo with two young children.

However, there were multiple articles of clothing that never even left the suitcase.

Having a vacation travelling list will help you to less likely forget something you will need while travelling.

A vacation travel list also allows you the opportunity to review what you plan to bring and re-evaluate whether you need it all or not.

Travelling and Laundry Facility Availability

Keep in mind if you’re staying with friends or family or even if you will have access to a laundry mat, packing 1 to 2 week’s worth of clothes is more than enough for a 2-week holiday.

The reason behind this is because you can do laundry while you are there whether it be a paid service, included service or you wash clothes in your bathroom and hang to dry.

This is something that you should ask and make sure it’s okay with your family members/friends ahead of time.

If you are staying at a resort also ask about laundry facilities and the costs involved as well how frequent they will wash clothes for you.

Think Ahead When Packing Bags For A Holiday

When packing your bags try to include space for any gifts and/or souvenirs that you may want to bring home with you.

Leaving some space for the extras can avoid needing to pay for additional checked baggage, overweight, etc.

I know when I was a student and having limited income to purchase multiple gifts I usually received more gifts at Christmas than I gave away.

If you’re a struggling student you may find this will likely happen to you too so save room for all the extra goodies you might get.

Travelling And Packing Luggage With Kids On Holiday

Travelling with young kids that require car seats, strollers, diapers, and formula makes for a lot more stuff to pack.

Ask yourself these two questions….

  • What can we do without and leave behind?
  • What can be purchased upon arrival?

Do you need to pack two weeks’ worth of diapers?

My advice would be to pack enough for the trip with a couple of extras as a backup.

You can always purchase diapers when you reach your destination.

The same can be done with baby formula and baby food which would end up freeing space in your luggage.

Most airlines will thankfully transport car seats free of charge which is a blessing for most people.

Westjet will allow 2 free checked items such as a stroller and car seat for a child under the age of 2 travelling without a purchased fare.

They also allow one checked item for any children over the age of 2 who require having their own seat purchased on the flight.

The Ultimate Guide To Pack Travel Luggage

How you pack your bags will be a factor in how much space you require for your belongings.

The following methods below can also be used if you need to re-pack your belongings different to allow space to bring things acquired on your trip home with you.

Skip Folding And Roll Clothes When Packing Luggage

Folding your clothes flat has proved many times for me not to be the most efficient way to pack a suitcase.

Rolling my clothes is something my mom has reminded me for years to do when packing and it has saved me a considerable amount of space.

how to fold and pack clothes

folding jeans to pack in luggage

Fold multiple articles of clothing together as you can see in the how-to pictures below that folding two pairs of jeans as one takes up less space

How To Fold And Pack Jeans In Luggage

folding and packing jeans for luggagefolding and packing jeans for luggage

Vacuum storage bags such as Ziploc storage bags are great space savers though you will require a vacuum at your destination to repack it.

Though a vacuum may not always be accessible, this may be an option if staying with a friend or family member.

On our trip this summer even though it wasn’t Christmas and I rolled all our clothes we had more to pack to bring home than what we left with.

Most of the space was taken up by souvenirs the kids wanted to bring home, gifts from family, etc.

I was fortunate to not have brought a carry-on bag for myself when leaving Ontario because I sure needed one to come home.

Luckily I was able to pick up a relatively decent backpack for $5.00 at Wal-mart which allowed me to fill it up and use it as my carry-on.

More planning on my part and leaving some stuff behind next time will ensure I won’t run into this issue again.

Packing Light When Travelling

Packing light and packing less may take a few vacations for you to realize what you can travel with and without.

Travelling light is a learning process so you don’t continually bring more with you than you need.

It is common for most people though especially when kids are involved to pack more than needed.

Taking the time to properly prepare and pack only the items that you will need will save you some unnecessary headaches.

Not only that it will save you added costs when trying to return home.

Keep Christmas Gifts Unwrapped When Packing

An important tip to remember is to not wrap presents you are travelling with as the airline will unwrap them all if your bags are opened for further screening.

This will also help save you money by not having to buy gift wrap twice.

Keep it simple, wrap them once you have arrived at your destination and enjoy your Christmas vacation.

Discussion: How do you pack your luggage to avoid extra fees at the airport?

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