PF Weekly Grab a brew #42: A stranger opens his wallet for me unexpectedly


That Moment When You Make Someone Smile


Just before Thanksgiving this year I wanted to write a blog post about simple ways of giving to others especially if you don’t know someone.

I also wanted to talk about how to say thank-you for that kindness and how to continue that chain of repetitive nature that we should all crave and that’s a daily smile.

I always try my best to do the proper thing when it comes to etiquette and being a good person whether it’s with a stranger or in my relationship with my wife and those that I love.

I hold the door open, help someone pack their trunk and even reach items off the top shelf at the grocery store. I get a thanks and a smile in return and I’m a happy guy.

I know I’ve made someone’s day when I can go out of my way and help them out. It’s quite amazing the feeling you get inside when you have the ability to help others in any way possible.

Most times we help people and don’t even know we have helped them whether it be from a learning experience or simply sharing our own experiences to the point of actually physically doing something.

During the week of Thanksgiving I hit the Tim Horton’s drive-thru after a long day of work and I still wasn’t done but really needed a coffee to keep me going.

If you know me than you know I love my tea and I love my coffee even more especially when I need a caffeine boost.

As I placed my order for my medium double-double (that’s 2 cream, 2 sugar) I get up to the window only to be told that the guy behind me bought my coffee. I had my money all ready to give to the cashier and was in shock to be able to get that feeling that you get when someone you don’t even know goes above and beyond to make your day.

That is the feeling I got and I wanted to pay it forward so I gave the cashier my money and told her to apply it to the next person who ordered a coffee so they too could enjoy a coffee bought by a stranger.

It would have been great to see that become a chain reaction at the drive-thru all evening, although I’ll never know.

I often wondered how it would feel to do something out of the blue for someone I don’t know even if that means spending a few bucks on them, but doing it because I wanted to not because I was asked to.

When I read my daily dose of Friday Yahoo articles this morning I read about a guy who paid the tab for a woman and her daughter at a restaurant. Apparently they were both crying in the middle of their meal and the waitress who noticed them had no idea why.

Another customer must have overheard the phone call that came to the table to learn that the daughter was diagnosed with something and then the crying began.

Out of the kindness of his heart he left a note and paid for their meal. When I read stories like this it’s always a gentle reminder how the small things in life mean more to others than we can ever imagine.


Remember relationships


At first in a relationship we are lost in love, a force so powerful you know you belong together. For some they continue being lost in a love so deeply that the feeling of passion never dies or dwindles, that’s true love, being in love and wanting to be one forever.

Sometimes when we are in relationships for a long period of time and when the honeymoon phase wears off we tend to forget about all the small things that made us fall in love with each other. If we forget about these small things with big meaning in life we may tend to let our world around us cave in if we are not careful.

All the things that we once had passion for in a relationship can disappear and wander looking for something or someone else to give them those small gestures.

My point here is to remember that the small things in life including paying it forward most often comes with a good response from the human mind and body. We want to feel loved, appreciated or noticed whether it’s from a stranger who says hello or the person we are in love and it doesn’t have to include opening up your wallet. All you have to do is be mindful of the people you love and people you have never met before in the moments surrounding our lives.

These moments are the moments you should feel good inside about how you handled certain situations. As we grow up our parents should be teaching us right from wrong as well how we can be kind to others and open our heart when others are in need.

The human race puts so much stress on themselves at times that they forget and lose themselves. Perhaps if for one second we could pull ourselves out from that hole we will see there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It makes sense to stay organized and slow down the pace once in a while so you don’t miss out on life.

No one is in charge of our emotions and our path in life but ourselves so do what you feel is right, do what your heart tells you and don’t forget that the small things count even if that means dipping into your wallet to pay for a coffee for the nutty Mr.CBB in front of you at drive-thru.

What are some small gestures in life that you give or have gotten that really get your body and mind feeling good?

Have a great week everyone!



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Well, that’s a wrap for this Friday’s grab a brew #42 so happy saving and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.



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  1. Back in high-school when I was a bumbling teenager I Stephen Covey’s Effective Habits for Teenagers (or an adaptaion of the same, can’t really recall). In one of the lesson’s baby steps was to do something kind to a stranger. That evening I think I bought a burger for a homeless street kid and the way he lit up has stayed with me all this years!
    Yes, we do get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and forget the joys of the little simple things. They don’t cost much…a smile here, a word of encouragement there, a simple gift here, an experience shared there but these same small guestures means so much to the other person.
    From that day I have strived to do something kind and unexpected to strangers, it always gives that sense of immense happiness to me and am sure to the other person.

  2. I hope you are enjoying your holiday!!!!!! I do a lot of the same things you, holding doors, smiling at the person walking towards me. It’s the kind of thing that is a given in a small town!! I am also a hugger!!!! A friend of mine here is town has a son that is in the military as was my older son. We talked often about what our boys were up to and the fun fact they were both posted at the same base, My son was a vehicle technician (V-Tech) and hers was a higher rank but a weapons tech. They actually did know each other up at Petawawa! Her boy went to Afghanistan and to say she was upset and worried sick is an understatement. I ran into her a couple of weeks after he left and the poor girl looked about ready to cry, we talked and I gave her a big hug as we finished our talk. After a couple of seconds of surprise she hugged back hard enough to let me know how badly she needed that hug!!! Her don got back OK, more or less. Physically he’s fine but post traumatic stress is a tough row to hoe….. We still hug when we see each other…..
    I’m an only kid so now as my Dad gets older he doesn’t like to drive out of town , so I will drive him if he needs to go somewhere. Usually it’s a funeral but I’m OK with that as I would be going anyway. I take him, and who ever else needs a ride. I do get paid gas money but I’d do it regardless…… It’s a show of respect to the deceased and a show of support to the family .
    Looks like I have some more reading to do this weekend and some recipes to look over too!!!! Have a good weekend!!!!

  3. That was so nice of a stranger to buy you a coffee like that. If we all did something nice and unexpected for a stranger or even someone we know love just once a week, surely both us and the person receiving the gesture would feel really great inside.

    Just recently I was at a supermarket checkout and the lady in front of me was trying to pay by cash as she didn’t have her card with her. She was around 30p short and was just about to leave her shopping to go out and get some more cash. So I got out my purse and chipped in for her. She was gobsmacked that I helped her and I thought to myself then, “It’s just 30p!” But the point was that people just don’t do this kind of thing often enough. I did get a lovely warm feeling inside. 🙂

    Thanks so much for mentioning my post Mr. CBB. 🙂

  4. The gifts I enjoy giving are the ones the most are completely anonymous and the ones that I don’t ever talk about. They are warm moments in my heart but no one is supposed to know about my gift except the recipient…that’s what gives me the biggest thrill.

    I have also had to enlist the help of one other person to get the job done and although satisfying, it’s not nearly as much fun as giving a gift and not getting caught.

    I also give gifts that we often forget… my time, my listening skills and support. Those don’t have a monetary value but perhaps they have a longer lasting effect. I am very much of the mind that there is no point in looking down on another person unless you are extending a hand to help them up! I know things at my age that I didn’t know in my youth and I continue to learn so much from my elders. The joy of having wisdom is in the sharing and I am ever so willing to have others share theirs with me, so why not pass it on?

    I am less about monetary gifts to charities and more about supporting those around me that need help. On occasion I do donate to a charity but the very small amount I can actually afford to donate has far more impact locally.

    Thanks for a really uplifting blog post Mr CBB! I think I’ll work a little harder today on the gifts I can give. 😀

  5. Great article MR.CBB !! I love the pay-it-forward approach when it comes to helping strangers. I often will also pay for someones coffee, even paying for meals a few times seeing homeless people outside of Harveys.
    Your absolutly right in saying, always remember the small things in relationships that make the other feel good.

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