PF Weekly grab a brew #45: Butt out that smoke with kids in the car


Kids don’t always have a voice when it comes to people smoking around them so we must be their voice and butt out.

No one likes second-hand smoke and I understand that more than ever since I am now officially a non-smoker.

Saving money in the budget is only one perk to butting out or smoking less for those who are working on kicking the habit.

The most important perk is that it is saving your health from potential self-inflicting problems which many can avoid simply by giving up this habit.

On Thursday the government of Alberta introduced a law Bill 33 of The Tobacco Reduction Amendment Act that if you have anyone under the age of 18 in your vehicle you are no longer able to smoke in the vehicle with them present.

There may be a health savings aspect to this new proposed law but it also might save you some money in the budget if you aren’t smoking as much as you used or were allowed to.

Growing up my parents did not smoke so I did not have to worry about them smoking in the vehicle when we went out together as a family. My wife on the other hand had both parents who smoked and they smoked in the vehicle whenever they were in it and in the house when they were young.

Smoking in Canada is just as big of a problem as it is in the UK or any other place around the world. It’s not uncommon to see someone throw their finished cigarette butt on the ground and to be honest I was shocked when I moved to Canada from the UK and noticed that many smokers butt out on the ground.

When I did smoke I don’t ever remember throwing cigarette butts on the ground but I’m sure there are people who simply don’t give a toss and do it anyways. I’ve always made sure the cigarette was butted out completely and disposed of appropriately.

Quitting smoking is hard enough to do and I know because I’m coming up two years smoke-free and proud of it. We never did smoke inside the house but even if we did there was no one else besides us in the house as we don’t have any kids. The sad part is what smoking does to your house, furniture and clothing and that itself will cost you a bundle to clean if at all.

Back in the day Mrs.CBB says it was not uncommon to be in the grocery store and to see people smoke while they did their grocery shopping, including her parents. That is no longer permitted as times have changed as have the alerts by Health Canada on packages of Canadian cigarettes with warnings of the effects of smoking on your health. I was always very cautious smoking around non-smokers and children and made sure I was well away because it was the proper thing to do as it wasn’t their habit, it was mine.


Butt out Canada


Trying to eliminate all of the ways or places a smoker can smoke can get frustrating for the addicted smoker (I know I’ve been there before) but sometimes things happen for a reason.

Imagine for just one moment if you smoke in your car with the kids, in the grocery store, in the mall and so on how many more smokes you would smoke and how much more it would cost you? Let’s not forget about the added risk of cancers caused by smoking and other potentially fatal conditions.

It was for those reasons alone that we made the decision to butt out. It’s also something that only you can do on your own and no one, not even the government can force you to do unless cigarettes become illegal. Even then the addicted would find a way just as they do with marijuana and other illegal drugs.

Little by little the government and consumer establishments have removed the ability to smoke in public places and now the government of Alberta is saying no more smoking with children in the car under 18.

At first when I read that I thought, oh no here we go again but I don’t think it’s a bad move on the governments part. Another good part aside from the Health benefits of quitting smoking you might also find that your life insurance premiums are lower.

If you are a smoker and spend time in your vehicle with children present chances are you won’t be smoking nor will you be smoking more than you normally do. Then again in most places there is a ban on using your cell phone and driving but all you need to do is look around when you are driving and you will see many people don’t really care about having a minute to live. Cell phone usage while driving continues to be a huge problem even though it is against the law.

You will also save money on smokes considering you aren’t buying them as often if you cut back from smoking in areas that you normally would smoke more in like inside the home or the vehicle. I struggle to even imagine someone inside their car lighting up a smoke when there is a new-born baby or toddler in the vehicle.

Eventually if you find you don’t really need smokes any more you will turn back and say, “wow where did all the time go?” and decide to give it up completely. Wishful thinking, maybe but it’s worth a shot if you can make it to that stage.

We quit smoking pretty much cold turkey with the help of a few sticks of Nicorette gum and motivation but we got it done. We can easily recall smoking and how it affected our lives and how it has given us back hope that there might be a future for us.

If we had kids there is no way we would be smoking inside the vehicle at any time because it really is a bad habit although you don’t see it as much when you are still smoking. It’s not until after the fact will you understand the overall picture and cost to your health and budget and wonder what took you so long to give it up.

I know that smoking in a room filled with adults is hard enough for non-smokers to tolerate imagine what the kids must feel like when they don’t have a voice that is heard. I think this is a smart move on the part of the government and who knows it may motivate those who smoke to butt out or those who want to smoke forget about lighting up altogether.


Do you think that you should be able to smoke in your own vehicle even if there are kids present?

How well do you think this law will be enforced?


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coffee brownie

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This weeks Top Recipe comes from a blog called The Hungarian Food Guide who shared a new recipe called a Coffee Brownie and if you know me you know that I love every kind of brownie around.


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Well, that’s a wrap for this Friday’s grab a brew #45 so happy saving and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.



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  1. My parents smoked when I was a kid although Dad quit before Mom did. Didn’t take him long after that to figure out why I would turn green occasionally when both were smoking. Hubby’s parents always smoked, including in the car. When he was a kid and the family went anywhere he was always sick the entire time from breathing in the smoke in the car.
    Given how the smoke gets into everything when you smoke I would think it not good to smoke in the car at all! Might lower the resale value of the car itself when you think about it….who wants to buy a stinky car???
    Our older son smokes, he’s an adult so there isn’t much I can say about it, but I can tell him to take it outside. And I have. He has a butt can out there to place the butts when he is done. Before that he was tossing them onto the grass in the backyard. I made him pick them all up and place in the garbage. He wasn’t impressed with having to do that job so the can works well. I would love to see him quit but that has to be his call. He knows my opinion and that I will do what ever to help him quit when he is ready.
    The recipe looks interesting, I’m not that much for coffee but still.. I’ll be checking out the blog posts, already looked at Iheartbudgets….

  2. As much as I love my freedom, I do not think parents should be able to smoke with kids in the car. My parents smoked when we were little, and my little brother especially had lots of chronic health stuff like bronchitis and strep throat. He just couldn’t get well with all of that smoke floating around, and sadly, he is now a smoker himself.

  3. My mom was always a smoker, and it was really sad to see her do that to herself. It wasn’t without repercussions for us, either – we were being exposed to second hand smoke when she was smoking in the car or around us, even with the window open.

  4. I’m pretty intolerant of people smoking around kids. I don’t just mean in the car, either. If there are kids present, don’t smoke. Period. For that matter, if anyone’s present who doesn’t smoke, butt out. Smokers are now in the minority and yet, when they smoke, they inflict their choice on everyone around them. That’s not considerate, and it’s not polite.

    My fella is a smoker. I’m not (although I did smoke for quite some time). My guy doesn’t smoke in the house or in the car. He doesn’t smoke in many public places (it’s often a violation of the law here) but we have an ongoing disagreement about his smoking in sight of children. He says that they know it’s bad for them so his choice is unlikely to affect their future behaviour. I say that they don’t need his bad example and that, if he’s in their line of sight, there’s a chance they’ll also be subjected to his second hand smoke.

    As to the butting out on the ground thing, cigarette filters are not readily bio-degradable. They hang around for a long time, making litter on the ground, streets, and sidewalks, and leeching poisonous nicotine into soil and run off water. Pick ’em up if you do butt out on the ground, carry a tin in your pocket to store them in, and dispose of them in a trash can rather than leaving them behind as a nuisance to others. It’s really not that great an effort is it?

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