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XBOX ONE or PlayStation 4: Does it pay to wait?

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The world of technology is constantly changing and companies are continuously trying to out-do each other with the coolest and most innovative products on the market.

With Christmas just around corner, many youth and even some adults may have the new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One on their Christmas wishlist.

Though I do enjoy a video game here and there I will not be one to jump on the bandwagon of purchasing either a PS4 or Xbox at its release or even months afterwards.

I would one day like to own a PlayStation console but I am content waiting right now as a $399.99 purchase is not something I am willing to make on a brand new product that will still need a few glitches worked out.


Pick a console


Which console is best for you?

I am not a huge gamer though I am the Guitar Hero in this house and it really is the only video game that I can successfully play.

I have played on all the gaming consoles; Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii with my preference being the PlayStation 3.

I often joke that I lost my PlayStation 3 in my divorce and was left with a Nintendo Wii. Having two young children the Nintendo Wii has been great to have, though they don’t play too often they get a kick out of playing a game of baseball or knocking down a few pins in a game of bowling.

The Wii/Wii U is definitely the most family friendly gaming console on the market. Owning a PlayStation at this point would be only for my benefit and I do not play enough to justify spending the money.

The majority of games now have the opportunity for an online gaming experience, allowing you to play against your friends or random strangers from around the world.

If this online experience is something that you wish you to engage in with your friends then having the same console as your friends will be important. If you have a regular group of friends who like to play together making this decision as a group will benefit you being able to take part in that experience.


What would you like the console to do for you?


The Xbox One system is being marketed as the “All-in-one Entertainment Experience”, meaning unlike the Xbox 360 it can now be used as a blu-ray player, a feature which Sony included on the previous PS3.

Xbox offers the Xbox Live Gold membership which is your access to the online world of Xbox gaming. It allows you to use Skype to chat with friends who also have a compatible system and allows you to sign into your own Xbox Live Gold account from any system allowing you to access your content and downloaded games from your friends or family members Xbox system.

Xbox Kinect which is a motion-detecting device which allows you to have hands-free control of your Xbox through a infrared technology and a camera was previously offered as an add-on accessory to be plugged into the Xbox unit.

This is not the case with the new Xbox One as it is built into the system, where as the PS4 camera needs to be purchased separately at the cost of $59.99.

The Xbox One will also take voice commands so to turn it on all you need to say is ‘Xbox on’ and then ‘Xbox off’ to power off. Voice commands sound great though individuals who have had the opportunity test the Xbox One prior to its release say that this feature needs some improvement and does not always work.

The new PS4 can only be hooked up to a television through an HDMI cable meaning that an older tube TV will not be compatible.

Though the majority of the people have upgraded their televisions, if you have not the PS4 cannot be connected using the AV cords where as the Xbox One can be though limiting the true visual experience.

Games can be played on both the Xbox One and PS4 without the online experience, though an internet connection is required to initially set up both consoles as they both require a Day 1 update that needs to be downloaded, there is the option of contacting the companies to have a disc sent to you by mail with this update, requiring you to wait to use the system.


Cost of connecting to online networks


If you are a serious gamer then the online experience is likely important to you. The online experience not only allows you to download games at a fraction of the cost without having to leave your house but also gives you the freedom to access your game stats and whatever pictures, videos or other data you have saved to your account from any compatible gaming console.

The cost for the Xbox is $59.99/year for Xbox Live Gold membership and $49.99/year for Playstation Plus.

Previously PlayStation Plus mainly offered lower prices on downloaded games and some free downloads though many people did not feel it was worth paying $49.99 a year and had the choice not to opt for it.

With the release of the PS4 and new features offered, PlayStation Plus is likely something you will need.




PlayStation 4

With the recent release of the PlayStation 4 and the upcoming release of the Xbox One gaming systems, an option to pre-order and reserve your console prior to its release date was available with a minimal down-payment.

Sony announced the release of the Playstation 4 in February of 2013 and approximately 1 million pre-orders were placed.

A pre-order is a great way to ensure you will be able to get your hands on one, whether it’s the latest iPad model or gaming console though it may not always be the greatest idea.

I’m not sure about you but I am not comfortable spending money on something before anybody has actually physically had their hands on and been able to use the product, even if it is only $10.00 to reserve a copy of an upcoming video game or handing over $400 for a not-yet released Playstation 4.





call-of-dutyOne downside to purchasing these consoles on release day is that the games available to be played on them are limited.

A couple of the recent game releases such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4,  Assassins Creed IV and Just Dance 2014 were released in the PS4 format and only a small list of other titles currently to add to that.

There are multiple online games available but are typically not the best games around. If you previously owned a PlayStation or Xbox console, unfortunately the PS4 and Xbox one are not compatible with these games meaning that your current library of video games is completely useless.

Xbox one and PS4 games are no more expensive to buy than the previous Xbox 360 and PS3 games but are you willing to pay the price to rebuild your video game collection?




When making your decision as to which gaming console to buy know what accessories come with it in the box such a power cords, HDMI cables and the number of controllers included.

Know what accessories you may need to purchase separately to obtain your desired experience and keep in mind these extra accessories can be pricy depending on what they are

Though I am personally a PlayStation fan, $399.99 is a good chunk of change and not one that I am willing to spend to have a PlayStation 4 upon its initial release on the market.

The Xbox One is being released at the price of $499.99. PlayStation 4 was released November 15 and sold out in most places on Day 1 and we can expect likely the same with the release of Xbox one this Friday.

With Christmas just around the corner many gamers and parents are staying on top of the Christmas wish list and budget in hopes of seeing smiles on Christmas morning and saving a few dollars if they can.


Are you the type of person who has to have the newest tablet or gaming system console as soon as they are released?


Are you the type to wait a bit for the price to come down and some of the software glitches to be exposed/worked-out before you dive in to make the costly purchase of the newest gadget on the market?



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  1. Does it pay to wait? You bet it does. I’m thinking of picking up a playstation 3 soon. Between the used consoles, used games, and used peripherals. The savings are enormous. It pays a little to wait. It pays a lot to be a generation behind.

  2. I don’t plan to buy either one…. I think the older boy had a game console of some sort back when but these days we go for the computer games, especially the free downloads. That’s a price up my alley!!! I have my spider solitaire, Mahjong and Bejeweled Blitz on the ipad….I’m happy….
    We have a nephew that works for a computer gaming company in Montreal designing games but I can’t remember who Danny works for right now….. Just checked…. Ubisoft….
    Great article Katrina!!!!

    1. Thanks Christine, I have a few good games on my phone too that keep me happy for now. Ubisoft is one of the companies I do work for….

    1. I have never played with the Kinetic but it looks like fun, that’s pretty cool that you get to play a one of a kind game!

  3. While I usually jump on board with new technology, I don’t with consoles. The early adopters tend to find out all of the problems and then have to deal with “rings of death” or busted systems. I don’t want to deal with that. I bought the Xbox 360 two years after it came out. Got a great deal. I will probably wait a year or two with one of these. Not sure which system I want either. When you wait, you can see better reviews of each system and can make a better decision.

    1. They are just too expensive at first, I spoke with a playstation rep yesterday and on top of the 1 million preorders they sold over 1 million on Day 1. That is a lot of consoles that may not work perfectly yet…….

  4. The PS4 has more of the exclusive games that I want to play, but I’m not an early adapter. I will wait for the slim redesign versions of both consoles to come out before making a purchasing decision. The software library will be a lot bigger by then and we’ll maybe even see a price drop 🙂

  5. Hubby enjoys games BUT these are simply not in our snack bracket for unnecessary expenses. I work hard to keep the computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones all in well functioning shape/age and I simply don’t have it in the budget to get into the gaming world too.

    1. It is an expensive ‘world’ for sure. Free apps on the ipad are certainly cheaper than paying $60.00 for the newest video game.

  6. I can tell you my husband’s excited about the Xbox One system. That being said we’re all about waiting, a few months even can usually get you a better deal and his birthday’s about 5 months after it comes out so hopefully that’s enough time for the price to drop a little. We’ll see!

    1. I did read that the XBox one has been designed so that any future upgrades/changes to it can be made with this console and not needing to buy another one, it seems like a pretty versitale machine. Hope you can get it a little cheaper in time for his birthday!

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