The Grocery Game Challenge Nov 25- Dec 1, 2013 #4 : How do you like your bread?

store-bought-bread-homemade-wm COST IS ULTIMATELY THE DECISION MAKER


Do you find that you consume more or less bread at different times of the year and that you are changing the brands you purchase frequently depending on price?

While at the grocery store yesterday we noticed there are so many bread choices available these days and most people do what we do, stand and stare.

Almost everyone buys bread unless you don’t like it, make it at home or simply just don’t care to purchase it and will be a driving force especially if bread is on sale in the weekly grocery flyer.

Bread deals are a fierce competition amongst the different companies and coupons are just icing on the cake especially if that motivates you to buy the product.

Although we don’t purchase much in the way of bread products we do stock up when we can find pink stickers offering 50% off in the Loblaws stores or we can get a great deal using coupons.

I’m going to have to agree with many that homemade is always better but what it boils down to for many is the price and for a great majority the health benefits of the loaf of bread they plan to buy.

I find that I spend more time looking through the bread section because the list of bread products is endless. You can get everything from raisin bread to protein bread to sugar-free bread to the new gluten free bread. You can even get bakery baked fresh bread in most stores even if there is no bakery in-store as it is brought in from out of town bakeries.

It’s the consumers that are working hard to convince the manufacturers that they need this high nutrition bread so they are churning it out in hopes of making a big profit. The problem is the cost to make the bread so nutritious is high and most people frown at paying more than $2.00 per loaf of bread these days. The cost of ingredients alone for the bakery or manufacturer can be very high and those costs in most cases get passed along to the customer.


Cost of wheat


Higher wheat prices do affect Canadians as outlined in this 2010 article in The Globe and Mail “How higher wheat prices affect Canadians”  although record crops were produced in 2013 in the Prairies meaning wheat prices could potentially go down because they simply have no where to stock it all and demand is trending lower. This is all to do with the basic principal of supply and demand economics.

I was watching an episode of Undercover boss the other day who went into the Mandarin restaurants and I was shocked to hear they made approx $1 per dinner buffet per person and it was the drinks that drove up the sales, so they push beverages. They subsidize the cost of the meals with the extra profits they make on the drinks.

Sometimes we automatically think that businesses are cranking in the cash and in most cases they can depending on the marketing and execution by the team but it’s not easy for them and of course for us as consumers who are watching how much money we are spending in our budget and trying to stick to a grocery list that entails all the daily essentials including bread, butter, milk, eggs etc.

What I’ve noticed is that since the price of wheat is so high the price of bread has gone up exponentially at least in the past couple of years. Just to purchase a decent loaf of bread you are looking at $3-$4 unless you can find it on sale.

This week for example if you like whole wheat bread Food Basics has the Dempsters Whole Wheat bread on sale for $1.88 which is a great price for those of you who enjoy that type of bread.

Tortillas on the other hand cost a bleedin’ fortune and it’s hard to justify spending nearly $5.00 for 10 tortillas when you can make them homemade for so much cheaper. Yes, the rounds might not be perfect and the tortillas not as thin but they work just the same and taste even better because they are homemade. So, if you want to save some cash and don’t mind a bit of elbow grease making homemade tortillas is super easy to do.

I notice the competition between bread companies is becoming more fierce with Wonder bread and Dempsters in particular although I personally fancy Dempsters bread because I enjoy the various brands they offer. I also like ACE Bakery bread but be prepared to pay for this premium homemade style bread. For  a while we would buy the odd loaf until I decided to create my own homemade olive bread and went on to do an olive pita bread.

If you don’t mind spending some time in the kitchen you can save some money in your budget and enjoy that homemade taste and smell in the air when you are baking. Sure you might be able to score some great deals on sliced bread but in the end anything made with your two hands is worth a shot.

I asked my Facebook fans if they buy hotdog and hamburger buns in the winter and what their favorite breads were to purchase and this is what some of them said below.

  • Cathy B: I prefer homemade at least I can pronounce all the ingredients
  • Allyson T: Where I live, Safeway makes the cheapest bread. I could make my own bread, but until I am done school I will never have the time. $1.29 a loaf is not too shabby though.
  • Mary C: Franz Gluten Free 7-Grain bread for me… hubby, it depends on what’s on sale.
  • Della F: My favourite is whole wheat loaf that I can pick up at a local outlet for $1.00 per loaf.
  • Jeanne L: I like my homemade BUT I like hillbilly bread and anything from Zingermans in Ann Arbor
  • Sabrina W: Villagio whole wheat bread
  • Melissa N: Make my own bread (white/whole wheat, raisin and cheese)….we use hamburger/hotdogs in the winter because we BBQ year round. Whatever brand is on sale. We use pittas once in a while
  • Edna M: I love Wonder Bread..Whole wheat..But we also buy Country Harvest when it is on sale.
  • Pam W: We don’t eat much bread, but homemade bread is by far my favorite. 2nd choice would be City Bread’s Rye bread. We rarely use hamburger and hot dog buns in the winter. Occasionally I make tortillas. I absolutely hate packaged breads like Wonder Bread or Ben’s, I hate the texture and the taste (or lack of it)…I refer to those breads as glue bread.
  • Sally T-P: I usually buy the store brand or whatever is on the markdown rack. We do eat burgers in the winter (sloppy joes too), and we like Polish sausage on a hot dog roll every once in a while.
  • Nicola D:  Its gotta be RCSS specialty bread, but I only buy it when on sale as its expensive. Otherwise its still their own brand not sliced that’s in the four pack
  • Richard B: For toast, whole wheat whatever is on sale, for everything else, homemade or ciabatta
  • Jen P: My favourite is Vitality by Country Harvest. I buy the fat-free/sugar-free variety. It’s awesome. It’s $3.08 a loaf so I try to buy it when I see 50% pink stickers or I price match it a lot as well. It rarely goes on sale but I love it and it’s way lower in fat and calories then comparable breads.
  • Beth A: I mostly bake my own but I’m the pits at making raisin bread so I do buy that when it’s on sale, and I buy Safeway cheese sticks for my fella because they cost about the same to buy (on sale) as they do to make. I buy bagels ’cause I don’t enjoy making them. We don’t use hot dog or burger buns as much in winter. We use tortillas, poppadums, and naan year round. “Specialty bread” = higher prices so I avoid these trendy items whenever possible. I can bake it better, and much less expensively myself. Bread for snacks mostly, bagels for the younger boy to have at breakfast and what ever whole wheat or multigrain is on sale. What is in here right now is Dempsters Whole Grain multigrain… I need to get out the bread maker again….
  • Nicole J: I like little big bread , by Silver Hills sprouted bakery. It is 90% organic, high in fibre, non GMO, and tastes like a nice bread but with fewer calories/fats.
  • Avis R: I buy whatever whole wheat is on sale but my favorite is Country Harvest 12 grain bread and bagels. I also love raisin bread and hot cross buns

What are your favourite breads and who make them? Do you use hot dog and hamburger buns in the winter much? or do you prefer pita, tortillas etc? Do you like specialty breads such as raisin bread, protein breads, no-sugar added, high-fibre, whole grains, gluten-free…. share your thoughts and your favourites.


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Food food and more food


Food Basics

  • Icing sugar Sale $1.88
  • Brown Sugar Sale $1.88
  • Eggs $2.68
  • Chipits x4 various kinds Sale $2.49
  • Pitted Dates $2.49
  • 4 x shredded coconut Sale $0.88
  • Sweet Potato $4.28
  • Iceberg Lettuce Sale $0.88
  • Spices $1.00
  • Spices $1.00
  • Pie plates $1.99
  • Liberte Yogurt Coconut Sale $2.99
  • Liberte Yogurt Strawberry Sale $2.99
  • Roasted Peppers Sale 41.69
  • Carrots $1.47
  • Selection Oatmeal$2.00
  • Selection Cherries Sale $2.00
  • Premium bananas $2.34
  • Graham cracker crumbs Sale $1.99
  • Bean Sprouts $1.50
  • 4 x Clean and Clear Shampoo Reg $7.99 Sale $3.99-$3.00 coupons
  • Hot Italian sausages Marc Angelo sale $7.50
  • Milk 4L $3.97

Total out of pocket $ 68.29


  • Chicken Breast $6.78 sale $1.99lb on the bone
  • Chicken Breast $7.75
  • Chicken Breast $8.71
  • 2 for $7.00 Johnsonville Bratwurst. sausages- $1.00 coupons
  • Irresistible corn $0.89
  • Clubhouse Dip Mix $1.29
  • 5x Clean and Clear Shampoo reg $7.99 Sale $3.99- $3.00 coupon peelies on each
  • Chicken Breast $7.44
  • Chicken Breast $8.74

Total out of pocket $ 54.14


Yearly grocery budget for two: $2819.38


  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $235.00 or $78.33 week with one no-shop week per month or $58.75 for 4 weeks per month. (During the months with 5 weeks we just make it work)
  • Total Budget For November $235.00
  • Total Coupons Used this Week : $27.00
  • Total Discounts this Week: $0
  • Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
  • Total Rewards Points Used: $0
  • Stockpile Budget: $20.00 Used $20.00
  • Total Spent This Week: $122.43-$20 chicken stockpile= $102.43
  • Total Spent So Far for November $245.28
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop: $0
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of (November): $10.28 (over)
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $0
  • Total Coupons Used This Month: $29.00
  • Total to Carry Over Next Month: $10.28 spent more than the budget in November
  • Total Spent To Date This Year: $206.95 (Jan)+ $160.77 (Feb) + (March)$169.62 + (April) $397.74+(May) $155.68 + (June) $216.01+ (July) $235.83 + (August) $182.35 + (September) $255.69 + (October) $196.64 + $245.28 (November) =  $2422.56 (does not include stockpile budget)
  • Rendezvous Account: $65.38+$17.24 =$82.62<> This is money saved if there is any leftover at the end of a month of grocery shopping for a date night for the wife and I.
  • Weekly Overview: Well, we went over budget for the month but not by too much which is a good thing. In December we will be going away for a few days and then away for a week for the holidays so hopefully we won’t be going over budget in December and if anything will spend less than the grocery budget.


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  • When does the Grocery Game close each month?


The Grocery Game Challenge closes at midnight of the last Sunday of the last post for the month. You can post your shops all month-long.


  • Does your Grocery Budget include health and beauty and laundry products?


Yes our Grocery Budget includes such items as shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap etc. We don’t mind stockpiling items that won’t be affected by expiry dates or have long expiry dates but not so much food any more. It’s just one way to help cut your budget to save money.



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You can find all your store coupon policies here. If you are not sure it’s always best to call the store and ask.



I can tell you about grocery shopping and what we do in terms of shopping to save money and how it works for us. There are no wrong or right answers, just smart choices. Over time you will gradually learn where you should and shouldn’t go in the grocery store or at least how to say no, I’m on a budget I need to buy this or that.

You may also substitute items in order to stick to your budget to make it work. Nobody is perfect, heck we struggle with this t of our budget like many people do and this is why the grocery game challenge was created.

If you have just joined The Grocery Game Challenge get ready to dive deep into your grocery budget and learn just where you are spending, how much you are spending and what you are saving.

You’ve made a wise decision.

Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge Canada!




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  1. We are definetly a family that adores bread…..and a family that all adore different breads!! It seems like when we purchase bread we need to buy specific organic bread that I love…hubbies whole wheat….small dinner rolls for my daughter….bagels for my son…hamburger buns…and hot dog buns!! I always buy when i can at 50% off and freeze!!! It saves a ton of money!!

    Here is my shop for this week.


    lemonade 1.00 x 2=2.00
    berry punch 0.69
    organic ketchup 5.49
    organic apple juice 3.99
    organic milk 8.89
    potato wedges 3.29
    fries 3.29
    yogurt 4.98
    rice 1.49
    kraft dinner smart 2 x 1.69=3.38
    chips ahoy cookies 2.98
    cheese slices 3.27
    mozzarella 3.77
    whole wheat bread 3.18-1.59=1.59
    free from chicken drumsticks 4.02
    Free from bacon 5.49
    organic apples 5.47
    organic grapes 4.98
    bananas 1.47
    batteries 5.89
    pullups 23.97

    Total =102.53

    Total PC points=1400

  2. I shop for 2 adults and an almost 3 year old boy. Our budget is $90/week or $450 for this month and includes laundry, health/beauty, etc.
    Fresh Co
    Goldfish (PM Target) 2 x $1.99 – 2 x $2.00 CO51
    CO51 $4.00
    OOP $0.00

    Minute rice jasmine and basmati 2/$6.00 – 2 x $2.00 coupons
    NN mushrooms 5 x $.88 – $.88 SCOP
    Pea soup (PM NF) $1.00
    Miracle whip (PM NF) $3.00 – $1.00 coupon
    Mini Wheats (PM Sobey’s) $2.99 – $2.00 coupon
    Shreddies (PM FB) $3.88
    After 8’s (PM Foodland) $3.99
    Chapmans novelties 2 x $2.00 – $4.00 coupon
    Silk Almond milk $3.99 – FPC
    Almond Fresh $3.78 – FPC
    BD almond milk (PM Fortinos) 2/$4.00 – $1.00 coupon – $.50 coupon – 2 x $1.00 CO51
    Soy drinking boxes 4 x $2.27 – 4 x $.50 coupons
    Coconut yogurt (PM Longos) $3.99 – $.50 coupon
    Cavendish fries (PM FC) 3 x $2.00 – 3 x $1.00 coupons
    HL haddock (PM Sobey’s) $4.99 – $1.00 coupon
    PC white mac & cheese $.88
    PC BM plum sauce $2.97
    PC honey hosein 2/$5.00
    Catelli Smart pasta (PM NF) 7 x $1.00 – 4 x $1.00 coupons – 3 x BOGO free coupons
    Crackers $2.92
    Buns $3.19 – 50% pink sticker – $1.60
    CN bologna $4.99 – FPC
    Apples (PM FB) $1.99
    Mushrooms (PM NF) $1.00
    Cucumber (PM Ample) $.50
    Rooster garlic (PM NF) $.34
    Romaine $1.99
    Carrots 3lbs (PM NF) $1.00
    Bananas $1.97
    Squash $2.51
    Magazine $3.49
    Colgate (PM FB) 2 x $1.88 – 2 x $1.50 coupons
    Coupons $42.26
    SCOP $.88
    CO51 $2.00
    OOP $63.95

    Total Grocery Amount Budgeted For the Year : $4,680 ($90/week)
    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $450 (5 shopping weeks this month – last month was supposed to be for us but ended up only being 4)
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $42.26
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $42.26
    • Total Coupons Used this Year: $1804.68
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this week: $6.00
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this month: $6.00
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this year: $154.00
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this week: $0
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this month:$0
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this year: $394.31 (Unfortunately September was the end of using the card for us as we are no longer allowed to use it)
    • Total SCOP this week: $.88
    • Total SCOP this month: $.88
    • Total SCOP this year: $8.51
    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
    •Total Spent This Week: $63.95
    •Total Spent So Far for December: $63.95
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop: N/A
    •Total Over/Under spent for the month of December: N/A
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $386.05
    •Total to Carry over Next Month: I do not carry over to the next month.
    •Total Spent To Date This Year: $3863.20
    •Weekly overview: Pretty good week. Great start to the month 🙂

    1. Hey Jen
      I have to get on the Checkout51 bandwagon… I was going to do it this week but I need to set time aside. I am signed up for it though. Considering your year to date is where it’s at you may end up spending less than you budgeted for the year which is awesome…. I’ve noticed that your shops have changed considerably over the year and I’m proud of you. I see you are buying much more healthier foods and cooking more full meals. You’ve come so far and I’m proud of you> I can only imagine what 2014 will bring for you. Keep it up. Mr.CBB You get ballot 3.

  3. Our weekly budget is $100 making this month $400.
    Thankfully I had bought that gift card from my work and had a little cash in my wallet cause that is all I had this week!! Didn’t know it would end up that way but between a few Christmas gifts and pay days we won’t have any grocery money till Thursday. I had already planned to do discount Tuesday and redemption shop today so I do have a little change in my wallet to cover the difference that is needed, but that is next weeks grocery budget 🙂
    $2.99 snowman sippy cup – I couldn’t resisit!!
    $1.32×4-$2C&.50TCx4 ginger ale 2L pop
    $4.55 total oop
    $4 total coupons
    .20 mandarin orange
    .65 pomelo
    $1.50 raspberries
    $2.99-scop raspberries
    $1.99×10 asssorted crackers
    $6.49×2-bogo sale sausage
    $5.49×2-bogo sale sausage
    $3.99×2-bogo sale cinnamon buns
    $4.97×3-$2Cx3 delissio pizza
    $3.99×4$2Cx2&$2C old spice body wash (got 800 points!!)
    $58.09 total oop ($47.61 remaining of my gift card) $10.48 cash
    $13 total coupons

    $62.64 total weekly oop
    $17 total weekly coupons

    $341.43 total monthly oop
    $207.46 total monthly coupons

    1. Hi Juanita
      Sure, sure you couldn’t resist hahaha… see they know someone will buy it. There’s a buyer for everything they say. Hey that sounds like a great post title.. Good deal with the pop. You are on it with those pop coupons every year lol. Looks like you piked up some great bogo deals this week. Good for you. Keep up the good work. You get ballot 2.

  4. we buy whatever bread that is on sale because making bread is a lot of work. once i made “2-hour bread”. only took 2 hours, but the rising and kneading and all tired me out lol so i just buy the cheapest bread i can find when i am out shopping. BUT i do find home baking interesting. i been baking cakes, cookies and buns recently. lots of fun and it is satisfying my sweet tooth! 😀 (even my husband’s been having cup cakes made by me! he doesn’t really like sweet stuff! )

    so here’s how i did with the last few shopping trips for november (had $143 over budget back from september, still trying to make it even):

    November 18-30, 2013
    Budget for 2 people + 3 pets: $250-45.2(over-budget from Sept)=$204.80
    November’s spending: 143.28+18.54+65.63=227.45
    November’s budget left: 204.80-143.28-18.54-65.63=-22.65 overbudget
    November’s coupon used: 23.49+0+6.44=29.93
    November’s giftcard used: 10+2.68+12.32=$25

    My shops for the last week: 7.88+3.80+15.93+3.00+19.96+15.06=65.63

    Walmart total $7.88
    Delissio pizzas 4×3.97-4×2.00=1.97 each

    NoFrills total $3.80
    Cabbage sale 2.77
    Classico pasta sauce sale 2×2.00=4.00
    Kitty Litter sale 7.97
    Ginger root 0.38
    HST 1.04
    Giftcard used -12.32
    Rounded down -0.04

    Walmart $15.93
    Bok choy 1.48
    Frozen corn 2.87
    Frozen peas 3.97
    Delissio pizza 3.97-2.00=1.97
    Margarine 2.77
    Raffaello 0.98
    Eggplant 1.76
    HST 0.13

    Shoppers Drug Mart $3.00
    Eggs 2×1.99-1.00=3.00
    m&m’s 1.19-FPC=FREE

    Giant Tiger #1 $19.96
    Romaine lettuce 2.97
    Onion 1.47
    Tomato 1.66
    Pillow cases 4.00
    Ferrero rocher 0.98
    Bread 1.97
    Cheese 2×1.88-2×075=1.13 each
    Classico pasta sauce 2×2.00=4.00
    HST 0.65

    Giant Tiger #2 $15.06
    Cabbage 1.57
    Ferrero rocher 0.98
    Onions 1.00
    Carrots 1.00
    Garlic 0.47
    Potato 2.89
    Cream 2.77-0.75=2.02
    Red hots 2.00
    Vegetable oil 3.00
    HST 0.13

    1. Hi Wing,
      I think for the most part people will buy the bread that is on sale as there seems to be a fierce competition for bread these days. You had a great month with your shops and it looks like you kept it simple the last week and picked up the essentials. Your husband must be loving all the baking you have been doing.. mmm I am like you and have a sweet too as well. I made a batch of cookie dough brownies the other day and they are sweet.. but so goodd. Great deal on the eggs at SDM… where are the coupons from? Keep up the good work.. .the GGC for 2014 is fast approaching and I hope you will join us for a fresh new year of grocery shopping yay!! and saving. You get ballot #14

  5. Here are my shops for this past week, all were at Foodland. I came very close to making it this month. After week three it didn’t look promising but I almost did it!

    Nov 22
    6 KD @.69- 4.14
    1 package milkbone dog treats (for Mitzi)
    1 Oatmeal Crisp- 2.99
    2 Cheerios @2.99- 5.98
    1 Liberte yogurt- 3.99
    3 blocks cheese @4.97- 14.91
    2 boxes chicken nuggets @4.99- 9.98
    1 Rice Crispies Holiday box- 4.99, 1.00 coupon
    Tax- .30
    Total- $48.27, 1.00 coupon, 1 turkey buck

    Nov. 27
    2 packs pasta @1.49- 2.98
    1 4l milk- 4.79
    1 block cheese- 4.97
    1 jug water- 5.49
    Total- $18.23

    Nov. 24
    2 can tomato paste @.65- 1.30
    1 mustard- .99
    bananas- 1.10
    1 pasta sauce- 1.79
    2 W/W bread @2.99- 5.98
    1 4l milk- 4.79
    1 jug water- 5.49
    Total $21.44
    Total Budget for year- $7800.00
    Total budget for month- $600.00
    Total coupons this week- $1.00
    Total spent this week- $88.24
    Total for month- $159.49+$166.72+$194.67+$88.24=$609.12
    Total over/under for week- Over-$9.12(had $79.12 left for month)
    Total over/under for month- $9.12 over
    Left for month-N/A
    Total coupons/discounts for month- $10.75+$5.62+$16.50+$1.00=$3.87
    Total carryover to next month- $567.90+$9.12=$577.02
    Total YTD- J$818.08+F$598.07+M$770.12+A$938.07+M$650.13+J$876.78+J$734.75+A$625.95+S$800.56+O$637.38+N$609.12=$8058.49
    So there it is….. I did go over for the week and the month but it came a lot closer to the mark than I thought I thought I’d do…I bought the absolute needs and had a few dives into the freezer for ideas. I had chicken in there, ground beef and the remains from the Thanksgiving turkey to use for meals.I picked up the milkbones as we were supposed to go to my SIL’s place last Sunday but didn’t as hubby wasn’t feeling well, nor was the older boy. I just wasn’t comfortable leaving either one at home so we all stayed put. She had a crowd there anyway so it’s all good. We will get together another time. Driving is always an issue this time of the year as well. Numbers for the year are shot but I will take a good hard look at things going into the new year…… I tried this year but there needs to be more thought for next year….

    1. Hi Christine, That Liberte yogurt is like icecream its so good lol but the price is high on it. If we ever see it with a pink sticker, look out lol. You did amazing this month wow. Look at everything you purchased and to go over just by a bit is not a hug deal as you can make it up in December, easily. I think this year was a learning experience for you about numbers, shopping habits etc and in 2014 your grocery budget and budget will have a new outlook. I can’t wait to start the GGC for 2014 and see what we can all accomplish from what we’ve learned from each other about grocery shopping the past 2 years. \Keep at it… you get ballot 13. Mr.CBB

  6. NOVEMBER – Week #4 of 4 – November 25-December 1st, 2013


    •Total Grocery Budgeted For Year: $142.50 x 12 = $1,710.00 for 2 adults
    •Total Stockpile Budgeted For Year: $47.50 x 12 = $570.00 for 2 adults
    •Combined Grocery Budget for 2013: $190.00 x 12 = $2,280.00



    This week’s shopping is really minimal. I wanted to take advantage of a rain check for bacon and I needed a cabbage… what’s homemade soup without cabbage??? My best news though is that I got a rain check for the 1 kg honey hams @ $8.49!



    Safeway – Maple Ridge

    4 Pantry Essentials 500g bacon (Original Price $5.19 ea = $20.76 but Rain Check @ $2.99 gives saving $8.80)
    = $11.96
    1 Green Cabbage $3.68
    4 Avocados Large ($7.96-$2.96 Loyalty Savings – $1.44 Coupon) = $3.56

    •Total OOP: $19.20

    • Grocery Budget OOP: $2.25
    • Stockpile Budget OOP: $11.96
    • Cash Hiding Spot: $4.99

    ** Earned 10 Air Miles on this shop **
    ** USED $9.44 in Coupons **
    ** SAVED $2.96 Loyalty Savings on this shop **






    •Total Loyalty Card Price Reductions This Year:
    J$40.04+F$44.48+M$98.35+A$50.00+M$3.00+J$0.00+Jy$55.55+Au$36.66+S$52.74+O$71.36+N($4.98+9.31+2.96)= $469.43

    •Total Coupons Used This Year:
    J$60.46+F$0.00+M$11.79+A$12.48+M$1.50+J$54.54+Jy$ 42.16+ +Au$3.80+S$38.57+O$$21.98+N($14.99+9.44)= $271.71

    •Total More Points Earned This Year:
    J265+F248+M151+A26+M0+J59+Jy7+Au26+S0+O141+N(15)= 938 Points

    •Total Air Miles Earned This Year:
    J57+F10+M30+A83+M0+J161+Jy20+Au1+S208+O80+N(20+10)= 680 Air Miles

    •Total Thrifty’s Points Earned This Year:
    Jan-Sept 988+ O297+N(321)= 1606 Points



    •Total Grocery OOP Spent So Far This Year:
    J$217.50+F$198.39+M$72.90+A$215.04+M$70.12+J$49.97+Jy$114.23 +Au$100.49+S$130.85+O$111.97+N($32.50 to borscht+$3.99+$30.27+23.85+$51.89+2.25=$144.75)= $1,426.21

    •Total YTD Grocery Budget So Far:
    J$190.00+F$190.00+M$108.79+A$142.50+M$142.50+J$50.00+Jy$114.36+Au$99.62+S$110.00+O$133.69 +N$142.50 = $1,423.96

    •Total Over/Under on the YTD Grocery Budget: $2.25 OVER



    •Total Stockpile OOP Spent So Far This Year:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$81.21+A$77.55+M$17.45+J$82.86+Jy$79.24+Au$0.00+S$20.00+O$47.50+N(27.50 to restocking+20.00+11.96 = $59.46)= $465.27

    •Total YTD Stockpile Budget:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$81.21+A$47.50+M$47.50+J$82.86+Jy$35.64+Au$43.60+S$20.00+O$47.50+N($47.50) = $453.31

    •Total Over/Under YTD Stockpile Budget: $11.96 OVER



    •Total 2014 Re-Stocking Budget:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$0.00+A$0.00+M$0.00+J$0.00+Jy$17.50+Au $17.50 +S$27.50+O$27.50+N$20.00= $110.00 AVAILABLE



    •Total 2014 Borscht Stockpile Budget:
    J$0.00+Feb$0.00+M$0.00+A$0.00+M$0.00+J$120.00+Jy$32.50+Au$30.50+S$32.50+O$12.50+N$32.50= $260.50 AVAILABLE


    • TOTAL FUNDS SPENT IN 2013: $1,891.48

    $2,090 is budgeted for JAN-NOV ‘2013 INCL. but with cash additions from a gift, recycled bottles, cash hiding spot money and repayments of funds owed to us…we increased our reserves to also have:

    $110.00 Freezer Re-Stocking Fund
    $260.50 Borscht Fund

    Total $370.50



    CANADIAN $’s

    Groceries: ($2.25)
    Stockpile: ($11.96)
    Cash Hiding Spot: $0.00
    2014 BORSCHT: $260.50
    Re-Stocking Funds: $110.00

    US $’s

    Our Reserve: $0.00
    US Cash Hiding Spot: $0.00


    The valid rain checks I hold are as follows:


    3 dozen Lucerne Large Eggs @ $1.33 (Good until Feb 7th)
    4 Butcher’s Cut Side Bacon @ $8.99 (Good until Feb 20th)
    4 Butcher’s Cut Boneless Honey Dinner Ham 1 Kg @ $8.49
    (Good to Feb 26th)


    1. Hi Mary,
      That was some great shopping this week. You not only scored an awesome rain check on the ham you were able to use your previous rain checks and pick up minimal amounts of food for the week. I think cabbage is a great addition to soup and to be honest I wish you ate it a bit more than we do. You have inspired me to buy cabbage more this winter since i love to make soups as you know. A few more weeks until another successful year of grocery shopping… You get ballot #11 Cheers Mary Mr.CBB

  7. I’m always looking for the sale bread at the stores!! I need to dig out the bread maker and get it going again. I bought some yeast for it and I think I might try to find a little treat for Christmas to make there. My one sister-in-law loves her bread maker!!! She was behind a couple of the bread machine cook books I got from my late MIL ages ago!! The one advantage I have found with not using the bread maker and kneading by hand is the chance to work out a little frustration while kneading!!!! Take that!!!!! And that!!!!! Pounding the daylights out of it can feel so refreshing!!!
    I need to post my shops for this week but I will likely have to go back to the store again judging from the looks of my milk supply so I will wait until after that. It’s going to be close….very close. I think I’m just under right now…..I’ll see how things add up Friday as I work my week to go along with the flyers, it’s just easier for me that way and back when hubby was working he was paid on Thursdays so it all worked out.
    Nice deal on the chicken, eggs, icing sugar and the chocolate chips!!! Did you ever see the coupon for the Baker’s Chocolate with the brownie recipe?????Those brownies do look good…………

  8. I really want a breadmaker. I know I could make it in the oven but there’s something about dropping a bunch of ingredients in a breadmaker that excites me 🙂

    1. It literally takes about 3 minutes to plop everything in, and walk away.
      We had a problem with the bread rising too much, so we adjusted the sugar down, and all is good.
      The top part is big and puffy (not loaf shaped) so we cut the top of and them cut into 4 ‘rolls’

  9. We rarely buy bread, because we use our bread maker.
    About the only times we so, is at one particular place that sells cheese bread for 99c ( on sale ).
    Can’t make it cheaper than that.

        1. Now that sounds like an interesting combination.. cinnamon, thyme/oregano. What made you come up with using those three spice? What does it taste like?

          1. My husband, when he bakes the bread, like to try different flavours. One son would put cinnamon sugar on his toast…so that’s what inspired the cinnamon bread. It’s very mild tasting.
            Sometimes I make mini pizzas, with bread as a base, and adding thyme/oregano just gave it extra flavour. It’s also good when eating pasta, or garlic toast.

  10. What a nice finish to the month Mr CBB! I was sure that with all those packs of chicken surely you’d be over by more… but $10.28 will be easy to absorb next month. I am going to be a wee bit over in November too because I plan to take advantage of a bacon rain check for 4 lbs at $2.49/lb that is expiring. Hubby’s last work day until the new year is this coming Friday. Indulging in the cheap bacon means we’ll be able to have a bacon & egg brunch once a week as a holiday treat! I also need a cabbage…what’s soup without cabbage? LOL I’ll put up my final November post this evening after hubby gets home from the shop. 🙂

    1. You deserve all that cheap bacon too. One thing I find here is the bacon is sliced so thin. I like thick bacon like back home. I’m eating the chicken we bought now and it’s so juicy. I’m happy we bought what we did.

  11. Hey Mr CBB

    Can so identify with your bread post! So these days I’m trying to stay away from too much wheat, bleached flour, carbohydrates, yeast, gmo bread..basically left with nothing haha. I look at the ingredients and I feel guilty if I buy bread and tummy a little churning knowing the ingredients are not great for the body. I like the taste of Ace Bakery tho the organic ones, get them at 50% off. At times I just bake my own with unbleached flour. Did a 2 week experiment without yeast, rice , bread and funny thing I noticed a difference in my body…just felt kinda better. Oh well to each its own.

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