How to ask for help when it comes to money success


You Never Know What Someone Has To Say Unless You Ask A Question

Money success means that we are in charge of our own lives and how it plays out really depends on many factors with the main one being understanding where we stand financially.

When it comes to our personal finances we were never the couple to ask for help nor did we disclose how much money we made or saved because we simply didn’t want people to know.

Starting the blog was and still is a way for me to talk about personal finance and how it applies to our budget but also to open up and learn about others’ successes and failures.

How To Create Money Success

When I first started chatting to my friend over at Nurse Frugal and her husband whom she calls Mr. BT almost 2 years ago they were on a journey to become debt-free including their mortgage using a budget and Dave Ramsey principles.

They have now paid their mortgage in full as of November 2013 an exciting time for this young couple who worked so hard to reach this goal which you can read about it in their latest post “Freedom”.

What stood out the most in her Freedom blog post was the three things that were important to them along the way.

  1. It takes hard work
  2. You need a budget
  3. I don’t “need things” to be content

All three of these are true for us as well but the best part is where she shares what they are now able to do now that they are debt-free.

Life is much easier when the stress is lifted and you know that where you are is only because of the discipline that you put forth and will continue to put forth.

That’s what money success truly is.

Just because someone is debt-free doesn’t mean they stop living by the principles they set before themselves it only means that they don’t have to worry as much as they used to and can set even more goals.

I’m the type of guy who believes that whatever guidance helps you get on board financially whether it be from financial author Gail Vaz Oxlade, American Radio host and financial author Dave Ramsey or reading the myriad of personal finance blogs and finance books out there then go for it.

Just make sure to do your homework and trust the professionals when and if something doesn’t sound right to you. It’s your money, after all, so protect it wisely.

Money Success Means Starting Now

Too often people push their finances aside until it’s too late and throw their hands up in the air not knowing what to do and where to turn.

It’s a good thing there are many free money-saving tools and resources on the web for everyone to access but sometimes that’s not enough.

Having friends and family might just be the push you need to get on track by letting them know where you stand financially or that you are working on getting on track using a budget and you are now limited to spending within your means.

I believe that once people see their overall financial picture they are either shocked or relieved it’s not as bad as they thought, but at the same time if they want to move forward financially they will do whatever it takes.

I was reading an article called “Family and friends are the secret to financial success” and it reminded me how some people I know blame others because they are in debt, mainly friends and family.

The not so shocking part was reading that 82 percent of couples talk about finances but feel that their partner keeps them from reaching their financial goals.

It leads me to wonder how often and in-depth couples do discuss personal finances before they are married or start a relationship, especially what their goals are.

Skimming the surface financially before walking down the aisle is not always the smart way to go especially if you are a saver.

Canadians clearly feel the pressure to spend when they are with friends, as 44 per cent of us admit we shell out more than we can afford.

The premise behind the article tells me that if you feel pressure to spend when you are with your family and friends it may be just as wise to tell them your financial goals so they can support you and offer tips and advice along the way; especially if they are living it.

If people think that your financial health is amazing they won’t tell you not to spend, it’s up to you to put the brakes on.

Helping Others Achieve Their Money Success

I know I’ve talked about my best friend in the past about how he has a daughter who manipulates him into buying her “things n stuff” and that he really wants to find a better job and get his debt under control.

Well, the time has come and I’m going to be turning his world upside down financially in the next week.

He’s not the type of guy who asks for any help but this time I’m going to just give it to him because I care about him.

I know he wants it and I know he will accept it as we’ve talked about it and because money success is important to him.

He has a daughter to care for and knows that he needs to earn more money and pay off debt including his mortgage.

It’s smart to be a good listener when you are a friend because sometimes you hear about things that your friend might need but not know how to ask or where to begin especially if they know that you are educated in a particular area.

Review Your Finances From A To Z

Not only am I going to go through all of his finances with him I’m going to be blogging about it along the way to encourage him and to hold him accountable.

However, I truly believe that without challenging ourselves it’s much easier to give up.

I really want to see him succeed and understand how the little things all add up and how credit cards are a revolving door leading nowhere unless they are paid in full.

We started tracking our spending in all areas and couldn’t believe how much money we were wasting each month on things like dining out or shopping at Costco!- Nurse Frugal

This may be tough for him but I will be there to support him along the way.

We all make mistakes and he may fall off the budget bandwagon but that’s OK we will stay optimistic and get right back on if it happens although we won’t jinx it before we start.

I know he doesn’t want the world to see him fail and I hope that will be the push he needs to work hard on living by my motto “It’s not about how much money you make, it’s how you save it”.

Assisting Others Who Want The Financial Help

If you’ve been a fan of Canadian Budget Binder you know Jen P and I have worked together on her family budget the past 2 years and they have gone from being in debt to gaining back control of their finances.

The journey to financial freedom is not easy but if we only invested the time in our own business which is essentially our own lives we would see the path that we need to take.

We put so much effort into our own careers and making others rich we forget about the very people who we need to worry about and that is ourselves and our families.

A Promise I Will Always Keep

So, I leave you today with the promise to help my best friend get his finances on track and even if I have to lock him up in a closet and take all of his credit cards away to stop him from spending.

Well, I won’t take that drastic of measures but I certainly will push, motivate and show him what money can do and what money can’t do if it’s not spent and saved the right way.

I hope you will join me on this journey with him and offer your tips and personal experiences as he will be reading along and I know that he will appreciate everything that my fans have to offer.

Have you ever helped someone with their finances before?

If you want to start budgeting you can now download our personal budget for free!!

You can also download many other free tools like grocery lists and more to help you along the way on your journey towards debt freedom.

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