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Should your husband help with household chores? : PF Weekly grab a brew #71

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grab-a-brew-householdchores-husbandCLEANING ISN’T JUST FOR THE LADIES


I’ve done household chores for as long as I can remember and it’s really not that big of a deal.

Some people loathe cleaning but I would prefer to have a clean environment rather than having to deal with creatures, dust and who knows what else.

Note… I’m not talking just messy because when kids are involved messy is part of life even though growing up we still were responsible for cleaning up our toys when we were old enough to understand.

If you read my blog you know I bought my first house from a young age and I kept my investment spotless. Not only did I make sure to maintain the property I bought I made sure it was kept neat and tidy.

I was a single guy at the time so if I didn’t clean no one else was going to do the household chores for me. Sure, I could have hired a maid but why pay for something that is so easy to do. I find that if you were told to do housework from a young age and your parents taught you to keep your space clean you may just grow up to want the same.


Household chores growing up


My wife comes from a family that has a very clean house and household chores were part of daily living. No, they didn’t have a household chores schedule on the refrigerator they were told what to do apart from making sure their bedrooms were kept clean.

Her father did all of the maintenance around the house and indulged in cooking because he enjoys making meals for the family. Food is love in her family so making sure there was always something nutritious on the table was important for both parents.

They are still like that today. Her father loves to garden as does her mother and they both do it together. Household chores such as cleaning is handled mainly by her mother but her father will help out.

Her mother is the type who enjoys cleaning and would rather he find something to fix or grow then get in her way. Many women are like her and would rather not have their husband help clean but rather focus on other things.

It’s not a ticket to turn on the television and sit there all day while she scrubs walls and floors on top of watching the kids and going to work either. It’s always been a shared love for keeping the household running for the both of us even though we don’t have children.

My family was and still is the same except you wouldn’t want my father cooking you anything lol. My mother is the cook in our family but they both enjoy doing the household chores. I look back and am thankful that my parents took the time to make sure that I understood the value of household chores so today I can help my wife out, no complaints.


Household chores in our house


Both my wife and I love a clean house where everything has its place. We are for the most part organized in a way that makes sense to us. No we don’t have all of our canned goods turned a certain way but we also don’t have our floors filled with dirt and dust so thick it’s painful to think about what we are breathing in.

My wife and I established early on in our relationship that we would both help with housework because it was something we both wanted, a clean house. Not only do we both clean but we both enjoy cooking together.

I’ll be honest and say I do the laundry because she’s rubbish (she will agree) at it although she can do it. There are things I don’t fancy doing and my wife will jump in and take the wheel and that works out for both of us. She loves gardening for example but I’ve caught her pulling out the very spring onions that she planted just months early because she thought they were weeds, lol. Needless to say I’m in charge of the garden with direct supervision, lol.

She says I’m the master at folding clothes and she’s not the only one who has told me that, so don’t think she says it just so I do it . No, I’m not high on my cleaning powers but it’s nice to have someone recognize what you do. It’s no different than having your boss say you’ve done a good job although I don’t attribute household chores with employment. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation once in a while.

The other day my mate came home to his wife buying him a bouquet of flowers for all the hard work he does and for stepping up and cooking meals for the family. You don’t hear of that often but it’s nice to know that it does happen.

I don’t sit around and watch my wife sweat it out cleaning while watching movies or playing video games. I help out and don’t compare who works harder or has a busier career either. I don’t want to be the lazy husband who does nothing because that’s not the guy that I am.

I don’t know many wives who wouldn’t mind having their able-bodied men hang out drinking beer all day doing nothing while the tend to doing everything around the house. If you are a wife who doesn’t mind more power to the both of you, if that’s what works.

Personally, it’s never been me and never will be. Some of my wife’s friends joke around and ask if I have a brother but it really is no surprise that most women wouldn’t mind the help doing household chores. We have busy lives so working together to do household chores only speeds up the process so we can focus on other important stuff including spending time together doing things we love.

If both of you are working full-time jobs with or with-out kids that still means stuff needs to get done around the house. I was reading this article where it says that housework can either help or hurt a marriage. It certainly helps our relationship and I do agree that I like to keep my wife happy just as she keeps me happy. That’s what we call teamwork.

University of Illinois found that wives who want to divide household chores equally are significantly happier if their husbands agree. If their spouses don’t, wives’ happiness levels plummet.

If you want to learn how to get your husband to do housework one thing I do agree on is establishing this from the start of the relationship like we did. I also believe that household chores do include taking out the trash, grocery shopping and maintenance around the house so if your husband isn’t sweeping floors but fixing broken doors, painting walls, renovating etc. that’s just as important.

Just the other day I cleaned out the inside of all of our windows and put back the screens that I take out just before winter and give them a cleaning in the back garden.

The reason I do this is so we can wipe off any excess moisture that may build on the windows in the winter instead of having mold grow plus I like to take care of our windows. If you look at my neighbour’s windows all you will see is vast amounts of mold growing on the outside so I can only imagine what the inside looks like. I don’t want to have to spend money putting in new windows if I don’t have to. Ours are perfectly fine for now because I take good care of them.

Household chores in our house is something that keeps us both happy and it works for us. Whether you choose to have your spouse stay out of your hair or participate in household chores is something the two of you can decided. I know that my wife wouldn’t have to ask me twice to help out because I know she’d do the same for me, in a heartbeat.

Does your husband help with household chores?


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Once a week I pick one recipe that has been submitted as my Top Recipe of the week. Trust me when I say this is no easy task as some of these foodies can cook up a storm.

Since it is Mother’s Day this weekend I thought it would be fitting to share a lovely Mother’s Day recipe from Bunny’s Warm Oven. She shared this beautiful Waldorf salad with a twist that you can surprise your mom with and I’m sure she will love.


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Well, that’s a wrap for this PF Friday’s Grab a brew #71. Happy budgeting and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.



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  1. For me, the husband should help doing the household chores. “Sometimes” my husband helped me in washing our clothes and taking good care of our baby. It’s not an issue with me either if he helps me or not after all.

  2. The best thing hubby can do to help out here is to stay out of the way but he’s not even good at that. He grew up with his Mom and 3 sisters……. I asked his sisters once what he had to do around the house to help out as a kid and none of them could remember a thing and 2 of them are older than he is!!! He did get an allowance as a kid but I can’t see his Dad giving it to him for nothing. But what he did is a mystery….
    Our kids however have had to help out since they were little. Once they were big enough to walk and carry something at the same time they had to take their clothes from the laundry room to their rooms and put it away. They have had to help with many other things around here as well. With hubby being ill I have had a lot of help from the boys as they are still at home. They help around the house and the driveway gets shoveled and the grass cut as needed without me having to tell them. If I’m working in the garden they will be out helping…. Their father is not allowed in the garden unsupervised…..The older boy has been known to joke that someday he will make some one a good little wife!!! Lol!! Hope you have a good weekend!!!

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