Does Buying Secondhand Leave You Out of Touch with Real Prices?

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Over the years as a couple, we have come up with ways to save money in our budget by buying things we need secondhand.

More Canadians are finding bargains and are realizing that they too can save money without having to go broke.

We buy clothing secondhand when we need to although we are picky with what we buy because not all secondhand prices are equal these days.

Some thrift type stores are taking advantage of the secondhand pricing wars of used items and prices are becoming over the top. They see more people buying so they boost the prices to the point of craziness, considering they got it free.

Pretty soon they may find some people will head back to buying new because it’s worth it if you know your prices. It’s always hit or miss but it’s not just clothes on our secondhand hit list.

Clothing only scratches the secondhand surface as we tend to look for everything we need that is new to us or never been used. Why? It saves us money and it’s not just us, many people do it.

You only have to look at the hordes of people out at garage sales on the weekend. There are however some items that you should always buy secondhand if you can because there really is savings behind the idea.


Secondhand pricing


The question that came to both of us at roughly the same time was, “Does buying secondhand all the time leave you out of touch with real prices?” If you can buy items super cheap, why would you ever pay retail again?

We’ve talked about buying used many times on CBB but not about how buying used affects our ability to spend money on new items because the frugal in us says, “no we can find it used or cheaper somewhere else”. Has that happened to you?

There are two ways of looking at this question depending on how you look at it from a personal standpoint. Sure we may be out of touch a little but how much have we saved by not buying brand-new trendy products every year? Lots!

It’s not just poor people who shop secondhand either. It really bothers me when people put that stigma on others. If you worry about that kind of stuff then you definitely have to come down to earth a bit.

It’s not always about how much money you have in the bank or in many cases how much money your credit card will let you swipe. It’s about being smart with your money so it goes further.

We credit paying our mortgage in full in under 5 years in part to our secondhand shopping and I’m sure many others who are debt free or are conscious about spending money agree it’s worth it.


Over the years


My old house in the UK was fully renovated and I managed to enjoy the luxury of a completely renovated house for about 3 months until I sold it to move to Canada.

At that time I probably owned the most new stuff I’ve ever had in my life. Since that time we have lived in rented rooms in the UK and Canada before purchasing our own house together.

Most times the homeowners we lived with bought new items and in no time ready for the garbage because of abuse or ready to sell because of no-use. We came to the conclusion that furnishing a house would be cheaper if we bought good second-hand items.

As time went by within the first year of us owning a home we managed to fully furnish it with a leather living room suite, complete bedroom sets and much, much more. It’s not just furniture either. All the items other than some electrically related items we’re bought secondhand or negotiated at garage sales and needless to say we’ve found some pretty cool stuff.

It was always easier to live with “that’ll do” items that got us through rather than purchase over the top priced goods that we wanted instead of the things we needed. After all, it took us nearly 3 years to save and buy a flat screen television that we wanted. The 3 years earlier we entertained ourselves with an old Cathode Ray Tube television that was passed along to us for free from a friend.

We have bought new stuff, but it’s for house renovations, including materials for the deck, the landscaping in the front of the house, the central vacuum, the flooring and bathroom vanities. Of course with that frugal mindset everything we tend to buy has some sort of sale or discount involved.

I’m pretty sure this list will grow as I continue to renovate the house. This is because you don’t generally get those sorts of items secondhand unless they are getting towards the end of their useful life or someone over-purchases and needs to sell the products that are taking up space in the home.


Know what you need


If you know what you are looking for you can even find new renovation items at garage sales or online like CBB fan Jen has as they are currently renovating their basement. You can follow Jen’s garage sale finds as I post them in my Saturday Weekend Review blog posts each week. It’s amazing what she finds.

After re-vamping her family budget with me back two years ago Jen has made amazing improvements to their budget and shops smarter now rather than rushing out to buy everything they need new because she knows now that she may be able to find it cheaper used.

That’s not to say that we don’t shop the sales either because we do and so does Jen we just aren’t in a rush to get it all at once. Just this past week we waited to get our bathroom medicine cabinet and storage shelf while the store had a No-tax Day.

We could have bought them at full-price when we bought the vanities that were on sale but we waited because we knew an opportunity would come where we would be able to save something on them. You just don’t want to wait too long and risk that they discontinue the product also if you are in a rush to get the job done you might have to suck up the costs and pay full-price if it’s not on sale.

Fashion items such as furniture tend to be different as people want the up-to-date look so furniture tends to be easier to purchase secondhand. The reason it’s easier is because these fashion trendy people always want to update the look of their surrounding where people like us aren’t so bothered.

It’s easier to update accessories around the house rather than buying new in-trend furniture every season or year. How many decor items do you see on tables at garage sales? Loads! This does not mean that our house is furnished with black melamine furniture held together with wood glue in hopes that the IKEA A-B Slot doesn’t give way again either.

It means we just take our time to purchase items and furnish our surroundings according to our taste, budget and what other people want to get rid of for less. We tend to find younger families spend the big money on new trendy items and sell it off rather than older couples, at least from garage sales that is what we see. As we get older it’s less about showing off to our friends how big our house is, how the furnishings are top of the line etc. It’s about living the good life without stress of paying for crap we can’t afford.

We spent a lot of time looking at what type of furniture we wanted and went to plenty of houses to find bargains because they wanted to update. By picking out more of a classical style we tried to keep away from fashion fads and flat pack furniture in order that it will last longer both in terms of looks and build quality.

We even managed to buy appliances secondhand with a plan in mind that we would eventually re-model the kitchen as well as other rooms in the house. So far these appliances have kept working with no problems for the past 4-5 years.

We didn’t want to buy new and then change the appliances for no reason later down the road just because they didn’t look right in the new kitchen, it would be a waste. Not every home you buy has the appliances included so if you know you want to do a renovation it might be cheaper to go the used route until you know exactly what your design will be.


Buying new


Last Christmas we started looking at a brand new washer and dryer pair and we’re astounded by the cost, some laundry pairs we’re into the $2,000 range and that wasn’t even the most expensive. Trying to justify spending that kind of money didn’t sit well with us and after much thinking we decided that kind of purchase will be better suited to when the washer and dryer die.

If you look online there are loads of people getting rid of sets for cheap or free. Our set is not trendy looking but it’s still running smooth. Sometimes I find the older stuff lasts longer than the new stuff that is produced these days.

For many it’s more about the trendy look rather than just worrying that the machines will get the job done. No one cares what your laundry set looks like, at least I don’t if I come to your house. How much have we saved by not buying the latest and greatest washer and dryer?

Judging by the model number on the washer we currently wash our clothes in a 25-year-old washing machine but it still works every time with no hassle and it cost us virtually nothing. We’ve decided to keep the washer and dryer going until the day it dies because there is no reason to get rid of it.

We are not the type of people who are convinced by steam machine, flashing lights, beeping alarms and digital readouts. If we have clothes that need special attention we will take them to get professionally cleaned but I don’t wear a suit to work so not much need in that service.

The wife will get a laundry room all done up to the nines, eventually, just not at the minute and I’ll do it being price conscious as always but by finding the best deals.


Top of our spending list


I will admit that we do need a new mattress and now that we have the extra money we can afford a set without too many worries about how it will affect the budget. A mattress is something we would never buy secondhand but that’s personal opinion and yours may differ. This turn of fortune in the form of more disposable income every month does not mean that we’ll just upgrade everything from second-hand to brand new though.

We still need to keep our frugal ways going but now and again we can afford to upgrade and go new. Even then we’ll still be looking for deals whether it’s sales, coupons or end of line discounts. We may be a little better off but we’re not ready to pay full price for anything just yet.

Just lately we’ve managed to pick up some great items at secondhand shops like the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores including housewares and clothes (especially at 50% off sales). It may sound like we’re snobs of the secondhand market but we only buy items that are in mint condition and have all the parts that work. Sounds like quite a challenge but you’d be surprised at the some of the stuff that is available.

All in all we can honestly say that although we may not have had the stuff that people dream of we’ve never gone without but more importantly we’ve had everything we would need for a lot less than most people would normally pay for.

We admit it’s tough to shop in regular stores because we know we can find many of the items used or new by going the secondhand route or via online new and used for a fraction of the cost. It may hinder us getting what we need right away but in the long run it helps us cut back on items we don’t need or by spending more than we have to.

How does buying secondhand products affect the way you look at everyday prices in stores? i.e: the mall, big box stores, clothing stores, furniture stores etc.


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