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Would legal marijuana shops decrease usage? : PF Grab a Brew #80

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Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in Canada? I’ve never used drugs in my life so as a non-drug user it’s hard for me to say yes let’s do it. 

I can somewhat understand why someone would want to test how allowing recreational marijuana use with the legalization of marijuana shops would change the way we use this drug in Canada. However, I’m just not sure it would solve any issues. Then again, who am I to say?

Under the Federal Criminal Code marijuana is illegal in Canada and I’m not about to justify why it should or shouldn’t be, but the law is the law.

Drugs not only cost you a fortune but if you become addicted to drugs you know as well as the next person you can lose everything including your life. I’m pretty sure if you are reading this you may have been involved personally with drugs, know someone who has or know someone where the consequences of drug usage of that individual or another cost them their lives.


What is marijuana?


Hopefully by now you have learned about what drugs are and the effects of drug use from your teachers and parents. For those of you who don’t know don’t be shy to read about drugs so you are informed.

Teenage use of drugs is a big concern for parents especially marijuana as it seems to be easily found in many communities. Not only that but people grow marijuana undetected and it just becomes a landslide of money.

The amount of summer vehicle break-ins shoot up because teens are bored and because it’s easy access to sell stuff to get money for drugs and alcohol. It’s not just teens though…it’s adults who run out of cash and find any way to get some so they can get their fix.

When and if the time comes and someone presents the opportunity to use drugs your common sense response should be “no” but for those of you who struggle to say no, learn about what drugs can do to your life. Some say smoking weed is no big deal and maybe it’s not but for those who have lost their lives or have committed crimes for drugs they may say differently now.

Marijuana in Canada is a huge concern for many reasons especially because you really aren’t the person you are when you refrain from using drugs. In other words marijuana alters life for you in such a form as heightened mood, euphoria and relaxation (getting “stoned”) which taps into the physiological and psychoactive.

Marijuana also known as pot, weed or cannabis is big business for those who see nothing wrong with using it recreationally to “chill out”.  We have a friend who has used for years to “chill out” and has tried so many times to quit and can’t.

The three main forms of cannabis products are the flower, resin (hashish), and oil (hash oil). – Wikipedia

Depending on what recreational means to you it could be once a month to everyday it still is an addictive drug just as much as cigarettes are. When I quit smoking almost three years ago it was one of the most difficult things I had to do. Smoking is still just as addictive.

I’ve heard drug users say “Oh I can quit tomorrow” or “I’m not addicted” or “You don’t know because you don’t use drugs” and they are right, I don’t and likely never will unless I’m in need medically. Frankly, I don’t want to know or ever find out.


Medicinal marijuana


I can blog all day about marijuana and the legalities that surround it but to spare you the boredom you can go and read just how much trouble you will get in if you get caught with controlled drugs and substances in Canada on your own by reading the act.

It’s not rocket science and most people who use drugs really don’t care to read about how their addiction to drugs can ruin their health, finances and relationships. The most obvious being drugs may land someone in jail along with a huge fine and criminal record. Let’s not forget the obvious… it can kill you.

Maybe smoking a joint might not take you to the grave but what you do when you are high is a different story, especially if you aren’t in control. It doesn’t sound worth the hassle to me but to some who use marijuana medically the benefits of marijuana seem so.

I’ve talked about medicinal marijuana before on Canadian Budget Binder and how there are now medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Canada for those that are recommended by their doctor and approved by the courts to use.

It’s not a free for all vending machine it’s a legitimate way for those with medical needs to get help. A friend of ours uses medical marijuana which was approved in the form of a marijuana vaporizer.

I’m sure if he ever mentions it to his friends the first thing they think is that he is growing marijuana but that’s just not the case. I don’t know the ins and outs of medicinal marijuana but I don’t think you are given marijuana seeds and sent on your way to grow your own pot garden. Then again, what do I know?

In Canada you can find a list of licensed producers authorized to sell or provide to those eligible persons under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Yes, I guess you can spell marijuana with an “h”.

What I do know is that for my friend the medicinal marijuana effects help him to get on with his day due to chronic pain and a disease that is taking over control of his body. I’m not one to say it’s right or wrong because that’s the job of our government and courts to decide.


Marijuana shops in Canada


Just this past week I read that Washington DC is now allowing legal sales of recreational marijuana. Now there are hopes of opening some legal marijuana shops in BC, Canada.

For those that don’t care to use drugs on a recreational basis it’s not a big deal but it may be from the perspective of legalizing it.

Dried marijuana is not an approved drug or medicine in Canada. The Government of Canada does not endorse the use of marijuana, but the courts have required reasonable access to a legal source of marijuana when authorized by a physician. -Health Canada

Although UBC adjunct professor Mark Haden would like to see Vancouver, BC become a testing ground for recreational marijuana use I’d be shocked if Canada gave the go ahead. It’s no surprise that BC flat-out said no. That doesn’t mean the fight stops there.

My understanding is that Haden feels that public health is “guided by evidence” which I can understand and if the province can get an exemption called a Section 56 exemption for scientific purposes that would allow us to see just how recreational marijuana is used and whether consumption would go down.

I guess if it’s legal then there’s nothing to hide and it’s no big deal anymore. It’s one of those cases of if you can’t have it, you want it and you’ll get it any way you can but if it’s available then the need is reduced.

So setting up a hidden type of shop where you can purchase recreational marijuana might just give us the answers we are searching for as Canadians or will it? It seems that they think that marijuana use will slow down if we legalize it like that of the Netherlands.

Do you think drug prohibition works?  What should they do? If we legalize it in Canada do you think that people will back off from using drugs or use less?


Top recipe


Watermelon Agua Fresca

If you don’t already know I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I share recipes from other Foodie Bloggers from around the world.

Once a week I pick one recipe that has been submitted as my Top Recipe of the week. Trust me when I say this is no easy task as some of these foodies can cook up a storm.

This week I picked a lovely summer drink recipe called Watermelon Agua Fresca from An Affair from the Heart blog.


Weekly CBB posts


If you missed any CBB posts from the week here is the list of posts you can catch up on reading! You will notice that I’m only posting 6 days a week right now. You may notice this post will be combined with my Saturday Weekend Review shortly as well. More explanation to come soon!! – Mr.CBB


Editor’s Pick


Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with you and an Editor’s top blog post pick.


Editor’s blog post pick of the week

  • Are you buried in Stuff by my good blogger friend Tonya at Budget and the Beach. She said something that my wife always does when she attempts to get rid of stuff and that is she might use it later. My wife never uses it later so I’m working on helping her slim down her wardrobe and get rid of stuff she no longer uses. Tonya also has an awesome top 10 list called “The Ten Laws of Stuff”… check it out!

Well, that’s a wrap for this PF Friday’s Grab a brew #80. If you are a personal finance blogger and you would like to guest post at CBB please send me an email as I’m recruiting for new guest posters.

Happy budgeting and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.



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  1. I feel like people that really want to do drugs will do them whether they are illegal or not. I think the legality of it just helps with the access and the consequences. I think getting taxes from it could be beneficial, but it’s also tricky. I don’t condone the use of drugs, seen too many people mess up their lives over it. On a refreshing note, that watermelon drink looks amazing!

  2. This is definitely an interesting subject. I’m not sure what it’s like in Canada as far as marijuana goes, but I do know here in the US, we have a big problem with drug cartel. I know that legalizing marijuana will most likely cause no change in the amount of people who use it. I don’t believe people will stop using it because the thrill of breaking the law is no longer there. However, I do know that by legalizing it, we can take a big portion of income from the drug cartel. Also, as a medical marijuana patient myself, I see quite a few benefits from the plant. I rarely smoke it, but I do vaporize here and there. Instead of smoking, I make rubs that soothe my back muscles and make it so that I can walk every day. At night, if I’m in pain and can’t get to sleep, medicated hard candies usually do the trick. Anyway, on the main topic, should marijuana be legal…in my opinion, yes. I’m sure every country has some sort of cartel that legalizing marijuana would starve.

    1. Hey Josh,
      I don’t think people will stop using it either and whether usage slows down well only time would tell. That is true about taking income from the drug cartel but would they only find something else to deal or do to make illegal money, likely. I’m glad to hear that it helps you out mate.

  3. That watermelon drink looks absolutely delicious! I’ll have to try it! Thanks so much for mentioning my post this week. Tomorrow there is a big community shred day in my hood and I can’t wait to get rid of PILES of old paperwork! I’m both terrified and exhilarated at the thought, because “what if I need it someday?” lol!

    1. I know doesn’t it just look refreshing!!! I can’t wait to try it. I’m sure my wife will love it since she’s a watermelon fanatic. I wish she was as fanatic about getting rid of stuff though, lol. We’re working on it. Sounds like quite the shredding party… have fun!

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