Store saving money tricks to cash in on: PF Weekly Grab a Brew #82

grab-a-brew-saving money tricks WALLET SAVING STRATEGIES

We’re always looking for store saving money tricks to cash in on so we can save money in our budget.

Paying down debt and saving for retirement seems much easier when you can find tricks to save money to invest in other ventures that will get you further ahead.

Investing in your future seems easier when you have that spare cash kicking around.

It’s undeniable that many Canadians want to save money because these days we aren’t making enough cash to keep up with costs associated with the retail gods. Any way a consumer can hang on to their money they will try it.

Unless you aren’t aware the Scanning Code of Practice is one of those great store saving tricks that isn’t widely talked about in the stores but visible in most big box stores on the doors and at the cash register.

Picking up rain checks is another great way to get continued savings.

If you notice a sale product is out of stock ask for a rain check. Call or visit the store with-in a day or two and the shelves are typically re-stocked but you still have that rain check that will last you up to 30 days.

That means you’ve mastered one of the money savings tricks of stretching that sale price.

Money saving ideas

Sure, there are the non-believers who think that these small savings won’t add up but for us super savers we know better than that.

Money making schemes are all around us but unless we do our homework and chat to other customers we might miss some simple savings tricks right under our noses.

Coupons I don’t consider a trick since they’ve been around forever and one of the best ways to save for many consumers.

Just yesterday I noticed a lady in line who bought two boxes of chicken strips and had two $5.00 coupons, one for each box. Apparently the cash register will only let one coupon go through if it says “one per purchase”.

My wife and I knew right away the cashier had no idea what was going on with coupons because one per purchase is per item scanned.

She made her findings loud and clear so that any customer might be scared to even hand her a coupon.

The customer says out loud, “All I want is my money back”.

Good for her because some customers might not even notice or just forget about it and walk out the door.

So, coupons are not so much tricks to save because the retailer and manufacturers pretty much shove Canadian coupons down our throats these days.

Whether you get coupons in-store, online printable, mail-out coupons or even use your smartphone or online saving websites you can save money on your purchases.

What I was interested in was what other tricks you are using to save more money?

Come on, spill it because we want to know.

Store saving money tricks

I’m a big fan of Money Minute on Yahoo Canada just for the inside savings scoops on money in Canada.

When I listened to Senior Finance Editor Ashleigh Patterson talk about loopholes customers can use to save big money I knew there had to more than what she described that I didn’t know about.

Most of what she said I already knew such as price matching where you can get the same price plus a potential further discount at retailers when you show an online ad or flyer price.

Stores like Canadian Tire, Lowes and Home Depot all offer price matching with a perk that might include a further 10% discount to entice you to stay and shop.

That works for me.

What I do is check online prices before I go shopping so I know what stores will offer me the best deal and who I can price match at.

Research before you shop

What Patterson said though which skipped my mind was to check the retailer’s online price and compare it to their own in-store price. Sometimes you might find the retailer is offering the product online cheaper than what they are in store.

Seems odd but it happens.

Whether the store will honour the price match of their own product is up to the manager but I’d be interested to know if a manager would do that. If not you buy online but Ashleigh suggests to check before you shop for big ticket items and she’s right.

I’m renovating right now and I’m scouring the web looking for the best prices and will be using that savings trick to make sure I’m not paying more in-store then what that retailer sells online.

On the flip-side earlier this year we were buying a baby shower gift for a family member and went to Sears to find a baby stroller.

We thought we had found a smashing deal especially after we used their in-store computer to search the Sears website to find that they were selling the exact same product online for almost twice the price.

So, whoever was buying the stroller online was getting less than a bargain than buying it in-store. While this might ring true we noticed while shopping at different Sears stores that pricing was not consistent.

Some stores had that same stroller in-store on sale and others didn’t. With pricing wars being very competitive I found this to be a bit odd.

By the way in a previous post when I was talking about having Free WI-Fi available at the stores I’ve just found out Lowes and Home Depot both offer this customer perk. Kudos to them as you’ve made my wife happy because now she can surf the web instead of having to endure shopping with me. It really does help to offer customers the best shopping experience without holding them prisoner to their store.

Now if I could get Shoppers Drug Mart to do the same. In a way this is the retailers trick to keeping the customers in-store to shop. Many times I’ve left a store because I forgot what I was looking for or I want to check prices on a product but don’t have access to the web.

I could ask customer service to look but I find it easier if I can do the search on my own. So a handy trick might be to see if WI-Fi is available if you don’t have a data plan but a device that will get you on the web.


Another one of the great shopping tricks I learned was about how to get my feet in the door at Costco without-buying a membership.

I bet it frustrates those customers who buy a yearly Costco membership but if they leave this money saving loophole open then they do so for a reason.

What I’ve learned is that if a member buys a Costco gift card and gives it away as a gift or just buys it for someone that person can shop at Costco no questions asked.

I find this no different than websites offering a free trial but once the trial is up you have to pay a membership fee. It’s like window shopping but they let you inside to hook you.

It is a great marketing plan if you think about it. How many people do you know that are hesitant to shop at Costco or don’t know if the membership would benefit them?

I’m still not convinced about the savings so maybe I need to shop Costco with a gift card to find out. This is a brilliant way to get customers through the door.

I’m sure they don’t advertise this because it will cause negative comments by the paying membership customers but if it seems to be working then why not?

My question is what if the customer continues to use gift cards to shop without buying a membership?

If a customer can squeeze through that loophole they will.

What other money saving tricks do you use while shopping?

Top recipe

easy soft dinner rolls recipe

If you don’t already know I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I share recipes from other Foodie Bloggers from around the world.

Once a week I pick one recipe that has been submitted as my Top Recipe of the week. Trust me when I say this is no easy task as some of these foodies can cook up a storm.

This week I picked this pillow soft dinner rolls recipe because they really do look like pillow puffs of love.

OK, they just look super delicious and judging from the recipe fairly easy to make. I look forward to testing this recipe from Words of Deliciousness out.

Weekly CBB posts

If you missed any CBB posts from the week here is the list of posts you can catch up on reading!

You will notice that I’m only posting 5-6 days a week now.

You may notice this post will be combined with my Saturday Weekend Review shortly as well.

More explanation to come soon!! – Mr.CBB

Editor’s Pick

Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with you and an Editor’s top blog post pick.

Editor’s blog post pick of the week:

Mark from the Canadian blog My Own Advisor wrote a post this week about DIY mortgages. I never gave much thought to this but why not? We sell our houses on our own now without a realtor and we can invest online without a financial advisor.

It almost seems like we are skipping the middle man and doing it on our own. The only catch is making sure we do it right. I am an advocate of hiring a professional when you don’t know what you are doing ie: hire a tradesman instead of renovating something you have no clue about which could cost you lots of money if you mess up. The same goes with DIY but like all things risk looms.

If we don’t get our feet wet we might not know if we are good at it or if we should step back and leave it to the pros. When Mark shared IntelliMortgage it almost seemed like banking without having to go to the teller. If you need support you make a phone call. If the savings are there for the consumer then why not try it out. Personally I’m going to do more research on the topic in case we decide to buy an investment property and need a mortgage, but it sounds interesting to me.

Well, that’s a wrap for this PF Friday’s Grab a brew #82. If you are a personal finance blogger and if you would like to guest post at CBB please send me an email as I’m recruiting for new guest posters.

Happy budgeting and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.


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    1. It’s worth it. I’m sure we can all look back and say darn I could have got that free if I only knew. It’s smart to be an informed consumer.

  1. I love the scanning code of practice.
    I think they ‘forget’ to adjust their prices on purpose, because many people will not say anything, or the cashier will just adjust the price to reflect the lower price…unless the customer mentions The Scanning Code of Practice.

    We did this once to a person in front of us at Canadian Tire once. Their purchase popped up higher, and the cashier was just going to adjust it..and we told the customer, they will either get it free, or $10 off. They never heard of it before,and asked the cashier if that was true ….the dirty looks we received from the cashier.
    We didn’t care…it didn’t come from her pay cheque.

  2. I love the customer rewards programs that give you points you can redeem for free goodies!!! The Guardian drug store up the street has one that I am Saving my points for Christmas shopping. Last year I picked the night to do my shopping here when they were giving back 20X the points on any purchase!! So I got some things for Christmas free and got a good start on next Christmas’ shopping. I have an Optimum card from Shoppers but I don’t shop there all that often as we don’t get the flyers here. I have managed to get a good number of points there with those codes they give out every few weeks to update your profile, I have more points there from doing that than from actually shopping at the store.
    Air Miles has let me down the last while as they used to have lots of gift cards you could get. I used to get the gift card to,do my shopping at Zellers or Chapters. It was so nice…..
    Speaking of Chapters, they will have a different price online a lot. If I’m going to get the book anyway I will order it online as there is enough of a price difference to make it worth my time. It’s usually in the 30%-40% range plus what you get from using your reader card from them.
    I’ve used rain checks most often at Canadian Tire for things there. Our grocery store is usually pretty good for having stock in for the sales. I price match when I shop out of town. I coupon as much as I can too. I’ve seen the ads for getting the extra off a purchase when prices are higher where you are shopping, never used it though. The Costco thing interests me. My niece has a membership there…..might have to have a talk to her and see what she can do for her favourite auntie!!!!!!!

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