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  1. If you are bringing currency from one country to another, keep an eye on the exchange rate. For example, when I first visited the UK in 2008, the pound was worth 1.54 Canadian and now it is worth 1.86. Massive difference!

    1. When I first visited Canada the pound was $2.35 I believe.. now it’s what you say. I was sad because I kept waiting in hopes it would go up. I guess it’s one of those cases where you make a decision and it’s all risk.

  2. Awesome article!!! There are some very good points made here.
    This is a country of immigrants! Most of us can trace our lineage back to another country within a couple or three generations, if that. I’m second generation British with a touch of Scot on my Dad’s side and German on my Mom’s. Not sure how long her family has been here but a lot of the stones in the cemetery where my grandparents are buried are in German….My grandparents spoke German around the house until the 1930’s.
    I can see where it’s a good idea to keep funds back home, as it were, as it is so much easier today to go back and visit if nothing else!!! Thanks for the great article Adam!!!!

  3. Hi Adam,

    All great ideas. It’s also a good idea to keep your bank account back home open if you only plan on going overseas for a a year or few, especially if you have payments to make back home. Saves a lot of headache.

    1. I have my bank accounts in the UK still and continue to use them. I send cheques home for the kids birthdays and Christmas etc. plus if we travel back to the UK we won’t have to worry so much about $$$ as we have some in the bank.

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