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Super Bowl Sunday February 1, 2015 kicks off  in Arizona at 6:30pm ET and along with big screens and beer comes Super Bowl food.

A bit further down this post you will learn how one couple has spent $140 to buy a pizza pie for Super Bowl Sunday.

I kid you not but I guess when money is no biggie in the budget some people go crazy to buy whatever they “want”, even pizza.

We all like to enjoy ourselves once in a while and just about everyone I know who loves football has invited me over to watch the game this weekend although I’m working. What else is new ha!

I might pop over to a friend’s house after work to hang out and watch the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots battle it out. I love the eating part more than the football but hey I am a foodie.


Party Dishes for a Crowd


Super Bowl Finger Foods Table

Photo Credit: Tammy B.

I’m sure all of you who love to watch football especially during Super Bowl want to chow down on a nice spread of football party food.

Some cheap appetizers that are budget-friendly and table worthy are chips and dip, olives, veggie trays, crackers and cheese.

If you want to spend a bit more for your spread you can add lobster rolls, shrimp rings, spring rolls, beef stew, chicken fingers, Sweet potato wedges, lasagna, chili. etc. Using the crock-pot is a time saver too!

If sweet finger snacks are a must a big bowl of Peanut M&M’s along with fudgy brownies and cookies is a sure-fire way to impress your friends.

I’m sure they will be evaluating all of their Super Bowl invites anyways according to who has some of the best party snacks. Really… it’s true!


Super Bowl Pizza Craziness


Aside from all the above one of the number one Super Bowl foods to eat is PIZZA! I’m pretty sure this is the one time of year when pizza shops go crazy with pie orders.

One pizza shop owner in Windsor, Ontario got an early pizza order phone call that surprised him. Carol Brown and her husband Lee who used to live in Windsor but moved to Saskatchewan love pizza from their hometown pizza shop Arcata pizza.

Her husband jokes about ordering this pizza every time she calls home and asks What’s for dinner? I guess the time has come to finally say, Arcata pizza is for dinner dear.

Check this out!

Carol calls up the Arcata pizza shop because her Super Bowl football snacks weren’t complete without a massive pizza from their favourite pizza shop back home.

They said they can’t find a decent pizza in Regina. I find that hard to believe but hey I’m no pizza connoisseur. Now I really want to know what this pizza tastes like. I wonder if it’s as good as Mystic Pizza?

The owner Bob went along with the pie order and created this huge pizza which he baked for 5 minutes, cut, froze then packaged up for UPS to pick up and ship it away for a cost of $84.

The total cost for the Super Bowl food will cost the Brown’s a total of $140. (That would be 3 months worth of our entertainment budget… gone!) Then again if we were truly hard up for this super pizza then we would save the money first then splurge with beer of course.

My wife says there are a couple of pizza shops she loves from back home which are only a few hours away but she likely wouldn’t bust our budget to splurge like this couple did. She is apt to indulge when we go to visit and with $140 we could buy between 5-6 large pizzas.

I guess if you put your heart and soul into what you love to do it will pay off as Bob says at the end of the video of him preparing the pizza for Carol and Lee.

Like most people I was shocked and like my wife says she wouldn’t dream of ordering a pizza that cost $140 just for a few moments of tummy glory.

I questioned would it really taste the same since it didn’t get a full bake in the pizzeria oven as a home oven is different?

Most pizzas pride themselves on ingredients but it’s the cooking method that really takes it to an entirely different level.Old-school wood-fired stone ovens are the best in my opinion.

Could she have made a similar pizza at home for I dunno, $5 slap it in the oven and savour the moment she gets when the cheese is gooey and the sauce is running down her face?

I make my pizza and you know what, I’m good with it and it makes me happy. I’m even happier knowing that I didn’t spend $140 to make it either.

I’m not cheap all the time as we do order out pizza once in a while but I’m also not crazy enough to want a pizza that bad. I guess when you are a foodie, you are a foodie!

I’m pretty sure with all this good press Arcata pizza better make sure they have extra staff on site for Super Bowl Sunday because the phone will be ringing off the hook. Wouldn’t you be curious what the fuss is all about if you lived in Windsor?

Would you pay $140 to get a pizza shipped to you for Super Bowl Sunday or for any other occasion?


Around our house and the blog


What can I say other than it’s been a super busy week. I had the glass company call me to ask if I was still interested in buying the door from them.

My wife told them yes but I haven’t had time to get in and finish off the bathroom yet. I’m sure I’ll be busting into the renovations again come March but they were kind enough to hold the quote plus the $200 discount they offered me at Christmas time. That’s a business I like!

Our baby boy is now eating like lion and loves his Jolly Jumper. We picked one up for free from Facebook but it has its own frame so we don’t have to hang it in a doorway which is great. That saved us $79.99. 🙂 I love free stuff.

We also managed to pick up a few other free baby items such as a co-sleeper but it’s too small so we will be giving that away free to a mom.

I managed to score a couple of free bags of clothes for him which is great because he is growing so fast that it gets costly to buy them.

I can’t get over what people give away for free but at the same time I realize that giving back is just as important so we will be passing it along to another mother as soon as we are done with it.

My plan was to get to a car wash this week to give our vehicle a good cleaning to get the salt off but I have yet to do that. I’m hoping I can squeeze 30 minutes of my day to get it in and get it done. There’s nothing worse than leaving salt on your vehicle all the time in the winter. A few dollars to wash it is worth every penny.

Other than that I’ve helped out around the house and getting what I can done while I can. I feel like I’m never home but when I am I do my best to balance the time I have with my family and the blog. (yes all of you … smile)

How was your week?


Weekly Blog Posts


Just in case you’ve missed any of my blog posts this week I will link to them all below.

If you have a question that you would like to ask Mr.CBB fill out the Contact Mr.CBB form on the Home Page and send in your questions. Mr.CBB will look in his mailbag weekly and pick a question to answer on the blog.

This week on Canadian Budget Binder



A huge thanks to The Brighter Life for awarding CBB the 2014 Money Award as one of their Top Money Writers for the second year in a row!


Popular Blog Posts This Week


I thought it would be fun to share the Top 5 pages and posts each week for those of you that are new reading Canadian Budget Binder. These are in no particular order.

  1. Scanning Code of Practice in Canada: Did you know?
  2. How much should my grocery budget be?
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  5. How to make extra money without going crazy


Budget Brags


Submit your Deal or Brag:

Saving money while grocery shopping is essential in the CBB family and that’s why we share our grocery shops every week in The Grocery Game Challenge 2015.

What I love the most is when my fans share their amazing shops with me whether it be groceries or other deals they find at a garage sale, online or freebies!!!

If you have a brag that you want me to share email me at canadianbudgetbinder (@) [yahoo] [.ca] or fill out my contact form by Friday each week to have your brag considered for the Saturday post.

price matching deals Canada

Today Della shares with us why Price Matching (where one stores honours a sale price from another) saves her big buck$~

Hello Mr. CBB,

Today was grocery shopping day and I was able do more price matching. To-date, I have a savings of $49.59 (2 shopping trips) because of price matching 🙂

This week’s savings are as follows:

  • 6 cans of Friskies’ Cat food – SS sells @ $0.79; PM against Zehrs @ $0.50 = Savings of $1.74 as well as 1200 PC Plus Points
  • 2 1.75 L Juice (5 Alive and Fruitopia) – SS sells @ $2.00; PM against Zehrs @ $1.00 = Savings of $2.00
  • 2 Breyer’s Ice Cream – SS sells @ $5.49; PM against Zehrs @ 2.00 = Savings of $6.98 as well as 2000 PC Plus Points
  • Hellman’s Mayo – SS @ for $4.94; PM against Zehrs @ 3.00 = Savings of $1.94
  • Premium Plus Unsalted Crackers – SS sells @ $3.27; PM against Zehrs @ $3.00 = Savings of $0.27
  • 2-1 lb tub of “I Can’t Believe It’s Butter” – SS sells @ $2.89; PM against Freshco @ 1.00 = Savings of $3.78
  • 2 Loaves of Thomas Cinnamon Raisin Bread – SS sells @ 4.39; PM against No Frills @ 1.88 = Savings of $5.02
    Normally this would have cost $42.49 but I only spent $20.76, which equals a savings of $21.73.


Making A Difference (MAD)


Note: If you are a personal finance blogger (anywhere around the world) and would like your blog to be MAD featured simply drop me an email and I’ll explain the process to you.

This is my way of giving back to the personal finance community through networking and sharing knowledge with my fans. Today I’d like to welcome Alexandra from Real Simple Finances!

Take it away Alexandra…..

Hello Canadian Budget Binder readers!

My name is Alexandra, and I blog about my student loan debt, making extra money, and easy finance tips for real people at Real Simple Finances.

A few years ago I felt alone in my struggle against my student loan debt. Everywhere I looked, news articles were advertising the “average” amount of student loan debt as being half of what I owed for my education.

After reading some personal finance tips around the web, I realized there were better financial decisions I could have made in my college days. This was disheartening, at first, until I realized two things:

First, that there had to be people out there like me, who were tired of overwhelming debt, and equally overwhelming advice about how to manage their money.

Second, that I could do something to either help people like me feel less frustrated, or even help someone realize the dangers of taking out loans before becoming properly educated on personal finance.

Real Simple Finances was created for those people. Every week my posts cover topics such as saving for your pets (yes, really!), making side money, and managing your time for utmost productivity.

As we all know, financial freedom isn’t something that just happens to the average person; it is a conscious lifestyle change that requires dedication and motivation. I aim to post, or welcome guest writers to post (hint hint), tips from all areas of financially-savvy living.

My goal in blogging is to help people like me feel less confined by their debt, and more free to go after the life they want in as simple a way as possible.

Ultimately, the way to your best life is through getting control of your finances, which is what you can watch me do as I aim to pay off over $50,000 as quickly as possible. See you around!


Top recipe


If you don’t already know I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I share recipes from other Food Bloggers from around the world.

I do most of the cooking in the CBB house so I guess that means I wear the apron in the kitchen. I love food and cooking for my wife is a fun way for me to get inspired with fresh ingredients and create new recipes (sometimes healthy :)


Super Bowl Food Burger Sliders on potato crisps

This weeks Top Recipe goes to Baking in a Tornado with these lovely Burger Sliders on Potato Crisps. The perfect Super Bowl Food!


Editor’s Pick


Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with you and an Editor’s top blog post pick.

Editor’s blog post pick of the week goes to Mark over My Own Advisor for his post How to start investing in Dividends.

Since dividends and investing has and will be topics discussed on CBB in the upcoming weeks I thought this was a well-written post with lots of information anyone who is interested in dividends should learn about.


Google search terms


Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. Keep in mind any spelling errors below are because I share with you the exact way they typed their search engine query to land on my blog.

  • What’s the difference between Fruity Fresh Maxi Soap Zing Soap?– Say that fast 5 times haha!!
  • Normal Food Budget– Is there such a thing as normal?
  • How to reduce my Telus cable bill?– Well that’s easy… get rid of it!!!
  • CBBmmm– I don’t know if I should take that as a complimenting or the person was searching CBB and eating a brownie at the same time. :/
  • Tips on never paying OSAP back– Haha.. now I’ve read it all. Come on now life doesn’t work that way, grow up.

Thanks for reading The Saturday Weekend Review and Welcome to 2015 on Canadian Budget Binder!!


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  1. Great to be mentioned! Thanks very much for that Mr. CBB. Dividends are great for sure.

    I have to go eat now. Reading through this page about food has made me hungry.

    Enjoy the big game today!

  2. That is just too much money for me to spend on pizza. I can think of some really delicious food to make for half of that. I think people need to really start thinking outside the box.

    1. I thought the same thing. It seems most people side with making something at home or even going out to spend a portion of that money on something else. Seems a bit out there… WAY out there!

  3. That is one crazy price for a pizza!!!! Like you, I make my own pizza and it tastes so much better than what you buy. Not exactly cheap but cheaper than pizzaria pizza. I use the bread maker to make the crust and I found one recipe for baking that had different directions for chewy crust or crispy…. bake at 400F for chewy and 425F for crispy!!
    My kids all loved the jolly jumper too!! Mine clamped onto the doorway but we had the framework to handle it. It can really blow your mind how fast babies out grow clothes!! Even if I’m buying for a newborn I buy big. I think the smallest size I bought for the grandson before he was born was 9 month size and that was only because that was the largest size there!! I had lots given to me when the oldest was born and as he grew and his sister grew the outgrown stuff hit the family hand-me-down trail. Including my kids there were 7 grandkids on hubby’s side all born within about 7 years so the stuff made the rounds pretty good. When my younger boy was born I even got some of the stuff I had for his brother back for him!!! Toss in a few cousins and there was a lot of kids clothing floating around the family!!
    Della did wonderfully at price matching!!!! Awesome job!!!
    Have a good weekend!!!

  4. I have my meals planned out for the weekend but now I want pizza. My city has an amazing place with thin crust and fresh ingredients and it is amazing and amazingly expensive. Pesto, feta and 3 different kinds of onions is my favourite.

  5. We made pizza at home for the first time last week. It was yummy. More expensive than cheap takeout pizza, but way cheaper than “good” pizza. Our local pizza place when I was little was so good it would send pizzas to Europe. They use so much cheese they’d serve plum sauce to cut the fat taste. So good!

  6. I think this couple is nuts for spending that much money on a pizza.

    Thanks for the brag section this week. I’m adding this to my GGC postings, this will keep me motivated 🙂

    This week is getting nuts at work as we are coming up to year-end and having to get all the documentation to the auditors.

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