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I don’t know why but it happens all the time and it’s not just the women who go overboard for their wedding day, it’s the men too!

The headline of a recent online article The Hits and Mrs. of DIY’ing your Wedding Dress captured my attention as I thought what a great idea to save money.

Wedding dresses cost a fortune…you know what I’m talking about ladies!

The bride armed with a $10,000 wedding budget actually Diy’d her wedding dress for a total cost of $186. Could you imagine making your own wedding dress amidst the chaos of wedding planning? My wife just said no way! (Then again she can’t sew to save her life, I do it) 🙂

This creative bride also made picnic quilts to put on the ground for their outdoor wedding. What was interesting was her guests later used the quilts to snuggle up by the fire and almost every one was taken home by the guests. The total for the quilts came to $110.

By the sounds of it she pretty much made everything she could right down to the wedding flowers. She may seem cheap to some people who think thousands have to be spent in order to have a special wedding day but I say she’s money smart.

It’s all about finding what works for you with-in your wedding budget. (That is if you have one)


Our wedding day


When my wife and I got married it was VERY low-key with only close relatives and a couple of friends.Our photographer was a friend and the flowers like the couple above were all made by my wife’s friends who helped with the wedding arrangements. We were also lucky that the room we were married in came with fresh flowers as part of the decor. Score!

We didn’t go overboard financially on our wedding and although we could have easily have spent more but we decided to save that money for a down-payment on our first home.

The money we saved from not having a massive wedding day with all the bells and whistles helped us to become mortgage free with-in 5 years of owning our home. It wasn’t the main reason but it sure did help. Was it worth it for us? You bet. Maybe not to you but it was for us.

The only thing we would have done different was get a better wedding cake. Not necessarily a more expensive one but just better quality even if it was smaller. The cake we had was a big slab from Costco that was decorated with our names and Congratulations on your Wedding Day etc.

We didn’t purchase the cake ourselves which I believe cost $19.99 at the time a small cost compared to what some wedding cakes cost. There are some things for a wedding you do have to spend money on and other areas you can scale back.

Our dream wedding would have been frosted with all the bells and whistles but we were lucky we didn’t get sucked into that money pit of a dream. We were more than happy only spending a few thousand as opposed to $25,000 plus.

We loved every minute of our wedding PLUS we both remember it! Sometimes flashy weddings become just that… a flash! Hard to remember because of so much going on.

We once went to a wedding that cost our friends over $65,000 with 250 guests. WOW! That was one expensive wedding day but some couples don’t really care about the wedding budget and if they do than they have the cash ready to rock and roll whether it’s saved cash or from getting a loan.

Ya, Ya I know it only happens once and you want to experience the fairy tale Prince and Princess wedding of a life-time but at what cost?

Think about this scenario. If you knew you could cut some extras from the wedding and pay off your vehicles or put a bigger down-payment on your house or even kill your student loans would you opt for a frugal wedding?

Maybe not but that’s fine some people don’t mind having debt for longer. We would rather be debt free and spend our money on honeymoon holidays because we no longer have to pay anyone anything. That’s just us though.

If your wedding day is going to take years from you purchasing your first home, moving out from your parent’s basement or add to current debt load you might want to think twice before splashing cash around for a pricey wedding day.

One couple we know still lives in her parent’s basement and now they have a baby down there with them. No signs of them moving out any time soon as they just don’t have the cash but they had the splashy wedding day which the bride told my wife they pretty much paid on their own. I think she did mention she has 2 toasters though.

I know those of you who did have a huge wedding day and are reading this can look back and think of at least 1 thing you could have done without that you paid big bucks for. How many times will you really watch your wedding video that cost you thousands of dollars?

If at the end of the day whether you have debt or not and your wedding day made you happy with no regrets financially than you know you did the right thing. Kudos to you!

If you are struggling to make ends meet after the wedding and you wished you had some of the thousands of dollars back than think about some budget changes to save money and pay down debt. Don’t be blind-sided by what you think you can afford and what you really can afford before and after your wedding day.

Did you go overboard on your wedding day?


Around our house and the blog


This week has been nothing more than a working marathon for me. I finished one job and was back at the other. I think one day I worked about 19 hours with a 2 hour break in between. That was a long day for me. The things we do to get ahead in life! It’s not about the money for me now it’s the long-term benefits and the enjoyment of what I do.

It’s hard to say no to your employer when it’s your dream job. I spend my time at home with the family as much as I can so this week we went out shopping and got our son’s Valentine’s photos taken.

They turned out great except he decided to throw up on me minutes before we were ready to take the photos. It’s a good thing Mrs.CBB warned me to always pack 2 outfits every time we go out. This was a time it came in handy.

I wish I took her advice to pack me a spare t-shirt as I was wearing a good portion of it. Ah well, onwards! With all the snow we’ve had and keeping busy I haven’t had time to get anything done around the house but I will get to it eventually.

I am working on a couple of new pages for the blog behind the scenes which I will eventually get posted. If you look around the top of the blog home page you will see I added a page for our budgets so it’s all on one page. If there is something you’d like to see let me know!

Until next week… have fun and stay safe.


How was your week?


Weekly Blog Posts


Just in case you’ve missed any of my blog posts this week I will link to them all below.

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This week on Canadian Budget Binder


Popular Blog Posts This Week


I thought it would be fun to share the Top 5 pages and posts each week for those of you that are new reading Canadian Budget Binder.

These are in no particular order.

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Budget Brags


Submit your Deal or Brag:

Saving money while grocery shopping is essential in the CBB family and that’s why we share our grocery shops every week in The Grocery Game Challenge 2015.

What I love the most is when my fans share their amazing shops with me whether it be groceries or other deals they find at a garage sale, online or freebies!!!

If you have a brag that you want me to share email me at canadianbudgetbinder (@) [yahoo] [.ca] or fill out my contact form by Friday each week to have your brag considered for the Saturday post.

I received this email from CBB fan Tammy who wanted to share her awesome brag with all of you!!

Meat deals canada

As many of you know, I work full-time but I am on Facebook all day lol!! A friend of mine was posting about these crazy meat deals she was getting delivered to her house so I checked out the Facebook page.

It is called Fresh to the Bone Meat Delivery which is locally owned by a husband and wife team. They have a store but offer free city-wide delivery in Winnipeg which I thought was genius.

If I can shop on-line for anything I am in especially the FREE part which got my attention. I have followed their page for a couple of months now and they continually offer new products and put on amazing sales.

This time I couldn’t resist the meat deals as well as the quick and easy meal ideas. I placed my order and received all my items the same day too!

For $85.00 I got the following;

  • Chicken burgers (all natural, no preservatives) 3 boxes of 4 each for $10.00
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu 6 for $10.00
  • Box of 40 Schneider’s beef patties $24.50 10lbs of buffalo wings $24.00
  • 5lbs of french fries $4.00 
  • Wolski Sauerkraut 2.19
  • 3 BBQ sauces 2 Famous Dave’s and 1 Dr. Pepper @$3.50 each.

That is a lot of meat for $85.00 and will last us a long time. She has so many more deals I want but have to be careful because I only have one upright freezer.

I will be ordering from her often as I hate driving in the winter and this is so convenient. You can pick and choose whatever you want with no minimum purchase. Every week she is adds products to her inventory.

This is truly a hidden gem in Winnipeg and as word of mouth spreads I can see her business exploding. So many people don’t have cars or can’t afford gas and they are helping out people with the free delivery option.

I do plan on going to her store one of these days with hubby to check out all her deals as she says she has in-store deals all the time too.



Making A Difference (MAD)


Note: If you are a personal finance blogger (anywhere around the world) and would like your blog to be MAD featured simply drop me an email and I’ll explain the process to you.

This is my way of giving back to the personal finance community through networking and sharing knowledge with my fans. Today I’d like to welcome My Frugal Family!

My Frugal Family Logo

Hi Everyone,

My Frugal Family is a new blog that started in the fall of 2014, but frugality has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. 

I didn’t always label myself as “frugal”. I was “environmental”, “thrifty”, “couponer”, even “different”. I love to reduce, reuse, recycle. I love to create what I need out of what I already have.

I love to coupon and flip through flyers and find the deals for my family of four (Hubby and I are raising two young men). I have written as long as I can remember – poems, short stories, articles, newsletters, blog posts, and books.

Put together frugality and writing and family life… and you end up with a My Frugal Family blog! Oh, and the “Fanny” in Frugal Fanny? Well, that was the nickname my Dad gave me as a little girl…He’s extremely British… and… I kinda like it!

A little more about me?

I am based in Canada, and some of my writing is geared towards spending less in Canada – such as Canadian rewards programs, and Canadian coupons & policies – but many of my posts will be universal.

I am excited to share my family’s frugal life with you. I post weekly Spend & Save Challenge updates that track our household totals, stories and resources for spending less and saving more in family life, and ideas for paying it forward locally and globally.

Stop by the My Frugal Family site, make yourself comfortable, and browse through the posts – it’s nice to visit with you!


Top recipe



If you don’t already know I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I share recipes from other Food Bloggers from around the world.

I do most of the cooking in the CBB house so I guess that means I wear the apron in the kitchen. I love food and cooking for my wife is a fun way for me to get inspired with fresh ingredients and create new recipes (sometimes healthy :)

This weeks Top Recipe goes to long-time blog friend Karen at Little Suburban Homestead for her Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa.

We love stuffed peppers in the CBB house but never thought to stuff them with Quinoa instead of rice and beef  which is what we stuff ours with. I’m going to have to try this one.


Editor’s Pick


Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with you and an Editor’s top blog post pick.

Editor’s blog post pick of the week goes to fellow Canadian, Freedom 35 Blog with a great post about how easy it was to recoup the bank fees paid to TD Canada trust… and then some.

Don’t you just hate when your bank tells you that in order to not pay bank fees you must keep a certain amount of money in your bank account? Me too. They take that money and make magic happen with it, trust me. The only thing you don’t get is that magic back in your bank account.

I agree that you don’t have to pay for fees just because they say so. Think outside the box and source all the ways you could make money instead of paying the bank.

Find out just how $1500 was better in a brokerage account rather than sitting in a bank account as a minimum to avoid bank fees.


Google search terms


Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. Keep in mind any spelling errors below are because I share with you the exact way they typed their search engine query to land on my blog.

  • How to ask Mr. Paul Young for help?– Who is Mr. Paul Young?
  • Are water softeners worth the money?– Not unless you want to pay a fortune to replace your appliances, faucets and whatever else the hard water is going to trash over time.
  • 13-year-old defaults on OSAP Loan– Not sure if someone was looking for a story or what but hey if you can get OSAP at 13 you must be pretty darn brilliant!
  • Steps how to enter free product code 33 at No Frills– Maybe you should ask your store trainer. Just a thought.
  • Caught stealing from open pack of h

Thanks for reading The Saturday Weekend Review and Welcome to 2015 on Canadian Budget Binder!!


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  1. I’m actually getting married in 2 months. We’ve saved where we could but everything is pretty much double the price as soon as you add wedding in there. We decided to keep it smaller by today’s standard. We will have 70 people including our wedding party and ourselves. We chose an off season date as that saved us $30 per person. Getting married around the GTA is not cheap. Thankfully I’m sort of crafty (or stubborn enough to not give up until it looks good) we’ve been able to get some great deals on certain things. I have spend hours searching on-line to get the best price for the things we want. I bought a used dress that cost about $600 and all the proceeds from that sale went to cancer research. All in all its been more expensive then I would have thought but not as expensive as it could have been. Sometimes I wish we just went to the court house and then had a big party.

  2. It sounds like I paid $1000 for the dress…but I meant for the whole wedding…The dress was on sale for $68. Ivory colored simple dress.

  3. Actually I did make my own wedding dress!! I can’t remember what everything cost but it was a good number of years ago, hubby and I will be married 39 years come this June. We kept things on the small side, mostly family and a very few good friends. My Maid of Honour made her dress as well and I made the Flower girl’s dress. Not a whole lot of fuss as we were living in Nova Scotia at the time and the wedding was in Ontario as that where the families were!!
    Since then I have made most of my kids clothes when they were small, my daughter’s Grade 8 grad dress and her prom dress. Made one for a friend of hers as well. I also do alterations, including wedding wear. Given what I have seen of the workmanship doing that…if I was getting married now I would still make my dress! So not impressed with things off the rack….
    When a friend of my daughter got married, the wedding was at the the grooms’ parents farm and the reception was in a cleaned out drive shed. She dropped some serious money(not sure how much but I know she spent quite a bit!!) at Micheal’s Crafts as she did a lot of things herself. The girls also went out into the bush on the farm for branches she spray painted white to use as decorations.

  4. We were married 23 years ago. The entire wedding cost us UNDER $1000. We had around 50 guests. My wedding gown (Mothers insistence) was $150. The ceremony and reception was in my parents backyard, it was (and is) a very park like setting. My family and I made all of the food, we rented the chairs & tables, wine glasses, and some other things. The biggest cost was the alcohol, that was around $300! The photographer was a friend of ours who captured who we truly are. We told our guests to feel free to wear what ever they wanted, we didn’t care. Most wore suits & dresses for the ceremony, then went inside to change into more comfortable attire. Shorts and t-shirts! It was a hot July day, we didn’t want people to suffer ;). Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a beautiful, low key day surrounded by family and friends .

    PS, wait, I would have changed 1 thing. I would have NOT worn a wedding dress! I would have stood my ground and worn a pant suit! lol

  5. We had a few areas where we probably spent more than we’d like on our wedding, but nothing crazy (I did have three wedding dresses, but that’s a big of a story).

    We also had three wedding cakes. A pretty two tier cake for cutting and a groom’s sheet cake and a bride’s sheet cake. All from Dairy Queen. It was pretty awesome (his was Crispy Crunch, mine was Oreo). Just what we wanted and so much cheaper than a standard wedding cake!

  6. I’ve been married twice. The first wedding was just us, our witnesses, and the judge. I wore an outfit I already owned. We didn’t have a wedding cake, but we did buy chinese food takeout afterwards for us and the witness. (married 20 yrs) We were building our house, and putting the money there was more important to us.

    Second wedding was larger…about 20 people total. My husband had the huge first wedding, with very little input. I told him he could make all the plans for ours.All I had to do was show up. It was in Australia, and his mum make the cake and food.Married in the park, close to where she lived. I did buy a new outfit (on sale of course) I have no idea how much it cost, but maybe $1000?
    (married 12 yrs so far)

    My daughter is planning on getting married this year. I was hoping she would elope, but her fiance wants the bigger wedding. They are compromising,and planning a Halloween themed one. My daughter would be happy to elope too.

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