A First Father’s Day Gift A Dad Could Wish For: The Saturday Weekend Review #126

The Saturday Weekend Review logo- First Father's DayI DON’T HAVE TO WONDER ANY LONGER


This will be my first Father’s Day with our son and as a new dad I’m not sure what to expect.

I’m not talking about “stuff” either. I’m not worried about whether I get Father’s Day Gifts from my boy.

I really don’t need any more ties to add to my collection of about… two or maybe three.

I know as our son gets older if he makes me a Father’s Day craft or card I will cherish it forever. I look forward to the moment he shares his hard work for me, with me.

I’ve just never bought into the hype behind these occasions when it comes to spending money. Some of my friends get golf packages, hockey tickets, concert tickets, clothes etc. Not this guy, at least I don’t expect any thing of the sort.

My life has been filled with miracles this last year and I’m honoured that one day soon I will hear my son say “Dad”. I wrote a post last year about Father’s Day gifts and whether they were just another marketing ploy to make us spend money in the budget.

I’ve never bought anything for my Father on Father’s Day rather I cherished the times I spent with him and the lessons learned. I wouldn’t be the handy man I am today without his guidance growing up.

I’ve always been the son who says “Happy Father’s Day Dad” and the bond we have created all these years was all we needed. We just get it, I guess.

My dad just left Canada last week and seeing him after many years was the best gift.

Although our son can’t talk I’m pretty sure this will be the best Father’s Day ever for me and when he gets older he can reminisce with the photos we take of the day.


First Father’s Day


My son and I have a close bond and when I come home and his eyes light up and he walks over to me with that big smile I get this warm fuzzy feeling throughout my body. That’s my boy, I say to myself.

Father’s Day is not until Sunday June 21, 2015 and I’m tearing up just thinking about our son as now I’m the Father. I wonder if I have given him all he needs in the 9 months that he’s been on this earth.

I wonder so much but the reality is that you can’t plan parenting you just have to learn from your mistakes and do the best damn job you can. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had in my life, if you even consider it a job. It’s more just a lifestyle.

My amazing wife takes on the brunt of the parenting tasks although I help out any way possible. I do change diapers, lots of them. M y mother told me when they were here that my Father has never changed a diaper in his life.


My wife and I found that to be a bit strange but it’s true that many men don’t go near a poopy diaper let alone a wet one. Diapers don’t scare me away neither does washing and folding clothes or anything related to parenting or just being a good husband.

Marriage is a partnership, parenting is all that and more.

I love being a Father and I hope that one day our son will come up to me as I did my father and tell me how much he loves me and that he appreciates everything I’ve taught him in his years.

I promise to never let him down, I promise to teach him everything I know, I promise to be by his side when he needs me, I promise to be the best Father I can be to him.

I don’t know what my wife and son have planned for my First Father’s Day but what I know is that I have been given the best gift of all, one you can’t buy and that’s our son. I love him with all my heart and soul.

As I look in his eyes as he curls up with me every night for bed I kiss him gently on the cheek and whisper in his ear, “I Love You Son” and rub my cheek gently in his perfectly soft hair.

Then drift off to sleep as another day comes to an end with our little miracle.

Happy Father’s Day to all!



CBB Week At A Glance


This week was a super busy week for me as I get moving on the renovations before the snow starts falling and I’m back at my second job.

I don’t have much time left so I started to get the landscape lighting completed. I have 3 more lights to get in and that job will be completed. It’s taken me 2 half days so far and has went fairly smooth.

I’m also working on sanding and staining our sons wood kitchen table that my wife picked up for free from a Facebook Group. It’s solid wood but has a bunch of wonky colours that were painted on the table with a sponge so I’ll be taking all that flashy stuff off.

We also are looking into buying our son a Radio Flyer Tricycle, actually 2 of them that are in excellent condition and second-hand. I will be picking them up early next week.

The one bike has no pedals so we will start him on that one first. Since he has already mastered walking we figured we might as well give the bike a go.

I do have a helmet I bought him brand new on sale last month but we will start him off inside the house to learn and maybe in the next couple of months move him outside on the bike.

Next week I will be finishing up the landscaping lighting then heading to the back garden to lay the weed barrier and mulch. That will take me a couple of days as I will dig deep and remove any weeds I can find like I did out front. The hard work has paid off because there is not a weed in sight in our rock garden.

There’s never a dull moment!

I have a few more weeks of vacation to book for 2015 so we’ve been talking about where we will go and what we will do. Are there any awesome places in Ontario that you recommend going to see?

That’s all for this week!

How was your week?



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Jen Peacock is back with another awesome garage sale brag! I believe she is the Queen of negotiating at a garage sale. She certainly does better than we do.

ens garage sale finds June 6 2015Hi Mr.CBB and Fans,

I went to garage sales this past weekend and these are the deals I found 🙂

  • Art work $2 (they were asking $3) – I bought this for my sisters new house
  • Curious George $.25
  • Formula dispenser – free
  • Water shoes $1
  • Plastic clothes pins $.50
    Total spent $3.75


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Editor’s blog post pick this week goes to Financially Blonde for her touching post “Never Too Old For Dad Lessons“. Her dad may not have taught her about finance from a young age but like she says, he’s made up for it. A great read and lots to be thankful for.


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  • What makes green grass?– Food and water and get rid of the weeds.
  • Ways to get extra money from the government when on maternity leave?– You get what you get. I don’t think you can ask for any more than that.
  • How to get rid of student loan Ontario?– Pay it off. Why is this such a difficult concept?
  • Neighbours won’t cut lawnRent a goat and set it free… that should take care of it.
  • Do Canadian men cook for their girlfriends?– No, we starve them.

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