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Stealing Outdoor Christmas Decorations Is The New Money High : The Saturday Weekend Review #148

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The Saturday Weekend Review logo- Christmas decorationsIF IT’S NOT NAILED DOWN YOU’LL LOSE IT


Just when you thought your home was safe because you installed a home security system now you have to worry about theft outside your home, including Christmas decorations.

We’re told to lock our doors before we retire for the evening and to never leave valuables in our vehicles. These days homeowners are faced with not leaving anything worth value outside the home because their house might be the next target for thieves.

Don’t think that something won’t be stolen because it’s too heavy or just not realistic. There’s always a plan if someone wants something bad enough. The world is filled with people whose only goals in life are to come up with ideas on how to commit crimes to earn money. Many are good at it too because they never get caught but one day they might. Maybe that’s all part of the risk or the thrill for them.

Just last week our neighbour put out his Christmas decorations as most of our neighbours had. He typically has Christmas lights around the house and this year he put out some ornaments that he picked up during the end-of-season sale last year at Canadian Tire.

Not even 2 days after enjoying their beautiful festive home all lit up and ready for Christmas they woke up to their Angel ornament missing from the front garden. The Christmas decoration was worth $100 regular price but they paid only $20 for it. Oddly enough thieves only took one of the few Christmas decorations so they are only out a small amount of money. For some people though, it’s not about the money.

Then I was reading an article about more Grinch-type people in Calgary who not only stole Christmas decorations but they practically skinned the front yard of Carla Sutherland’s home of all $2000 worth of Christmas decorations. She went to bed at 11pm only to wake up to her front yard devoid of Christmas decorations. The least they could have done was shovel her driveway.

My first thought was maybe the thieves were upset that both homeowners put their Christmas decorations out too early. I’ve always heard that it’s respectful to wait and put Christmas decorations up after Remembrance Day. Some people wait until December and others do what they want to do. It’s their house after all.

Honestly though, who steals Christmas decorations?

It was obviously done in the middle of the night because not one of her neighbours saw a thing. The one time you want your nosey neighbours to be alert they are off snoring away. These thieves were opportunistic because they clearly didn’t worry about being seen carrying out such a big operation. They even took the light timers and extension cords too. Unreal!

Watching the video below about how Sutherland saved up over the past 5 years to build up her outdoor Christmas decorations and how much her son loved them just broke my heart. Sutherland was right in saying they stole from a 2-year-old because those Christmas decorations were for his enjoyment.

As a father I know our son will appreciate the Christmas decorations we put up for him and will look forward to playing in the snow. Just recently he started saying, “Oh and Look, Look” when our outside Christmas lights turn on. This will be his second Christmas but his first Christmas being a bit more aware of his surroundings.

Last year we also purchased a large wreath which we will put up over our garage this year. We already have our entire house lit up with Christmas lights and a few other Christmas decorations not worthy of theft that’s for sure. I have our outside Christmas lights on a timer but you won’t find any extension cords on our property.

Our plan is to build up our Christmas decorations each year at the end of the year so by the time our son is 5-years-old our house is a Christmas village for him to enjoy.

Christmas is a time for family, love and giving not stealing but there are people who don’t care who you are, what time of year it is and what you have to lose in the long-run. All they care about is the money they will line their pockets with by selling your stuff.


Who steals Christmas decorations?


Any neighbourhood could be a target for potential thieves who most likely scope out what they want to steal the day before or even hours before the act. Just like anything on the black market or as I like to say, “Cash Market” if it’s worth money someone may steal it so you better make sure it’s nailed or glued down.

As a homeowner I’ve thought about installing security cameras outside of our home like our neighbour a few doors down has done. I asked him one day what the reason was and he said that he can watch what is going on outside of his home at all times and it’s recorded.

It’s peace of mind for him and for anyone who comes on the property and doesn’t see the cameras well then they are morons in my opinion. They are in plain view on the either side of the front of the home. I’ve said it a few times that this world is recording our every move so be prepared to see your face plastered on social media if you are caught doing something you shouldn’t be.

Another of our neighbours were sick and tired of people letting their pets urinate and defecate all over his lawn, under his trees and in his flower bushes. Now he has cameras installed around the home where he can watch which neighbours are being lazy by not picking up their pets poop and letting them roam on private property.

I’m pretty sure Sutherland can claim the theft with her insurance company like anyone but it’s just another pain in the butt because she likely will have to pay the deductible and risk a premium hike. I don’t think she will see the Christmas decorations coming back because they are likely long gone and gracing someone else’s home by now.

People who steal Christmas decorations or anything for that matter may have no other way to earn a living other than stealing and selling for profit. It may also be extra income for them if they are earning a paycheck from their employer are self-employed or receiving assistance from the government. Believe it or not even people with lots of money in the bank steal too so there is not one particular type of person to point fingers at.

If a thief get caught it’s plausible they will keep on doing it unless they’ve learned their less after getting arrested by the police. Life is tough and those scheming people will join the night crawlers to earn a living or extra income off the goods they steal from your property.


Protect yourself and your stuff


Whether someone is trying to commit a theft, scam you for money in a parking lot, over the phone or online you have to be safe and protect yourself. If installing a home security camera system helps you feel safe then don’t think twice about it. If you’re not home or sleeping but catch thieves on video at least you may have a lead for the police and proof for your insurance company that you aren’t lying about your claim.

Will you catch potential thieves by installing a security camera? Unless you are home and awake watching it all go down on your security monitor you might. I personally wouldn’t risk going outside to face any thieves in the middle of the night if they are attempting to steal from my property.

My life is worth more than a few hundred or even a thousand dollars worth of Christmas decorations or other decor items. You don’t know if they have a gun, knife or are trained to take you down faster than you can say, “Hey, What the hell do you think you are…” and they knock you out or potentially something worse.

Just recently a Burlington,Ontario homeowner was missing her weekly garbage only to find out that someone was stealing her garbage bags every week. She was able to video-tape the guy pulling up in front of her house who then pops the trunk and throws any garbage bags he finds and takes off. It could be identity theft he’s after but it could be stranger things. Maybe he enjoys going through garbage. Oh, and apparently he’s not breaking the law by stealing the garbage, but it certainly is creepy.

So for all you homeowners and renters out there if you have some pricey Christmas decorations or garden decor don’t get too attached unless you find a way to secure them to your property. You never know who will be crawling around your property late at night trying to make a living.

Would you go outside in the middle of the night if you spotted someone stealing Christmas decorations or other property?


CBB Week At A Glance


This week was busy but we did go out-of-town to a doctor’s appointment where we were faced with our first baby dilemma. We forgot the diaper bag. Sure enough our son pooped not once BUT twice. Luckily we were in the hospital so I made my way down to the gift shop to buy Huggies diapers and Huggies wipes.

It was the hardest thing for me to do but I had to pay the price because we were not paying attention to what we were supposed to bring with us. It cost me $20 for these 2 items which I could have bought for around $15 at Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart. Now I have them in our vehicle as part of our emergency kit. This way we won’t ever have to buy diapers and wipes on the run again.

A bit of a boring week for us I’m afraid but there’s only weeks until Christmas where I can spend more time with my family and yes I’m counting down the days.

How was your week?


Published This Week


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Hi Mr.CBB and Fans!

We love Free!

We were given this almost $1000 priced GrillPro stainless BBQ for free. They are several hundred dollars new. It has 4 burners, side-burner and a rotisserie. We replaced the 4 burners and the regulator hose cost was about $100 and we have a super BBQ for less than the cost of a cheap BBQ.

-Colleen. K.


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Note: If you are a personal finance blogger (anywhere around the world) and would like your blog to be MAD featured simply drop me an email and I’ll explain the process to you.

This is my way of giving back to the personal finance community through networking and sharing knowledge with my fans. Today it is my pleasure to share with you Second Hand Millionaires!

secondhand millionaire blog

Hello from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the Steel City with three rivers that is home to the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, and home to us, the Second Hand Millionaires.

We are so thrilled to have been asked to say hello to our northern neighbors and to all CBB readers this week to tell you a little about us and our personal finance blog, Second Hand Millionaires.

Our names are Andrew and Veronica Kaslewicz. We are both full-time health care professionals, bloggers, seekers of financial independence, entrepreneurs, and garage sale gurus.

The name Second Hand Millionaires stems from our main side-hustle of attending garage and estate sales to re-sell the items we find for profit. We began doing this in college to help us invest and pay back loans before we had ‘real’ jobs. However, the practice is so lucrative that we never stopped once we got those ‘real’ jobs!

We flip other people’s second-hand items for profit, invest the profits, and live frugally off of about 30% of our income. By using those methods, we have paid off over $170,000 in debt in the past 3 years while still being able to invest and live a fairly comfortable life.

We originally started our blog to teach others how to use garage and estate sales to find great deals and make some money on the side, but the focus has since morphed into an all-encompassing personal finance website that covers everything we put into practice:

  • Investing,
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We blend our extensive healthcare knowledge (Veronica is a Dr. of Pharmacy and Andrew is a Nurse) with frugal living, we blend science with investing, and we bring our readers the humor and honesty of our past mistakes along with personal stories, all of which we relate back to finance. Where else can you learn chemistry while reading a finance article?

We love to learn new things, and we bring that passion to our readers by presenting all the options available to them and educating them with facts, not opinions. We want to set an example for our readers by showing the world that living below your means doesn’t have to be a sacrifice that second-hand items can make you a first-class citizen, and that enjoying an experience ultimately brings more pleasure in the long-term than enjoying an object.

Thank you to Mr. CBB for hosting us, to you for reading our story, and to everyone who has encouraged us along the way. We hope to connect with you again on Second Hand Millionaires!

~Andrew and Veronica


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strawberry cheesecake triffleFood and grocery shopping is a BIG part of CBB because food is a large part of the budget which people struggle the most with.

If you are someone who would rather buy convenience meals or products consider cooking homemade meals or baking from scratch.

Not only will you save money but you will be proud of what you accomplished and you’ll see that from the smiles on those you feed.

If you don’t already know I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I share recipes from other Food Bloggers from around the world.

I also share recipes on the blog once a week on Sundays either made by my in-house home blog cook Nicola Don or myself. This is a fun, interactive blog where we talk about everything that happens in our world.

This week our Top Recipe Pick goes to Michelle who blogs over at Southern Style Kitchen for this lovely Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle which would be a great addition to any Holiday table!


Top DIY Project



This week I found this wonderful post over at Kirbie’s Cravings for these little jars of extracts which are great to make ahead for Christmas gifts if you have a baker on your list.


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Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with you and an Editor’s top blog post pick.

Editor’s pick (That’s me Mr.CBB) goes to Canadian Blogger Mark over at My Own Advisor who shares with us some valuable mortgage tips for homeowners of ALL ages. This is a great post where Mark breaks it down and gets to the point about what you should and shouldn’t do.

Plus check out Freedom 35 where I participated in a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator alongside other personal finance bloggers. I am an ENFJ!


How people find CBB


Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. Any spelling errors below are because I share with you the exact way they typed their search engine query to land on my blog.

  • No Name Cheese Block Shrink– Haha, I can’t believe someone was searching for that. Everything is shrinking these days at the grocery store.
  • Meal Plans for Maternity Leave– Hmm, I like that idea for a blog post since we just went through this and should have planned a bit better than we did.
  • Why are groceries so expensive in Canada? – I don’t know I ask myself the same question at least once a week. ha!
  • Discount for using self-checkout– Ya, that’s what I said we should be getting.

That’s all for this week friends but be back here next Saturday to enjoy the next edition in the Saturday Weekend Review Series. Don’t forget to subscribe to my daily blog post by entering your email address on the home page and verifying the subscription email once it is sent to you.


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  1. This is really sad. All around. Who would want to display a Christmas ornament they had stolen?
    To answer your question, no I wouldn’t go outside if I saw someone stealing one. And I guess that’s wrong too. But do we really need to nail down everything? Kind of takes the joy out of it.

    Laura Beth

  2. Yup. Happened to us last year. They stole all my little lit Christmas trees made of wire. I also had my hummingbird feeder stolen! Thankfully I still had the one in my back yard for the little fellers….

  3. We have one of those motion lights on the garage as do the folks next door. Between the two lights it covers the driveways and all three vehicles well. I’m always looking out the windows on my way past them here, I’m the nosy neighbour!! The older boy still smokes so he has a good look around when he goes outside for that. We have talked to the local OPP and asked what they want us to do if he sees anything and were told…If they can get there in time to catch the culprits to call 911, if not then call dispatch. As he doesn’t normally turn the outside lights on when he goes out at night and there is a fence, he can see what is going on without being seen.
    We have a couple of strings of lights around the front windows either side of the front door. Try to take those and you are in full view of anyone by the door. I don’t have them plugged in yet but will have the timer going Dec 1.
    As for the turkey stealing garbage, I saw that video. He could be looking for ID to use for his own purpose too. We have a paper shredder and use it. If it has our name, address or some such on it I shred it. Little bitty pieces….
    Colleen got a great deal on the BBQ!! I’m so happy for her!! I’m going to have to have me a real good look at that recipe…hubby loves cheese cake!!
    Have a safe and supper weekend….

    1. Haha.. the turkey stealing garbage. I had to read that a couple of times. I think he is looking for ID but who knows. There are strange people out there Christine. I agree to just call 911 because there is no point trying to catch someone if they are armed and dangerous. I plan to put some motion lights outside our house but I just recently installed 3 ground lights to light up the gardens so it is lit up. That’s not enough though because they shut down at 11 on the timer. It would make us feel better.

  4. It is always unbelievable to me that people will steal people’s outdoor decorations no matter if it is Christmas or not. It is just sad there is no respect for other people’s items.

    On another note – we still haven’t started accumulating outdoor Christmas decorations. I like your idea of slowly picking things up at the end of each season when things go on sale. I may need to start looking for things this year because we do want to decorate at some point.

    1. I know it’s horrible what people will do to make money or piss someone off. I think it’s smart to accumulate them at the end of season so you aren’t paying so much out of pocket as they can get pricey.

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