Black Friday Shopping Is Now On Our To-Do List

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Black Friday Shopping

Shopping On Black Friday Has Some Perks For Your Wallet

Black Friday shopping may be just another day to you but for consumers, it’s a day to save money and a way to buy gifts for the holidays.

I don’t know why they call it Black Friday though when most retailers are starting sales on Thursday and some even going all week-long.

Black Friday is not a one-day sale anymore which I discussed last year but it seems every year some retailers add an extra day or wow factor to the day.

Even the  Canadian Tire flyer states “Black Friday Starts with Red Thursday“.

Retailers may as well offer Black Friday shopping with a full month of savings for consumers in November and be done with it.

Future Savings Days For The Holidays

Sooner or later these exclusive shopping days will go something like this:

  • Maroon Monday
  • Turquoise Tuesday
  • White Wednesday
  • Red Thursday
  • Black Friday
  • Sky Blue Saturday
  • Sea Green Sunday

There, I’ve done the work for them. All joking aside you get the point.

My email inbox has been flooded with Black Friday promos this past week and once that’s done there will be another marketing extravaganza for the next big day of deals.

Marketing at its finest but this is where the money is at for retailers across the country.

It does seem that some people believe they are missing out on something REALLY BIG with Black Friday shopping and other big sale days.

Canadians rely on sale days to save money which is what they are intended for but also to get shoppers to spend more money.

It’s important to have a plan and know what you are shopping for.

When is Black Friday in Canada?

This year Black Friday is Friday (no kidding) November 27, but don’t get stuck with the leftovers from those stores starting the Black Friday shopping early.

Canada wants you to spend your money here and you can do just that on Black Friday without having to cross the border.

Black Friday Shopping Sales

The past couple of weeks the weight of our weekly flyers has gotten heavier which only means Christmas is around the corner.

We’ve never participated in Black Friday shopping but we have shopped on Boxing Day and purchased our Panasonic Smart TV on Cyber Monday.

Our motto back then was the best Black Friday deals were not shopping at all.

As we learned more about Black Friday shopping there was no rush to get to bed at night so we could line up early to get what many would consider “comparable deals” to Boxing Day.

One day a year of crazy shopping was enough for us.

Personally, I like to spend money after the holidays because that’s when retailers REALLY want to get rid of stock.

I hung a large wreath with lights that we picked up for 70% off on Boxing Day over our garage with homeowner pride of savings.

However, I believe the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hoopla is just a ploy to get us to spend money now rather than later but they know consumers will come.

That makes sense from a business standpoint I guess, whatever gets consumers through the door.

Parenting 101- Shop For The Deals

Now that Christmas is upon us we try to stock up on Christmas gifts for less if we can, especially for the kids in the family.

Only 3 years ago there were no kids in the family but now there are a few and they are out of the baby stage.

They want toys and the parents want clothes for the kids which aren’t cheap.

The other night we thought we would take a family trip over to Walmart where we rarely go but we wanted to find a sleigh for our son as well as some winter gloves.

We made our way over to the sporting goods section but nowhere were there any sleighs, sleds, or other winter type devices to purchase so we had a look at the toy section.

The idea was that we wanted to scope out toy prices while we were in the store. By doing so it gave us an idea of how it may affect our Christmas budget even though we could easily do that online.

Sometimes it’s nice to actually touch the product though before you purchase it.

I have noticed though that we can find more online deals these days than we can in-store, toys being one of them.

For Christmas this year we are buying gifts for our nieces and nephews which means toys are 100% guaranteed to top the list.

I was in awe at the prices of toys even at Walmart but they are no cheaper at Toys R Us, Mastermind, Costco, and other fine retailers in Canada.

Many of the toys we have for our son were gently used and picked up for free, from garage sales or second-hand shops for next to nothing.

I suppose someone has to buy retail though for us to get such great used deals.

Someone is always feeding someone in this industry and we’re part of the group like everyone else is.

Black Friday Marketing

Tonight while we were at the Goodwill store we heard a commercial on the radio that Old Navy Canada has Black Friday shopping starting today November 26 with the entire store at 50% off.

I’m guessing there will be a huge line-up when they open in the morning unless consumers shop online for Black Friday deals.

I don’t know what to expect as I’ve never taken part in Black Friday shopping before. I’m certainly not naive about the shopping stampede that could happen.

Typically we buy our sons’ clothing used from Kijiji where we have scored some great deals but for Christmas, we like to buy the kids new clothes.

We are not the parents who spend ridiculous amounts on name-brand clothing either.

If we can get quality clothing used, so be it but we aren’t paying hundreds of dollars to buy designer jeans for a 2-year-old.

Our son really likes to wear hats and Old Navy has some great hats for our little guy so my wife instantly turned to me with that “Get in the Car” look and said, “We’re going”.

Becoming parents at first seemed like a breeze even though it was overwhelming and we noticed an increase in our monthly budget.

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It does seem however as our son gets older the costs are going up which was expected but we really didn’t know what to expect.

It’s not like we hung out in the kid’s section of department stores when we had no kids nor did we do our homework on how over-priced kids’ stuff really is.

So, what are the 2 reasons why are we shopping on Black Friday now?

You guessed it, our son and the budget savings, but why are these so important?

Shop For Sales All Year

Kids can be just as expensive as everyone has coined them to be especially if you pay retail prices. 

Prices are not going down, in fact, they seem to be going up however that’s inevitable just like everything else with a price tag.

Our son was over the moon when he saw his first Big Wheel the other night but clearly, my wife was not when she noticed the price tag.

All I heard from two aisles over was, “It costs $100 for a Big Wheel” you better go see your daddy.

Those vintage type toys or what they consider iconic toys cost a fortune these days. Just have a look at the price of Lego and Tonka Trucks.

I was a fool and should have kept all of mine that my parents bought me instead of selling it for far less than what I should have.

The Tonka Trucks have gone from being all-metal to 90% plastic junk with a bit of metal.

Black Friday Shopping Online To Maximize Savings

One way to combat increased prices is to shop online using cashback apps such as Rakuten and Great Canadian Rebates.

By far Rakuten has been a massive online savings cashback app that we recommend to anyone who wants to save more money.

You might as well save where you can and doing it from home makes shopping even more enticing.

Pair your cashback app with a rewards credit card and a sale and you’ve got yourself a smashing deal.

Toy Prices Are Expensive

Have you seen the prices of these toys?

The cost for a large Tonka Truck will run you close to $70 with tax.

That’s a bill payment, weekly grocery budget, clothing allowance, and so on. You get the picture.

Some days I wish our son was still content playing with empty egg cartons, pots, pans, and plastic containers.

Perhaps it was inevitable that he’d be introduced to the world of tools, trucks, and building blocks so now we are doomed.

All joking aside kids know what is out there, you can’t hide it from them.

Being a child is about learning and experimenting and we want our son to have the best experiences he can in life.

That doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar for these experiences either.

If we’re smart we’ll continue to shop the sales throughout the year and keep using cashback apps.

Some people don’t have this luxury though so on days like Black Friday Shopping is essential.

Buy Used For Christmas

Even though we are debt-free we have to watch where our money goes because we are not rich.

Most of his toys come from second-hand shops, free, hand-me-downs or they were gifts from family members.

Just recently a colleague of mine brought to work a truck that he picked up at the Goodwill and gave it to our son. He loves it!

We did discuss with the family about buying gently used toys in place of new toys to keep the costs down for Christmas.

Kids don’t play with toys for long before they get bored with them. Our son is young and won’t know the difference if it’s new or not.

Not everyone was in favour of this as they don’t shop in second-hand stores or buy online.

It’s not a big deal to us but some parents depending on financial situations may turn up a nose to wrapping used toys or their children receiving them.

If you plan to buy used the one problem may be that you can’t always find what kids have on their Christmas list.

Most parents do their best to bring those magical lists to life for the kids just to see the happiness on their faces on Christmas morning.

That means they will even go into debt if they have to but that’s not the smartest of ideas as it will only cost you more in the long run.

It’s also a ploy to get them to be good all year, haha!

Second-Hand Stores Pricing

Shopping at second-hand shops though is getting a bit out of hand with the pricing and I know many of you will agree with me.

Blink and you’ll miss the boutique section at Goodwill which is fairly new with prices that will blow your mind for used clothing they got free.

If you watch the sales you may be able to pay the same price for new items as you would for used items at the second-hand shop.

I really don’t know how so many people can stay the course financially with the prices out there today without having a budget and a pricing radar when it comes to deals.

We’ve lived a simple frugal life and will continue to do so because saving money is a priority for us.

Having fun is also a priority but finding ways to enjoy that fun while cutting costs is part of the lure to save more and spend less for us.

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Mrs. CBB and I now know that we may have underestimated our Christmas budget category where kiddos are concerned.

A pair of jeans over at Sears can run you $30 for a toddler if you’re buying at a regular price.

We thought about giving gift cards but what kid likes to unwrap a gift card when they are young?

None, because they don’t care about plastic cards.

Joining The Shopping Frenzy

So, we can see why there is such a craze for Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, and now Black Friday shopping especially if it’s kids that everyone is rushing out to buy for.

Budgets are tight enough as it is and if parents can save money they will even if it means getting to bed early so they are wide-awake for the Black Friday shopping day craze.

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We’ll see you all there!

Discussion: What would make you go out for Black Friday shopping deals? Do you shop online for Black Friday?

Leave me your comments below.

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  1. Mr CBB, I buy all Christmas gifts during Black Friday to save much time and money as well. The preparation of the list takes more than a month so that I forget nothing. And, this is to make sure that I finish this task in a day so that I could divert my attention to another task which is budgeting or making a budget for Christmas.

    1. We bought a few things mainly for our son. Thankfully we don’t have to buy Christmas gifts for anyone but our son and I send money home to the kids in the UK.

  2. I thought th name Black Friday originated when President Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22nd, 1963. I never heard the term prior to then; I was 3 months into my nursing training that day.
    I shop sales and discounts all year long. I have no desire to be swept up in the rush of shopping on Black Friday, whatever the origin of its name!

    1. You’re smart to shop all year for sales. We used to but our son has really put a dent in our spare time these days. I’m sure as he gets a bit older we will get back to shopping all year which is much better.

  3. I watch for good sales and deals all year round. After a while you get to figure when a store will have the good sales on things you are interested in. I can be very patient waiting for a sale on a specific item. I remember the year my older boy mentioned that he would really like a floresient work light around his birthday in Feb…..I watched the ads from Canadian Tire and Home Hardware all year to get him his light for Christmas….
    My understanding of Black Friday was that was the day the merchants would make enough money to be in the black on the accounts for the year….. Could be wrong but that was what I heard ages ago….

  4. Hubby is looking for a new Apple TV. He knows the price and is watching for a deal on Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Boxing Day type sales. If he sees a deal he’s happy with, he’ll buy it. If not, he’ll simply wait until he finds a deal that he does like. I have the funds saved and awaiting his purchase. We’ll see when he chooses to spend them. He asks for very little in the course of a year so I try and make sure he does get the things he really would enjoy. 🙂

  5. I rely on a budget for all my Christmas shopping…actually my shopping in general. I sometimes get a bonus (VIP) but that’s in June-ish time frame. I take that money (if applicable) and put the max that we are allowed (90%) into my RRSP. I have taken that money as cash but get dinged 48% on taxes so it’s not worth it to me and my RRSP can always use a boost.

    Last Friday, Zehrs had a “Pre-Black Friday” Sale on and had the Samsung Galaxy tablet for $125.00, while I see that RCSS will have that same tablet on sale tomorrow (Actual Black Friday sale) for $108.00. I get why the stores do that but it’s still frustrating when you think you got a good deal on the first sale, only to find it cheaper some place else the next week.

    1. That’s just it. These sale days have become a competition not only for the day in question but days beforehand. It’s only bound to get worse. I’ve learned that we win some and we lose some in the game of sales and pricing wars. The good part is having that budget because going into debt for any holiday is never a good idea. SO many people are struggling as it is that adding to the debt is not helping.

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