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It was late last year when the VarageSale App started popping up in my Facebook feed and I was intrigued to find out what it was all about.  I had heard a few people in my circle of friends chatting about this new App which you can use on your Smart Phone. VarageSale is FREE to use at, and the mobile app is available on IOS, Android and Kindle devices.

Since I don’t own a cell phone I had my wife download the VarageSale App from Apple iTunes to her iPhone so we could check it out. My wife and I and are huge savers when it comes to buying second-hand treasures or even brand new with tag items that people sell.

One of the best places for us to find these super saving deals are during the summer months at garage sales. Sadly in Ontario not many people hold a garage sale during the winter unless it’s an indoor garage sale so there are about 6-7 months each year that we were left with minimal options to shop for deals on previously loved items.

One of the worst things about garage sales is how unorganized many of them are so we waste so much time trying to get through everything that is placed out for sale. Sometimes you show up and find out they cancelled the garage sale or even forgot they were having one.

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VarageSale is what would be considered a virtual garage sale which was started in 2012 by expecting mom and elementary teacher Tami Zuckerman who was frustrated with other buy and sell sites and some creepy experiences. Tami and her husband reside in Toronto, Ontario where the VarageSale headquarters are located.

Tami is the mom behind VarageSale. While on extended maternity leave in 2011, she came up with the idea for a better buy and sell site. With the help of her programmer husband, the VarageSale platform was born just months after the birth of her son in May of 2012.

We’ve all experienced some strange people we’d rather not deal with especially when we know nothing about them. For this reason many people choose to do their dealings in public. With VarageSale since they verify each Facebook account you at least have a bit more of a safeguard rather than knowing nothing at all about the buyer or seller.

It was her husband CEO and Co-Founder Carl Mercier who helped Tami get the project off the ground which they never expected to turn into a business. With the support of many Silicon Valley investors they were able to raise $34 million dollars in start up money from those who believe this app is going to explode in Canada and in the USA where there is a huge presence.

Carl grew up in Granby, Quebec where he started programming at age 7. He studied Audio Engineering at Trebas Institute, and Business Management at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and Stonehill College, Massachusetts.


What is VarageSale?

VarageSale white logo

When I asked my Facebook fans a couple of months back if they had heard of VarageSale and I was shocked that none of them had come forward to say they were active users of this popular app that has millions of users around the world including all the provinces in Ontario.

Guess what? Now you have no excuse for not knowing what VarageSale is because I’m going to tell you all about it today!

When I was approached by VarageSale to share with my fans about their app I was more than happy to take the opportunity to introduce VarageSale to my community of fans. One of the biggest reasons my wife and I are fans of VarageSale is the fact that “community” and “neighbourhood” is what they stand for.

VarageSale brings buyers and sellers together in the same city or surrounding cities in a safer environment than other online buy and sell options. The best part is you can sign up for many communities not just the one you live in once you set up your VarageSale profile.

VarageSale says that 90% of the millions of users are women.

When my wife decided to stay home with our son after his birth in 2014 she was and still is an avid seeker of bargains wherever she can find them. Although she can’t get to garage sales on the weekends as I have the vehicle she will wander the neighbourhood if there are any advertised.

Since garage sales are limited VarageSale was a great alternative for her to buy and sell baby items. To say she is slightly addicted to the VarageSale app is an understatement. Every time I come home from work there is a deal we have to rush out and get just like a $5 Little Tykes toy chest that retails for over $100 our best score to date.

tami zuckerman VarageSale FacebookTo join VarageSale besides having a smartphone you will need to have a Facebook account. Each community on VarageSale is managed by an admin who verifies each and every Facebook account that signs up to weed out any fake accounts.

If you have a few Facebook accounts that you use to participate in Facebook auction groups don’t use those fake accounts as they will find out. They have various methods to figure out the real Facebook profiles from the fake ones.

Here are some amazing points of the VarageSale app:

  • for moms and future moms
  • the app was designed by a mom
  • has a dedicated administrator managing and safeguarding each community
  • requires Facebook sign in with real identity and administrator acceptance
  • has community rules/standards for buying & selling set by moms
  • Photos are large and clear and remind me of a Pinterest layout


How to use VarageSale


When I went on to check out the VarageSale App I thought it was pretty cool that you could check VarageSale Screenshotout Facebook profiles of the people you are buying and selling too. What I liked the most was that you could leave reviews for buyers and sellers so you can find out just what others experienced which is not something you can find on other buy and sell sites or apps.

Another cool VarageSale feature is that when you are on vacation you can toggle what you are selling to hidden so that you don’t have people waiting for a response. Better yet, you don’t have to interrupt your well-deserved vacation to answer messages.

If you love coupons like most frugal shoppers do you can even access the coupon trades section to locate coupons you can use and pass along what you don’t use.

Lastly, likely one of the most important features both my wife and I agree on is the ability to weed out the items you are not interested in seeing in your feed. The VarageSale app has everything from baby items, Food and Grocery, Real Estate, Vehicles and even Holidays, Parties and Special Occasions.

The worst thing about Facebook groups is that you see everything in the feed even if you don’t want to. You can pick and choose sub-categories which helps weed out even more of what you don’t want to see.  You can also get push notifications for items that you are interested in when they are posted by a seller. If you want to watch a posted item to see if the price drops you can do that too.

Many moms who stay at home love to earn extra cash and for those who start their own home business or online business VarageSale is a great place to sell their stuff. If you crochet for example you can sell your products on VarageSale. My wife just likes to sell and negotiate deals!

The personal nature of the VarageSale app is wonderful and although we’ve seen other sites like Kijiji step up and add new features to their buy and sell site you can’t beat the extra mile that VarageSale goes to ensure safety of their community. If you need help from a local admin you can easily access the full list of admins under the Team section of the app in your local community.

Overall, I’d say if you’ve never heard of VarageSale check it out and if you’ve got other things to do besides drive around to garage sales wasting gas on the weekends download the VarageSale app and don’t look back. There’s always room for negotiations!

Happy Shopping everyone!

Do you use VarageSale?


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  1. I signed up and while waiting for the admin to “approve” me, she would only approve me if I changed my FB picture. That attitude definitely turned me off and so even though I’m in the group, I haven’t done anything with this group and won’t be. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m going to remove myself from this group.

      1. In my opinion, this group is no different than the FB groups that already exist. Personally, I think part of their success is it follows much like the FB buy and sell groups.

        1. There are many differences between the two. I was playing around with the app quite a bit this past week and we’ve been using it since last year. I can safely say that I’m happy with it. I think it’s important to use whatever you are comfortable with. If it’s Facebook then go with it. Thanks for your comments.

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