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My wife was talking to her sister on Skype while she was getting ready for work yesterday morning. She was in the bathroom straightening her hair and said she had been up since 5:30am and she was running behind as it was 7am.

I’m in the kitchen prepping the pumpkin spice coffee into the coffee pot that was graciously gifted to us by our neighbour for watching his cat while they went on holidays. In the midst of pouring the water in the back of the worst coffee pot ever I’m trying NOT to listen to them chat but it’s hard not to when the topic is about Money.

You have to understand something about my wife’s sister, she’s a Hollywood beauty enthusiast and loves everything to do with make-up, body lotions, creams and perfume. Her closet is an entirely different situation but let’s just say in the past 3 weeks she’s donated over 4 garbage bags full and she’s still not done purging at the advice of her mother.

When she was younger there was no hiding that she had debt because she was spending far more than she earned. Since turning 30 she’s paid off most of that debt and toned down some of her beauty routines opting for alternate ways to save money to keep up with the Kardashians. No pun intended…OK maybe a little.


Celebrity makeup and style


Ironically, Kim Kardashian West posted a video days earlier on her website live-streaming how she does her own make-up routine when not pampered by her entourage of beauty experts. The cost for her 10 minute pretty-up $770 in beauty products.

Whaattt??? If you want to look like Kim Kardashian for Halloween, start budgeting a year in advance.

Shocking, I know but that clearly her make-up lasts her more than one application but STILL that’s pricey for makeup.

It gets better!! $$$

Apparently Kim Kardashian’s daytime makeup routine costs a whopping $1200 and hours of work. Check out the list of products and prices and it will blow your mind. We wouldn’t have the space to house her makeup bag at our house. Ya, no thanks. She’s blending, contouring or whatever you want to call it what most homeowners monthly mortgage payment is on her face to enhance her beauty.

Here are 4 of the 50 makeup products used to make Kim look like Kim.

Wet Wipes, brand not specified, but we’ll go with Burt’s Bees cucumber and sage facial cleansing towelettes because they are my favorite: $6.00

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial moisturizer: $18.50 

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow brush #14 (Macy’s exclusive): $18.00

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in two shades (7.0 and 9.0): $62.00 each (or Bobbi Brown foundation stick: $44.00)

There are women who believe that this is what beauty truly is and that following what any celebrity does is how to meet a society accepted fashionable look.

Personally, I prefer a simple woman who believes less is more and allows her natural beauty to shine through. That means less of the makeup and more of my beautiful wife. Guess who her beauty entourage consists of? That’s right, me.

According to Mrs. CBB her sister typically completes her hair routine at night but was too tired to care the evening before. It’s easier to straighten hair after you do a full straightening the night before or even two days before.

Mrs. CBB has super long hair and when I straighten it for her it takes me about 3 hours but after that it takes about 15 minutes every day she decides to keep it straight. That never lasts longer than 3 days as she struggles not being able to wash her hair so she gives in and washes it. Some women keep their hair straight up to a week.

Simple hair styles like the messy bun or pony tail are easier when your hair has a couple of days without being washed according to Kim Kardashian West’s hairstylist Chris McMillan.

To get the look, McMillan advises starting with unwashed (yes, day three is perfect) textured hair, and a super-tight ponytail — which he likes to place “pretty high”, or exactly where you want the bun to sit.


Bankrupt and Makeup in the same sentence


What drew my attention to the conversation Mrs. CBB and her sister were having was when her sister exclaimed, “My makeup is going to bankrupt me” so I’m toning down my regime and opting for less expensive makeup products. Bankrupt and makeup in the same sentence was enough for me to grab a cuppa coffee and hang out for a bit. Yes, she knew I was there.


Always having to look spectacular is never an excuse to spend more money than you have


Mrs. CBB says, “Why, how much do you spend on makeup?” She replied, “About $300 a month but that’s all my makeup and creams combined.” I guess there are products that last her a month and others a couple of months so every time she shops at the makeup counter she adds to her pricey collection. It kind of reminds me of stockpiling the pantry.

Let’s be honest here, I don’t know anything about women’s makeup apart from what my wife buys and even then, I don’t really care. What I do notice is the costs for women and men to look good and it can be shocking and can easily add to the debt load that many people carry.


Looking into Mrs. CBB’s Makeup Bag


When Mrs. CBB wears makeup there are very few products she uses. Her face powder, cover-up and under-eye cream cost the most at around $200 every 6 months by Clinique. Her mascara, lipstick and eyeliner is from MAC or from any samples she gets free from the beauty counter at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Purchasing face pads from the Dollar Store or any other blending puffs she needs to buy is far cheaper than buying name brand. You can opt to buy face wipes like Kardasian but they will cost you around $9-$10 to buy something decent like Burt’s Bees.

To remove makeup she uses a L’Oreal face wash and Clinique eye makeup remover. On her face and body she uses an organic cucumber toner and Dr. Bonner’s tea tree oil soap that she purchases at Zehrs in the organic section.

Her makeup brushes are from Clinique which she bought 10 years ago for about $100 as a set but takes very good care of them. Cleaning them keeps them in tip-top shape she says.

I trust her because I really don’t have the slightest clue about makeup and what women buy or how much it all costs. I rely on her to make the best financial decisions when it comes to our budget and spending money buying what she needs to complete her look.

Overall, I don’t complain about the makeup and other products my wife buys because it’s nothing in comparison of the tools and other gadgets I use around the house.

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Mrs. CBB is also smart about her purchases because she waits until Shoppers Drug Mart has a 20x Optimum Points event to buy her makeup and beauty products. When she does redeem Optimum points on mega redemption day she will buy almost all of her makeup again for free to keep the cycle going.


Create a beauty budget


If spending money on anything is going to bankrupt you then it’s imperative that you reconsider your purchases. What my wife’s sister is doing now is shopping for clothes at second-hand shop or used online along with accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, purses, scarves etc. She’s taken lots of advice from Mrs. CBB over the years which I think has sunk in to a certain degree.

Learning to spend less and save more doesn’t happen over night especially if it is something you’ve done for a long time. Unless of course you’ve run out of cash or credit to use up then you just don’t buy it. A shopaholic doesn’t see how much they are spending and if they do it’s easier to prove why they need things.

Buying makeup is just the same.

She’s reduced her makeup routine costs from hundreds of dollars to under $400 every year which is a great start considering she currently spends $3700.

Using a budget is what set her straight and made her realize how much money she was spending on everything not just makeup. The numbers were shocking like they are to anyone who takes the budgeting plunge. You can’t fix your finances if you don’t know your numbers.


Less is more


Ladies, you are all beautiful whether you wear makeup or not. If you do opt to spend money on beauty products keep in mind that you don’t need what the stars use. Having money to blow is one thing but if you don’t then you can’t afford it.

Next time we talk about a beauty regimen we will talk about Mr. CBB (that’s me) and what he spends to get his daily look. Men can spend just as much if not more on makeup and beauty products, it’s true.

Discussion Questions:

How much does your makeup routine cost you and what products do you use?


CBB Insider Weekly


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Most of my week was based around work as I have lots of systems I need to put in place now which makes my job easier for the future.

This week we made lots of low-carb meatballs and homemade pasta sauce. along with a low-carb lemon pound cake. Get ready to bake that beauty up once I share the recipe on the blog. I couldn’t stop eating it until my wife took it away from me.

Watching the leaves turn colour and taking lots of walks to the park when I can squeeze it in with the wife and son is where my time was spent.

How was your week?


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It has been a long time since we’ve had a coupon score brag and today Jen Peacock is sharing her amazing deals with us.


Here is a deal I just picked up from Walmart.

I made money on this!!

Sunlight pump dish soap $1.78 each $2.00 with tax and rounding. There is a Checkout 51 rebate for $2.00 each making these all free!

Children’s Advil was on sale for $4.97. I had coupons for $3.00 off each that I found at the doctor’s office. Checkout 51 also has a $3.00 rebate on each. Each bottle is $5.62 with tax – $6 in coupons and rebates. On three bottles I made $1.14

Coupon savings are still alive everyone!! Thanks for sharing Jen.


Spotlight on Finance




I stumbled upon a great quote on Pinterest from the website Classy Career Girl that made me nod in agreement. When you have no debt it’s not only the best feeling in the world it means you can now do whatever you want with your money to make it work for you.


Frugal Recipe Pick


cheese-herb-and-garlic-breadFood is a big part of any budget and a struggle for many which is why it has been important for me to create frugal recipes for my fans.

We all have to eat but just because we have a budget doesn’t mean we can’t eat delicious home-cooked meals that are drool-worthy.

I have a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I exclusively share recipes from Food Bloggers around the world.

Check out the Free Recipe Index on CBB compiled of frugal recipes that are 100% tested and accepted by family and friends!

Amanda over at Chewtown stopped me dead in my tracks on Pinterest when I saw her Garlic Herb and Cheese Pull Apart Bread. I knew I wanted to make it but I also knew that I just HAD to share it with all of you.

Just look at it. I can’t stop staring at it. The sheer amount of herbs and cheese in this bread is outstanding. I’m looking forward to eating this one!!


Cool Pinterest Find



Since Halloween is next month and Fall has just arrived my wife and I have been working with our son to create crafts for the season. So far we’ve done leaf painting and now that I’ve found this cool spider craft using a paper plate, googly eyes and chenille stems all of which you can buy at the dollar store and we have at home. He’s going to love this one!!  Head on over to IHeart Crafty Things for many more craft ideas.


Editor’s Choice


Editor’s Choice (That’s me Mr.CBB) This week goes to ESI Money for a great post and Book Review about how getting up early will make you wealthy. It’s amazing how one extra hour of awake time is worth a million bucks to some  people. I love the what to do in the morning using the SAVERS acronym. What is great is that the writer actually tried this new routine out of getting up early and documents the results.

I can think of a few things I could do with an extra hour a day, sleep is one of them. 🙂


Google Search Giggles


Always begin and end your day with a SMILE!- Mr.CBB

Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. If you notice any spelling errors below this is because I share the exact way it was typed into a search engine query to land on my blog.

  • Sent my OSAP in August– When I see a query like this I question what on earth someone hopes to find.
  • Nosy mother watching my finances– This is always tough one
  • Dumpster Diving for Pet Stuff– That’s unique
  • Wife blames me for budget– It’s probably all your fault then. Haha! The numbers don’t lie, someone is spending the money.
  • Best day to go to Value Village– Every day because every day you will find value. If you’re hoping for big savings go on 50% off days, Senior’s Day, Student discount day.

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

That’s all the fun for this week, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see ya all again next Saturday!


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  1. Wow, I guess I should be thankful my wife uses drugstore products on sale and not Hollywood-level makeup. I don’t know exactly what she spends on it because we have one budget category for beauty and grooming that includes everything from soap and deodorant to makeup and hair products for both of us. But I do know that it’s within our budget. My wife looks beautiful with makeup or without, so it’s simply a matter of what makes her happy.

  2. I wore some make up 4 years ago – for my cousins wedding. I had to buy new then and if I wear it again I would have to buy all over again.
    Shocking that even mascara and an eyeliner pencil costs more than $10
    It’s difficult to wear when you aren’t used to it and really, I am pretty happy I don’t wear it.

  3. Hey Mr.CBB!!!! It’s been awhile!!! Let the mrs know that apple cider vinegar diluted with water is great as a toner (it’ll last longer) And coconut oil is great as a make up remover and moiturizer (you can get it cheap at Indian grocery stores).

  4. Ok, I am sitting here with my mouth open…catching flies! OUCH on the price of makeup!!

    I do less than what my mother did & she was a stunningly beautiful woman despite the lack of makeup on most days. She had a lipstick & an eyebrow pencil in her makeup arsenal + Rich Moisture cream from Avon. She only wore makeup though when she was going getting all dressed up & going out so most days her face just had a freshly washed glow. First she applied the moisture cream, next she dotted and smeared lipstick on her cheeks as a rouge, matched her lips with that same lipstick, blotted the lips with a kleenex and used her pencil to fill in any bare spots in her eyebrows. Five minutes…done!

    I beat her makeup time…I hate the feel of any makeup on my face. Wash & dry my face = done! 🙂

  5. My beauty regime costs me nothing more than soap and water. I used to have a number of makeup products around but as I’ve got older, it’s been too much work.

    Nice deals Jen.

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