Keto Maple Bourbon Pecan Roasted Almonds

keto maple-bourbon-pecan-roasted-almonds-pinterestTHE SMELL OF ROASTED ALMONDS AND THE HEALTH BENEFITS ARE WORTH THE COSTS.

Keto Maple Bourbon Roasted Pecan Almonds are sugar-free and the perfect keto snack to eat on the go, at work or at home.

Roasted Almonds are the new Super Food along with just about every other nut on the market according to the packaging at the grocery store.

Why? Nuts are full of nutrients and come packed with plenty of health benefits.

Almonds also are known by the Indian name “Badam” and are packed full of nutrients including vitamin E which is great for your hair, skin, digestive track and cholesterol levels.

Years ago Mrs CBB and I went into an Indian store in Brampton and purchased a bottle of Almond oil to use on her hair and skin.

It’s amazing how lovely and soft it made her hair.

I suggested that she try almond oil only because I’ve been to India a couple of times and almond oil is used everywhere for beauty and cooking.

Consumers are flocking to the coconut oil section for the same reason and more.

Every time I read a label in the health and beauty aisle that a product has a nut oil I laugh because they are so expensive.

Cut the middle guy out and buy the real deal.

We have two large jugs of Nutiva Coconut Oil in our house which we use for many purposes.

Most people believe that almonds are nuts but in fact, they are a seed and not a nut.

Like you, I even thought almonds were nuts until I did some research of my own.

Almond or ‘badam’, as we call it in India, is basically an edible seed of a tree native to the Middle East and South Asia. Almond is not a true nut.

The almond fruit is actually a drupe consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell which contains the white edible seed.- source

According to the organic facts article linked above almonds have many health benefits but should not be eaten by those who have gallbladder or kidney problems.

They do contain oxalates, and excessive oxalates can cause crystallization, which can lead to a host of different issues. 

People that have kidney or gallbladder problems should avoid eating almonds.

Health Benefits of Almonds

health benefits of almonds

What are the health benefits of almonds?

The above link was an interesting article to read because I had no idea just how many health benefits almonds had.

I knew there were lots but did you know that almonds were good for your brain? I didn’t but now that I know that I’ll be eating a handful every day.

Here are a few other health benefits you can learn about in the two articles linked below.

You can also find everything related to almond nutrition if you’re interested in the numbers.

Just look at this massive list of health benefits for almonds!

20 Amazing Benefits and Uses for Almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds

  • Regulation of Cholesterol
  • Bone Health
  • Good for your Heart
  • Immune system benefits
  • Healthy Skin
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Regulation of Blood
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Prevention of Cancer
  • Protection from Diabetes
  • Excellent for pregnant women
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation
  • Anti-Ageing benefits
  • Treatment for acne and dark circles
  • Dry skin treatment
  • Spots and marks
  • Treatment for dandruff
  • Helps build strong bones and teeth

Almonds for Keto Weight Loss

As you might already know as a regular reader of the blog my wife has enjoyed a keto lifestyle for over a year now, successfully.

She can’t imagine going back to the way she was eating before which consisted of far too many carbohydrates in her diet.

Switching to low-carb high-fat eating has forced her to read product labels and through this practice, she has learned more about nutrition than ever before.

Part of the low-carb lifestyle includes almond flour, almond meal, raw almonds, roasted almonds, sliced almonds and almond milk.

Unsweetened Almond milk is used as a beverage or included in recipes such as chocolate avocado pudding.

Mrs CBB loves her almonds roasted the best especially when she is after a snack that has lots of crunch.

We also both add salted roasted almonds to our salads to super boost the nutritional value.

Fixing the Keto Sweet Tooth

Recently Mrs CBB was asking if there was any way we could make roasted almonds but with a sweet coating.

I thought that shouldn’t be a problem since we already had a bottle of Maple Bourbon Pecan Jordan’s Skinny Syrup that is sugar-free.

This roasted almonds recipe is tasty and will cure that sweet tooth without all the sugar.

Best Places To Buy Natural Almonds

If you’re a grocery guru like we are then you know that buying coated almonds, smoked almonds or roasted nuts in any form can be very pricey.

We opt to buy the natural almonds from Costco at $15.99 for almost 3lbs. From there we take the raw almond nuts

In October we go to the Bulk Barn where we buy raw almonds to use in our Scary Witch Fingers recipe which is nicely roasted by the time the cookies are done cooling from the oven.

The Bulk Barn has sales on almonds on occasion and if you can pair that with their $3.00 off coupon then you can score a great deal.

If you’re lucky to live in a city with an outdoor market you may want to have a look around to see if there are any bulk nut sellers.

How To Store Almonds

We store our natural almonds in the freezer until we are ready to use them.

After we’ve roasted our almonds we let them cool and put them in an air-tight container and leave them on the counter or in a dry space.

They never last long enough to go off so we don’t worry too much about that.

You will want to eat them in a reasonable amount of time though so they don’t go rancid and taste very bitter.

Related: How to select and store almonds

How To Make Keto Maple Bourbon Pecan Roasted Almonds

keto maple-bourbon-pecan roasted almonds fb-png-2

Roasting almonds is an art and by that I mean if you walk away you’re going to burn them.

You have to be on high alert when you are roasting nuts.

For this keto recipe, we used a few ingredients but did not dry roast the almonds.

If you have almond or walnut oil in the house add a tablespoon to 3 cups of natural almonds and coat them. Add a sprinkle of salt.

Once the roasted almonds are almost done we pull them from the oven and this is where the magic happens.

At this point, we add a tablespoon of butter and 1/4 cup of the Maple Bourbon Pecan Jordan’s Skinny Syrup.

We finish up the roasting process for a further 7-10 minutes.

This will be different for everyone depending on your oven so you must watch your nuts when roasting.

Where To Buy Sugar-Free Syrups

If you’re not a fan of the Maple Bourbon Pecan the product line is extensive for Jordan’s skinny syrups provided you can find them.

We used to find the syrups including the Torani line at Home Outfitters if you still have one in your area.

Now we can find them at Home Sense, Winners and Marshalls or you can buy them for $17.99 on  Amazon Canada.

A little goes a long way with the skinny syrups and besides you can use them for more than just nuts!

The main reason we bought the sugar-free syrup was to flavour my wife’s keto bullet-proof coffee but now use it to bake as well.

Once the nuts are roasted and your house smells like almonds have them cool on the stove-top or counter until they are cold unless you like hot roasted nuts.

As they cool the crunch will increase.

Maple Bourbon Pecan Candied Roasted Almonds (Low-Carb) (Sugar-Free)
Recipe Type: Low-Carb Snack
Author: Mr.CBB
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 20
  • 1/4 cup of Maple Bourbon Pecan Skinny Syrup (or another flavour)
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 3 cups of natural almonds
  • 1 tablespoon of walnut oil or almond oil
  1. Pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees
  2. In a baking pan add your nuts and coat them well with the oil and salt
  3. Roast in the heated oven on low for 20 minutes remove and add the butter and syrup and stir it around.
  4. Place back in the oven for another 10 minutes or until completely roasted. Every oven is different. You can taste test them along the way. If the hot almond is crunchy but soft they are likely done. You can also tell by the colour of the almond becoming a golden colour.
  5. Let rest until completely cool or enjoy them hot.
  6. Add to salads, chop and add to ice-cream, desserts or eat them as a snack.

Roasted almonds whether you like them sweet, salted or smoked are the perfect snack any time of day.

When I’m at work and my stomach starts to growl I stop and have a quick handful of roasted nuts and a coffee and I’m good to go until lunch or dinner.

Discussion Question:

How do you enjoy your almonds?

Per 1/20 Recipe: Approx 12 almonds, 105 Calories; 9.3g Fat; 3.45g Protein; 8g Carbohydrates; 8g Net Carbs

Nutrition Value for Jordan’s Skinny Syrups



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  1. If you are looking for a healthy snack then there is almost nothing better than almonds. I have noticed that I feel much better when I eat healthy snacks rather than processed foods. Roasting them just makes them that much better.

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