Super-Fast KETO Mug Biscuit In 90 Seconds

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You most certainly can make a microwave Keto mug biscuit in 90 seconds and the best part is you can dress up it any way you like. Mug recipes are great because you can portion control what you want to eat so you’re not itching for another slice or two. Mrs. CBB was hankering for some low-carb bread but we hadn’t made a loaf so she went without.

Mrs. CBB without bread is like that mid-day chocolate high that softens stressed out employees to get them through the rest of their workday. Yes, she loves her bread but not all the carbs that comes along with traditional bread made with white flour.

That’s when she asked if there was a way we could make a Keto mug biscuit in the microwave similar to the many low carb mug cakes we’ve concocted over the past two years. So like any good husband who wants to avoid the afternoon tummy rumbling carb rage I went to work creating this Keto mug biscuit for her.

She helped but mostly with the eating part and I did my fair share as well. Just look at the photos…delicious!


Low-Carb/Keto/Paleo Mug recipes


Whatever way you say it this recipe has NO FLOUR, NO SUGAR and tastes like the real deal. Upon searching Pinterest we found many recipes for Keto mug bread, Keto bread in a mug, low-carb mug bread, low-carb bread in a mug and then 90 second bread in a mug.

Although making bread in a mug in 90 seconds sounds outrageous it really does work. I can’t take credit for making 90 second Keto bread in the microwave but we did find a way to incorporate the time with a recipe we developed BUT for a Keto mug biscuit. I don’t know came up with that time but thanks!

When you look at the shape of a mug you automatically would think something shaped like a muffin or biscuit could be created. We had a hard time with the bread in a mug idea because every time we tried a recipe it was either like cake in a mug or a muffin in a mug.

There was no really bread texture for us but what we did find is that we were able to create a Keto mug biscuit that actually looked and tasted like a biscuit/scone. Ideally we wanted a Keto mug biscuit that was moist and buttery which we could toast or use as a base for a low-carb French toast.

A few of the low-carb Keto Mug Biscuit recipes we tried this week below (I’ve eaten lots) had something special about them and something missing. We found they were either too wet or too dry so we needed a balance to compliment each other. Lots of trial and error but we eventually both agreed on this recipe as the best of the best that we created.

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Some of the recipes we came up with used butter, coconut oil, pumpkin oil and avocado oil. It’s always important for us toketo mug biscuit 90 seconds 1 PINTEREST test low-carb ideas using the different fats we have on hand.

What we finally came up with was a basic Keto mug biscuit which is versatile so if we wanted to add cinnamon, pumpkin spice, sugar-free syrups or even savoury fillers such as bacon, cheese and chives it could be done.

It’s amazing how recipes can change with the slightest addition or removal of an ingredient.

Let’s take the cheddar chive bacon Keto mug biscuit where we took our basic Keto mug biscuit and added cheddar, organic chives from our garden and crumbled bacon.

Any time you add bacon and cheese you know it’s going to taste AMAZING no matter what it looks like.

Consider though how much of the bacon and cheese you add because this will also be added fat. What we did is added 2 tablespoons of cheddar cheese and 1 tablespoon of real crumbled bacon to the recipe and removed 1/2 tablespoon of butter.  Perfect!

You might have to experiment with any variations you make to this Keto mug biscuit but with a bit of tweaking you will find the right balance. Once you have the basic recipe for a Keto mug biscuit you’re all set.

What else is SO awesome about this Keto mug biscuit?

You can make it on the run in just 90 seconds in a microwave! Almost all mug cakes and bread recipes done in the microwave took on the one minute to 90 second time frame so we experimented. We definitely decided to go with the 90 seconds because it gave us the best Keto mug biscuit which didn’t crumble.

So far we’ve enjoyed our must-try 90 second Keto mug biscuit;

The best part is our son will eat half of a half of the Keto mug biscuit but it has to be toasted with cinnamon, sugar and a bit of butter. So if you’re looking to cut back on the bread in your family learning to make simple low-carb bread recipes in any form is a great alternative.

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Keto Mug Biscuit Tips


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  • Use a spoon to mix it together in your mug.
  • Do not over-mix then flatten on top with the back of the spoon before putting in the microwave
  • Run a knife around the Keto mug biscuit when it comes out of the microwave to loosen it up.
  • Flip your mug over onto a cutting board to let it rest for 5 minutes to cool down the biscuit so you can do any of the above.
  • If you want to slam your Keto mug biscuit in the microwave, dump, wrap and run you can do that too. Slicing when it is hot from the microwave is not suggested but if you must take your time so you don’t damage the biscuit, add what you want to it and GO!
  • For BEST results let the Keto mug biscuit cool completely.

Just about every morning Mrs. CBB makes a Keto mug biscuit and sets it on the counter to cool for use at breakfast, lunch or for a snack. We use a large mug that doubles up as a soup bowl with a handle that we picked up at the second-hand shop for one dollar. They always have lots in stock and give the best biscuit shape for this recipe. If you use a standard mug you’ll get a smaller biscuit but taller. Choice is yours but we like the soup mug.


How to make a Keto Mug Biscuit in 90 seconds


If you enjoy a gluten-free, Paleo, Keto, Low-Carb, Atkins lifestyle you’ll most likely have all of the basic ingredients on hand for this Keto mug biscuit. No need to melt your coconut oil and butter either.

Although most ingredients are available at the grocery store or health food stores you can also order everything online through Amazon or other Canadian low-carb online grocery services that deliver right to your door.

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Super-Fast KETO Mug Biscuit In 90 Seconds
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
You don't have to wait around for a loaf of bread or a pan of biscuits to bake in the oven when you can whip a Keto mug biscuit up in 90 seconds. This is a must try and versatile to add your own seasonings and spices.
Recipe type: Keto Biscuit
Cuisine: Low-Carb Gluten-Free
Serves: 1
  • 1 large egg room temp
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour
  • 2 tablespoons almond flour
  • 1 tablespoon whey protein powder no flavour
  • pinch of ground Himalayan pink salt or sea salt
  • 11/2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • ½ teaspoon room temp butter
  • 1 tablespoon of whipping cream
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar
  1. Put all of the ingredients in your soup mug and mix just until combined.
  2. Using the back of your spoon level the top of the biscuit batter.
  3. Microwave on high for 90 seconds.
  4. Run knife around the edge of the biscuit.
  5. Turn over onto cutting board and cool for 5 minutes on a wire rack.
  6. Once cool you can slice it in half or into thirds which we do. That middle slice will give you an extra treat for later.
  7. Ignore the cook time you see because it won't let me add 90 second so I put 2 mins in but it's 90 seconds.

Don’t be discouraged when you change the way you eat because there are always options available for the foods you give up for whatever reason. In this case I have a happy wife who doesn’t have to wait around for me to help her bake a loaf our oue low-carb bread which we both enjoy. Besides a buttery biscuit is always a welcome change from sliced bread.

Discussion: Have you ever made a low-carb mug biscuit and what flavours have you added?

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Nutritional Info:

Per entire Recipe :  4g Net Carbs each as per Atkins Carb Counter

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