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Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been a money-talker because I’ve had the money-maker motivation from a young age. If I talk about money these days it’s on this personal finance blog sharing our successes and failures. Essentially I’m in the mode of helping others become successful at whatever they choose to do.

Becoming a money-maker is not as hard as you think especially if you know how to listen to others who have become successful because they’ve already crossed that bridge. A successful person always believes that they can have a better future considering where they came from and where they want to go.

A successful person doesn’t do things on a whenever basis, they are consistent and make sure that what needs to get done gets done. This may mean giving up a couple of hours on a Friday night to make sure the budget is up to date or balancing the books. You have to make the time to be successful and you might even say that your business sense is always turned on even when you are sleeping. For some this may not be productive but for others its money in the bank.

Example: How many musicians wake up humming a new song that they dreamed about and then turn into a success? The most watched music video on You Tube right now is Luis Fonsi with over 3.7 Billion views for Despacito. He says in a You Tube interview that he woke up one morning with the word in his head and started humming it and later developed Despacito.

Just recently he teamed up with Justin Bieber to remake the song and take it to an even bigger stardom. When asked by his manager if he wanted to work with Bieber who contacted him he said, “Are you really asking me this, book him now”. This is what Money Makers do, they learn from those who are successful. It’s all about who you know but even without Bieber, Luis was crushing You Tube from the start.

Here check it out for yourself… Fonsi has made millions from his hit on You Tube.


You wouldn’t want to learn how to budget from someone who has tonnes of debt would you? You wouldn’t want a financial advisor to advise you about money when he/she can’t even manage their own, right? No, should be your answer. What you want to do is hang out with the people who have fallen, been beaten and still get up and fight the money-maker fight.

A fight isn’t over until you say it’s over but don’t denounce what others are doing especially when they are banking the cash. There are times when financial success happens by luck such as winning the lottery but often it begins with a dream and someone who doesn’t want to give up on that dream come high or hell water.

I watched a video yesterday of a little guy no older than 2 at the park with his Nonnie and sister. His sister was running up and down the stairs of the slide and having fun while her brother struggled to get up the stairs. This little guy had no arms and no legs BUT he’s determined and didn’t want any help even though his Nonnie offered.

The look on his precious face when he made it down the slide brought me to tears. He gave me that extra energy to keep going and to appreciate the little things and the big things in life. Too often we are quick to judge how something will turn out but aren’t following through to find out on our own.

Source: Facebook/Katie Danielle Whiddon

Camden and Ryleigh playing at the park with their Nonnie.

If you want something bad enough you will do what it takes and sometimes that means it will take you a bit longer but you’ll get there in the end and slide your way to success. Had his mother picked him up to help him he’d never learn how to do it on his own. The same goes for financial success.

You can’t expect everyone to change when you aren’t willing to change yourself. The world is not working for you until you make enough money that you become the boss of your empire. Until then you’re an employee of this earth and will work for your money just like everyone else.


Who is the Money-Talker?


This is the person you don’t want to be and you sure as hell don’t want to be taking advice from someone who has nothing smart to say about financial success.

Often people put more effort and time into complaining about money rather then making it and this is why they are labelled the money-talker. I’m almost certain that everyone has a money talker in their lives or you may even be one yourself. There’s a fine line between crossing the bridge to success through trial and error and not stepping foot on the bridge at all.

We all fail at things and it’s those people who learn from those mistakes who gain the most experience. It is said that the master has failed more times than the person who has yet to begin. This means that if you give up before you start you’re never going to make it to the money-maker stage.

The money-talker is someone who finds fault in every system and does nothing to better themselves. The money-maker on the other hand is someone who tends to smile and always listen to what other people have to say which may spark ideas.


Who is the Money-Maker?


  • A good listener
  • Always asks questions
  • Pushes themselves with positive motivation
  • Invests in him/herself
  • Reads or listens to learn
  • Is an action planner
  • Sets realistic goals
  • Brings success to them
  • Networks
  • Has passion and faith
  • Fails and tries again


You choose your Money success


Whether you choose to be a money talker or a money-maker is up to you because you get to live life on your terms. Becoming a successful money-maker doesn’t mean you will become rich it means that you are doing something or whatever it takes to pave YOUR path and not someone else’s.

Every day is a new day with 86,400 minutes that you get to develop and make your dreams come true. When people start asking how you’ve done it you know you’ve done something right. This is one of the best feelings in the world, helping others which sometimes means giving up time but that is what makes us rich.

You choose to become the Money-Maker or Money-Talker. Which one is it?

Discussion Question: Who would you rather be- The Money Maker or The Money Talker? Do you know someone who is a money talker but puts no doable effort into getting it?


Another Week At The CBB House


This week was all about the ice-cream as we managed to scoop up (no pun intended, perhaps a little) a brand new Kitchen-Aid Ice-cream maker attachment for our stand mixer for $50. They retail for $140 plus tax. We sold the manual one we bought at Value Village for a $5 profit which we put towards the gas to pick everything up.

We’ve since made rum and raisin ice-cream with toasted pecans and sugar-free strawberry cheesecake ice-cream for Mrs. CBB. I’ll make a small batch of chocolate for the little guy later this week. Stay tuned for the sugar-free strawberry cheesecake recipe coming to the blog very soon.

I’ve put in the longer hours at work still which I suspect will be ongoing until the end of 2017 until I can get caught up and design a system that works for me. Once that’s done then I’m taking it minute by minute, hour-by-hour and so on. Busy world I work in.

Around the house we’ve sold more baby clothes so we can put that money towards buying our little guy something he needs such as winter boots and soccer shoes.

Speaking of soccer our little guy is back in action and so far he’s doing well. It may take some work but he’s more alert to the game this time around rather than when he was just over a year old.

That’s our week in a glance!



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Top Post This Week: How Much Should My Grocery Budget Be?


Top Finance Weekly Read


This week Rob Carrick shares tips about you can get ahead when you’re income isn’t going up but everything else is. This is a timely post because so many people are feeling the crunch and no more than ever Canadians are stumbling trying to pick up the pieces or keep them glued together.

One of the parts of his post his suggests investing in your career and by far that is one piece of advice I’d also offer. Coming to Canada with ZERO experience working here I went back to school and am now working in a 6 figure career. Was it worth it? Sure. It may not get you 6 figures but it will give you more to add when you are creating your resume, plus you’ll be doing something you like to do.

If going back to school is not an option because of other responsibilities try doing part-time studies or upgrade anything that would get you moving up the ladder with your current employer.

Give it a read.


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lego deals jen p September

Hi  Mr.CBB,

When your guy gets older he’ll be invited to tons of birthday parties. It can get expensive so I try to get deals when I see them. All of these were on clearance at Walmart a few weeks ago.

  • Cars bathtub toy set $12 (reg $19.97)
  • Lego set- truck and trailer $11 (reg $21.86)
  • Lego set- truck with police $11 (reg $21.86)
  • Lego set- Boat $11 (reg $21.86)
  • Lego 3 in 1 car $3 (reg $6.86)
  • Lego atv- $2 (can’t remember the reg price).

This is huge savings for Lego.


Jen 🙂

Hey Jen,

Great deals on the Lego and I’m sure we will be sending our little guy to plenty of birthday parties as he gets older. I like the idea of buying gifts when they are on sale. – Mr.CBB


CBB Words of Wisdom


quiet time in your special place success

This quote is near and dear to me because it is something that I do often to clear my mind when I get overwhelmed with all the things I need to do. When your plate is full or if you just need to rejuvenate your world take some time to find a quiet place away from everyone so you can focus on you. Sometimes going for a simple walk in the Fall by myself around the neighbourhood to explore nature is just what I need to get back on track.


Top Chef Recipe Pick



This week I found Melinda from Countryside Cravings who shared here recipe for Slow Cooker Chili Mac which is exactly what I was looking for. This past week we made Goulash from a recipe on Pinterest but it tasted like a pot of pasta sauce. I asked my fans if I did something wrong and a few of them responded that I should try adding different spices.

When you work with tomatoes there are only so many things you can do to flavour them up because the tomato always remains dominant. What Melinda has done is combine chili AND mac n cheese which is brilliant and I look forward to trying this out. I still have half a bag of elbow macaroni to use up!!

The perfect comfort food for Fall.


DIY Weekly


pumpkin pie fragrance

What would be a week of DIY without something to do with FALL. You either hate the smell of pumpkin spice or you love it. We love it in the CBB house and when I found this simple way to bring the fragrance in our home with baking a pumpkin pie or buying an expensive pumpkin spice candle this little photo popped up on my screen. I don’t know where it originates from (see website on photo) but it is certainly something I’ll try. Having a pot of coconut oil in the house these days seems to help more than just in the kitchen.


Saturday Search Term Giggles


Always begin and end your day with a SMILE!- Mr.CBB

Every week I get tens of thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. (SIC) means I’ve copied the text exactly and it has spelling errors.

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

  1. Ask Rich People For Money Online- Do you actually think that someone who is wealthy will just hand out their cash to just anyone. Give you head a smack….
  2. Ways To Prevent Getting Fired From Using Social Media– Don’t Use It.
  3. Prices For Refreshments At A Garage Sale– Really? Just be reasonable… under a Dollar unless you plan on selling Beer, ha.
  4. Best Weed For Rock Gardening– Haha, I don’t know I’ve never smoked the stuff before but I’m sure some of our pot smoking friends might have some tips.
  5. Growing From Poor To Rich– I can tell you it will take more than a garden water jug.

That’s all the fun for this week, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you all again next Saturday.


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