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Spring Cleaning Helped Us Uncover A Hidden Pot Of Gold

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how spring cleaning helped us uncover a pot of gold

Spring Into Savings And Sell Your Dust For Cash

The best part about spring is when you get a chance to sell your dust bunnies to buyers who want your stuff.

Don’t wait around for your pot of gold because the only way to fill your pot with cash is to get out there and make it yourself.

Let the green of St. Patrick’s Day today inspire you to start spring cleaning your home for some green of your own.

Many people go chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow not realizing they have a pot right under their nose, at home.

It’s time to clean up the cash you having lying around the house and put it back where it belongs, in the bank.

A deep spring cleaning includes more than just wiping walls, cleaning cupboards, windows and the outside of your home.

One of the most dreaded chores but most rewarding is a thorough spring clean-up that uncovers ‘stuff’ you haven’t used in months or even years but has worth to it.

Money Just Collecting Dust

If you put it for sale online you’d likely find a buyer and recoup some of the money you spend buying the product.

It’s amazing how many people tell me they are broke yet they have loads of stuff around their house inside and out that they could sell.

The idea is after you’re done using something that you paid for why not turn around and sell it to another frugal person who loves second-hand deals?

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The best time of year to start preparing for a big garage sale is during the spring because our motivation to de-clutter is higher than over the winter months.

I’ll tell you now that the 3 main places to de-clutter for cash are your closet, garage, and basement.

Why? This is where most homeowners store their ‘junk’ or stuff they no longer need or think they might use down the road.

You might find the attic another popular place but not everyone has one or likes to go up into it.

A house cleaning checklist may be something that you follow on a weekly or even monthly basis but when the snow melts and spring appear it’s time to hang up the shovel and get out the broom.

Spring Cleaning Your Stuff

Since my father-in-law passed away this year my mother-in-law is struggling financially because money is tied up in investments, frozen by the bank and her bills are piling up.

My father-in-law was the type of guy who would ‘collect stuff’ just in case he needed it and wouldn’t think twice to pick something up from the curb if he saw value in it.

The only problem was that instead of selling what he found for extra income he kept it.

He had no interest in earning extra money even though they both would have benefited from a bigger savings account.

Not only are we de-cluttering our home for cash but we’ll be doing the same for my mother-in-law on weekends are her house.

She has so much cash lying around that we’re going to pick it up for her and hand it to her so she can put it to good use.

It’s the least we can do for her because she really does need our help right now.

Spring Clean Room to Room

In our house, spring clean-up started last month where room by room we started going through everything we owned.

We divided the items we no longer wanted or needed into two piles.

  1. Donate
  2. Sell

I’ve written about selling your stuff for cash before on the blog but recently realized how important it is to have a game plan to do so otherwise it will never get done.

The worst thing is the half-jobs that keep collecting because of chore hopping and missed opportunity.

So far in the past month, Mrs. CBB and I have earned over $300 selling stuff that we paid for but no longer use. 

In a way, it’s not really extra money because you spent your money to buy it in the first place. We consider it found money or money we had but weren’t using.

Tip: Always clean what you sell so the items look pristine and top dollar.

  • Baby clothes
  • 3 in 1 Tricycle
  • Office Clothes
  • Work Shoes
  • Bedroom bench
  • Outdoor bench
  • Home Decor
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Kids toys
  • Fax machine
  • Printer
  • Wall art

Get Organized For Your Spring Clean-Up

Don’t be that person who goes through the Spring clean-up process and leave what you want to sell in various places around the house.

You won’t sell it and if you do it will take you forever because you’re simply not organized enough.

Honestly, we are the type of people who throw things in the garage that we want to sell. 

the shelf of spring cleaning things to sell

Last Spring we picked up a gorgeous free cabinet/shelf that I was refinishing for our basement.

I’m not done yet as I have one last layer of white paint to put on it before I decide where it will be placed.

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If you have a look our shelf is filled top to bottom with stuff we are selling which starts at the end of winter into spring/summer when garage sale season begins.

Putting stuff on the shelf has been the single easiest way for us to know what we are selling.

There have been times when Mrs. CBB is not home and someone knocks on the door for an item.

I don’t have to scramble to find it because I know where we keep everything we are selling.

Another tip is to have some spare plastic bags or boxes around so you can put items inside especially if the buyer is doing a porch pick-up.

We like to tie the bag shut and label the item with the buyers’ name.

No, we aren’t afraid of them stealing the item as we only put out items $20 or less.

In the event it is stolen, we consider that a donation to someone who clearly needed it.

Price As You’re Cleaning

Another thing that we’ve done this year during our Spring clean-up is pricing what we want to sell as we go along.

We have a simple list attached to the side of our white shelf in the garage where we write in what the item is and the price we are selling it for.

This also becomes handy if you plan to host a garage sale in the summer because all you need to do is pick up labels or coloured dots to coincide with your pricing schedule.

We wait to price anything on the product if we are hosting a garage sale and we are doing our Spring clean-up into the end of the winter months.

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The reason for this is because we like to do price comparisons on products to make sure we are getting as much as we can back for the product we are selling. Every bit helps when you are

someone who could use the money especially when money is tight or you need to ramp up your savings and investment accounts.

You paid for it so sell it if you don’t need it any longer.

Use Accurate Comparable Pricing

Please stop using Amazon to compare prices when selling items whether online or for your garage sale.

The prices of many products are so inflated. I just move on if I even see someone trying to do this with something I’m interested in purchasing.

Try using local shops in the area where the product is commonly sold.

Stage Your Spring Stuff For Sale

Don’t ask me why but any time you can stage what you sell in an upscale setting it will catch a buyers attention.

One of the worst things you can do is list something for sale or host a garage sale while smoking.

Last week I found an ad on Kijiji for a boy’s jacket and next to it was an ashtray with a lit cigarette next to it.

You won’t always know what you buy whether it comes from a smoke-free or pet-free home because everyone knows to say that so they sell their stuff faster.

Obviously smell and pet hair is obvious in most cases don’t be shy to take a sniff.

If you plan to host a garage sale after your Spring clean-up ideally you would want to find a few nice tables to showcase what you are selling.

When you’re organized and your stuff priced and labelled you can sell it efficiently because you aren’t getting frustrated trying to help all of your customers. It also makes it easier to negotiate.

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When selling stuff from home online staging your stuff in a nice area of your home that is clean and clutter-free helps along with a clear photo.

Describe the product from head to toe including the shape it is in.

Have you ever seen those photos online where someone stages chalk-painted tables with mason jars that are white-painted and have Dollar store white flowers in them?

Behind the cabinet is a gorgeous mirror and so on.

My sister-in-law is this person and she makes a very nice profit from the stuff she buys and finishes.

Oh and those painted mason jars net her $60 for a set of 3.

There is something powerful about selling stuff with a high-end background to those people who view it as upscale.

This is no different than homeowners or realtors staging a home for sale.

A clean, de-cluttered home that is fresh will sell faster than one that is musty, dirty and overloaded with stuff.

Less Stuff Is Best

Although we love to buy second-hand items and go to garage sales we’ve realized over the past 10 years of owning our home that we don’t need all this stuff.

Once we de-clutter we find added space to our living environment and it just feels amazing.

The more stuff you have whether it’s rare, vintage or new doesn’t make your space inviting if there’s too much of it.

Discussion: What tips do you have for Spring clean-up around the house to get the most out of the stuff that is collecting dust around the house?

Leave me your comments below and I’ll be sure to respond to them.


CBB at Home

This past week started out not so bad but ended with Mrs. CBB at the doctor’s office and then the hospital for tests to see what might be causing her severe stomach pain.

Earlier this week we took a ride to Burlington, Ontario to bring our little guy to a local play centre which he loved but it was the priciest of any we’ve been too.

We like to tour around the GTA to find new spots for him to play so he’s not always going to the same place.

Next year I believe a trip to Disney is in order as he will be old enough to understand what is going on.

Other than that this weekend we will be heading to my in-law’s house for more spring cleaning and de-cluttering to get ready for sale.

All my mother-in-law wants is a normal home she says so that she will get.

Basically, the house looks staged ready for sale now.

It’s amazing how two people can be so different when it comes to what they should keep or get rid of in the house.

We picked up an Amazon stick for our TV with Alexa and then managed to lower our Rogers bill to $143 for all services including the wife’s cell phone.

I’ll tell you why we did that and why we stuck around in an upcoming blog post.

Have a great week everyone!


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Favourite Weekly Read

Joel from MilitaryMillions.com wrote a blog post over at The Humble Dollar about his $121,500 Guest Room which is well thought out in terms of financial numbers.

Most people including ourselves and Joel didn’t think about the impact of that extra room or rooms I should say.

We often think we need more than we really do but if you look at what it costs you to own a brand new expensive car or the biggest house you can afford you’ll see how much money you blew out the window.

I love how he represents how many days the expenses of the extra room would have allowed him to rent a hotel room.

Parenting and Home Life

Check out these cool Leprechaun Hats made from craft sticks that Kim created over at The Resourceful Mama.

This is a super easy St. Patrick’s Day craft to do with toddlers. Love it!

Supplies you will need:

  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Black paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Green paint
  • Cardstock or fiberboard

Frugal Recipe Of The Week

Fellow Canadian Elizabeth over at Frugal Mom Eh has this awesome recipe perfect for St. Patrick’s Day today, Beef and Guinness Hand Pies. I’m a huge pastry and meat kind of guy and know that I would devour a few of these!!


Beef and Guinness Hand Pies

Relationship 101

This was inspirational for me because of the validity it brought to my life.

If you’re not happy with yourself you won’t be happy in a relationship no matter what you think.

Happiness is something that you create and the perfect job or money won’t make up for a smile. 

Keep it real!

happiness starts with you relationship quote

CBB Words of Wisdom

the only luck you get is when you do the hard work yourself pot of gold St. Patrick's Day quote

Often times I find people hope that today will be their lucky day but in reality, the only luck you need is the effort you put into something.

Saturday Search Term Giggles

Every week I get tens of thousands of people to visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. (SIC) means I’ve copied the text exactly and it has spelling errors.

  • What’s the safest savings account? – Hah, your piggy bank.
  • Student Loan Bankruptcy– This is not surprising and I bet we see lots of this in the future.
  • Stupid Skilled Trades– What a stupid search! No trade is stupid!

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

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