8 Costly Baking Ingredients To Stockpile

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Walking down the baking aisle at the grocery store or even the bulk food shop is cringe-worthy when you start to see the prices of baking ingredients.

However, you must understand that food costs money and eating well is possible on a budget, but YOU must work to find the deals.

8 costly baking ingredients to stock your pantry
8 costly baking ingredients to stock your pantry

Get Baking Supplies For Less By Stocking Up

If you are a savvy shopper, you need a flyer watch list, which means a master list of products that you WILL use but are far more expensive than others you purchase.

This means you will keep an eye on prices for those products because when the time and cost are right, you should stock up.

A reserve fund or stockpile budget is handy for the everyday consumer.

Baking ingredients have always been higher for the consumer who values pre-made products over baking only because we see what we want to see when it comes to pricing.

It’s far more convenient to buy a six-pack of muffins for $5 rather than a bag of flour for $8, especially when you have other baking ingredients to purchase to create that same muffin.

These days, just about anything you don’t usually purchase can increase your grocery budget to the point where you must take something away to include something new.

It’s not uncommon for consumers on a budget to use this method of savings because it’s one of the best and only ways to stay on budget if you want to get ahead.

Home Baking vs Pre-Made

Over the years, I’ve been and still am a massive advocate of baking at home rather than buying pre-made foods from the grocery store.

Everything from cookies to bread tastes better and costs less when you can make it home, but there is a catch.

To maximize the grocery savings, you need to buy your main ingredients at a savings, which means when products go on sale, you stock up.

I know it reads as if you should buy pre-made instead of going through the hassle, but trust me when I say it’s worth the hassle, and you can stretch your money further.

Consider if you purchase two loaves of bread from the grocery store on sale for $2.50 each or 2/$5 vs. a 2kg bag of flour for $8.99.

How many loaves of bread do you think you can make with that bag of flour?

Probably far more than two.

However, it would be best to consider that making bread takes more than flour.

In our pantry, you will find a tremendous amount of baking ingredients, including spices, extracts, and organic ingredients, to pure saffron, one of the world’s most expensive ingredients.

It was gifted to us by my in-laws, but we have yet to use it.

As an avid baker in our house, especially since Mrs. CBB has been following a keto diet, we’ve noticed that buying baking ingredients has cost us even more money.

Again, comparing pre-made to ingredient purchases, homemade always wins.

Let’s have a quick look at this example below.

Comparing Baking Ingredients

Nuts are used instead of flour for her keto lifestyle, so purchases such as almond flour and coconut flour are staples but come with a price tag.

A 2kg bag of almond flour will cost us $16.99 from Costco, but consider it a big bag of finely ground nuts.

Add to this other ingredients such as;

Alternatively, she could purchase a large bag of blanched almonds and make almond flour herself, which would be a bit more work, but she could stretch the savings even further.

If time is not on your side, you might find that time wins over going the extra mile.

It depends on your lifestyle and how you choose and value your time.

Some people have no option, meaning you do or don’t get it.

Perhaps many of us have fallen prey to the convenience or busy lifestyle that we give in too quickly, unlike our ancestors who made everything from scratch, including the gardening process.

However, whether you are eating a specific diet or not, almost all foods have comparable ingredients, which means price increases or higher prices will always prevail.

Watching Product Prices Throughout The Year

This is why consumers on a budget (we all should be) must watch for flyer sales and use coupons to get the savings added to their grocery bill.

Buying in bulk doesn’t hurt, mainly if you use certain ingredients consistently.

Buying vanilla extract has recently shot through the roof in price, which has not only consumers concerned but vendors or ice-cream and dairy businesses having to increase prices on vanilla products or remove them altogether.

That includes Toronto cupcake master Verge Manuel, who says the hike is exacerbating various financial pressures on his two gourmet shops, called Dlish.

“There are certain forces that we have no control over which is the pricing of certain ingredients that we have to obviously pass along at some point because you can’t absorb it anymore,” says Manuel, whose brand revolves around the use of real Madagascar vanilla.

“One of the rising costs is vanilla, absolutely.”

8 Costly Baking Ingredients

If you are like us and enjoy baking homemade, it’s essential to take note of rising costs, especially on everyday baking ingredients in the list below.

Remember that you can stock up and put items such as butter, cream cheese, chocolate, and even whipping cream in the freezer.

This is a common practice, especially with butter, which can topple nearly $7lb, depending on whether it is organic grass-fed.

So, the next time you consider adding baking ingredients to your grocery list, try to time it so you are buying during sales cycles to stock up.

Discussion: What are the most expensive baking ingredients you purchase for your lifestyle, and how do you get the best savings doing so?

May Grocery Game Challenge

2018 Grocery Shop Results

Yearly grocery budget for two + 1 Toddler 2018: $3600 or $300/month (The above total does not include the stockpile budget of $300/year or $25/month.

Points Overview (add any other sections you need to show us your savings or that you would like to track on your own)

  • Total Grocery Budget for this Month: $300
  • Total Grocery Budget with any carry-overs: $300
  • Total Gift Cards used to date: $0
  • Total Rewards Points redeemed this week: $0
  • Total Rewards Points used to date: $0
  • PC Optimum Points to Spend: 3,200,000
  • Scanning Code of Practice (SCOP) to date $0

Coupon Apps (add any other apps you use to save money)

  • Zweet -$0
  • Checkout51- $1.50

Our Grocery Shop This Week

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • 2 x 4 litre bags of milk $4.25 each plus 2850 PC Optimum points

Total Out-of-Pocket $8.50


  • 2 x Protein Up Carb Down Bread  $3.47 each.

Total Out-of-Pocket $6.95


  • 4 x 1L whipping cream $3.95
  • 4 x 10% cream $1.95
  • Mild Pepperettes $12.99
  • Cheerios $6.99

Total Our-of-Pocket $43.58

Note: All totals below already have tax factored into them.

protein up carb down
  • Total to spend this month: $262.16
  • Stockpile budget 2018: $25.00/month
  • Stockpile budget used this month: $0
  • Christmas Reserve Fund: $35/month, $175 Saved
  • Total coupons used this week: $0
  • Total coupons used to date: $1
  • Total in-store discounts this week: $0
  • Total in-store discounts to date: $116.54
  • Total spent this week: $59.03
  • Total spent so far this month: $179.00
  • Total over/Under spend this shop: under
  • Total left to spend for the month: -$66.15
  • Total Spent To Date 2018: (does not include stockpile budget) Jan $323.04+Feb $169.42+March $228.70 + April $337.84+ May $ + June $+July $+August $+September $+ October $+ November $ + December $

Weekly Overview

So, everyone has been raving about this Protein Up Carb Down bread that could be purchased at Wal-Mart so Mrs. CBB and I went and bought a couple of packs.

We had a couple of reasons for our purchase, especially since we like to make homemade bread when possible.

The first is to taste the product, and the second is to figure out how to make it home instead of buying it pre-made.

So far, it has been a good product, and I have yet to test anything in our kitchen, but that is the plan once I get some time in the next week.

Mrs. CBB likes them to make quick pizzas or just to roll up a sandwich.

She made a loaf of low-carb bread this week, which was pretty good considering she used coconut flour.

We have so much coconut flour that we bought 50% off a while back, so she’s been working on ways to use it by creating recipes.

Perhaps a coconut flour flatbread or wrap is in the future.

Milk at SDM is still the best bang for your budget if they offer you 20x the points on your Optimum Plus App.

It turns out to be almost a free bag for every 4 you purchase.

That’s all for now.

My apologies again for the late post, as my MIL is ill, and we’ve been driving back and forth.

I’m sure it will only worsen this summer, so please bear with me as we battle this.


2018 Coupons and Coupon Apps

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If you notice I’m missing a valuable link, please message me, and I’ll add it below.

Sign up for the Nielsen Canada Home Scan Program, and you can earn rewards points fast to redeem for awesome products or gift cards. I did this in the UK and loved it!!

Where can I find Canadian Coupons 2018?

Grocery Game Challenge 2018 FAQ’s

  • Grocery Game Challenge RULES:
  • Does your Grocery Budget include health and beauty, and laundry products?: As of 2014, we no longer included such items in our grocery budget, so we could see our actual food numbers at the end of the year to plan accordingly.
  • Do you stockpile food? We don’t mind stockpiling items that won’t be affected by expiry dates or have long expiry dates, but not so much food any longer as we found we weren’t eating it fast enough. Stockpiling is still great and is just one way to help cut your budget and save money if you find items you can buy in bulk at a sale price.
  • Canadian Coupons: Where can I find Canadian Coupons?
  • Best Coupon Apps: Just recently, the popular coupon site Save.ca, which mailed coupons to households, has gotten involved with adding a new mobile Save.ca app, joining forces with the many other coupon apps available.
  • What is the Best Flyer App- We use Flipp on our iPhone, so if you want to have all your flyers in one spot, download Flipp from the Apple Store or get it on Google Play.
  • How Do I Grocery Shop?: I can tell you about grocery shopping, what we do to save money, and how it works for us.

If you’ve just joined The Grocery Game Challenge 2018, get ready to look at your grocery budget by learning;

  • Where are you spending money?
  • How much money are you spending?
  • How much money are you saving every month?

If you want to learn everything I know about grocery shopping in Canada, check out my Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide!  

Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge 2018!



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