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  1. Our plan is similar. We’d like to fully retire at age 55 and travel more but that will only happen once our kids are out of the house. For now we just focus on living a good/balanced life. We try to live our retirement lifestyle now as much as we possibly can. As they say, you shouldn’t retire from something, you should retire to something.

  2. Retirement planning often is one of those things that is put off until “tomorrow” because one thinks there’s plenty of time to do it and/or don’t want to because they’re afraid of what it may reveal.

  3. I am retired and my husband will be in a few years. We owe about $60,000 on our house and would like to downsize, especially to a one story house in a nicer area of the city (Denver). Our biggest retirement problem is housing. We live in the lowest income part of the city and for us to sell and move to a better neighborhood, which is our dream, even if we downsized to half our current house size, we would have to kick in an additional $150,000 to what our house could sell for. We are in the only entry level part of the whole metro area. We would have to be hours away from family to afford anything without taking on a lot of debt. At 67 and 65 years of age, we just don’t think it prudent to go into that much debt. I think we may be stuck in a big two story house forever, but it is better than being homeless. Renting isn’t an option out here, either. A nice two bedroom apartment in a good area is about $1,800 a month and renting scares me in retirement because everyone I know that rents out here is having their rent go up $100 a month every year. $1,800 a month is $200 a month more than we pay on our 20 year old mortgage.

  4. My retirement plan includes a garden too. Sometimes I think about downsizing, but I want a smaller house with a bigger yard. I mention to my daughter, she could buy an acreage and we will build a tiny house and have a great big garden. it’s a thought. I have no desires for worldly travel, a few small trips a year and a big one every few years. But seriously, it is hard to come up with a plan, there is just too many variables, I need to have a plan B, C and D. What if one of us gets sick, or can’t do the stairs or can’t drive? Then it changes everything. I guess saving all the money you comfortably can, so that money is never an issue for the decisions you might need to make in the future.

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