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Four-Year-Old’s Perspective Of Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving : The Saturday Weekend Review #264

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Four Year Old's Perspective of Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving day is upon us and this year our little guy is starting to ask more questions than he ever has. “I’m thankful for my family”, was how our son responded when we asked him what he did in school today while we were walking home.

As Mrs. CBB looked over at me we both knew that his JK teacher must have talked about Thanksgiving with the students and asked them each what they were thankful for. Thanksgiving words always enhance the way I feel but you know as well as I do that this should be an everyday thing, not just once a year.

To say that we were both overwhelmed is an understatement from his response but what he said after really made us realize the impact we have on our son, “I love you everyday” and he grabbed our hands as we kicked leaves in the air and smiled. Then he ran off swinging his arms in the air and jumping around like all kids do.

We asked him again later on that evening what he planned on giving thanks for this Thanksgiving and he said, chocolate. But what about family, we asked? I’m thankful for family AND chocolate he said with a serious face. I’m sure he was waiting for us to let him have a fresh homemade banana chocolate chip muffin that was sitting in the container on the counter.

So, chocolate and family it is. I don’t blame him, I’d be giving thanks for chocolate too. What he taught us was that family is love and so is chocolate which may seem like something small to us but big to him. What are those little things that matter to you? That’s what I asked myself.


Holidays and Loss


Each time a holiday rolls around in Canada it’s hard for both Mrs. CBB and I since my parents are on the other side of the world and her family has been torn apart by loss in many ways this past year.

Lately, he’s been asking where his grand-dad is and we tell him in heaven and he points to the sky. At that moment I was giving thanks for all the photos and videos I took when he was alive so our son has memories he can look back on. The other day he asked me what happened to grand-dad and I told him and he just looked up. These moments sadden us but in our hearts we know he feels deeper than we give children credit for.

Love has no age requirement.

What we are thankful for is that everyone is still smiling through the tough times. We will miss those big family Thanksgiving dinners with Turkey and all the trimmings, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, grenades a.k.a Brussel sprouts (my father-in-law) and lots of pies especially pumpkin pie.

It’s hard to bring back that holiday feeling when someone is gone that has been such a big part of our lives at family gatherings because they just don’t feel the same. It’s as if a piece of the holiday is missing or you’re waiting for them to enter the room, but they don’t. I’m sure in time we will all heal but for now we are all struggling with this loss and we are trying to not let it affect our little guy

Creating Thanksgiving traditions for our family is something that we want to pursue so our son has something to look back on like we have. As one part of a family passes on another is born and so generations continue to create memories or you make them on your own.

Those are the times when you are really thankful for what you’ve done or experienced in your life because you can’t get back that lost time when someone is gone. I’m not home in the UK which means I’m thankful for all the times I got to be in the same room with my parents, my siblings, relatives and family enjoying a big British dinner and those amazing desserts my mum would make.

That’s my mum’s recipe below for her magical sponge cake and I’m thankful that we took the time to have her write it out for us when we were in the UK. It’s really just the little things that we overlook sometimes when we are giving thanks because now it’s a recipe I can pass on to our son and his family.


Family Traditions


As many people in Canada are preparing their Thanksgiving menu plan for this weekend we will be visiting the 166th Rockton World’s Fair with our 4-year-old son. I mean, it has to be pretty darn good if it’s been around for that long.

Our little family enjoys going to fairs especially in the Fall when there are pumpkins, apples, hay rides, derbies and lots of fun carnival rides and foods to eat. Our son is at that age where he enjoys rides, playing games and having fun which is nice because when he was 2 and we brought him to Wonderland and it was a huge disaster.

We’ve invited a friend of ours over with her son who has recently left her abusive husband who struggles with drug addiction. They are living in a women’s shelter and we couldn’t allow her to spend Thanksgiving there without celebrations. Meeting her little family has given us joy and our son made a new friend as did we.

Our Thanksgiving menu plan this year will be cream of celery soup, baked ham as we have one stashed away in the freezer along with butter squash, cauliflower mash, homemade chocolate chip cookies (for you know who) broccoli-tomato salad, garlicky sauteed green beans, homemade pita bread. I plan to bake triangles of the pita bread to dip in the guacamole. Mrs. CBB will make a homemade breadsticks (recipe coming soon).


Giving Thanks Every Day


Giving thanks also means that we appreciate the roof over our heads and what we have even if it’s not the best of the best. We live in an older home that needs renovations, buy second-hand clothes, get cheap hair-cuts and are thrifty but we still are a happy family.

Opening our hearts and our door to those in need has always been the way we’ve been brought up and we hope this passion to help others carries on through our son. No one says that you have to live in luxury to appreciate daily life although some people go to extremes to impress which causes financial stress.

Giving thanks doesn’t mean you have to write out a list when Thanksgiving rolls around but it’s a time to reflect on things that perhaps you’ve forgotten about or would like to awaken. It’s so easy to let the fast pace of life to get in the way of happiness that we bury what we should be celebrating even if it means going for a walk and kicking the leaves, smelling flowers or appreciating raindrops on your face.

This Thanksgiving think about those little things that you are grateful for and be mindful of giving thanks all-year-long.

In all things give thanks.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all!!


CBB Home and Blog Update


Hey Everyone,

This week has been filled with cleaning up and sorting as much as we can to get ready for the winter. Mrs. CBB sorted the front porch and put away the summer decor and pulled out all things Fall and Halloween. She loves Halloween so she wastes no time decorating and the kiddos in the neighbourhood love it.

We’ve started swimming lessons now and soon skating so our son can learn how to skate because I have no idea how to and don’t plan on learning just yet. I may, since the same place teaches adults but I need to be motivated. Perhaps when I see my son skating that might do the trick. It’s hard when I didn’t grow up with it. I suppose it’s intimidating.

This weekend we’re off to the market to find the perfect pumpkin and some pumpkin pie pumpkins so we can prep it and freeze it to use throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



Fan Deal of The Week


If you have a deal you’d like to be featured on CBB simply email me at canadianbudgetbinder @ yahoo . ca with a photo and small write-up of what you’ve found.

garage sale jen lulemon bra, pencil case

Hi everyone!!

Here are today’s deals:
  • Pencil case filled with pencils and markers plus two more boxes of pencils $.50
    Two baskets $.50
  • Ladies t-shirt, shorts and Lululemon sports bra $3 (asking was $6)

Total spent $4

Jen Peacock


Budget Recipe Find


Kara over at Creations by Kara makes these amazing Butterscotch Bars which I think would be a perfect treat for after Thanksgiving dinner. Typically pumpkin and apple pies, apple crumbles and lots of caramel are part of Fall traditions but I thought these bars would make a lovely treat and alternative to the norm. They are thick and packed full of pecans.

Butterscotch Bars . . . these bars are thick and chewy and full of crunchy pecans.  The maple flavoring adds a wonderful depth of flavor. 

butterscotch Maple bars 2





Since it’s Thanksgiving weekend for any of you who are still looking for easy table decor you can make a mad dash to the Park, Dollar store and a second-hand shop to make these easy crafts. I think every table should have some sort of decor in the middle. It doesn’t have to be pricey just simple and something that reflects the homeowners.

Pine cones are everywhere so head out to your nearest park or perhaps just go for a walk around your neighbourhood and you’ll be able to gather lots up for free. Adding a candle to the middle of your Thanksgiving table decor with added pine cones and mini-pumpkins and gourds is simple and elegant at the same time.



CBB Thoughts Corner




Saturday Search Term Giggles


Every week I get tens of thousands of people who visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. (SIC) means I’ve copied the text exactly and it has spelling errors.

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

  • Nutella Banana Bread Blog- Close, Finance haha!!
  • How to Keto “Sanwich” – Awe, sounds like something my little guy would say.
  • “Kito” Mexican Taco Pie– Haha… Keto
  • How many times is food touched before it reaches the grocery store?Good luck finding this out.
  • Transfer your Canadian Debt- I would like to transfer my debt to someone else, haha!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mr. CBB. It’s difficult when you don’t have all your family around you at holidays, but it’s important to be grateful for the family and friends you do have, and to create new traditions like you are doing. We should all be thankful for family, and chocolate!

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