Sponsor A Family Instead Of Buying Teacher Christmas Gifts

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There will be no teacher Christmas gifts this year but something more magical in its place.

Instead of buying Teacher Christmas gifts this season, our son will sponsor a needy family as a school tradition to give back.

teacher Christmas Gifts

Saving Christmas Takes On A New Meaning

We were thrilled when we got word that our son’s teachers wanted to know if parents would be interested in sponsoring a family for Christmas.

The catch was that the teachers did not want parents to buy them gifts for Christmas if they participated in the sponsorship.

As parents learning the elementary school system with a 4-year-old in junior kindergarten, we thought buying teachers Christmas gifts was the norm.

This is not true, and many teachers turn to their parents to help spread Christmas cheer to low-income families in need.

What a fantastic idea, we thought, because we were already in the process of helping a family in our network of friends who are currently living in a shelter.

Teachers Christmas Gifts Are Not Mandatory

Buying teachers Christmas gifts or gifts for caregivers, daycare providers, newspaper carriers, or your boss is NOT mandatory or written in stone, as one would say.

If you can afford to do so and would like to, then that choice is up to you, and you should not feel as if you must, especially if your Christmas budget is already tight.

Sponsor a family this Christmas.

Last week, I wrote about how Mrs. CBB  and I set aside $35 monthly for our Christmas Reserve fund.

That amounts to $420 each year that we have for food above our $300 monthly grocery budget.

The reason behind our 2018 Christmas Reserve Fund was that we were spending far too much on food at Christmas.

This year, tragedy hit our family with the loss of my father-in-law, which means Christmas will be far different, and we won’t need all of the money we saved for food.

What we’ve decided to do with the extra money is to sponsor a family for Christmas and participate in the school class sponsorship program.

This also means we will split our Christmas Reserve fund for 2019 instead of lowering it.

Half of the $420 will go towards our Christmas reserve, and the other $200 will sponsor a family for Christmas.

This will also teach our son how good it feels to give back to the community.

We hope he passes this important lesson on when he has a family.

How To Sponsor A Family For Christmas

The teachers arranged the Christmas family sponsorship part of the program with community organizers.

You may have to find local organizations to help you do the same.

This time of year, there are no shortages of organizations looking for help and volunteers.

The class was paired with a family, and participating parents were asked to donate items in need for the class sponsorship instead of buying them gifts.

  • Grocery Gift Cards
  • General Gift Cards to Walmart, Old Navy, Thrift Stores, Mall shops
  • Children’s Gifts include Santa toys, winter clothes, hats, mitts, etc.
  • Adult gifts, including clothing and household items

This worked out great for us since we would buy our son’s teacher a $20 gift card for Christmas.

We were requested not to wrap the gifts so the teachers could see what was donated and proceed from there as they had the family information.

Overall, we feel this will be a positive experience for our son and bring joy to others who might not be as fortunate. 

Discussion: Do you buy a Christmas gift for your teacher, bus driver, or daycare provider?

Drop me a comment below, and I’ll respond to you.


CBB Home and Blog Update

Hey Everyone,

The past two weeks have been hectic in the CBB house as we’ve all had the stomach flu pass through us (no pun intended), which knocked us out for about five days.

With the end of the year winding down, work has been in chaos as we try to prepare for the end of the season and the new year.

I will be off for two weeks for the holidays, and I’d rather not do any work at home if I can avoid it, so I’ve been staying late at work to get things done.

Other than that, Mrs. CBB has been doing some online Christmas shopping, and we’ve been preparing for our son to be in a Christmas play at school.

In the upcoming two weeks, Mrs. CBB and I will be locking down the budget and finances for 2018 and working on our 2019 monthly budget.

I can already forecast increases in our grocery budget and perhaps clothing allowance.

Have a great two weeks, everyone!

See you one last time before Christmas begins for The Saturday Weekend Review.

Finance Canada Read of the Week

One of the most significant talks in Canada for the budget came in the name of a 3.5% grocery bill increase for 2019.

It’s not so shocking as food prices tend to increase in the new year as a right of passage into what seems to be pulling money out of thin air for consumers.

Vegetable prices are projected to rise by 4-6 per cent, according to the Canada Food Price Report for 2019

There comes the point where skimping on groceries means you don’t get something for a week or two because you want or need something else, such as grocery staples.

Frugal Recipe

I don’t know who created these gorgeous Italian Cucidadi fig cookies, but this recipe seems simple.

The only pitfall would be to find the figs on sale which I would do before making this as they can get costly.

You could always sub the figs for dates and make a date square mixture instead.

Mr.CBB’s Motivational Corner

Christmas Saving Takes On A New Frugal Meaning When You're Giving Back To Those in Need

The holidays can be busy, but think about how you can make a difference to someone else.

Saturday Search Term Giggles

kermit the frog
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder

Every week, I get tens of thousands of people who visit Canadian Budget Binder because they searched online and found my blog. (SIC) means I’ve copied the text exactly and it has spelling errors.

Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

  • Grocery Bag Foodie- I’m unsure if this is someone who likes to eat and bag groceries or a foodie who enjoys grocery bags.
  • Is $400 enough money for groceries for a student?– That depends on whether you are eating them all in a day.
  • Is Bulk Barn Cheaper? That depends on what prices you are comparing.
  • Challenging desserts- Nope, you won’t find those here; I’m all about being effortless and frugal.

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  1. How would it be possible to get my grandchild sponsored for Christmas gifts.
    Things are really bad and I have custody of my 10 year old grandaughter and
    it would be nice to have someone sponser her for Christmas.
    Thank you

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